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The Why Factor
The extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and actions
The Stress Factor Podcast includes regular mixes of the latest Drum and Bass tracks brought to you by DJ B-12, Ste-J, and DJ Scottie B
The Math Factor
A brief, weekly math conversation and puzzle, airing on KUAF 91.3 FM, Fayetteville Arkansas. Send your answers, comments, questions, puzzles, or cash, to!
An advocate for uncommon political thought, an aggressive Progressive. If you're way beyond believing America has a legitimate election system and a government of, by and for The People you may find comfort here.
Rex Factor
Rex Factor is a fun podcast reviewing all the kings & queens of England & Scotland.
Rhys Darby, David Farrier, Dan Schreiber and Buttons bring you The Cryptid Factor, a radio show dedicated to the weird and the wonderful - and in particular, Cryptozoology.Expect plenty of references to the Mongolian Death Worm, Chupacabra, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and the Fiordland moose. But also expect to learn a little more about the odd and the weird. Not limited to cryptozoology, sometimes they they are distracted by just plain old odd.The guys describe it as their passion ...
Welcome to the Front Row Factor show! Here you'll learn "Everything you want to know about living life from those fighting for it." I'm so grateful you're here. Nice to meet you. I'm your host Jon Vroman, and In 2005, I co-founded a charity called Front Row Foundation, which helps kids and adults with life threatening illnesses to have a front row experience at the live event of their dreams. We then provide the tools to live EVERYDAY "in the front row," which is one of the reasons we host t ...
Hammer Factor
Learn from professionals on your own time.
The Human Factor
A podcast about the human element in social engineering, business and beyond. Jenny Radcliffe talks to experts from a wide variety of disciplines which go to make up the skill set she uses.
X Factor Radio
Current event in the Solar System, Planetary Observations and Planet X research as well as Earthquake and Volcanic activity reporting. We bring you The X Factor, so Don't Miss It!
Hosted by Marc and Franco, the Swish Factor podcast covers the NBA world: from trades, rumors, and analytics, to triggered ex-players and passive-aggressive-LeBron-tweets.
Factor Two
Factor Two is the new podcast from, bringing you the best climbing stories straight from the people at the heart of them.
An award winning history content producer – highlighting exciting, important and awesome stories from the past
The Math Factor Podcast Site
The Bayes Factor
The Bayes Factor is a podcast about the people behind Bayesian statistics and other hot methodological issues in psychological research.
The JOY factor ­is a podcast dedicated to helping YOU create a path to Joyful Living each and every day.
SIFTD: Pachter Factor
Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. Hosted by Nick Roome, and Blake Arnsdorff.
50 Factors Within Nations
SocialZoomFactor is a social media marketing, branding, business and lifestyle podcast created for you, the business and marketing leader in startups to enterprise organizations. If you want to learn how to integrate social media, branding, digital marketing, visual marketing, content marketing and the latest technology and new media to zoom results in business and life you won't be disappointed in the energy and information Pam Moore delivers 5 days a week. Each episode brings you actionabl ...
Welcome to the Re-Thinking the Human Factor podcast. It’s a podcast for information security professionals, where we will be asking our guests to share thoughts and insights on security awareness, behaviour and culture. Our guests come, predominately, from outside of the security industry. They all specialise in elements of awareness, behaviour and culture, or they have effectively tackled similar challenges, in their own industry or careers. The one thing that unites them all is their willi ...
There’s a myth out there that failure is career-ending and that success is achieved without any bumps in the road. But in reality, it’s surviving rock bottom that gives entrepreneurs the experience, confidence and edge that ultimately causes them to thrive. You’ll hear stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Plus you’ll learn how to capitalize off the failure factor--your secret to success.
Edge Factor Radio
Edge Factor Radio, powered by TD Athletes Edge, embraces the aggregate of marginal gains approach to optimizing performance. We identify small changes in the 3 pillars of performance - Training, Recovery & Nutrition - that will add up to huge fitness results.
