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Evansville Podcast
Discovering what is going on in Evansville, Indiana and who is making things happen.
LCOR Evansville
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The Vision of City Church is to bring spiritual, social and cultural renewal to the city of Evansville and beyond through a movement of people who are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. City Church meets every Sunday at 10am at The Old National Events Plaza.
FCC Evansville
Sharing a little good news on the drive in to work friday mornings. I will interview a different charity or nonprofit each as well as sharing a little knowledge from over 30 years of working in the automotive industry and a couple current good new stories.
Resurgence Church
Now hosted on
The Trend
The Trend is where we discuss ideas, challenge assumptions, and meet new people. Host Micah Schweizer delves into issues that reflect and impact the place we live. Topics range from serious to light-hearted, always with the intent to discover, inform, and engage.
THE EDTECH PODCAST with Amy Moore and Bill Stein.A lighthearted podcast focused on a variety of issues in the world of EDTECH in the K12 classroom.
Audio of Sunday messages at Bethel Church in Evansville, Indiana
FCC Sermon Podcast
Sunday morning sermons from FCC Evansville
Our purpose is to ignite a Spiritual, Social & Cultural revolution in Evansville, Indiana through the Radical Story of Jesus Christ!
Interviews, news and updates on local businesses and real estate market in Evansville, IN.
Hi my name is Clark. I run Clockwork Sound, a recording studio located in Evansville, Indiana. Come meet my friends and the bands I record.
Evansville Foursquare Church - Pastor Michael Posey
Audio: Sermons of Fr. Kevin Dooley of Evansville, Wisconsin
Welcome to the podcast of David M. Tyler, Ph.D. Director of Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center in Fairview Heights, Illinois and Dean of the Counseling Department at Master's International University of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. Gateway and Master's are dedicated to the practice of Biblical (Nouthetic) Counseling. A variety of counseling topics will be discussed. Listeners may submit questions to be addressed in future broadcasts. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. ...
Podcasts from the middle school ministry at Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, IN.
A podcast in which I, Jake the astronaut, discuss a range of topics with musicians and interesting people from in and around Evansville and beyond.
WAYDIE Podcast
WAYDIE Podcast is all about talking to people in and around the Evansville area that are doing something unique and exciting in their professions, hobbies, and/or lifestyles.
Real Estate Investing and Agent Podcast. Going to do interviews with local real estate agents and investors about the Evansville, Newburgh, and Boonville housing markets.
Indiana Sports Talk Radio featuring IU, Purdue, Big Ten, Jasper, Evansville, Indianapolis area and Indiana high school sports along with college, pro sports and hot topics of the day.
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Today Vince and Jarrod talk to Sunny Park, the University of Evansville Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Sunny talks about the differences between different levels of athletes, how he incorporates PRI techniques and breathing with his college teams and his basic programming principles. Sunny is an extremely thoughtful and philosophical coa ...…
We have before us this morning a murder mystery. The case is a real one. It is two thousand years old and is still an open case. A definitive conclusion has never been reached. The case concerns a murder in a vineyard. The victim’s name is Jesus...
Jeff Kinkade continues our City Church at the Movies with Ladybird.
Coach Bob Lovell breaks down the Boys Class 3A State Championship game between Evansville Bosse and Culver Academy.
Coach Bob Lovell talks with Kevin Renbarger, Oak Hill Head Coach, Shane Burkhart, Evansville Bosse Head Coach, and Mark Galloway, Culver Academy Head Coach.
Coach Criss Beyers (Warren Central), Coach Shane Burkhart (Evansville Bosse), Coach Ryan Osborn (Carmel)
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Thank You for Coming to HattiesburgSubtitle: One Comedian's Tour of Not-Quite-the-Biggest Cities in the WorldAuthor: Todd BarryNarrator: Todd BarryFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrs and 27 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-14-17Publisher: Simon & Schus ...…
Episode 102 with Photographer: Tiffany York! Owner of the excellent Penelope Belle Photography, Tiffany has captured hundreds of people’s greatest memories on film. From events to photoshoots she has developed a unique style that has won her “best of” Evansville. Check it out for yourself! Song of t ...…
Summary After going to school for broadcast journalism and working in television sportscasting for ten years, Rick Peltier left the industry and went to work for a healthcare institution in Evansville before moving to the Region in August 2017 to work at Franciscan Health and oversee the Franciscan Health Foundation. As the nonprofit continues ...…
“God Did Not Answer My Prayer” John 11 Intro: Can you think of times that God answered your prayer? I. When God does answer the way you want? A. For safety, healing or preservation of life B. You feel forsaken C. The possible crisis of faith II. The Conditions of Prayer A. Access to God B. Faith that He can C. A relationship of obedience D. Per ...…
There is nothing quite like the conversations that take place regarding the name of a baby that is to be born. Never have more suggestions been offered – solicited or not – on any subject. Tell people that you are expecting a baby and all kinds of...
Coach Marty Simmons (Evansville), Coach Rick Marshall (Vincennes Rivet), Bill Scott (St. Francis), Greg Rakestraw (1070 The Fan)
1 st Hour Guest Will Johnson Our first guest is Will Johnson is a freelance writer, reclusive comedian, and introverted exhibitionist. His work has appeared in Metro U.S., Steppin Out, 3am, and Paranormal Underground. He also recently performed in a Storytellers Project for USA Today. We will be discussing the W.I.B. or Women in Black and his p ...…
In Episode 4 I talk with Evansville's own Torn Confidence. We talk about what it's like playing metal inside and outside of Evansville. We get into what it takes to put out a professional EP, music video, and more.
