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The TruthSeekah Podcast | Spiritual, Esoteric & Metaphysical Conversations
TruthSeekah Breaks Down Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down the lyrics for my song Kymatica letting you know where I got the name and what the heck ...…
On this episode we talk with Louis Suárez-Potts, Open Source Strategist and Co-Founder of Age of Peers, a marketing, community development and media relations consultancy for organizations involved in open source. He’s also a Project Management Committee member for Apache Open Office. Louis covers how to encourage governments to adopt open sour ...…
PODCAST SATELLITE / with Prince Handley
PODCAST SATELLITE / The Voice of IsraelWWW.PODCASTSATELLITE.COMwith Prince Handley WHY & WHEN RUSSIA & IRAN WILL ATTACK ISRAEL(WHY THIS BATTLE IS DIFFERENT THAN ARMAGEDDON) Click the center of the pod circle ... give it 30 seconds to load.Listen now ... or download for later.INTRODUCTION:By the way, talking about things that are happening right ...…
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