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EM SPACE is a Podcast, advocating the surge of Full Open Access medical Education in Emergency Medicine, Hosted by an EM Resident, breaking down topics, and interviewing leaders in the trade. EM SPACE would be one of the First Emergency Medicine Podcast coming out from the Middle East and North African Region, dedicated to EM residents and Physicians globally.
Empac Weekly
Small brands, big ideas. We help small businesses tell incredible stories about their brand. Weekly podcast about branding, marketing, and design.
Zorg - A Space Sci-Fi Series
A Space based Sci-Fi series written by Ivan Hudson. The series uploaded at least once per week by Ivan Hudson. To find the written format go to my website and click the Zorg tab.
CBN - Mlton Jung - CBN Young Professional
Um espao para discutir o mundo corporativo sob a tica de quem d os primeiros passos em sua trajetria profissional. Segunda, s 6h40.
Joseph Aina's Podcast
Hip Hop Mix
Grans obres
Victria Palma condueix "Grans obres"! Oratoris, obres simfniques i altres composicions de llarga durada hi tenen cabuda. I com que sn grans, tamb disposen d'un gran espai a la programaci. Els dissabtes, de 16.00 a 20.00 h, a Catalunya Msica
Podcast de kpop en español
Toc de Queda
Toc de Queda és una deixalleria musical dirigida per Gerard Carceller, una experiència psicotròpica, un programa d’angoixa, un espai de temes clàssics, un espai de pop amb data de caducitat, una transmissió elèctrica. Toc de Queda és un espai musical on hi tenen cabuda estils i sonoritats musicals de tota mena. T’atreveixes a escoltar-lo?
KDC Radio
Un espace radiophonique dédié au Roi Jésus-Christ et à son royaume. Afin que tous apprennent à le mieux connaître et à l'aimer; pour vivre pleinement.
Dj Mayron's Mixtape
Bienvenue sur cet espace où vous y découvrirez mon univers musical.Pour plus d'actualités, n'hésitez pas à me rejoindre sur facebook:
A half-hour podcast highlighting Central PA's Ephrata Performing Arts Center's current shows and events. Hosted by Kevin Fennell and Josh Kirwin, the podcast features interviews with cast and crew from EPAC, trivia and announcements.
Today with Tobi Adegboyega
When we describe leaders of the new generation, Tobi Adegboyega is without doubt a name pockets of communities within the city of London are beginning to mention repeatedly. The dynamic social advocate undeniably possesses similar characteristics to the likes of Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and Martin Luther King Jr. His drive towards social regeneration amongst the young demographic in the city of London, has caused him to create two initiatives under the umbrella of social impact who influ ...
Toni Cots and Marina Garcés - THE STRUGGLE WITH THOUGHTPolitics is nowadays a semiotic battlefield in which we must conquer the words that have been removed from us. The actual form of censorship is not prohibition, but neutralization and disaffection. This is our crisis of words. In view of this expropriating logic reducing us to simple spectators of our own lives, we propose that the necessity to conquer the spaces of thought is a requirement for taking the world in our hands.Toni Cots is ...
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Un quatorzième numéro seasonement finale (ça ne veut rien dire), dans lequel il est entre autres question de :- Charmeur de serpent- Solution extrême et défaut de goût- Path of Exile (The Fall of Oriath)- Espace en VR (Star Trek : Bridge Crew et Far Beyond : A Space Odyssey)- Totorro- Castlevania (Netflix)-- Playlist --N. Shimizu / K. Adachi / ...…
The Orbital Mechanics Podcast
This week in SF history June 30, 2004: Cassini orbit insertion ( (PDF: Spaceflight news ESA has released funds to Arianegroup for full-scale demonstrator of Prometheus. ( Digital rendering suggests it’s a gas-generator. ( Ariane Next concept (HT Sam Moore: futura-scien ...…
Doctor Who: Straight Outta Gallifrey