The Warp Factor is a web series/podcast created and produced by Marshal Arnold of WAV Net Radio.The show will feature video's and discussion of Star Trek, Sci-Fi, technology and other nerd topics. Be apart of the show, visit
PGA Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) & Betting Guide
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. Hosted by Nick Roome, and Blake Arnsdorff.
If you’ve ever struggled to achieve your goals you are not alone! The reason just might be because ALL prior goal achievement methods missed ONE key element— H A B I T! That's right, The Habit Factor® (bestselling book and app) exposed a timeless truth that helped to launch an entirely new genre of productivity apps (habit trackers) and help thousands around the world achieve their goals faster! There’s a reason top coaches, consultants, trainers, Professional athletes, Olympians, PhD’s and ...
The Snark Factor
Get your Snark fix!
The Tax Factor
At, we take the fear out of taxes. We share the latest news and info in our blog but try our best to be more imaginative and down-to-earth than your typical accountant. Look at it this way, The Tax Factor is a movement, a place for ordinary taxpaying people like you—who may have a small business question or seek more info on tax deductions. We provide free advice in our Tax Blog. Most of us feel like lambs when approached by the IRS, a pack of suited wolves hired to inti ...
Everyone has a health story. If you haven’t been a patient, someone close to you has. Each situation is different, a unique combination of factors ranging from a single genetic variation to the social, cultural and physical environment. At the same time, many of the processes and technologies used to prevent these situations - and treat them when they occur - are standardized. And in most cases, we only get to see part of the story. Even when we’re the patient, there are pieces of the proces ...
Take control of your life and learn how to thrive as a leader with Five Factors Leadership. Join hosts Matt Adair and Tal Prince as they clarify what you need to prioritize in your life - mentally, physically, relationally, spiritually, and vocationally.
The K Factor
A weekly podcast offering business wisdom to help you make the “Keli” (Vessel) to take your business aspirations to the next level. Hosted by Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs director Rabbi Werde invites guests to share their approach to business and their life for the benefit of listeners of this podcast.
Dr. Rob Myers is the Pastor of Miami Baptist Church, founder of Baptist World Charities and can be heard on the Xristos Factor Radio program around the world.
The Mayan Factor
Conversations about The Mayan Factor with the band and friends of the band.
The Jets Factor
We are the "Comic Relief" of the NY Jets family of podcasts! We like to have fun and enjoy ourselves while cheering and debating about our beloved NY Jets. Give a listen and tell us what you think. Send us an email at or give us a follow on Twitter @CandCJetsFactor
Success Factor Radio Introduction: After losing his entire life saving to a fraudulent hedge fund manager, Coach DeCarlo Eskridge begin seeking the meaning of his existence. He begin to study the lives of the most successful people in the world. He discovered those who succeed in life rarely succeed by accident. After years of research he realized that success leaves clues. He begin to model his life (spirit, mind and body) after the successful people he had studied in his research. He begin ...
The Snark Factor
The Snark Factor is a one hour radio program, broadcast live four days a week on FTR Radio. Fingers Malloy, along with Thomas LaDuke and one of the lovely Snark Factor News Babes, discuss the news of the day, pop culture and interview some of the biggest names in politics and the media.
A bi-weekly podcast about iOS, technology, and everything in between. Really, all the things..
Daily Bibled Based Lessons for Inspred Living
Reset Factor
Reset your health | Nutrition Health Coach | Detox, Nutrition, Fitness
Nostalgia Factor
An interview talk show in the style of the old school. Scared Stiff's Pat French interviews folks of the creative sort, and features bands, comedy, and other kickass stuff.
Edge Factor
The Edge Factor is a new series that bring to screen some of the exciting and extreme manufacturing stories in the industrial world. Whether seen in real life interviews, or experienced through the enhanced visual effects of the show, we come face to face with astounding manufacturing challenges, processes or the technology that made that product possible. This opens the door to an incredibly exciting world that is normally invisible to the general public.
A deep reading of the 90s-00s Sci-Fi TV show. Kristen and friends go through one episode at a time, trying to judge for themselves what is fact... and fiction.
