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Every Wednesday ish, Alex and Christian bestow upon gentiles and Jews alike, the life lessons, parables of their youth, and pontifications of grand conquest that circumnavigated them to the path less traveled. (We tell stories.)
The Rod Eccles Show
Rod is the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Logical, factual, historical to a fault. He makes politics, pop culture and current events entertaining and insightful. His daily program is a Liberals nightmare. Lively and entertaining to get your mornings off to a great start. Call into the program 603 835 3226. The Rod Eccles Show is 3 hours of fact, logic, info and fun.
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Fall is in full swing and Rod didn't watch the latest Democrat Debate but The Squad endorssed Bernie, the guy who had a heart attack. Gov Cuomo caught on tape. CA in the news yet again that affects the other 49 states. A student gets arrested because of her fingers. Holidays, Intel Report and so much more…
Lebron James enters the fray with China and its typical positioning, Rod has the details. Meanwhile Hong Kong protestors do something Liberal Americans wish was not done here or at least they lie about it. News on Warren and Sanders. Make a crime not a crime anymore but only to make things fair? Holidays and so much more.…
Friday Follies of Freedom Friday today on the program. Piers Morgan calls out an enviro-whacko activist as the hypocrite most of them are. Jane Fonda trying to relevant again. Gas prices in CA are now at what level? University goes full mental. Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
CA is on the verge of total Venezualian collaps. Fox has a poll that somehow shows over half of Americans want to Impeach Trump? Your TP is killing the Canadian environment. What the Average American has not done in the last 5 years. Holdidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
Joe and Hunter Biden and the Obama connection. Rod is RIGHT yet again and another news outlet proves it after Rod talks about taxes and who pays them. China is now in control of US Businesses. Who has the most sex? You will be shocked according to recent study. Intel Report, and more.By Rod Eccles.
The national debt is shooting through the roof but Dems say its due to tax cuts, Rod tells you why that is a huge lie. Is impeachment a good idea for Dems? Twitter back in the news yet again. Holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
The battle of the century is on. Castro is still in the race for President? China and Hong Kong show what America could look like in the not too distant future, Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Its Freedom Friday so almost anything goes. Whistle blowers who are not really whistle blowers. Chip and Joanna Gains make huge gains. Flight Shaming is now a real thing thanks to Greta. Facebook suffers European High Court loss that affects the ENTIRE world. iPhone suit alleges Apple mad him gay. And so much more silly stuff.…
Robots and Men who does pizza better? People actually think Trump did EVERYTHING the Media said he did. Everything or every law you break could be cause for Red Flag to take your gun. Some Planned Parenthood news. Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Zuck on the hotseat at Facebook. Facebook could be facing its biggest threat to its dominance yet. Pentagon fires a budget hawk. Wall Street is starting to believe Warren may win nomination. Intel Report, and more.By Rod Eccles.
October heats up. Rod hits the Dems for not actually caring about the American people. He tells you exactly what their actions prove they care about. China reveals its real viper head and it's hissing at America. The homeless problem in LA gets out of hand. Zuck gets hacked. Holidays and so much more.…
Are the long knives out for Trump? Did Greta get trapped in a snow storm while touting global warming? The lights go out on Mayor Pete. Puting everything on credit is not a good idea. Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Freedm Friday. Almost anything goesBy Rod Eccles.
The Intel Report this morning. Plus Rod has a brand new take on Impeachment and he bets you will agree. Parents rights under attack again from the medical profession. A Tesla police car does something unthinkable. New ways to get past facial recognition tech and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Bernie admits to the one thing he admires about Trump. The DNC tries to cull the presidential field. Facebook at it again dumping more pages. Warren takes the lead and Biden falls to number 3? College kids think world will end.By Rod Eccles.
Happy Fall as a major tourist company fails. Sanders actually says something nice? Everything is about being "first" that they are really stretching to create a new first at Emmys. More climate change info. Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Freedom Friday edition where almost anything goes. What happened to Uncle Sam's Misguided Children on Facebook? Ed Buck is in serious trouble and it seems he could get life. What age group is the most unhappy? Amazon vows to be carbon neutral by 2040 and you wont believe how they plan to do it. Workers at Facebook under extreme pressure? Plus H ...…
CURE FOR COMMON COLD! Maybe. Gas taxes in the 10 worst states. Facebook in deep trouble? How smart is your Smart TV? Canada has Trudeau problems. Holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
Enviro Whackos can't seem to get it right, lots of doomsday climate predictions that never happened incuding a man made ice age. Climate strike in NYC. Aaron and Nick Carter family fued. Intel Report, Andrew Yang, Holidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
Warren is the heir of the Democrat Party and that has Bernie steaming again. Yang on the rise? No school because of the climate? Vegetarians could be killing the planet too. Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Rod tells you logically why you should watch CNN and other Lamestream Media outlets. The world is becoming allergic to food. The mean and evil thing China is doing to Americans in China. Holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
It Friday the 13th and its Freedom Friday. Rod goes off about the Democrat Debate. Not a single one of the 10 talked about increasing freedom and choice for the American People. A new civics poll shows 1 in 5 Americans can no longer name all the branches of government. Teens are anxious and depressed over social media.…
Samantha Bee proves she is a dunce when it comes to American history. CA is out to kill the gig economy. Supreme Court backs Trump on Immigration. Trump wants to track people with this common item. Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
