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Mina Rzouki, Julien Laurens, Raphael Honigstein and James Horncastle present opinionated and irreverent debate on the football stories making the headlines across the Euro Leagues
Mixes: Euro Trance
Mixes: Euro Techno
90's Italy Fabio Macchello nicknames was: Fabio J, Sirius and Fabio Emme.Fabio Macchello is an Italian 90's old school Techno Progressive DJ.After a long pause, Fabio Macchello come back again to the Techno scene with more maturity and experience proposing a deeper and enveloping musical style to captivate fans of all ages than love the Techno Music. More than welcome and thank you for the support.Biography:Fabio Macchello from an early age was always interested to anti conventional sounds o ...
Euro Nation
We're here to rule the nation giving you electric radio shows every week featuring the best dance hits out of Europe.
Visit us on the web at Euro Digital Partners Marketing Insights See our videos on YouTubeSponsored by ADS Securities Trading Webinar Live to sign up, visit: us on the web at BeatYourCompetition.Online
Podcast by Radiomade
My name is Jonathan Paiz and I had an amazing journey traveling throughout Europe with a little orange backpack for a month. During my travels I met people that became close friends through a website My travels took me to Rome, Italy, Milan, Italy, Paris, France, Madrid, Spain, Palma, Mallorca, Spain, London, England, Oslo, Norway, and Wroclaw, Poland. At each location people with big hearts that I have never met before hosted me and let me sleep on their couch, spare bed, ...
Each week, Danny Kelly will be alongside a leading European football journalist to take a closer look at events in Spain, France, Germany et al.
Euro world
Hip hop and Sports .
For lovers of the Euro Championships and comedy, Listen to the Our Lot in Block 5 podcast boys take on this summer's tournament with Euro Lot in Block 5. Listen every week throughout Euro 2016.
This podcast is intended to help the AP Euro students at Bozeman High School. The podcast is based off the information found in the following textbooks: McKay "A History of Western Society" Merriman "A History of Modern Europe: From the Renaissance to the Present" and Palmer "A History of the Modern World". In addition to these books Steve Mercado's class notes have been an invaluable source in creating the lecture outlines and can be purchased at Finally I would like to tha ...
Polar Exposure are conversations with people reaching beyond the expectation of others and fulfilling their own life ambitions. Produced by The Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2017. Hosts: Felicity Aston and Nataša Briški.
Hosts Rob Daly, Chris Parrott and Tom Kell bring you up to date with the latest news from France. Hear from the biggest stars at UEFA EURO 2016 and get the best analysis from our team of reporters.
A podcast centered around fantasy football picks with regular ex proffesional guests answering your queries on who should start for your Euros dreamtream.Join 3 genuine best friends Joey Page (div 4 5-a-side runner up) Luke McQueen (used to work at Millets) and Sy Thomas (Wycombe wanderers 2nd most famous fan) as they battle it out in their own dream team mini league whilst meandering their way through the hypothetical fantasies behind Euro 2016.
Independent football podcast. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed. Weekly since 2009. Football Supporters Federation award nominated
Host Chris Parrott is joined by journalists Laure James and Paul Saffer to bring you up to date with the latest news from the tournament. Hear from the biggest stars at UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 and get the best analysis from our team of reporters who are in the Netherlands.
Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl talks with the prominent figures in soccer.
In The Mixer
In The Mixer Podcast
Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.
Mixes: Eurodance
One Road
The One Road series offers a unique and fresh perspective on financial markets and investment opportunities in Asia. Join host Peter Pham, hedge-fund manager and author of "The Big Trade", as he talks to a multitude of capital market experts, authors and thought leaders to gain insight and offer investors advice as to how to profit from the hidden investment opportunities across Asia.
Sno Jo Radio
An all music podcast from Snoqualmie Joe playing the best music you have never heard!
The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game cast, is a roundtable discussion about Party Games, and games you would take to parties.