Double X Factor
Sandy Hansen and Spencer Williams will help you start your day with positivity, affirmations and helpful tips. Hear the show live on KMA 960 AM, KMA-FM 99.1 or at 6:45 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. Central Time.
The Podcast Factor
The place to go to find your new favorite podcasts
Every week we chat to a contestant from this year's X Factor!
THE ELECTRONIC WERKSHOP TEW is a weekly Podcast show to hear Club Dj Mixes from around the world!TEW covers every genre of dance music by bringing bedroom to international DJ mixes from around the world for you to enjoy!Visit the Website at for more information on the TEW Radio Factor EDM News and please donate below via Paypal to help keep this Blog and Podcast show on the net! HOSTED BY DJ Scy and Producer SheL
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This show description is guest written by Deadpool. You know who's big? I am! Not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter! (Okay, I'm big in that way too.) But my first movie was more popular than Jesus! So take that John Lennon! But even with my healing factor I'm not immune to...performance anxiety. The dreaded sophomore slump can happen ...…
Gas prices will hit highs not seen since 2014... Garcetti and cronies pushing shelter plan on Koreatown... Elon Musk and his $1 tunnel rides... New bills to restrict water use... Latest on Texas school shooting - father of shooter cites bullying as factor... Final outcome of yesterday's police chase of stolen car... Australian archbishop found ...…
A growth slowdown in the People’s Republic of China causing a decline in trade would be felt across Asia, with commodity exporters and trade partners closest to the country hit hardest.Although the region’s dependence on trade with China has been expanding fast, the effects of such a slowdown would not be catastrophic, says a new book published ...…
Team Blake's Kyla Jade & Spensha Baker of The Voice stop by Talent Recap on the red carpet! They talk about their HECTIC rehearsal schedules, their duet & going into the finale together ! They also give a MAJOR hint on who they will be performing with on Finale Night TwoGet the full recap of last night's The Voice here: ...…
Team Alicia's Britton Buchanan, and one of The Voice Top 4 stops by Talent Recap on the red carpet! He talks about coach Alicia Keys boosting his confidence, receiving support from Adam Levine & his epic drop that will probably leave a bruise. Get the full recap of last night's The Voice here: ...…
Conversations host welcomes Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College, London, for a discussion of his new book, The Future of War, A History. Sir Lawrence reflects on the historical perspective he brings to topics such as strategy and war. Emphasizing the importance of understanding patterns and context through ...…
Conversations host welcomes Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College, London, for a discussion of his new book, The Future of War, A History. Sir Lawrence reflects on the historical perspective he brings to topics such as strategy and war. Emphasizing the importance of understanding patterns and context through ...…
Conversations host welcomes Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College, London, for a discussion of his new book, The Future of War, A History. Sir Lawrence reflects on the historical perspective he brings to topics such as strategy and war. Emphasizing the importance of understanding patterns and context through ...…
I've noticed a huge increase recently in the number of posts on Twitter talking about game selection and playing the games you love. A lot of people talk about "growth games" and especially on Mixer, most people look at the size of the directory as the only factor for growing. In reality, playing the biggest games on the planet don't always mea ...…
A delve into the pork market featuring pork market reporter Russ Barton. Topics include the upcoming grilling season, pork production and consumption trends moving forward. Listen in with Urner Barry's newest egg market reporter, Joe Govea, as he interviews Russ Barton to uncover the factors that impact the pork market!…
How to Create Your SaaS Sales Comp Plan When I was a new sales manager, compensation planning was one of the biggest gaps in my knowledge. Having not been a sales rep myself, and only a founder who sold, I had never personally had a comp plan. When I created my first SaaS comp plan, not only did I have no clue to start, but there were also no a ...…
How do you define what a small business is? In this episode, Kevin clarifies who exactly he’s hoping to help with this show, along with: - His definition of what he considers to be a “small business” when it comes to marketing. - The one key factor that helps him determine whether things can start getting done to be an effective small business ...…
