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Helping busy mums and dads feel energized again!
Energizing You
Chris Vasiliadis is a Certified Wellness Coach who happens to be living well with Multiple Sclerosis. She loves to work with stressed out and depleted executives, entrepreneurs and employees who are ready to increase their energy and decrease their stress, so they can perform better and be more relaxed at work, the roles they play and the things they love.Join Chris and her guests on "Energizing You" as they discuss a variety of topics and situations that impact your energy, productivity and ...
I.T. Career Energizer is a weekly I.T. career development podcast where Phil Burgess chats with successful I.T. Professionals, Consultants and Experts. Robert C Martin (Uncle Bob), Laurence Bradford (Learn To Code With Me), John Sonmez (Simple Programmer), Laura Brandenburg (Bridging The Gap) and David Rael (Developer On Fire) are just 5 of the featured guests to date. I.T. Career Energizer was created for YOU, the programmer, tester, business analyst, dba, project manager and anyone who wan ...
Join show host Cary Weldy to find solutions to harmonize your home, boost your love life, energize your health…and more!
Kerry Wanamaker RN, RYT, Reiki Master owner of Life Balance Yoga & Wellness in North Billerica MA. This podcast will include Reiki, Yoga, Holistic Wellness, Shamanic discussions, tarot / oracle for self discovery, journaling and meditation. These are all parts of my spiritual and wellness practice and how I seek to energize my intentions. Interviews with people who are energizing their intentions to come also... email: http:// ...
Start, develop & grow your tech career
Energize It
Workout, Cool Down & Motivational Music Designed for PE Teachers. Brought to you by The PE Geek
Energize Podcast
Ideas, energized.
Larta Institute, founded in Los Angeles in 1993, is an internationally recognized and mission-driven innovation accelerator that provides a runway of success for world-changing ideas that feed, fuel and heal the world.
Energize Your Life
Simple Strategies to Help You Fuel Your Life and Work with Purpose, Passion and Play.
Not only energized in the AM or the PM...with this podcast you will learn how to live with an EM! Welcome to the Energized Mind. Daily practical motivation that will take you from where you are now to where you want to go with most useful energy!
Welcome to our Podcast! We hope you enjoy listening to the messages given here at Energize
Rev.Milton Seymore Energized Baptist Church Louisville, Ky3107 7th Street Rd, Louisville, KYIf these Sermons help you with your spiritual walk with Jesus please help Energized with a Donation.
Be Energized 101
A place to discuss life events, healthy living and community events.
Lonn Friend, former editor of RIP magazine and veteran rock writer, tells stories, rants and plays tunes from his life journey.
Two Irish guys who have a passion for life, entertainment and sport. Check us out on Instagram!
Once a week, my fitness podcast will give you motivation and tips to get fit and stay active. I am here to provide you with all things fitness related. Submit your questions to me and I will pick one question to answer each week. Instagram/trainerLt
Inspiring interviews with people who have boldly pursued their dreams beyond success, into freedom, fulfillment and their passion driven career. Bite size training on starting a new dream with self-awareness, confidence, courage and other personal growth topics.
The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
Career Buzz
Career Buzz empowers lives, enriches careers and energizes organizations. Broadcast live on Wednesdays 11-noon Eastern, 89.5 FM in Toronto, or worldwide online at
The podcast designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators and get you energized for the week ahead.
"The genius behind the music!" You can workout to DJ Carl©'s hip-hop mixes to help energize your mood. Subscribe to DJ Carl©'s official hip hop mixtape podcast and leave a positive review. Podcast curated, beatmixed, and published by GRAMMY® member, award-winning, celebrity DJ Carl© - BUY a customized DJ mix music playlist for your event, party or wedding today -
Dj Sycotic Podcast
Stay subscribed people as this is the first of very many.
The Sage Advice Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. We celebrate them by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so we energize the success of businesses around the world through the imagination of our people and the power of technology.
Join us each week for information and ideas to help you take your life to a new level. Are you ready to live your dreams? Join us live or listen to our past downloads. We are booking exciting guest and creating great information to help you follow your biggest dreams !!
Let’s Connect that’s what we’re all about! Connecting with YOU on your Success Journey, because together we can do so much more. So tap into weekly motivation, inspiration, life lessons and interviews to get enlightened, energized, and educated. And just so you know, we love to laugh while we share tips and strategies, and stories that will encourage and entertain you. On One Awesome Community Podcast you’ll hear incredible insights and tips on personal development, social media, marketing, ...
