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Euthanasia: Pro and Con
This podcast will present both sides of the euthanasia and physician assisted suicide issue.
Xt3 Podcast: Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (Then) Bishop-Elect Anthony Fisher
Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (then) Bishop Elect Anthony Fisher. The moral question at the heart of this debate is the following: Is killing with the intention of preventing pain or other distress justifiable? This topic brought over 900 listeners in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney on 12 August 2003.
Better Off Dead
Andrew Denton investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia - because there is no law to help them.
Journal of Medical Ethics is a leading international journal that reflects the whole field of medical ethics. The journal seeks to promote ethical reflection and conduct in scientific research and medical practice. It features original, full length articles on ethical aspects of health care, as well as brief reports, responses, editorials, and other relevant material. To ensure international relevance JME has an Editorial Advisory Board from all around the world.
Philosophy of Health
I interview philosophers, historians, shamans, scientists, journalists and other interesting people about spirituality and
Daily Pro-life Reflections From Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests For Life.
This podcast contains a one-minute radio spot, updated every weekday, from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. The themes are abortion, euthanasia, and the pro-life movement. The radio spot is broadcast on various Christian outlets nationally and internationally.
Official Podcast of The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Graphically Exposing the Injustice of Abortion
Bio-Ethics Bites
Bioethics is the study of the moral implications of new and emerging medical technologies and looks to answer questions such as selling organs, euthanasia and whether should we clone people. The series consists of a series of interviews by leading bioethics academics and is aimed at individuals looking to explore often difficult and confusing questions surrounding medical ethics. The series lays out the issue in a clear and precise way and looks to show all sides of the debate.
Better Off Dead
Andrew Denton investigates the stories, moral arguments and individuals woven into discussions about why good people are dying bad deaths in Australia - because there is no law to help them.
Priests for Life Audio Library
Assorted homilies, talks, radio programs and other audio presentations from Priests for Life
Right to Life Radio | Life Report
Life Report is morphing into the new Right to Life Radio show! This is the podcast for Right to Life of Central California's weekly, pro-life radio show, broadcast every Thursday from 9-10AM on AM 1680 the Answer in Fresno. Our host (and RLCC executive director) John Gerardi gives all the latest news on the pro-life movement in Fresno, throughout California, and nationally. Subscribe today!
Lifelines Radio - Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Radio Programs
Utopia by Sir Thomas More
He was a trusted aide of Henry VIII, but when he supposedly opposed the monarch's second marriage, he was thrown into prison and executed for treason. More than two hundred years later, he was canonized as the patron saint of statesmen and politicians by the Catholic Church. Philosopher, writer, diplomat, lawyer, Renaissance man, avid gardener, humanist thinker and statesman are only some of the words used to describe him. A lifelong opponent of Protestantism who was rumored to have had here ...
Ghosts by IBSEN, Henrik
Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was first published in 1881 and staged in 1882, and like his earlier play A Doll's House, profoundly shocked his contemporaries. Dubbed "a dirty deed done in public" by one of its critics, the play focuses on (among other things) venereal disease, euthanasia, and incest. The original title literally means "the ones who return," and the play is about how we can deal with the awful legacy of the past. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Cast: Mrs. Alving: Elizabeth Klett Oswald ...
Fixed Period, The by TROLLOPE, Anthony
This book is set in 1980 in the Republic of Britannula, which is a fictional island near New Zealand. It deals with euthanasia as a radical solution to the problem of the aged. The novel is in the form of a personal account written by the President of Britannula about the island's recent history. It has often been said that when the book came out Trollope had reached the age of 67. Interesting is the fact that this is the exact age at which all Britannulans are required by law to retire from ...
Safe and Sound
A show about animal welfare and rights, produced by Sandra Kyle who hosts the show, together with regular presenters Lynley Tulloch, Paul Judge and Sarah Oliver.Using music, news updates, guests, panel debates and discussions, Sandra plans to cover animal welfare and rights and plant-based diet recipes and other issues related to our use of animals, including the environmental impacts of farming. Safe & Sound covers such topics as factory farming, dairy farming, animals and the l ...
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¡Muy buenos días! Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a PractiSpanish News, el podcast donde repasamos las noticias del día en un español accesible para estudiantes y practicantes de español. LOS TITULARES DE HOY: Opositores marcharán en Venezuela para solicitar destitución de jueces del máximo tribunal ...…
Slam Radio by Slam
Slam Radio 224 with EchoplexGlasgow based Echoplex feels as though the world of techno is not broad enough for him, this is clear when you listen to his incredible back catalogue of game changing releases on Soma, ARTS, Soleil and Synewave to name a few. A versatile and ever evolving artist, and a pleasure to welcome him to Slam Radio.Echoplex ...…
Celebración: Independencia de numerosos países Latinos americanos, entre ellos El Salvador, México Chile, etc, fiestas en diversos lugares se han realizado y se realizarán en el siguente fin de semana. Comentarios sobre el clima, en Australia lluvias inundaciones y en China un tifón de 370 kms x hora.Salud: La cerveza y sus componentes químicos ...…
Bienvenida con comentarios, Seguimiento con un Estudio sobre la Mutilación Genital Femenina. Primera Conferencia de Refugios para la Mujer. Uruguay: Ley aprobada el año pasado, en vigencia a partir del 20 de Enero. Holanda: Eutanasia y su primera clínica. Avisos! Felicidades y Feliz Día de San Valentin :) File Download…
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