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Join the various GeeklyInc podcast hosts as we play whatever games we feel like! This podcast will feature all sorts of table top roleplaying games including Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Shadowrun and more. Check out our current running series The Darkblades.
Tune in every Friday night, at 9 PM Eastern Time, to listen to REAL eyewitnesses share the details of their REAL Dogman encounters. After listening to this show, you'll never look at the woods the same way again!
Honest, unguarded conversations about sex and relationships, with journalist and sex educator Alix Fox. In this podcast series Alix visits individuals and couples who have something interesting to say about their past and present loves, taking us through their sexual encounters from the first time, to the last. It will be messy, sometimes sticky and often downright rude. So you might want to wear headphones. We'd love to hear what you think so please get in touch via @guardianaudio or podcas ...
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
Each week, Ellie and Jesse explore the supernatural and paranormal through interviews and personal experiences. Together, we invite listeners to join us on an adventure into the unknown.
Join the editors of RPGFan as they discuss the latest news and topics in the world of role-playing games.
Remember Tweety Bird’s trademark phrase "I thought I saw a puddy cat"? Surprised people repeat those words everyday, except the cat, dog, hamster or even horse they catch out of the corner of their eyes has passed on. Do animal ghosts really exist, or are they products of a wishful imagination? Join the world of Paranormal Pets. Each week we’ll discuss all aspects of weird or spiritual animal encounters: ghosts, totems, psychic animals, animal souls, animal angels, animals in religion, with ...
Encounters Podcast
Audio updates from Richard Nelson's Encounters radio program.
Join host Carol Castiel each week as she and two advocates from the world of politics, culture, public policy, or academia debate and discuss a critical issue in the news. This program brings depth, perspective, and insight to the world around us.
Norse Encounters
You all got the stories so WRONG Odin had to start a podcast just to set the record STRAIGHT!! And if you don't like it you can fight me in VALHALLA!!
Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series is proud to be among "the best in paranormal radio" as heard on the Para-X Radio Network ( or on Thursday evening from 11:00 PM-12:00 AM EST. Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is the producer and host of this series. Paranormal topics, interviews, Maynard and Mildred, and stories are the main attractions of the show. Educational, Entertaining, and Intriguing. Dr. Schutz has encountered nearly 100 unexplained experiences since ...
Explore the beauty, importance, and vitality of silence, as we explore the spirituality, psychology, and sheer humanity of silence.
Celebrating diversity on Otago Access Radio.Join host Pia Kahn every second Monday at 7pm as she explores aspects of indigenous cultures - from food, music and spiritual beliefs to oral traditions, politics, current affairs and activism. She will be joined by some wonderful guests, sharing their stories with you.Thanks to the Settling In Fund from the Office of Ethnic Communities for supporting the Connecting Cultures Zone on Otago Access Radio.
Encounter Podcast
Encounter is a young adult service of City Central Church in Tacoma, WA. We desire to train and equip young people to be rooted and grounded in their unique design and identity in Christ as they flourish in a culture of divine encounter, personal freedom and supernatural exploits.
America's Number One Wine Radio Broadcast
Now featuring Norhall Academy a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the world of Drunks and Dragons.
Welcome to Very Random Encounters, a show where we play pen and paper RPGs in which we've randomly determined as many things as is possible, including characters, villains, names, places, and other weirder stuff! It all comes together to be a very random encounter.We're an actual play roleplaying game podcast by four friends who love the challenge of telling a story whose details are all prompted by random rolls. You can start with the first episode in any given season. So far, we've played ...
Encounter invites you to connect intellectually, emotionally and intuitively across a broad spectrum of topics. The program regularly reflects on the religious experience of multicultural Australia, giving access to voices and experiences that are not often heard in the mainstream media.
Encounter TV
Ancient truth for the modern world.
Christ Encounters
Sermons and Bible Teachings
James W. Goll, a trusted voice in the global prayer and prophetic movement, is glad to make available to you these timely audio messages. If you are looking for a reliable source of Biblically sound teachings on prayer, prophetic and the presence of God,
Join host Carol Castiel each week as she and two advocates from the world of politics, culture, public policy, or academia debate and discuss a critical issue in the news. This program brings depth, perspective, and insight to the world around us.
“For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” (Matthew 6:13 AMP)Destiny Encounters International is a global prophetic ministry with a vision of taking God’s divine presence and power to the nations of the world. The mission of the ministry is to bring acute awareness of God’s existence and voice in this day and age; revealing Christ’s kingdom, power and glory on the Earth today.We are an interdenominational ministry that passionately burns to ignite the hearts of individua ...