Sleep Yogi
Sleep yogi is for people who want to have restorative restful nights sleep, waking up energized and ready for their day. As a teenager I had sleepless nights, laying in bed worrying about what other people thought about me, and regreting what I had done with my day. Now I have restorative sleep almost every night, as a result of yoga, better night time habits and meditation. Other people find their solution with herbs, melatonin, or even habit forming sleeping pills. This rarely works in the ...
How Natural Health Methods Can Improve Your Health Without Medications...How Natural Health Care Can help you energize your body... And how you can have your own Natural Health Work From Home Business... Phone me at 773 651 0934
Mom On Purpose
Mom On Purpose is a podcast to encourage and re-energize moms. Join Jess Connell as she interviews intentional, Christian moms about the real-life challenges, and solutions they've found to go the distance. Regain your focus on the long-range purpose of motherhood. Be the intentional Christian mom YOUR kids need.
A Show about happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and much more as it relates to personal relationships!My guests are relationships experts, life coaches, therapists and much more. We discuss all aspects of how to create and keep a healthy relationship. Come hang out with us as we discuss thought provoking questions with audience participation.Happiness Hangout show info: - Great for singles who want to manifest a great relationship. - Discussion around how to make your current relationship bet ...
Energize your workout with this free workout music podcast. Powered by Power Music (™), the world's best selling fitness music and the official music provider for Carmen Electra, The Biggest Loser, Shape Magazine, and the popular Top 40 Hits Remixed series. Each episode features 60 minute non-stop mixes great for walking, jogging, running, treadmill, elliptical, interval training, circuit training, cycling, marathon training, yoga, pilates, or general exercise. For more great music, visit ww ...
CosmikREM Audio
Read. Energize. Meditate.
The LGBT Update focuses on educating, informing and updating the LGBT community on issues that matter to us. With The LGBT Update, we will present a platform to help truly showcase the love, the strength and the talent within our thriving community. We will primarily focuses on presenting productive content, that will help energize the LGBT movement and properly inform our allies.
Weekly+ - Powerfully energizing! These messages are direct power kicks. Dedicated to your spiritual evolution. Key challenges with best strategies to overcome them - For topic suggestions for future podcasts, email me your questions at
صفحه اصلی شبکه تلویزیونی من و توManoto is an energizing, cutting edge channel, breaking all boundaries of Persian speaking television.It entertains, informs and intellectually stimulates its' viewers through a plethora of current, high standard and original shows. It has revolutionised the art and the technology of televised programming by providing Persian speaking viewers with fresh, original material ranging from documentaries and foreign affairs to talent shows and comedy sketches.
Tressed Out takes the amazing connective experience that happens between client and hairstylist to the next level with an energizing balance of talk to make your hair and heart happy.
Frankly MSP
Roar! Frankly MSP is a bi-weekly podcast that helps managed service providers run an IT business with the ultimate in productivity, efficiency, and profitability. We’ll go off the beaten path to bring you interviews, insights, and analysis from worldwide experts and fellow MSPs who’ve cracked the success code. Featuring practical tips and news you can use, each episode of Frankly MSP will leave you inspired, energized, and ready to take action.
Positivity Strategist injects a good dose of optimism and possibility into your life. It seeks to marry the ideal with the practical. Conversations with thought leaders and everyday people shine the light on what works and amplifies the every day, micro-moments of positivity, irrespective of what else is going on. You’ll be energized by lots of practical tips, inspiring you to live a truly satisfying and meaningful life.
Teachonomy Talks
"Teachonomy Talks" is a podcast brought to you by for busy teachers who want to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered each week. Our goal is to give you nuggets of value in under 12 minutes so you can walk away energized, refreshed, and ready for your day!
Welcome to Agape! If you are searching for a spiritual community that nourishes your soul, energizes your body, and lifts your spirit, then you're at the right place. If you were inspired by the movie “The Secret” or the message of Abraham, Eckert Tolle, and Deepak Chopra you’ll feel right at home at Agape. Unlocking your true self is a journey that never ends, but it is always easier when experienced with the fellowship of other like-minded people. Your life’s potential is already within yo ...
Combat and Classics is a series of podcasts and free online seminars for active duty, reserve, and veteran U.S. military members, sponsored by St. John’s College. The podcasts and seminars encourage deep thought and reflection by leaders in the company of their peers. In the discussion-based seminars devoted to what a leader must be and know, participants study historical and fictional leaders from the great books of the western canon. We examine techniques and examples of persuasion and fun ...
Being a game changer is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. Join author, speaker, and President of LearnToLead - Dave Anderson - in this energetic podcast based on his latest book, Unstoppable, as Dave reveals principles gained throughout his extensive career and conducts interviews with special guests from a variety of industries, all to help you: become more focused, stay energized, remain effective, and live The Game Ch ...