Market Movers
Everything forex, commodities and the big picture in the markets: Lior Cohen of Trading NRG and Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch provide useful information for traders and talk about current events in the markets
DREAD DAZE POD CAST.all the good vibes and music my friends.enjoy with much peace-in
Meeple Overboard!
Meeple Overboard! is a podcast about board games, the gaming community, and our little slice of heaven that plays them. We're Chris and Wendy, and we love board games. Each Saturday, we'll bring you a half-hour episode featuring three segments:1. Shop Talk! We'll discuss a general board gaming topic, answer your questions, or discuss some news.2. Random Rally! We've got lots of interests, and eat lots of tasty things, and have a lot to share. Random Rally! is a few minutes of food for though ...
DJ K1K Mixcast
Welcome to the DJ K1K Mixcast. My mixes feature a wide range of sounds. Everything from hard house, jumpstyle, house, and old school. Check em out and check back often for new mix posts.
Girls on the Sideline is a podcast for the female perspective on sports. From analysis on the field, to the uniforms to everything in between. We believe that women have a unique perspective and we want to bring that to the world of podcasting!
Canadian Club Life
A Canadian DJ mixing what Canadians want to hear and trying to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to new music
The Footy Show
Feed for The Footy Show podcast
Prophecy Zone Report
Uplifting Dance Music, UK & Euro NRG, Check it Out!
FX Options University
Welcome to FX Options University! Join the industry's top trading professionals as they provide investors with insight on navigating the currency markets using FX Options.
Alt-Right Radio
The official podcast of, featuring Counter-Signal with Richard Spencer, Alt-Right Politics, Unconscious Cinema, Euro-Centric with Daniel Friberg, and more.
Mixes: Space Disco
Brought to you by Qatar Airways. Join Tony Wrighton as he guides us through EURO 2012 held this year in Poland and Ukraine. Tony will be speaking to guests throughout the tournament gathering expert analysis, exciting insights and funny stories on football's European giants. Whether it's a controversial talking point, an amazing goal or a heart breaking loss, we have it all covered! Don't forget to visit the Qatar Airways website at and
(Human voice quality, text-2-speach) Blog-2-Audio-Casts: Arquivos - Synopsis - Anthology of A Classic Sultry Monegasque Seductress, Demimondaine, Hetairai, Old-World Mistress, Concupiscent Courtesan, Euro-Geisha, GFE Escort, Fetishist, Kinkster, Swinger, FemDom, Sexually Dominant Woman and mature Playboy Italia Playmate Centerfold
"This week in Forex" is a weekly TV News Show, recorded in New York and London . Written, produced and presented by Aidan Doyle, the show provides it's worldwide viewing audience a market round-up of the events of the previous week,and an outlook for the week ahead, within the worlds largest finacial market, Foreign exchange. Also includes a section featuring trading advice from a different renowned trader each week.For your local programing and other info visit the Official Show website: ww ...
"Top 100 DJ России 2008 oт" неделя №1 - 13 место. "Top 100 DJ 2009-2014 oт" - 1 место. Ди-джей, MC, музыкант, промоутер, арт-директор, продюсер.
Home to the cosmic disco Euro. A blog about Italo Disco, Funk, Space, and music for robots.
Alt-Right Radio
The official podcast of, featuring Counter-Signal with Richard Spencer, Alt-Right Politics, Unconscious Cinema, Euro-Centric with Daniel Friberg, and more.
Ghost Inc. Podcast
A gaming podcast from those at Ghost Incorporated. Various topics from the week prior in gaming news. To see the video podcast go to every Friday morning!
Northern Ireland are heading to the Euros! Check in with Rich and Andy as they discuss the NI football team's road to Paris.