1 st Hour Guest Will JohnsonOur first guest is Will Johnson is a freelance writer, reclusive comedian, and introverted exhibitionist. His work has appeared in Metro U.S., Steppin Out, 3am, and Paranormal Underground. He also recently performed in a Storytellers Project for USA Today. We will be discussing the W.I.B. or Women in Black and his pe ...…
In this episode of the podcast, guest host Clayton Long and I talk to Kirk "Drew Legend" Martin and Tom "The Rebel" Henderson about their experiences with wrestling in and around the Evansville area.
“Prophets, Unclean Spirits and Idols” All Three Readings Intro: The swinging pendulum of human knowledge I. Why the Modern World Rejects These Things A. Scientific explanations for these phenomena B. False versions of each 1. Wanna-be-prophets 2. Mental illness/evil as a social phenomena 3. Clearly false gods II. What about prophets? A. False u ...…
In Episode 2 I talked with Clayton Long and Alex Henderson, two of Evansville’s finest EMS workers. The conversation goes from 9/11 to stories from the streets and why I can’t eat at the Dapper Pig.
Mark Minner (Voice of the Butler Bulldogs), Coach David Wood (West Lafayette), Coach Marty Simmons (Evansville), Ken McDonald (WREF)
“Fishing for the Souls of Mankind” Mark 1:14-20 Intro: Jonah does not get what he wants I. The Heart of God A. He wants all men to be saved B. Is that what you want? 1. A lack of transformation 2. From acknowledgment to profound faith 3. From apathy to genuine love C. Love conquers all 1. Jesus’ love 3. Jesus’ love in you II. Peter Gets Recruit ...…
We’re a little behind the rest of the Church as we turn to celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. Most in the Church observed the day on the first Sunday of the year. We chose to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. Then, last week, I had to call in a...
ISU coach Kristen Gillespie explains how the Redbirds grabbed their second Missouri Valley win over the Purple Aces of Evansville 67-43.
It has often been said that Presbyterians are “a day late and a dollar short,” but in the case of the Epiphany of the Lord, it is totally true. The actual day of Epiphany was yesterday – January 6 – the twelfth day of Christmas with the drummers...
Well, to all outward appearances, we have survived. The hustle and bustle of getting all the packages, wrapping them, opening them, and finding a place to put the new stuff is probably over. The returns and exchanges have been made. The...
On the hillsides near Bethl’hem, when darkness was deep,There were shepherds abiding and keeping their sheep.It’s the story we’ve heard so often before,We scarce hear the story at all anymore.We know it too well – we know it by heart,But...
It’s still Advent! We are not moving forward until later today. There are churches that are abandoning Advent this morning, in order to accommodate Christmas Eve being on a Sunday. But to reduce Advent to three Sundays is a bit like getting a meal...
A fun interview with John Wellemeyer, who was just announced to be inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame this coming March 2018. John is a man of few words who had brilliant careers at both Huntingburg High School, and as a Purple Ace of the University of Evansville! Sit back and enjoy our conversation with this 1971 NCAA champion! ...…
“When God Influences History” Intro: When God feels far away I. While God has a heart for humanity, He still selects His own people A. God interacts with Abraham B. A people and a promise C. Contending with His people and everybody else 1. Influence of conditions 2. Influence of the political realm 3. Building, tearing down, then building again ...…
“Jesus Speaks in Isaiah” Isaiah 61:1-11 Intro: How do you feel about you life lately? I. Isaiah as a mouthpiece for Jesus (Lk 4:16-21) A. The eternal Son of God B. Jesus vs. the Son of God 1. Jesus can say the Spirit is on Him 2. He can speak like the LORD is a different being C. Which poor? D. Which captives? E. The year of the Lord’s favor an ...…
Coach Bob Lovell finishes his conversation with's Mark Montieth, and talks with Brian Satterfield, Hamilton SE Head Coach, and Marty Simmons, Evansville Head Coach.
There is a certain irony to reading a passage from scripture at the beginning of the Advent season that tells us “keep awake.” It is only the First Sunday of Advent and the most pastoral thing I can think of offering you is short nap! Frankly, the...
For Day 14 of NaPodPoMo, Cory Edwards and Mary Allen stop by the studio to talk favorite movies, proper podcast lengths, round-a-bouts, nicknames, candy corn, fair trade organic candy for Halloween, is a podcast a day too much, no shave November, lye, soap making, and a cheesy joke. NaPodPoMo is a November challenge to post 1 podcast every day ...…
On today's show, I have my good friend Sarah Bruggeman who is a Pastry Chef at Pangea Kitchen located in Evansville, Indiana.Sarah and I went to high school together and we all knew that Sarah would go on to work in the restaurant industry in some way because she's always had a passion for baking.Sarah talks about how she got started in the res ...…
Preparing for a Sports Job Interview - Monday QA Session on the Work in Sports PodcastHi I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and this is the Work in Sports Podcast – Monday QA Session.This is the second week of going to two podcast a week and to be honest, I already want to go to three a week.Your feedback has been awesome ...…
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