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Best exploreanalytics.com podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best exploreanalytics.com podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Explore Analytics makes data analysis and visualization fun by providing useful tips and advanced techniques through a series of how-to videos.
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In the first of our training modules, we're going to introduce you to some key concepts of Explore Analytics. What is Explore Analytics, what can you use it for, and what are some of the key features you'll be using? All of these questions will be answered in a quick video to get you started.
In the second of our training modules, we're going to show you how to navigate within Explore Analytics. Where are the most common actions found, and how can you quickly access the information you need? All of these questions will be answered in a quick video to get you started.
In the third of our training modules, we're going to introduce you to list views. You'll learn the key components in a list, including filtering, calculations, coloring rules, and more.
In the fourth of our training modules, we're going to introduce you to pivot views. You'll learn the key components in creating pivot views, including calculations, coloring rules, and filtering data.
In the fifth of our training modules, we're going to introduce you chart views. You'll learn the key concepts within creating charts, and walk through creating your first category and timeline charts.
Want to track the delta between records created and records resolved - for example, an incident delta report?In this quick video, we'll walk through this foundational ITSM report step-by-step, so you can easily replicate this report in just a few clicks.
The key to quality in Human Resources service delivery is to quickly and efficiently direct your team's efforts to answering questions and resolving cases as they come in, and to identify process roadblocks and opportunities for improvement.In this webinar, see how Explore Analytics for ServiceNow empowers your team in real-time, while KPIs measure…
Want to display key information to your team around the office? Learn how in just a few clicks, you can present an auto-rotating dashboard of information to display around the office, including some best practices on content and some ideas on presentation.
A detailed and accurate CMDB is the bedrock for your IT Service Management processes.Did you know that dashboards can be a key part of keeping your CMDB reliable and useful?Discovery tools can automate gathering technical information from machines, but too many CMDB efforts are derailed by inaccurate human information - out-of-date mapping to busin…
Driving quick and effective resolution of security incidents and risks is key to maintaining secure infrastructure.We'll show how to build real-time dashboards that focus your teams on the most urgent issues.Don't settle for limited dashboards or weekly manual spreadsheets - get the information in the most actionable format, and ensure that your te…
Year-over-Year reports allow you to compare process performance this year against previous years. With Explore Analytics, you can create year-over-year reports with just a couple clicks.
Excellent dashboards do not only impress, they accelerate the decision-making process and tell a compelling story. They are the face of your organization to your management. In just a few minutes, you can transform your dashboard and get to the next level of insight and automation.
This video will introduce Explore Analytics' prebuilt Analytical application. The application includes pre-built reports to give real-time and trend visibility on project costing, resource management, status compared to baselines, and much more.
This video explains when and why to use medians and percentiles to measure service delivery data, and walks through building those reports against ServiceNow data in real-time.
Want an accurate, real-time indication of how your projects are performing ahead or behind tasks?Earned Value Management is a common framework for tracking projects over time, adjusting for their scope, time, and cost.
Interested in getting the most complete reporting solution for ServiceNow? This video will walk you end-to-end from requesting an Explore Analytics evaluation environment to having real-time reports embedded in your ServiceNow dashboard in just a few minutes!
Looking to understand how your ServiceNow licensing is being consumed? Want to present reports back to the business about how they are utilizing ServiceNow? Learn how Explore Analytics can provide you the most completely utilization reports for ServiceNow.
Explore Analytics can easily generate real-time or trended geographic (map) charts based on your data! In this video, we'll show you how you can use custom maps, using New York City as an example.
Explore Analytics can easily generate real-time or trended geographic (map) charts based on your data! In this video, we'll show you how you can use custom maps, using Canadian Provinces as an example.
Take 15 minutes to learn about the most complete reporting solution available for ServiceNow.Real-time operational dashboards, ad-hoc explorational reports, standardized performance metrics, and a library of pre-built reports -- Explore Analytics gives you everything you need to report against ServiceNow with NO LIMITS!Get deeper answers to your qu…
In this training video, we'll walk through how you can assemble a dashboard of Explore Analytics views, with interactive slicers to allow viewers to filter through the data.
Do you manage your organization's time through time cards, or time worked records? Take a look at this rich example report for getting real-time, interactive visibility that can live on ServiceNow dashboards or in other portals. Take action on the information you see in real time, for true actionable analytics.…
Learn how you can create real-time interactive calendars based on ServiceNow, SQL databases, or other applications with just a few clicks. Publish those calendars to dashboards or intranet portals, and give users the ability to easily view their data over time.