Straight Outta Gallifrey discusses season 18's Full Circle as well as Big Finish's Apocalypse Element, which is a 6th Doctor Story, preluding to events that could set off the Time War. In Full Circle, it is time for Romana to return to Gallifrey; however, she, K-9, and the Doctor are stuck in E-Space. This particular serial is an introduction t ...…
Playlist: Afro Celt Sound System- Life Begin Again - Volume 3 Further In Time Various Artists- Kasai Allstars Feat Tandjolo KoyileNyeka Nyeka - Congotronics 2 Les Amazones DAfrique- Anisokoma feat Rokia Kon Kandia Kouyat - Rpublique Amazone - voicebreak - Tama- Snimbe - Espace Taj Mahal- Muhoga Wa Jangombe - Mkutano Meets The Culture Musical Cl ...…
Highlights Official Bulletin: War bonds, fake news, prostitutes, shoes, trucks and draft dodgers |@ 01:00Guest: Mike Shuster on the low enthusiasm, Creel, 4 minutes men and arrests for disagreeing with the government. |@ 07:15War In The Sky: Profile Raynal Bolling |@ 11:00Events: Memorial day retrospective |@ 14:00States: NY “Beyond The Trenche ...…
Petit Peps Quiz sur l’espace Lab des Rencontres de l’Orme, entre Marine et Romain, des Rencontres d’Arles
ELP23 - Laïcité: espace universel - Une discussion avec Léon Ouaknine, auteur - AUDIO$ - Faites un don pour que Esprit Libre continue: le vingt-troisième épisode du Podcast Esprit Libre, Gabe Masson reçoit Léon Ouaknine, juif né au Maroc et résidant au Québec depuis 1968. M. Ouaknine est un diplômé en travail so ...…
Highlights: Bulletin: Hear headlines and stories from the “Official Bulletin” |@ 02:15Guest: Mike Shuster on the mutinies in France |@ 06:15America’s WW1 Memorial: what CFA approval means from Edwin Fountain |@ 10:35Memorial Day: History, significance, observance and links to activities |@ 12:00States: Indiana article on Opha May Johnson, Alaba ...…
Rencontrez Yoga Trail et la co-fondateur: AlexKlein, un des trois fondateur de Yoga Trail. Nous leur avons lancé une invitation et ils ont répondu avec enthousiasme. Qui donc est derrière cette équipe de gens passionnés en yoga? Ils ont révolutionné les façons de faire en yoga et ils nous partagent ici leur savoir être. C'est ce que vous découv ...…
Howdy! Restaurants in Montreal It’s been a busy spring. Seven places made it from the “To Try” side to the “Done and Worth Going Back” side or the “Good Places to Drink” column. Landry et Filles, Manitoba, Prime BBQ, Bar Le Record, Le Bar de l’ITHQ , Snowbird Tiki Bar and 132 Bar Vintage. Eight places got dropped from the “to Try” side after I ...…
Fethiye Mosque and Ali Pasha’s tomb, Ioannina (Greece) Ottoman Studies offer several unexplored fields of research for the perspectives introduced by the so called “spatial turn” in historiography. “Space” can be investigated as a constituive element in an abstract imaginary of power and agency, but also as a repository which engenders diverse, ...…
Episode 58:Listen Here Shout Outs: MaggieH’s Kambur pullover (for Mary Kate, adorable toddler) SusanVKnits’ Mae by Andrea Mowry Scitchr’s Stretch Knit Lattice Pillow Scitchr’s Foxhall Gloves Jchant’s Project Peace Cowl Fuller Craft Museum is looking for Pussy Hats to mark this pivotal moment in Craft History Susan is a total fan girl of Melissa ...…
Doctor Who On Target
Dare you confront the Three Who Rule! This time we are lost in E Space - and this story is read by Geoffrey Beevers - the Master! Can he be trusted in this world outside of normal time and space? Joins us as we prepare to face The Great Vampire! And Adric…
Podcast Episode #317 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play Nearly every church has a facility. But not every church stewards their facility well. Tim Cool joins us to discuss facility stewardship and how churches can save money on their facilities in the long run. Some highlights from today’s episode include: Everythin ...…
Les Vinyles arrivent enfin dans Get Stoned ! Après quelques prises de tête de type technique dont vous ferez les frais lors de notre premier essai vinylistique, tout s’enchaîne parfaitement ; entre sillons et bonne humeur. Au programme : du groove à toute les sauces, de la lourdeur, de l’espace, des hippies ; et de tout ça à la fois, avec une m ...…
Life Skills That Matter | Learn why self-employment is the future of work.