Matt Townsend specializes in energizing and involving audiences with his unique approach to building and maintaining successful relationships. Known as one of America's top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and story telling with interactive, real-life solutions that motivate and inspire his listeners. New episodes Monday through Friday at 9 am Eastern.
Kauai Podcast
Taking a break from the stress of life to re-energize your soul
An Energizing Weekly Mix Compilation featuring Progressive House, Electro House & House Music. Every week Garrett Gaudet personally selects only the best dance music to share with his over 100,000 listeners worldwide. EDM Weekly has been connected with International Superstar Producer/DJs; Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Ferry Corsten, The Chainsmokers & Tommy Trash. New Episodes of EDM Weekly are available every Thursday on iTunes &
On this show we’re going to discuss depression, we’re going to cover a lot of the facts and myths about depression: what depression really is, what are the real reasons depression may show up in your life, we’ll talk about antidepressants and what they actually do in the brain and we’ll go over some scientifically proven methods for eliminating depression.Craig Meriwether has been described as a “wake-up” call, giving people the tools and information they need to energize and revitalize thei ...
Selling Energy
Selling Energy is a podcast created by Mark Jewell and Rachel Christenson, providing training, coaching, and resources to help others advance efficiency. This podcast is a supplement to the company's in-person and online instruction, which includes custom training, keynotes, and post-training support. Participants are informed, re-energized and ready to take action!
Mommy Jammies
Monthly online sessions for moms to talk about the things that really matter; family, faith and more! Share your heart with people who listen and really care! Stay up late, laugh and giggle and meet new friends and be energized and ready to face new daily
"DJ Carl© is absolutely amazing!!! The way he mixes EDM and house music to flow so perfectly had us dancing on the floor until the very end - WOW!". You can workout to DJ Carl©'s EDM and house music mixes to help energize your mood. Subscribe to DJ Carl©'s official dance mixshow and leave a positive review. Podcast curated, beatmixed, and published by GRAMMY® member, award-winning, celebrity DJ Carl© - BUY a customized DJ mix music playlist for your event, party or wedding today - https://dj ...
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show series
I'm so excited to share this inspiring conversation with Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness! Jen has been a dynamic and compelling leader in the fitness industry for over 16 years and was the founder of Cardio-Core Bootcamp, a national fitness franchise company that boasted 59 locations at the time that Jen decided to move on to other e ...…
On this edition of Political Rewind, after choosing their nominee for governor, Georgia Democrats declare they are unified and energized to put Stacey Abrams in the Governor’s Mansion this fall. Meanwhile, Republicans here and in Washington are wasting no time attacking Abrams even as they face a potentially contentious gubernatorial runoff bat ...…
Accept and embrace the idea that You Can Do More. Change your thinking about what you need to do, from obligation to opportunity. Consider each day that your feet hit the floor as a chance to get better. See yourself as the raw potential of divine origin. And then endeavor to reveal the personal greatness that lies within. There is no question ...…
An era is coming to an end at the National Indian Gaming Commission, the federal regulator over tribal gaming. The term of Chairman Jonodev Chaudhuri expired at the end of April, and he’s now serving in a “holdover” status. But for five years, Chaudhuri has presided over a peaceful period in the relations between gaming tribes and the federal g ...…
Jocelyn Lai has assembled teams at Droga5, R/GA, and GSD&M. She now does this for companies all over the place through her own consultancy in Pittsburgh, JSL Talent Consulting.We discuss:- Ways to re-energize your career- Reflecting on whether advertising is for you anymore- How to move beyond your advertising careerVideo: http://www.sweathead. ...…
What is up? On this weeks Energized Football Show Barry flys it solo. Discussing the FA Cup and Europa League Finals before breaking down this weekends Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool! Check it out, enjoy, tell a friend and as always Stay Energized!
How is strategy development related to storytelling? Well, the process of creating a vision and strategy IS storytelling. Meet international bestselling author and romance novel extraordinaire who has sold over 5.5 million copies, Catherine Bybee (@catherinebybee or When you have a clear narrative in how you present and ...…
On this weeks MMA Show Ross goes it solo. Bringing you all the latest MMA News from the UFC and Bellator as this weekend Bellator 200 and UFC Liverpool are on in England. Check it out, enjoy, tell a friend and as always Stay Energized!