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In Deutschland werden viele Kinder von klein auf von Erziehern betreut. Erzieher sind Menschen, die sich beruflich um Kinder kümmern. Sie haben gelernt, sie zu betreuen, sie zu fördern und sie zu unterstützen. Viele Kinder in Deutschland haben keine Geschwister oder nur einen Bruder oder eine Schwester. Daher ist es gut, wenn sie mit anderen Ki ...…
In Deutschland werden viele Kinder von klein auf von Erziehern betreut. Erzieher sind Menschen, die sich beruflich um Kinder kümmern. Sie haben gelernt, sie zu betreuen, sie zu fördern und sie zu unterstützen. Viele Kinder in Deutschland haben keine Geschwister oder nur einen Bruder oder eine Schwester. Daher ist es gut, wenn sie mit anderen Ki ...…
Master that winning pitch with Joe Dalton and David Beckett. David Beckett is a Pitch Trainer and TEDx speech coach, and is the author of Pitch To Win. He has coached over 700 Startups,, who have raised over 155Million Euros in investment - and trained over 800 of professionals at companies such as ING, PwC, Google and IKEA, to help them make b ...…
Chad, Adam and Ryan discuss the benefits of board gaming - from kids' skills with taking turns and graceful winning to adults' learning to work together and expanding your public speaking there's a number of benefits that board games provide. Your three hosts discuss the great number of ways our active hobby improves the lives of its players.Af ...…
On this episode, the guys discuss their new partnership with Wegryn Enterprises, Andrew Luck's throwing watch ending after one day and where Kawhi is going to end up. Then, Nick from NY Sports Xtra podcast to bring you up to date on baseball. Cam Smith (professional football player in the NFL Euro league) returns to the show to recap his season ...…
ECB Announces Dovish TighteningThe big market-moving central bank announcement this week was not the Fed. They came out with their so-called "hawkish hike", but yesterday, the ECB came out and they were supposed to announce the end of their Quantitative Easing program, their own version of the taper, which they did. But they surprised the marke ...…
Ok Everyone here we go!! In this episode we talk to young Ruzzel. This kid worked and saved his money to have a three week vacation over in Europe!! THREE WEEKS IN EUROPE!!! Damn lucky SOB! I bet he will have plenty of stories about his shenanigans when he comes back and enjoy this marvelous train wreck of a podcast we have for you!! Www.Grappl ...…
Work in progressJenny Ginny's Cardigan by Mari Chiba from the unofficial harry potter knits special issue of interweave How Cold Is It? mittens by Drunk Girl Designszigzagular socks by prairie girl susieamigurumi stormtrooper by Lucy Collin Weezie Vanilla socks for Drew's auntWindfall by Melissa Kemmerer Cait Longline Cardigan by Joji Locatelli ...…
A taça do mundo é nossa. Já o troféu da copa, que há muito tempo não tem o formato de uma taça, não tem dono ainda. Quando eu soube que depois de ganhar você precisa devolver pro próximo ganhador, confesso que fiquei um pouco chocado. Tanto trabalho pra nada. Eu já fui bem hater da copa do mundo. Sempre que uma maioria começa a idolatrar alguma ...…
32 Deeg, 32 Equippen, 12 Stadionen, 10 Mio Euro, 1 Mio Fans an 1 Bal, dee schonn op der ISS war. Et gëtt esou vill ze soen iwwer d'Futtballweltmeeschterschaft a Russland. Dat maache mir dann och all Freideg am Kader vum Radio Sport Club, wou analyséiert, diskutéiert a kritiséiert gëtt. Dës Woch an der Ronn derbäi: de Guy Hellers, den Hubert Meu ...…