Why You Should Use WP Smush on All Your Client Websites What is WP Smush? 00:43 WP Smush is a handy plugin by WPMU Dev that will “smush” the images on your website. This will make your pages load faster 01:34 This will help with SEO because search engines factor site speed into the algorithm. It also saves storage space on your server because t ...…
Today we're starting a new series called "FAQ's". During our time in ministry we've stumbled upon some questions that tend to repeat themselves over the years. And we feel these frequently asked questions should be discussed. Sometimes the Bible can very difficult to understand, which might lead one to ask why God make it that way. Did God inte ...…
We finally got a winner on the £1K minute!! Well done Keith from Woolton... listen to hear him nail it with his boys in the work car! We were discussing the times you've not been invited to things after we learnt that Fergie wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding Reception and how Liverpool literally has the X Factor!…
How do you as a ministry leader transition from you doing the ministry to leading a team that does the ministry? It’s hard because we go into ministry because we like doing the ministry. But if things are to grow, we need to step back and empower and encourage others in these roles. This is true in kids ministry, but it’s true across the church ...…
Amy Campbell is one of Australia’s most accomplished dance talents with a career spanning all areas of the entertainment industry. Her extensive list of credits as one of the country’s top choreographers include the Australian Premiere of the critically acclaimed Violet, for which she won the Broadway World Australia award for her work, ATYP’s ...…
What are the conditions under which public supports military intervention abroad? The research on use of force abroad has extensively focused on public opinion formation in United States. The underlying assumption was that in democratic regimes, leaders care about public opinion when making foreign policy decisions. This body of research explor ...…
Today is May 21st,, 2018 and it's an all new Human Factors Cast hosted by Nick Roome with Blake Arnsdorff.HUMAN FACTORS NEWSFeel What This Robot Feels Through Tactile Expressions's That Dress Again, but Now for Your Ea ...…
In this all new episode, James speaks with Chris Smith from BBMC Mortgage about different loan requirements and what factors may determine national interest rates.
Do you have a dream? Do you have a dream but don't know how to do it. You may ask yourself, 'How do I get more money?' 'How do I earn more money?' 'How do I make more money?' Got no money? Then do THIS!Marc Griffiths. Raises morael. Motivates employees. Teaches excellence. Gives purpose. British motivational speaker, hilarious inspirational ven ...…
Today we discuss the angst of anxiety that impacts millions of people around the world. Author, entrepreneur, and musician, Erin Shaw, joins us today to share her personal journey with anxiety and panic disorder, along with how she overcame debilitating limitations to follow her greatest passions in life. We Discuss: The complex factors that ca ...…
World Anti-Tobacco Day Christine Roherty is the Vice President of Health Promotion for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick. Her job is to ensure the Foundation has mission impact within our programs, projects and special events for all New Brunswickers. They collaborate with other like-minded government and non-government stakehold ...…
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
The truth is strength starts from within. On this episode of Strong by Design, Coach Chris is joined by a certified tough guy, Mike Gillette. Mike Gillette’s is known as one of the nations top mind training experts. He has worked with several government agencies, law enforcement and many fortune 500 companies. Coach Chris and Mike discuss the i ...…
A depleted podcast squad this week, with Ben out injured following a eventful stag weekend in Iceland, and Greg brushing up his stats game out of town, it was down to our trusty Norwegian Mille Vardheim and Producer Paul to step up to the mics along with the Rae-Evans' Things we mentioned: OLD PEOPLE SUCK AND YOUNG PEOPLE WIN: So, we’ve said a ...…
We disagree on “The Yoko Factor” but we do agree that drunk Giles is forever amazing and that the episode undoes last week’s amazing ending of “Sanctuary”. Elsewhere, feminist hero Spike sets the record straight on who broke up the Beatles and in “War Zone”, we get Gunn’s origin story and a promise that he’ll be back. ’Til next time, Ginny woul ...…
Insta-Famer Daniel Mason Jones 21 May 18 Insta-Gram fame was my first motivation for interviewing Daniel Mason Jones, an incredibly successful hairdresser with 40,000 IG followers, but his personal journey is wildly compelling filled with sorrow and triumph. Daniel Mason Jones has emerged into an Insta-famer, turning everything he sees and touc ...…
This message will help believers to overcome fear of sharing their faith.