What if I told you that everything in your life was a reflection of you? Would you run for the hills? Would you slap me across the face? Or would you feel empowered and energized? Today we continue our conversation around getting unstuck, and I share with you one of THE most powerful statements I know of to get you where you want to be.…
Sarah Grace is a believer, author and registered dietitian with a MS in sports nutrition who is fueled by passion and chocolate. Sarah Grace combines her own personal journey and experiences along with the education she's learned in the classroom, to offer long-lasting results that don't take away the fun or include meals of chicken/broccoli/br ...…
Listen now as TaRita Johnson shows us how to build better relationships! Ever wonder why some relationships at work, home, among friends or family, just don’t work out the way you thought? Maybe you need a dose of Emotional Intelligence (EI). What’s that, you ask? Take a listen to TaRita Johnson and learn how EI helps you build stronger relatio ...…
Resuming the cliffhanger: the breakdown of classical physics Shift from the classical to the quantum paradigm Light is in individual packets of energy whose size is keyed to the frequency of the light. This is the solution to the blackbody problem: the mathematics of emission of quanta of light energy produces the well-behaved curve with a peak ...…
Insta-Famer Daniel Mason Jones 21 May 18 Insta-Gram fame was my first motivation for interviewing Daniel Mason Jones, an incredibly successful hairdresser with 40,000 IG followers, but his personal journey is wildly compelling filled with sorrow and triumph. Daniel Mason Jones has emerged into an Insta-famer, turning everything he sees and touc ...…
Pastor David O. Cofield, Rainsville First Baptist Church, Rainsville, AL continued preaching through the Gospel of Luke with this message on Sunday morning, May 20, 2018 "How is Your Spiritual Eyesight?" based on Luke 11: 33-36.
Pastor David O. Cofield, Rainsville First Baptist Church, Rainsville, AL continued preaching through the Gospel of Luke with this message on Sunday morning, May 20, 2018 "How is Your Spiritual Eyesight?" based on Luke 11: 33-36.
Motivated, energized, and fueled by passion, Felicia shares her rise to success and how she was able to capture that perfect life balance we all are dreaming of. Buckle your seat belts and get ready to be inspired!!
Looking for a stronger vision, power and support in feminine presence? Marlo Ellis is showing the way. She is a Coach of Divine Feminine Leaders, Transformation Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker and Founder and Visionary of The Uncommon Woman, Marlo is driven to share her message of empowerment with women across the globe. Her vision is to ...…
How to open and unblock your solar plexus chakra, that's your yellow chakra. Here are ways to ensure your solar plexus chakra is healed, energized and free-flowing.
This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I talk about the best way to stay enthusiastic and creative and energized in the entertainment business, and that’s to have your show cancelled and need to come up with something new.By (KCRW, Rob Long).
On this edition of Political Rewind, the Democratic candidates for governor trade sharp blows and share kind words in their only statewide televised debate. Can we expect the same when GOP candidates meet for their debate? Evidence suggests that’s unlikely. Plus, we now have figures showing us just how much the race for governor has cost—almost ...…
This #WelcomeWellnessWednesday we celebratoin Meditation month by discussing and trying out one of Danielle's favorite forms of meditation: the Silva Method( ). Take 10 minutes and indulge in a deep meditative session that will leave you feeling energized and focused.Source: always, stay blessed.#B ...…
In good form in this episode of the work IN to your workout, Jen shares why meditation is one of the cornerstone pillars of the FitMama Foundations™. Have you ever noticed it’s not what you want that you really want, it’s the feeling that said thing will bring? Want weight loss? You probably want to feel strong and healthy in your body. Want mo ...…
What’s the best INFJ career? What kinds of work will suit your personality, employ your gifts, and leave you feeling energized? Check out this video to find out!
The man on a mission was on the mission until the end of the man. Josiah was ancient Israel’s version of the Energizer Bunny who never seemed to run out of ways to lead Israel into deeper faithfulness to God. In this closing chapter of Josiah’s life, we see him cement his testimony as the godliest king ever to sit on Israel’s throne. At the end ...…
Drs. Amy Bonomi and Chris Gidycz led the group in a dancing exercise to get everyone up and moving after a long day. Presenters and mcBEE team members shared what energizes them.
Welcome & thank you for taking time to pause with me today for this week’s episode of Peace in the Pause podcast. In this week’s episode we will explore a pranayama practice called Retention & Suspension Breath This pranayama practice helps us learn to be present while we focus on the breath. Retention and Suspension is versatile and can help y ...…
On this weeks MMA Show we discuss how we got on at BAMMA in Dublin including some big wins and high profile attendants at the event. We then look over UFC 224 and all the major talking points and finally we discuss the Boxing from the weekend. Enjoy, tell a friend and as always Stay Energized!
On this episode of the Football Show we look over the Premier League and discuss what the top teams need to improve on, we also look at the Hits and Flops of the season. We also discuss this weeks Europa League and FA Cup Finals. Check it out, enjoy, tell a friend and as always Stay Energized!
