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The FadCast is the podcast representing Film Fad ( Every week we cover current events and elaborate upon film history and fads and trends associated with a particular film or film genre.
Radio, TV and movie buffs talk about the Golden Age of Commercial Communication, including segments on old-time technology, radio/TV personalities, pre-Internet and Cable news, American pop history, collectibles and collecting, and much more. Each episode presents American Pop Culture, family trends, products, notables and celebrities that, to this day, signifies they the rite of passage for those born between 1946 and 1964. Our hosts, guests hosts and historians weave a rich tapestry from a ...
Science Vs
Science journalist Wendy Zukerman dissects the latest fad framing itself as scientific fact, wading through the mass of information so you don't have to.
Your first stop back to the 40's, 50's and 60's. The music, movies, black and white TV, comic books, fads and more hosted by Barry Bowman and Roger Currie and designed for Baby Boomers everywhere!
FT Listen to Lucy
Financial Times management columnist Lucy Kellaway pokes fun at management fads and jargon, and celebrates the ups and downs of office life.
Science Vs
There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to. This season we tackle immigration, climate change, true love and artificial sweeteners.
Skill Monkey
Skill Monkey is a delightfully quick look at applying dice pool results for skill checks in FFG’s Star Wars RPG in fun, creative, and epic ways.
McGufter's Podcast
Charlie Classic and friends talk about topics ranging from the weirdest murder stories to the dumbest fad of the day.
The Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig podcast explores the world of all things health, wellness, and beauty from a clinical science effectiveness to consumer practicality. Husband and wife team and best-selling authors, Terry and Heather Dubrow, subject themselves to everything that is currently available from celebrity fads to the best and worst treatments out there, and share their results to help you look and feel your absolute best.
Hannah Hart (wildly successful, super fly, very amazing) and her best friend, Hannah Gelb (her middle name is Ruth) discuss life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in a frank and no bullshit manner in this self-help podcast that just can’t help itself. Every week the two Hannahs test out a new self-help fad and provide the listeners with candid feedback about their experience. Despite their differing opinions and stances, the two are best friend at the core. Also they have great vocabularie ...
Science Vs
There are a lot of fads, blogs and strong opinions, but then there’s SCIENCE. Science Vs is the show from Gimlet Media that finds out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. We do the hard work of sifting through all the science so you don't have to. This season we tackle immigration, climate change, true love and artificial sweeteners.
Featuring pastor Greg Fadness's audio messages from Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.
We are crossing the threshold of a fundamental shift in our WorldView, which carries the potential to positively transform our lives beyond any shift we as humans have ever before experienced. Much more than a fad or a trend, this creative shift of thought - into our power as creators of our lives, work and world - is massive in scope and unlimited in potential - It will alter all we know or believe we have known.
Kat Timpf is a Fox News personality, National Review reporter and political satirist. The Kat Timpf Show lets Kat give her take on life in the U.S. far beyond politics and delves into culture, fads and whatever the hell else Kat wants to talk about -- which honestly, could be absolutely anything.
Double Density
Greetings cyberspace. Tune in every Wednesday as Angelo and Brian discuss tech news and issues, as well as the fads and trends of yesteryear. Stick around as they also delve into the strange world of the paranormal.
Queen Pat-tay and the Ladies of Ikandei discuss everyday life issues in real talk. Discussions regarding Everyday Life, Relationships, Nitelife, Local Happenings, WTF's, Show Reviews, Current Events, New Trends and all sorts of topics. Join us in the chatroom, listen to us live or submit your topics of interest via email. Engage in our enlightening conversation and share your input!! TTYL
Welcome to Wellness with Liz Earle, the weekly podcast from Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine, hosted by Liz. With insights into all things wellbeing, the latest health and beauty news, what to eat, how to live well and how to spot a gem of wellbeing wisdom from a passing fad.
Counting calories is out. All the food groups are in. Becoming trim and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or painstaking anymore. After trying almost every fad diet out there… sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, authors of the best-selling Trim Healthy Mama book series, took matters into their own hands and The Food Freedom Movement was born.This podcast offers a deeper dive into the world of THM. Listen in as the girls tackle a variety of food, fitness and lifestyle topics with the ...
Snake Oil
A Skeptical Sisterly Survey of Modern Miracle Cures. Heather and Raewyn delve into the latest miracle cures, fad diets, and trendy products to find out which are worth your time and which are modern day snake oil.
Afterthoughts With S. Denice Newton is a forum for empowerment, enlightenment, and education for all people!
The Skinny on Nutrition, Fads, and Nourishing Habits
Chick Chat
When you need a dose of entertainment chatter or just a good giggle, check out Chick Chat. Girls talking about things girls want to talk about. Celebrities, gossip, fads, and boys... the girls around the table touch on all of it! It's sort of the guilty pleasure of The MESH... the show everyone is listening to, but no one wants to admit that they are.