Hello and welcome to the Friday 15th June edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport. MORE JAGUAR I-PACE REVIEWS Do you remember a week or so ago, the first batch of I-PACE reviews hit the net from the largest video and magazine channels. Now it se ...…
On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Neil Giller, a Direct Mail Marketing Expert and Managing Director of Central Direct Mailing (Euro) Ltd. Their conversation dives deep as they tackle whether direct mail actually works, the modern versus traditional marketing work, networking and much more. Also, stay tuned to hear Neil’s advice f ...…
A special general meeting of Kerry Co-Op may held in two months to consider the possible spinning out of shares. Kerry Co-Op is the largest shareholder in Kerry Group plc with a 13.7% stake worth an estimated 2.2 billion euro; yesterday around 600 people attended the co-op AGM in the Brandon Hotel. Patrick Scanlon is one of the shareholders.…
Lowell Ponte,, 3 KEY FOREIGN MEETINGS, NOT JUST SINGAPORE, G7 Canada, Bilderberger’s Europe, North Korean DeNuke Kim Trump Singapore, What Next for Korea, Six to 11 months Before South Korean Cancelled War Games, Trap for North Korea China Russia if Non-compliant, Dr Bill Dea ...…
L’ira di Donald Trump e la frattura con gli altri leader del G7 Il Parlamento francese discute sul disegno di legge contro le “fake news” L’omicidio di un sindacalista immigrato riporta l’attenzione sul problema dello sfruttamento del lavoro I poeti del Sud del Novecento rimangono esclusi dai programmi dei licei Rimini, polemica sugli hotel che ...…
In this episode, we chat to Victor from Usono. A Dutch company that specialises in improving and innovating the use of ultrasound in healthcare. They develop smart ultrasound accessories that help to make the application of ultrasound better. Learn how their story started with a university project, why the big ultrasound manufacturers support t ...…
Download: 41 MB Subscribe: RSS | SoundCloud | iTunes In this week’s episode, Isabel and Ugo interview Lara Houston, a visiting researcher at Goldsmiths University. We talk about academic research on repair, and we also play some recordings from Kaja Ahnfelt, founder of Restarters Oslo, who conducted research at Restart Parties before she became ...…
In the last of the group previews for the upcoming World Cup in Russia, Dave and Jamie reveal their opinions of England's World Cup squad, and disagree with each other (9:52), look forward to seeing Senegal at the tournament (19:32) and highlight James Rodriguez's rise in the game since the previous World Cup (20:24). Topics covered also includ ...…
Hey everyone. This is Kirk here again from Option Alpha and welcome back to the daily call. Today, we’re going to try to walk through a very simple guide to understanding the foreign exchange or Forex markets. The purpose of doing this is just to give you guys a little bit of an overview of what the Forex markets are and generally, why they’re ...…
Oliver Wurm spricht pünktlich zum Start der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft in Russland im Sports Maniac Podcast über sein WM-Heft "Mission Titelverteidigung". Bereits zum sechsten Mal bringt der Journalist und Medienunternehmer ein Printmagazin rund um die DFB-Elf heraus. Und das hat es in sich. Fans können sich auf 115 Seiten pures Fußballgold freu ...…
Dave and Tom return for the third installment of their 2018 World Cup preview, and have a look at Group C and Group D. Will France go one better than Euro 2016, are Peru actually quite good, and will Iceland continue their incredible surge to the top of world football?
