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Digimon: Digital Moncast - Audio Entropy
Three friends (and sometimes more) rewatch every episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters, and come up with theories as to how any of it makes sense
Moral Entropy
Take a seat at our table and join the gang on their Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play adventure as they set out to save the world...probably.
Totally Reprise - Audio Entropy
Host Molly and Ashley revisit the totally weird and totally bizarre world of Totally Spies. They discuss high school, who is the worst at spying and the fetishes they picked up along the way.
Cosmic Call - Audio Entropy
Live from the Tartarus Space Station, it's Cosmic Call! Broadcasts of this weekly intergalactic talk show were captured by NASA in the early '90s, and are now being distributed for public consumption for the first time ever! Join us each week as your hosts, Yaretta the Zarollian plant woman and Burt the sentient industrial printer, report and comment on the hottest news stories from throughout the Intergalactic Democratic Supersector! Distributed by Audio Entropy, in collaboration with Galac ...
Let Me Tell You About Evangelion - Audio Entropy
Ashley and Luke exchange roles in a podcast where they watch landmark anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Along with watching the episodes they discuss it's characters and themes, as well as getting into the usual tangents.
Inside the Masters Studio - Audio Entropy
Step inside the Masters Studio and go Behind The Screens with your host, DaMoonRulz, as he interviews Dungeon/Game Masters. Learn how worlds are created, recount epic tales of Adventurers, and get to know the GM a little better.
Going Pear Shaped - Audio Entropy
Let's Place! - Audio Entropy
I hear a lot about the "subjectivity of art," and to that whole concept I say: PSHAW. The laboratories at Audio Entropy have designed an UNASSAILABLE method for SCIENTIFICALLY AND OBJECTIVELY RANKING ALL VIDEO GAMES. Here's how it works: our host, Luke, grabs a random selection of guests each episode from his twitter followers, and they rank 5 randomly chosen video games, judging their quality by a simple minority vote. Random Sampling is a Science Word! That's how you KNOW this system works ...
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...covering Notre Dame sports, music, media, and all that's good in life...
HM96: Podcast - Audio Entropy
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