Learn how Explore Analytics can project into the future based on your data set, and how to do predictive analytics smartly - not just drawing a straight line, but using sophisticated approaches to fine-tune your forecast.
In this video, we show you how to take advantage of Explore Analytics' actionable, interactive visualizations to support continual service improvements.We show you some useful methods for highlighting performance targets, to drive the behavior of your users towards improved outcomes.
Unlicensed software can be one of the biggest financial risks a company can be exposed to. If you have set up a software asset management solution, you may be gathering the raw data on unlicensed software. Explore Analytics can help you turn that data into insight: focusing your priorities on where the biggest financial risk is, in terms of dollar …
If you have a set of time-series data, Explore Analytics can allow you to very easily see the underlying trends, and use them to forecast into the future. You're just a few clicks away!
Are you wondering what % of your change requests are emergency changes? What % of your incidents are P1? What % of your SLAs are breached? We'll walk through how you can create this live, interactive report in a few clicks.
Learn how, with a few easy clicks, you can convert your reporting into true business service reporting. Rather than tracking incident, problem, or change KPI's and metrics at the CI level, roll your information up to up-stream business services.
Follow this eight-minute video to create an interactive, automated, actionable status dashboard for stakeholders to track your development progress in ServiceNow.
Executive management needs information to make sound decisions and to lead their organization, yet most managers lack access to such information. Having the information is only the beginning; it's vital that the information will be presented in a way that is actionable, visually rich, and that answers the right questions.…
Get insights that move as fast as you do! In order for your organization to be agile, you need to have the ability to understand and respond to changes in your environment in real time. Live, actionable analytics provides the ability to move from reactive spreadsheets towards proactive decision-making. In this webinar, we will walk through some exa…
In an increasingly competitive business environment, the business wants to measure how your department is performing to support their priorities. Get ahead of your business -- look at your processes the same way executives, stakeholders, and customers do! Learn how you can see problems in customer satisfaction, service availability, or service deli…
Are you implementing a CMDB and defining business services, only to find that it's impossible to report on incidents, outages and changes by business service? Come learn about breakthrough functionality in Explore Analytics that understands the hierarchical CMDB and can automatically roll up data to the business services level. Now, for the first t…
Explains Explore Analytics, how it works and how it's different than other business intelligence solutions
Often the biggest challenge in reporting is combining data from multiple tables or data sources. Learn how Explore Analytics can make this easy for *any user* using an intuitive drag and drop interface, without requiring coding, scripting, or administrative intervention.
Close your Excel window now! There's a better way to run that report! Using Explore Analytics' advanced features you can get better reporting, live against your ServiceNow data and embedded in ServiceNow dashboards. Learn how to use calculations, multi-level pivots, and mash-ups, and deliver automated and intuitive reports without all that manual e…
Learn how to create backlog reports for ServiceNow in an easy, intuitive way.
Learn how to create a resource report for ServiceNow that compares planned resource hours to actual time spent working.
Explore Analytics has released a new IT Financial Management analytical application to work alongside ServiceNow. Leveraging the single system of record of ServiceNow, Explore Analytics provides a depth of information and reporting to give you more visibility and transparency to your costs.
Explore Analytics has created a pre-defined analytical application for IT Service Management. In minutes you can have our best-in-breed reporting engine answering key questions across your service management lifecycle, drawing on the data within the ServiceNow platform.
Learn how to create simple, powerful live or trended visualizations of data, showing powerful key metrics in a quick single view.
Learn how Explore Analytics can help you simply slice-and-dice your data to get insights and understanding -- as easy as asking the question.
Learn how you can easily access your data with a modern business intelligence tool without requiring complex data warehousing or integration efforts.
Using Explore Analytics, the SaaS self-service visualization application, we're going to show you how you can quickly turn flat data into rich, informative visualizations in just a few minutes.
In this short tutorial we'll learn how to create dashboards in ServiceNow using Explore Analytics.
In this short tutorial we'll see how to report on ServiceNow variables using Explore Analytics.
In this tutorial we'll cover two topics. We'll see how to create trend reports by gathering historical data and we'll see how to implement contextual security using Explore Analytics.
In this tutorial I'll show you how to connect to your Salesforce.com application so that you can immediately start slicing and dicing your data and visualize it using Explore Analytics.
In this tutorial I'll show you how to connect to your Postgres database so that you can immediately start slicing and dicing your data and visualize it using Explore Analytics.
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