C'est aujourd'hui, jeudi 16 février que Félix Croft, un Français de 28 ans, doit affronter la Justice italienne. Il avait été arrêté en juillet 2016 au péage italien de Vintimille en compagnie d'une famille de six Soudanais dans sa voiture. Il encourt jusqu'à 15 ans de prison pour aide à l'immigration clandestine. Il a déclaré venir en aide bén ...…
Nick and Sash are back with their 2018 World Cup preview podcast looking at Group E which consists of record winners Brazil, hopefuls after a solid Euro 2016 Switzerland, decent outfit in the 2014 World Cup Costa Rica and the mix of youth and experience of Serbia. Check out The Technical Area's 2018 World Cup podcast page on for ...…
Mardi 31 mai 2016, la ministre de l'Education nationale a dévoilé un plan de revalorisation des salaires des enseignants. Près d'un milliard d'euros seront mis sur la table d'ici 2020. Et dès le 1er janvier 2017 les professeurs gagneront 50 euros bruts mensuels en plus. Le geste a été salué par les syndicats. "C'était un geste nécessaire", pour ...…
Focusing on Emerging MarketsI'm going to spend most of today's podcast talking about what is going on in the emerging markets, in the currency market and in the stock markets; what the speculators are doing, why they are doing it and why I think they are wrong and why I think it creates an excellent opportunity for investors to fade this trade ...…
No Loser! Winner Anonymous lottery winner in Eastern France A man who regularly pla ys the lottery with the same numbers at the same place in eastern France has beaten huge odds, winning the My Million lottery twice in 18 months. Le Parisien newspaper says mathematicians it queried calculated the double win at 1 chance in 16 trillion. Radio Fra ...…
renderesti mai consigli o ascolteresti un fungo?Eppure gli "esperti guru" li fuori me ne hanno dettodi tutti i colori.Si mi hanno chiamato più volte fungo, nel senso che sonouscita un po' dal nulla andandosi a sponsorizzare in qualche modo sotto al mio post con il commento (vabbè....)I GURU ti dicono che chi vuole fare web e quindi vuole creare ...…
Deadbeat - Lights For LeleCamea - Jack U (Matrixxman Self Love Mix)rRoxymore - bRingTHEbRaveLMAJOR - Raving Thru (Caldera Remix)Unbalance - Foundation Skee Mask - 50 Euro To Break BoostMartyn - Body MusicJon Woods - Reptillien Hochzeit DJ Stingray - The Strategy Of TensionPhillip D Kick - Vibe Off The Beat Ft DJ SpinnClarity - Cryptid Homemade ...…
This week on the Heavy Vehicles Podcast we cover:ATA welcomes Stability Control decision May 2018 another bumper truck sales monthIsuzu N-Series 4×4 now with AMTElectric Freightliner Trucks debut in North AmericaIveco putting Euro 6 Stralis to the testShell Starship real world fuel economy revealed
Loi asile et immigration: un texte qui diviseLa discussion du projet de loi asile et immigration se poursuit à l'Assemblée nationale. Les débats ont commencé lundi dernier et avancent très lentement. Le projet devait être adopté en première lecture vendredi soir mais François de Rugy, le président de l'Assemblée a annoncé hier après-midi que le ...…
Après plus d'une semaine de bras de fer et de blocage, les producteurs de lait ont signé un accord mardi 30 août avec Lactalis, numéro un mondial des produit laitiers. Accord qui entérine la hausse du prix du lait. Une victoire? "Dans le contexte difficile que nous traversons, faire revenir Lactalis sur ce qu'ils voulaient faire est pour nous u ...…
I recorded this week's episode about 5 minutes after I'd had a good old cry watching clips of Iceland's Euro 2016 upset and listening to the Icelandic commentator lose his mind, beautiful stuff! This week has been pretty chill, haven't done much work to be honest, but I had a bath on Saturday. The music recommendations for the week probably ref ...…
This is my baby number 3! I put so much effort and work into this one. I hope you see it and appreciate it too :)Everything I am talking about is based on my experiences and people I met during my life so far and my knowledge and by careful testing out my wisdom in real life. For me these techniques work in life, I hope for you too!I am talking ...…
Nick and Sash are back with their 2018 World Cup preview podcast looking at Group C which consists of former winners France, our Socceroos, the lucky Peru and former Euro winners Denmark. More episodes via
Taking you on a journey through time every Saturday with the Euro Nation Radio Show. Here is our latest podcast where we give you the sounds of Culture Beat, Loft, Cappella, Snap & More 90s Eurodance.We broadcast live every Saturday night at 10pm est on DJFM.CACulture Beat - Crying in the RainGeneral Base - Base of LoveEurodacer - Dancing With ...…
Tim Price of and Paul Rodriguez of discuss the markets this week plus media picks:Incrementum Gold Report: Gray on Europe: Rosa, 'Euro Error': ...…
Who will win Trump's trade war and who will win Britain's Got Talent? Where London's cycle routes built too quickly? Was Parmageddon the start of the end of the Euro? Which world leader is paid th emost? And what's Trump up to now?
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