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Equis Advanced
Equis Advanced goes into depth on annuities, IULs, how to get and work referrals, client building, and so much more.
Equis Live
Equis Live brings you recordings of conference calls and live training events held across the country.
Tune in each week as Bill Martin and Rob Jones train Equis Financial agents on what it takes to be truly successful. And remember this is the only Adventure Hour that last 25 to 30 minutes.
Equis Now
Each week CEO and President of Equis Financial, Barry Clarkson, keeps you up-to-date with all things Equis. Listen in to get the training and motivation you need to rise to the top of the insurance industry.
On FuelSell Equis Financial agents and agency builders can tune in to get the training, tips, and motivation they need to reach both their professional and personal goals. Each week we interview the top agents and agency managers to learn how they have been successful and how you can duplicate that success.
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What is love, really? Where do you find it? Who do you turn to when times get tough? In today's interview, William and Ranae Shepherd share their authentically real and raw stories of how they each found their way into - and out of - the dark side of the entertainment and fashion industry of Los Angeles. William, a talented fashion and commerci ...…
Barry Clarkson is back with an all new series on Equis Now. Join Equis's President and CEO for the next 12 weeks as he lays out the foundation and principles to become a Regional Manager at Equis Financial.
By 2019 Equis Financial is expected to sell more Index Annuities than Mortgage Protection and Final Expense Policies. Pete Lee is here to guide you through the process of expanding your sells. In this episode of Equis Advanced, Pete Lee gives you the specific questions to ask while you’re in a home, what answers to look for, and ultimately how ...…
A fantastic episode featuring one of Equis Financial's top agents, Ray Manalus. Tune in as Pete Lee does a question/answer segment with Ray solely on selling IUL's!
Not familiar with Ameritas? Pete Lee explains the complete dynamics and benefits of using Ameritas to write business, especially as an Equis Financial agent!
Including feature speakers: Vice President of Sales, Bill Martin Compliance Officer & IUL/Annuity Development, Pete Lee Equis Financial Agents, Ranae Shepherd and Carrie Wysong Howard Executive Manager, Russ Tessman
Pete Lee explains the benefits of selling annuities and how to receive those benefits! Be sure to mark your calendars for Equis Financials upcoming sales trainings in Baltimore, Las Vegas, Riverside, and Phoenix to hear Pete Lee talk live about selling annuities!
Bill Martin and Rob Jones explain the 15/15 Strategy for growing a business within Equis Financial.
For those of you who have not met Mecca Thompson-Brown, you're in for a treat! Tune into this episode of Fuel Sell featuring Mecca and listen to her light hearted story of how she became involved in the insurance industry, why she believes the biggest challenge she faced when becoming an agent was herself, the subtle ways she builds clientele w ...…
Get a better understanding of the products available through Equis Financial for Index Annuity and Index Universal Life
Tune into this fantastic interview between Glenn Davies and Mike Hopp, a part time agent for Equis Financial. Learn why Mike has preferred starting out doing insurance part time and how he managed to only have one denied application in an entire year.
Today on Equis Advanced, Pete Lee announces Equis Financial’s annuity portfolio, which includes 5 carriers Equis will be particularly focusing on. Pete Lee also introduces the Forethought product, Elite Income 150, a fixed index annuity for someone looking for safety, guaranteed lifetime income, and wants access to their money.…
Today on Bill and Rob's Excellent Adventure Hour, Bill and Rob take on the conversation of how you should be approaching your clients as a consultant, not a salesperson. As an Equis Financial consultant, your duty is to to serve and help people. Bill and Rob give several tips and examples of effective using this approach can and will be.…
This week on FuelSell we talk to John Barlow about how he has managed to have a 93% issue rate. This episode is full of great tips that Equis Financial agents will be able to put into action this week.
This week on Equis Now, Barry picks right back up where he left off last week and gives us the remaining keys to success for agents and agency managers here at Equis Financial.
On this episode we bring you a conference call recording of Barry Clarkson speaking about the commitment Equis Financial has to their agents and to excellence.
On this conference call Barry Clarkson talks to prospective and new agents about what makes Equis Financial truly unique.
This week on Equis Now, Barry Clarkson discuss the amazing potential and power Equis Financial offers agents, even on a part time basis.
This week on Equis Live we bring you the opening comments of Barry Clarkson when he was announced as President and CEO of Equis Financial on January 15, 2016.
This week on FuelSell hear from new agent Frank Convenuto. He'll talk about how he has gotten off to a fast start with Equis Financial and why he is excited to be a part of the Equis team. We'll also talk with veteran agent and top producer Ray Manalus, who last year wrote over $400,000 in annualized premium. See how he consistently produces an ...…
This week on FuelSell we speak with Chris Tinsman, one of Equis Financial's top producers. Chris will walk us through how she schedules herself for success and how she has increased her sales by door knocking those she can't reach by phone. We'll also talk with Rob Jones, about what's really important about our business. And we'll talk about ho ...…
This week we debut the newest show to the Equis Financial podcast line-up.
On this special edition of FuelSell we debut the newest podcast from Equis Financial, Bill and Rob's Excellent Adventure Hour.
This week on FuelSell we sit down with Equis Financial founders Bill Martin, Kevin Davies, and Rob Jones. Listen as they describe the process of creating Equis and what agents can look forward to. Also learn how an experiment in 1963 may forever change what you expect from yourself and those around you. Thats all this week on FuelSell, Let's Go!…
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