Norse Encounters
You all got the stories so WRONG Odin had to start a podcast just to set the record STRAIGHT!! And if you don't like it you can fight me in VALHALLA!!
Realise is a University of Liverpool podcast series aimed at investigating major global challenges through the eyes of researchers in the arts and sciences. Listeners will learn about research projects that aim to improve our understanding of global cultures and common issues that face communities all over the world, such as health inequalities and life-enhancing technologies.
Prophetic Prayer Encounter is a weekly revelational and prophetic prayer broadcast divinely ordained to empower you towards taking your rightful place in destiny.Everyone made by God is ordained to be a solution to earthly situations, but it takes being empowered to feature in this, because your attainment in life is defined by the degree of your empowerment. Connect every week for revelational and prophetic word empowerment.
Originally from rural Iowa, Chance Dorland is a radio broadcaster & podcaster who's worked in Boston, LA, NYC, Germany, Colombia & South Korea. Find more of his media at
Convert to Raid is getting too big for a single podcast! Make sure you're always playing at the top of your game with CtR Too, featuring our ongoing encounter and class guides for raiders in WoW.
Spiritual Encounters With Caspar McCloud covers a wide range of topics including current events and biblical prophecy while at the same time imparting solid biblical teaching.
Sharina is a celebrated Australian psychic who hosts Psychic Encounters offering her mystical insight, tarot and numerology abilities to her fans across Australia.
Join us every Sunday night at 5pm PST as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this too be ignored. Listen as we talk to researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Our live call in number is 646-716-8791. Please help us produce more shows per week. Below is our new ...
If you are committed to raising godly children, this study will be strategic and irreplaceable in teaching your children to fight and win life’s battles on their own.
Did you wake up singing today? We are going to learn how to shout songs of victory. How to lament the songs of despair. And how to capture the renewed song of forgiveness.
Encounter is a community of people who seek to live out their faith in Jesus. We admit that we do not have all the answers and in fact we have more questions than answers. Yet, we choose to live in community and be honest about our weaknesses and our doubts and questions. We value authenticity and seek to be genuine in our faith in Christ.
Testimony by Ty Franz
Final Encounter Cast is a new independent video game talk show. This isn't your average talk show: no gaming industry insiders or company shilling here. Final Encounter is the answer to the call for more strong independent thought in gaming media. Always outspoken, sometimes offensive, and never having a filter the Final Encounter Cast crew will bring you unique insights and perspectives on video games and the video games industry.
Paranormal Encounters
Join paranormal book author Kathryn Kaye as she delves deep into the realm of the unkown with this podcast series about all things paranormal. Kathryn discusses a wide range of strange and unexplained phenomena. Kathryn Kaye invites listeners and guests to share their comments, opinions and stories. Visit her website for your chance to be on the show!
Cross Encounters
Cross Encounters, hosted by Tony Miano, is a live, fast-paced, and informative show about theology, evangelism, and current events.
Encounter Church
Sunday night sermons
Sermons from Encounter worship services.
Podcast by Ashley Foy
Kingdom Encounter
Kingdom Encounter is a Interdenominational Prophetic and Healing Ministry that is birthed from a Kingdom perspective. Many teachings today are geared toward a denomination or church organization perspective. We believe that the voice of God is speaking through his word with rhema release of power and authority. The Kingdom of God is here. Those things of heaven are being manifested in the earth. Kingdom Encounter has lived through Pastor and Prophetess Monica Wallace with an instrumental val ...
Imagine you are a Vietnam vet. You put two terms in the heat of the war. When you came home, anger seeped into bitterness. Instead of parades, you face rots. Disillusioned- your fury only escalated. A few years later you hit on a TV Billy Graham Crusade special and responded to Jesus. Then at your church, a guest missionary from The Gospel for Asia shared the present needs of Viet Nam. You could almost hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling you to go, but you hated the Vietnamese. These a ...
Phil and Steve both desire to see all peoples come to a deeper knowledge of, and more intimate relationship with, the most Holy Trinity, through our risen Lord and his body the Catholic Church. Our goal is to teach the Catholic faith at both a Patristic, Trinitarian and Mystical level, hoping that all see the need to dive ever deeper into the Word of God, the teachings and Mysteries( Sacraments) of the Church. We hope to teach all what Saint Paul meant we he said to be "in Christ". We both s ...