GOP holds on to NC special election even though everyone including Rush Limbaugh thought the Dems would win. Gavin Newsome signs new bill that aims to destroy CA. Us Drops some bombs on some island. Intel Report and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Google's got a new face tracking camera for your home. Apps tell Facebook last time you had sex. Liberals haunted by their own social media tactics and its about time. A Gay bank is about to open in USA. Palin's in trouble? Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Testosterone is lacking in men under 40 big time. Israel strikes Gaza after drone attacks originate from Gaza. A new disease threat is an old plague. Fur clothing bans advance in some cities. John Legend fights with Trump, Holidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
The 10 dirtiest countries in the world and the USA is not one of them. Facebook launches a dating service. Jobs report. Drew Brees throwns down against anti-Christian headline. Testosterone is way down in Western men. Women want men with jobs. A$AP Rocky's lawyer shot in Sweden. Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Sweidish scientist says the only way to save the world is to eat dead people. Marianne Williamson now realizes Democrats, not Republicans are the true liars. De Blasio wants you to get a license to ride a bicycle. Trump considering social credit score system for this important thing. Dressing nice is now racist in CA, Holidays and so much more…
Dorian is not all that as far as hurricanes go and Rod has the details. Piers Morgan goes off on Princess Meghan for good reason. Internet in many places has a gov off switch. Someone wants to put Zuckerberg in jail. CA signs new bill into law that endangers everyone, Intel Report, Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Summer is over and temps begin to cool but Rod keeps things hot with the truth. Bill Whittle and why what he says about guns and gun safety matters. Boston threw a Straight Pride Parade and leftists blew a gasket. Internet being shut down all over the world and why the USA is not immune. FEC Shair targets online news she hates. What scientist n ...…
Kock is dead, Recession ahead and Democrats cheer both. Ancient Biblical city found? Obama's buy expencive new estate on an island. Globe paying attention to Amazon fires at G7, Holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
Jobs numbers get adjusted but did they really? Bernie Sanders wants to kill the economy while he doesn't save the planet. San Fran goes way out there in changing terms of criminals. A Super Volcano nobody is talking about, laments the NYT. and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Opinion piece says Xi of China has only two options, Destroy Trump or Hurt America. New energy guidelines will have you sweating. Mortgage bubble 2.0. A huge fire nobody is talking about. The Intel Report with Agent 0010, holidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
Time to get your talk on. Why a mom of 3 was jailed over her trash. San Fran blames business for its homeless explosion. They got hurricanes wrong again and they are sad the season is light. You might wanna get rid of your Mercedes car now. The economy keeps booming but is there a recession block ahead?…
Trump in Manchester, NH...did he tell what really happened in 2016? Polls say Trump loses to "Any Democrat". Pressure cookers in NYC, we need pressure cooker control. Crying on the job is not a new hit song. Hanging loose, your whooha is showing.By Rod Eccles.
PPH may be out but is anywone crying? Warren and Sanders invade NH. An autopsy of Epstein show injury consistant with murder. Alyssa Milano makes an announcement and wants your money. Plus Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Intel Report, IRS trapping US citizens, Reverse Warrants in the USA, Americans apply for jobs held by illegals and moreBy Rod Eccles.
The week starts with Chris Cuomo going off on another man. There may be cracks in the US Economy and Rod explains why. A cure for loneliness is not what you think. Burgers get banned, no joke. Facial recognition is off the rails. Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
Fridays are the best. Shia trying for a comback based on his own life. School kids in China are building your Alexa. It was a drive by knifing. What do Florida, TX, SC, NY and CA all have in common. FBI still using phoney dossier. Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Today on the Rod Eccles Show, Another mass murder in CA but this time no gun, Pot has some issues with mass murder and angry young men, Hollywood to release a mass murder of Trump Supporters movie, Holidays and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Feelings get us into trouble and a lot of bad law is passed based on feelings. Amazon is forced to do this. FedEx loses a huge customer. Guess who is making an impeachment film. Drinking coffee doesn't affect sleep after all. No jail for mass shooters? Intel Report. Holidays. More.By Rod Eccles.
It's a beautiful Tues Morning in the Northern Climes of New England. Rod's take on the two weekend shootings, AOC has the nerve, Tech company news thats dangerous to all of us, Airlines are starting to do this, Holidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
American Politics is now about celebrity not accomplishment. News on the economy and its actually NOT good and Rod Explains why. Is there such a thing as Robot Racism? The Google enviro summit is a giant scam. Michelle Obama, Holiday and moreBy Rod Eccles.
Hump Day! Some weird stuff today about a 79 year old woman going to jail, Burning Man festival issues, Tree Huggers not actually hugging trees, A very popular dating app is owned by who? Plus the Intel Report, Holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
On this episode, Rod fully explains why Nancy Pelosi IS a racist and ties it directly into the whole Democrat belief system. US Women's Soccer Team was paid HOW MUCH? Alexa is back in the news and not for good reasons. Millennials still getting an allowance from their parents? What Rand Paul said. Holidays and more…
Its the Freedom Friday edition. Epstein "injured" in his jail cell, still denied bail. A Carbon Tax around the corner? It was bound to happen but a White Professor sues a Black College. Higher taxes coming from Dems. Taking a real vacation can help you live longer. Holidays and more.By Rod Eccles.
Mueller on the hot seat? Tourism may be banned in your area. The haters come out against being straight. Rats vs Mt Lions in CA. Testosterone Man Booker. The Intel Report and MoreBy Rod Eccles.
Tlaib says raise min wage to what? Posting a negative review can get you sued even when you tell the truth. The difference between weather and climate, holidays and so much moreBy Rod Eccles.
Its the Freedom Friday open mic edition. Berkeley is at it again this time they ban gender language. Rubio calls it like it is and get applause. Did USA shoot down an Iranian Drone? Door bells are threatening your privacy. Sanders staff shout for fairness. Holidays and so much more.By Rod Eccles.
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