Coach Houk sits down with Coach Olson, Michael Chrizst, and Justin Hooker to discuss how they have used the 5th R factor to make a difference.
!!CONTENT WARNING!!This episode contains discussion of graphic violence, including murder, torture and sexual violence. This episode we talk about the history of the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit, and one of criminal profiling’s founding fathers, John Douglas.Resources used in this episode;- Robert Ressler: The man who lives with monsters [Docu ...…
***SPOILERS***Each week Snooty and Goon take a new release and break it down, talking about the plot, the construction, the characters, and the themes. If you want to dig into a new movie, we're your best bet.The Merc With The Mouth gets a sequel to his breakout 2016 hit, and it's even bigger and longer than the first one! Join Snooty and Goon ...…
James 57167 Be patient then brothers and sisters until the Lords coming See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains 8 You too be patient and stand firm because the Lords coming is near 9 Dont grumble against one another brothers and sisters or you will be judged The Judge is ...…
The Answer to School Shootings - This past Friday marked another day when we awakened to the news of another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas, a suburban community about 30 miles south of Houston. This time the numbers are 10 dead including nine students and one adult. This is a pattern that has been building for decades and seems ...…
Rabban Sauma is the title of this Episode, Part 1. So — there I was, walking through the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Reagan Library, reading the various offerings on the Great Khan and Mongols – a subject that as a student of history I find fascinating when I came upon an offering that launched an investigation. It spoke of a Nestorian priest w ...…
Living Proof: The Miracle of Protection2018-05-20Daniel 3:8-30God’s miraculous hand is seen in His protection, but not always the way we think. In the miraculous protection of Daniel’s three friends from Daniel 3 we see that a life set on worshiping God brings us under His protection, His way. There are three factor revealed in coming under God ...…
FACT OR FICTION: The Bible was made up by a bunch of crazies trying to create a cult.Why do Christians believe The Bible is true? Pastor Corey walks us through different arguments about the veracity of The Bible and whether or not it\'s a worthy guideline to live life by. Maybe some of our logic isn\'t as logical as we think?Also Pastor Corey w ...…
Ep 02 Even paladin Last episode Introduced myselfBasic coverage of HearthstoneHow do we learn?What is tiltLadder system adaptationPlans for the future This episode Go through adaptDeckbuilding approachMana and manacurveBuild Paladin Even dudesTilt, anger regarding emotes and roping Hearthstone and new expansion from deckbuilding perspective Tim ...…
Welcome to Finance and fury Financial-Crash proof your investments This is a flow on from the last Say What Wednesday, this episode talks about how to get yourself into a position to survive any market correction. We’ll cover off on the two types of volatile investments – Property and Shares; today’s episode will focus on Property, and in the n ...…
Hurricane forces are accelerating, and devastating floods can be linked to warmer oceans. But climate change is not the only factor. This report is by Tim Radford, of the Climate News Network, from London, May 18, 2018. This podcast is presented by Climate Monitor, a streaming TV service devoted exclusively to climate change and sea level rise ...…
1. Underworld - Cowgirl (Joint Operation Centre Remix)2. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Lightform Reborn Mix)3. Saad Ayub & Ronski Speed - Crazy Whispers (Original Mix) 4. Lostly - Colourways (Extended Mix)5. James Cottle & Richard Lowe - Airborne (Extended)6. Moonsouls & Marjan - Come Home (Cold Rush Extended Remix)7. Factor B feat. Cat Martin - Whi ...…
In this podcast we talk about gunviolence, gun control laws, the 2nd amendment, the mass shooter profile, conditions and factors that play into this epidemic
Hurt & Heal factor#Culture#Motivation#Afrikan#Woke#Consciouness
We're finally down to our The Voice Top 4! Jack & Mel discuss each of the remaining contestants and FINALLY make a prediction on who will win the show! They also discuss their Top 5 Moments of the Week, Chloe Kohanski's return to the stage w/ an original song & the coaches confirmed for next season!How do you feel about The Voice Top 4? Who do ...…
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