Encounters in Nature
An open-air dialogue in the North Woods of Minnesota
How can we be sure everything will be alright when we die? Written 23 years after crucifixion of Jesus, the book of Romans has provided the most influential answers in Christian history about our ultimate destiny.
Heaven and earth collide every day. God is not boring. In this podcast, we highlight heavenly messages, visions, near death experiences, God-incidents, Angels and more. Radio Host Trapper Jack throws in his own special brand of humor to create this unique and entertaining podcast.
Encounter the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit.
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Would you think that a podcast about the collisions of heaven and earth would attract paranormal fans? Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast brought us many new listeners, many with Touched by Heaven moments. Sue Baker, Katey Elizabeth, and Nancy Hanson, share their God moments with us. Not only do they share an interest in the paranormal, but also i ...…
This week we celebrate God: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Our God who is a Trinity of persons yet One. This is a mystery that cannot be solved, yet when we let the mystery encounter us through love we become known and that is enough. This week Peter Raia shares with us a wonderful reflection which invites us deeper into the mystery ...…
In this episode we discuss encounters that we've had with cops, and then once again find ourselves discussing robots and what that means for the lower portion of society. If you enjoyed, let us know!
This is the final week of our series called "The Love Covenant." Lead Pastor Mike Colaw guides us through what the purpose of the Church is and ties it into a letter that Paul wrote to the Ephesians.Check out the rest of our series at and join us on Sundays either at one of our locations or online at Encounter Trinity L ...…
In today’s episode we discuss the many different types of weather that you will encounter during a Walt Disney World Vacation. We go through some of our weather related stories from our past experiences. We’ve dealt with fast developing thunderstorms, heavy rain, hot weather, cold weather, tropical storms, and even a tornado warning. We also gi ...…
After a long three-year relationship, Jonas finally introduces his parents to the girlfriend's parentals. Aaron takes issues with hosting, and Jonas and Aaron discover a new segment.
Christian singer and songwriter, Lincoln Brewster, who provides an object lesson for this teaching, is one of the best modern day examples of God's method of qualifying His people for promotion. A former lead guitarist for secular artist, Steve Perry (formerly of the rock group, Journey), Brewster had to undergo a wilderness pilgrimage, so to s ...…
That feeling you feel when you have encountered something sweet it makes you bashful and playful inside. Well your emotional feelings are true and let’s take the guessing out of it and just put it out there. Take a listen to see how I approach romance.
Welcome to the fifth episode of Under the Lid, a biweekly HippoCampus Games podcast! In today's episode, Adam and Gimo will be discussing games from the BoardGameGeek top 100 all time! This episode we'll be looking at our favorites and least favorites from 81-90. For today's main topic, we will be discussing the designer Richard Garfield throug ...…
Grab your snacks & settle in for our first extended episode! Tanya and Leigh take turns covering two famous alien abduction stories while giving their opinions on the validity of the encounters. Follow us! ••Instagram: @iwtbpodcast ••Twitter: @iwtbpod ••Facebook: IWTBPodcast Email us! ••Email:…
Pastor Scott Greer shares the sermon message from Matthew 8:5-13: An Expectant Faith.
Pastor Scott Greer shares the sermon message from Matthew 8:5-13: An Expectant Faith.
Encounter Community Church
During week 3 of our ‘Encounters’, Pastor Danny Anderson shares with us about an encounter Jesus had with a religious man and a non-religious woman. Who got it right?
Moses' encounter with God at the burning bush left Moses with many concerns. Moses knew that he was not adequate for the task God had given him. Moses, like many of us, felt greatly insufficient and ill-prepared for the call God placed upon him. Moses' story is the story of every redeemed soul, our inability must meet God's sufficiency!…
Hookig up on Tinder I use Tinder for quite a while, but hooking up with someone is rare. Even if I worked for a dating app in Germany I saw a lot of stuff. But just meeting someone for Sex doesn’t seem to be real. In Guatemala I matched with a girl, who just want to have sex. Well, that is not fully true. She just want to see more of me. I have ...…
Gareth Nicholson Encounter - The Way, The Truth and the Light Down to Earth Series 2018 Encounter - Week 7 | 20th May 2018
Part 3 of 4 in our “Pray Like Jesus” Series. Matthew 6:11 (NLT) Give us today our daily bread… Give us Today… President Woodrow Wilson assigned Herbert Hoover the task of establishing a voluntary food program during the First World War. Europe’s ability to produce food had been devastated by the war. So, Hoover appealed to the compassion of Ame ...…
Danie van Tonder Encounter - Encounter - The Way, The Truth and the Light Down to Earth Series 2018 Encounter - Week 7 | 20th May 2018
Pastor Craig Morton lays out a new vision for the future of Wellspring Worship Center: Encounter Jesus, Share His Love, Transform the World.