Do you want to build career security? Given the volatility of the economy, I mean who doesn’t? I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite career coaches, Pamela Slim. She’s the author of two amazing books, Body of Work and Espace From Cubicle Nation. In this conversation, Pamela and I discuss the changing nature of work and how to be ...…
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Listening Guide jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('#wp_mep_117').mediaelementplayer({ m:1 ,features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','volume','tracks','fullscreen'] ,audioWidth:230,audioHeight:30 }); }); The Works Coulthard Quebec May jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('#wp_mep_118').mediaelementplayer({ m:1 ,features: ['p ...…
66 Kg de moins et quelque 250 oeufs plus tard...Un régime idéal pour vos sacs Bruxelles propreté! - Ils sont quatre, ils sont jeunes, ils ont la pêche et lancent un projet sympa pour ramener coquette en ville auprès de Gérard! Life is WonderPoule? C'est quoi? Nous sommes habitués à entendre parler d'énergie verte, de bio, de local, de consommer ...…
These days, there are so many sad notices and posts about yarn shops closing and one might think that the future of knitting and brick n' mortar stores is bleak. But today on the show, I chat with two passionate knitters and shop owners who are doing it right and have seen year-over-year success with their yarn shop, Espace Tricot. In July 2017 ...…
An example of Tabiiyet Beyannamesi (citizenship certificate) of a Muslim family from today Provadia, Bulgaria, arriving in Turkey in 1934 The repatriation of Muslim refugees from the lost territories in the Balkans to Anatolia became an urgent issue for Ottoman territorial and settlement policies since the war against the Russian Empire in 1877 ...…
Sholem's Bias: Medicine and Other Curiosities
Zackary Sholem Berger talks to Alexander Dickow, a poet, translator, and critic working in both French and English, about navigating countries, languages, and esthetics. With cameo appearances by Dr. Seuss, the Babylonian Talmud, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.Here is the text of the poems read by Alexander Dickow on the podcast.To a Politici ...…
Au micro de Rebecca Makonnen: c'est Vendredisque! On écoute Japandroids,Thomas Fersen et le documentaire portant sur l'album Reflektor d'Arcade Fire; Rose-Aimée Automne T.Morin analyse la représentation de la vulve dans les espaces publics; notre dissident en résidence, Rafaël Ouellet, partage sa haine pour les «stories instagram».…
Au micro de Rebecca Makonnen :- David Desjardins nous parle de la scène musicale anglophone à Québec,Thimalay Sukhaseum et Gabrielle Laila Tittley se demande s’il est possible de remplacer la publicité par l’art dans les espaces publics et Karyne Lefebvre nous parle de la ruée vers les vieux VHS de Disney.…
John Neoptolomos discusses the ESPAC-4 trial, investigating a chemotherapy drug combination for patients with pancreatic cancer.
Le Frigo - La Webradio qui rafraîchit
YOFUKASHI RADIO EPS 038: Janko Nilovic Obsession Mix by Dipiz This is for Library Music lovers – very special Janko Nilovic mix by our favourite digger Dipiz from France – much love to Janko for the special shoutout ✧ Get to know: Janko Nilovic on Discogs Play in new window | Download Tracklist: 01 – My Latin Thing – Supra Hip Hop Impressions 0 ...…
Live off-air recording of the last hour of programming from Radio France station France Inter Grandes Ondes (Longwave) on 31 December 2016 beginning just before 22:00 UTC on the longwave frequency of 162 kHz. The signal originated from the TDF (formerly known as Télédiffusion de France) 2000 kW transmitter (reportedly reduced to 1000 kW during ...…
KJ-$ + Kreayshawn + Kreaydio
Chill mix for chilling in the winter time with a cup of coco and some thoughts.swumbeats_chronic{DKO}_whenn(this is not a) hawaiian songcorless_backwoodsweirdough_green in bluespaceghost_Beat1 Help Me_Dream Of You selrok no rest for the illest___G O O D M O R N I N G ___ [ w a v v e g a w d x thrash cat x guwop ]Bon Gamin Myth Sizer ft Tommy Wr ...…
Playlist: TABU LEY ROCHEREAU- Lisanga Ya Bambanda - LORCHESTRE AFRISA INTL Amina- Le Cerele Rouge - Yalil Hossam Ramzy- Mahla Layali ElAmar - Best Of Baladi Saaidi - voicebreak - Hukwe Zawose- Sisitizo La Amani Duniani - Chibite Alsarah The Nubatones- Nar - Manara Tama- Espace - Espace Baka Beyond- Sethn Se L Shoheen Sho Lo feat Daniel Waples - ...…
The Old Doctor Who Show - A Classic Doctor Who Podcast
Dan and Eric get strung out in zeroland with all the lion men in the third installment of the e-space trilogy: WARRIOR'S GATE. We mourn the departure of two companions, and mourn the continuation of another. We also read (so much) listener mail. ### Outro Music (Hats off to Chuck): "The Warrior" performed by Scandal "Beauty and the Beast" meets ...…
Le Frigo - La Webradio qui rafraîchit
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