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Si e trajtuan gjeneratat e para Kuranin
Muaji i Ramazanit është muaj në të cilin ka zbritur Kurani për të qenë udhëzim dhe dritë për njerëzit. Në këtë ligjëratë hoxha i nderuar Ekrem Avdiu flet se si gjeneratat e para e trajtuan Kuranin dhe se si ata e arritën krenarinë, lumturinë dhe u bënë shembull për të gjithë myslimanët pas tyre, duke ia dhënë Kuranit një pozitë të posaçme në jetën dhe veprën e tyre.
Business 101 with Scott Gingold
Each week, along with a new co-host, I go behind the scenes with specific industry in business.
Opawa Baptist Church - Sermon Audio
Sunday morning audio from Opawa Baptist Church - Christchurch, New Zealand. Includes sermons from senior pastor of Opawa Baptist, Rob Petrini. For more information about Opawa Baptist, please visit
Katawa Shoujo Podcast
Shizune Approved!Loving girls with varying disabilities, and talking about life.
Brain Food with Rob Zile - KissFM Dance Music Australia
Contact/Booking:RZILE@HOTMAIL.COMRob Zile's first EP was released in September 2009 on Artefekz Muzik. Following this EP many doors were opened; from being asked to remix other artists to forging great relationships with other dj’s, producers and record labels from around the world. It also gave him the opportunity to play his first international gig at the WMC Techno Marathon in Miami in 2010, sharing the bill with artists such as Perc, Spektre, Oliver Giacomotto and many more.Rob hosts a r ...
Dashuria ndaj Pejgamberit (alejhis salatu ves selam)
Në këtë incizim, hoxha i nderuar flet për dashurinë ndaj Pejgamberit (alejhis salatu ves selam), shembujt nga gjeneratat e para për këtë dashuri dhe si duhet të manifestohet ajo në jetën e myslimanit.
Songs We Like Radio Mix
Songs We Like é um podcast destinado a você que VIVE música eletrônica & house comercial, como se os sintetizadores, graves e agudos fizessem parte do seu organismo. Se você não consegue ficar um dia sem escutar house e eletro, esse podcast é para você ! Aqui só fica os bons, os apreciadores da música do futuro. Mensalmente postaremos as melhores track's das pistas de todo mundo. Serão 60 minutos de pura HOUSE MUSIC! Aproveite!Curta-nos Facebook: Twitter: ...
Punët me të cilat e meritojmë xhenetin
Xheneti është synim i çdo besimtari prandaj kujdeset për veprat që e shpijnë te ai. Hoxha i nderuar në këtë hytbe sqaron se me besim dhe vepër të mirë arrihet ky synim. Pastaj përmend një sërë veprash të mira për të cilat ka ardhur në Kuran se e kanë për shpërblim xhenetin si ajetet e para të kaptinës El Muminun.
Rinia mes emocioneve dhe urtësisë
Nevoja për t’i shikuar çështjet me urtësi është domosdoshmëri, e sidomos për të rinjtë. Në këtë ligjëratë do të gjejmë përgjigje rreth asaj se si të baraspeshojmë mes urtësisë dhe emocioneve në dritën e shembujve nga gjeneratat e para duke ia shtuar edhe dëmet e nxitimit të pamenduar.
Taking A Left Turn Podcast
Contact: info@rungemusic.comBooking: booking@rungemusic.comPromos: promos@rungemusic.comRunge is a house and bass DJ/music producer based in Aalborg, Denmark, with releases on record labels like Nervous Records, Get Twisted Records, Toolroom and more.Being a dj first Runge’s dj sets has always been about moving the dance floor, mixing up both the latest upfront house tracks and dropping the classics when you least expect it. This passion has rubbed of in his productions which all started in ...
Lauer & Canard Official Podcast
Lauer Krisztián and Kása Balázs aka Lauer & Canard has first appeared in 2007 at the Beatport. Both of their careers had started very early, however the real change in their life was brought by their collaboration. We can trace the origin of their music obviously brought from their roots in all their music productions. They were influenced by a whole range of music style from the soul-funk to the underground house of New York which they continuously build in the present trends. They fame was ...
Religio Medici and Hydriotaphia by BROWNE, Thomas
Religio Medici (The Religion of a Doctor) sets out Sir Thomas Browne's spiritual testament as well as being an early psychological self-portrait. In its day, the book was a European best-seller. It was published in 1643 by the newly-qualified physician, and its unorthodox views placed it swiftly upon the Papal Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1645. Although predominantly concerned with Christian faith, the Religio also meanders into digressions upon alchemy, hermetic philosophy, astrology, and ...
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Infinite Earth Radio – weekly conversations with leaders building smarter, more sustainable, and equitable communities
Topic: Coal, Coal-Fired Power Plants, and the Impacts on Communities In This Episode: 01:58 Mike shares information about Island Press. 03:18 Mike mentions what will be covered in today’s podcast. 05:15 Vernice identifies why the EPA was focused on regulating the emissions from coal-fired power plants. 10:50 Guest Jacqueline Patterson is introd ...…
Stats + Stories 020: A Statistician Clears The Air With Special Guest: Barry Nussbaum Barry Nussbaum (@StatisticsBarry) is former Chief Statistician at the US EPA, and is president-elect of the American Statistical Association. Included among his many accomplishments at the EPA was providing leadership to the agency effort to remove lead from g ...…
Oil and Gas Sound Off
In this episode of Sound Off, Joe Perino discusses the often-asked question: ‘Is Premium Gasoline Worth It?’ Topics in this episode include a discussion on the difference between premium and discount gasoline and what exactly is ‘premium gas’. Additionally, Joe gets into octane, pre-ignition / knocking, RON vs MON. The refining processes that a ...…
The world was a much different place in 1966 when the Freedom of Information Act became law. FOIA is “starting to get a little rough around the edges. … It’s in need of a tune-up,” said Kevin Goldberg, legal counsel for the Association of Alternative Newsmedia and the American Society of News Editors. “When the law was passed in 1966, it was a ...…
Scandalpalooza continues to unfold as new revelations continue to come to the surface. The liberal media continues to trade snipes with Obama's cronies, conservative groups were given a hard time by more than just the IRS. We now know the EPA was doing the same thing and apparently the ATF, FBI and OSHA are involved. And I have no doubt that th ...…
This Is Iyanna Jones
“This Is Iyanna Jones” is a show that discusses all things political, creative and creatively political. This week, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo. As a young, black, MIT-PhD social scientist, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo landed her dream job at the EPA, working with Al Gore, assisting post-apartheid South Africa. But when she tried to get the government to ...…
This week Ben and I just chit chat about some goings on around NYC in technology. I kinda talk a lot this episode. Show Notes iPhone 5 Maker Fair was this weekend 3D Printing Micro controllers !!!! (obviously my favorite topic) Arduino DIY: An iPhone controlled A/C Raspberry Pi (only place I’ve found that has them in stock is here The EPA was a ...…
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