Today’s movie is “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” (2018), loosely based on George Romero’s classic “Day of the Dead” (1985). It was written for the screen by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, and directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens. The film follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical student working at a refugee camp five years after the zombie outbrea ...…
John 14:16-27. Ps Hilary Williams takes a look at part of Jesus' last words before the cross. Despite the situation, Jesus assures His disciples that He is about to complete His work and will forever be their - and our - Advocate. The amazing news is that all of humanity, through all of time, can encounter Jesus in personal relationship.…
Raj Saha, 20/05/2018. The Apostle Paul next to Jesus, is probably the most influential man that has ever lived. His church planting, teaching and writings legacy continue to change the world today. Early church father John Chrysostom said this of the Apostle Paul “Put the whole world on one side of the scale and you will see that the soul of Pa ...…
Lead Pastor Wes Terry preaches on John the Baptist's doubt and Jesus' response. This message is part of the series "Encounters With The Power of God." The message was preached on May 20, 2018.
In a scene of overwhelming suffering, Jesus encounters a man so he can heal not just his body, but his soul as well.
It was a close encounter between the Sharks and the Bulldogs to round out round 11 as the Sharks win 22-16 in front of over 14,000 fans. Here is how our team of Russell Barwick, Scott Sattler and Laurie Daley saw the action.
According to Hebrews 12, we’re surrounded by men and women of faith who’ve lead the way and finished strong. In this series we'll encounter eleven heroes of the bible, take an in depth look at how they lived, and things they accomplished for God to land them in the Hall of Fame. While the search for the meaning of life continues in many ways, including the fruitless exploration of outer space, Psalm 139:1-24 gives us a far different perspective. The psalm, written by King David, is a masterful and profound piece of poetry and a leading favourite of God ...…
A story about an awkward encounter I had with someone who wanted to use my phone years ago
This week we welcomed Sam Priest, who was sent from Citygate in 2015 to start Good News Church Wimborne, as a guest speaker. He spoke to us from Isaiah 6 about encountering God in all His Glory.
Get ready for a Favor Encounter with God with this special word from Frank Damazio
A healing encounter with a physically blind but spiritually hearing man launches Jesus into a discourse about the Good Shepherd. How can we hear the Good Shepherd's voice?By (Marlan E. Knittel).
From this week's Coronation Street, we talk about Aidan's will, and the simplicity of contesting such a thing, as well as our dwindling sympathy for Johnny. In other storylines, Adam makes a new friend, and people completely overreact when an alleyway encounter with a drunk turns sour. And we almost get through all this without talking about th ...…
Gilbert and Lee expose themselves to a high dose of gamma radiation and encounter a norse god tethered to a nebbish dork when they visit the "classic" television event The Incredible Hulk Returns!
We Are Not Drunk; We Are Just Drinking by Mark Kurowski | MySpiritualAdvisor2018 #WeAreNotDrunkWeAreJustDrinkin is the podcast for May 20, 2018. Pentecost is all wrapped up in the meaning of Sinai. Yep. Encounter the Holy Spirit and do great things. Listen here and find ...…
First things first, Michael Fassbender is cool. How cool? Well he races a Ferrari. Randy goes sound hunting for Black Star at a race and finds Michael Fassbender. Hear about the encounter and catch a sneak peek at some of the upcoming music of Black Star Chapter 5! Photo with Michael Fassbender
A new MP3 sermon from Bloomington Reformed Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: 2 - Jesus Loves the Outcast Subtitle: Gospel Encounters Speaker: Richard Holdeman Broadcaster: Bloomington Reformed Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/18/2018 Bible: John 4:1-10 Length: 36 min.…
Develop your character, get smarter, sculpt your physique, enjoy your woman and achieve financial independence. Pursue Virtue, Excellence and Quality. Carry yourself with energy and verve. Become the very best you can be. Live each day with POWER. In other words, become a Force of Nature. This is the core philosophy here at BFN. Focus on yourse ...…
The crew encounters their box boy nemesis, hashes out the Grand Line's next top model, and finally makes it all the way to Loguetown!
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