On this short episode we discuss Ross moving to London and what will be happening to the Energized Show. Check it out, enjoy, tell a friend and as always Stay Energized!
Pastor Chris Hall covers four of the most misused verses in the Bible. Learn the context of the verses, what they really mean, and how to find the richness God actually meant to show us through them. This week we cover "Judge not lest you be judged" I'm sure someone has quoted this to you.
Carl Gould is a business growth expert who advises organizations on how they can unleash their growth. By the time he was 40, he had already built three multi-million-dollar businesses and after attending a personal development seminar in 1990, he fell in love with the idea of helping others set and achieve goals and work/life balance. He knew ...…
Susan interviews the founder of Marvelous University, Shanterra McBride. Shanterra and Susan talk about everything from the importance of believing in yourself and having purpose partners to trash can choices at Home Depot. They talk about what makes young women and girls marvelous, and what that means when it comes to being the kind of friend ...…
Busy families mean lots of time on the go. Kristyn Hall provides advices to help you set with tips for good food choices on the road. Kristyn is a high-energy and knowledgeable Nutritionist and Dietitian. She’ll infect you with her passion and enthusiasm for good quality food and sound nutrition. Kristyn has a Master’s of Science in Nutrition f ...…
The Sunday Morning worship service on May 13, 2018 at Rainsville First Baptist Church, Rainsville, AL with Pastor David O. Cofield preaching. He continued preaching through the Gospel of Luke with this message "There's Enough Here to Believe" based on Luke 11: 24-28.
How our Decisions and Choices Shape our Future -Episode 22 Ignite Your Purpose Decisions and choices how to own them and be proud of them. Events from our past and the decisions and choices we made during those times have and are what have created the people we are today! As well the 'what' we are deciding and doing today is shaping our future ...…
Sermon Direct Link 5/13/18 Rev. Clint Smith Doing My Part, Because It Is My Part 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Truth #1 – The faithful Christian’s works are energized by faith in Jesus Christ. When a person truly responds to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they become members of His Church. Good works are assigned to every Believer by the Holy Spirit. Eph ...…
California Republicans are struggling to hold onto key congressional seats in this year’s midterm election. In our first roundtable podcast, reporters discuss the state's annual GOP convention, where Republicans aimed to energize their base by targeting California’s sanctuary laws and repealing a recently passed gas-tax increase. But when it co ...…
Nina Kathrin Weber is a Well-being and Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Meridian Body Worker, and an Energy Healer. She walks us through how you can move stagnant feelings (energy) through your body by using her unique stretches and exercises which activate the various meridians running through your body which include you organs and the emotions tha ...…
In this week’s elections in Tippecanoe County, Democrats fielded a candidate in just two of the seven countywide races. It’s the continuation of a trend of apathy from the party in recent years. This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we talk with the highest-ranking Democrat in the county – Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski – about what that dearth of ...…
Good morning! Today is RED day at Keller Williams Realty and RED stands for Renew Energize and Donate. It's the day where Keller Williams has the opportunity to give back to the community for which it does business. So, if you're working with a KW agent today--chances are your calls might take a little longer to get back. On today's podcast we ...…
Today's Power Of 31. Always Be Learning. You Can Never Have Enough Education!2. Start With Why! Don't Just Say You Want Something Without Knowing Why!3. Get Your Heart Rate Going First Thing In The Morning, It Will Energize You!lifeaccelerated.netjason.boyd@lifeaccelerated.net1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, take hold of the eterna ...…
Today is Day 8. Woohoo. Still feeling great. I am actually more energized when I get home. I think eating a ketogenic diet really helps with this project. I ordered a chest harness because the bracket setup wouldn't work with what I had in mind. The harness is being delivered today so I'll give that a shot.…
We start off our new series, "Sent", with a personal testimony of an art teacher who found her purpose and calling in life using the gifts and talents God has given her. In this new series, Pastor Chip will walk us though scripture, teaching on the great commission and what it means to be sent; living a hands and feet lifestyle. This week, Chip ...…
For this episode of Association Chat, we explore the Race for Relevance with author and association consultant Mary Byers. It's been a few years since Race for Relevance and the follow-up to that book (co-authored with Harrison Coerver), Road to Relevance, were published. Are Race's "Five Radical Changes" still the right initiatives association ...…
Hi, Doug Andrew here. Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed on a local TV station Channel 2 with the news anchor Shauna Lake. She has a special segment that is aired on Sunday evenings, very popular, called “Person 2 Person.” And she interviewed me about my most recent book at the time, “Entitlement Abolition”, [which is] about how ...…
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