Certified Personal Trainer Pamela Hernandez guides you through the world of personal fitness with realistic advice and helpful tips. If you have tried all the fads and want real and lasting weight loss and healthy living let Pamela be your guide on the journey to health and fitness.
Dreamland: The RetroBlasting Podcast covers everything Generation X, and gives you a jolt of nostalgia along with things you never knew about your childhood. Everything from fads, foods, music, movies, cartoons, toys and more - it's every Gen Xer's favorite place to hang out. It's RetroBlasting as a podcast! Check us out at!
Melissa Gearing is The Naked Naturopath, and not just because she likes to get her kit off! Mel is passionate about stripping back the seemingly complicated advice that surrounds us in the world of health and wellness. With six years experience in health food and three clinic spaces seeing clients one on one, she is able to answer all of your health questions straight up. Mel has never been one to beat around the bush and is fast talking and acting in life, providing answers that give you th ...
The data revolution has begun. The knowledge you will gain over your body, your health, your performance, will explode in the next 5 years. Empowering you to make better decisions about your body and get the results you’re looking for, instead of just guessing or following the latest opinion fad in health or fitness or anti-aging. The Quantified Body introduces you to the cutting edge in this trend – wearable devices, biomarkers, the latest lab tests, quantified self protocols, biohacking ta ...
Dinner Table Talk
JazzyThings is redefining what it means to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. No hot diets, no fads, and no confusion. The Dinner Table Talk podcast with JazzyThings is here to show you how to implement healthy habits in YOUR lifestyle and make them work for YOU!
The Sports Scientists is a podcast designed with the primary intention of having some fun chatting about fitness. If we're offensive, it's all meant in good fun, and we do apologize in advance! Every week, we'll talk about (mostly) fitness related issues and make bad jokes about them. We'll definitely have some actual intellectual content, but the attempts at humor will be much more predominant. Drs. Mike Israetel and James Hoffmann are both sport scientists, and if you're looking for their ...
Retro Rage
Hit the rewind button on pop culture! April and Robert take you back to the best of retro movies, trends, fads, music, and more!
I’m Rachel Fox, from Fox on Stocks. I started trading in the stock market at 15 and have experimented with a variety of investment mediums, from scalping S&P futures, to selling options spreads, to classic stock picking. It’s been 7 years since I started investing and so much has changed. The world is a completely new place with new companies, new music, new fads, and then of course, there’s now Bitcoin. This is Fox on Stocks on Blockchain, a weekly podcast sharing things I’ve learned about ...
Hope Mornings
Hope Mornings with Katrina Roe offers a range of regular segments on family life, sport, music and entertainment; along with the latest in news and current affairs. Whether it’s keeping parents up to date on the latest tween fad, or fostering healthy relationships, listeners are sure to find a helpful lifestyle tip each time they tune in.
Evidence Talks
'Evidence Talks' is the podcast from the Future Work Centre, where we discuss the psychology of work, the evidence behind workplace practices and the myths, fads and fashions that make decision-making so hard. We focus on sharing accessible research that you can put into practice, and asking awkward questions about the world of work.
Games, anime, manga, Internet fads, original audioplays, and anything in between! Edge of Reality, the Podcast.
This is the age of the "superfad". Products, ideas and habits that surge into our collective conscience - and frequently burn out just as fast.In this new podcast from Stuff, two of our millennial reporters dive into the crazes. Laura Walters and Katie Kenny have spent a week in a waist trainer, crammed into a tiny house and vegged out on the couch for hours of binge watching to deliver Superfad.Each episode combines lively insights and revealing personal stories from well-known New Zealande ...
Strong Arguments
Two heavy points of view, one loaded conversation. Angelo and Mike discuss the latest fitness trends, fads, myths and diets to help you navigate the confusing landscape. Then the greatest experts of our time weigh in and take the conversation up a notch!
Leite's Culinaria's podcast "Talking With My Mouth Full" takes an unexpected--and often irreverent--look at the ways food and drink intersect our lives. In each episode, hosts David Leite and Renee Schettler Rossi and their guests question, laugh, and quibble their way through all manner of culinary conundrums, obsessions, fads, and fancies.
Ripen is your permission slip. To discover and live the truth of who you are - as a physical being, as a sexual being, as a spiritual being. To put down the shoulds for awhile (or forever if you’re feeling saucy!) and dare to get to know who you really are when no one is pressuring you to be “the perfect woman.” I believe that we’ve gone far enough with this crazy fad of fixing and making ourselves smaller and smashing ourselves into this tiny, boring box that we’ve been told constitutes suc ...
Life Butter Radio
LBR is a holistic health, beauty and wellness channel dedicated to presenting the simple, fun and easy ways that we can look and feel as good as we can for as long as we can. This is not about prescriptive rules or the latest fad: think of LBR as your own personal health and beauty editor, cutting through the overwhelm of information to present what really works. We are discovering the place where science meets lifestyle and how we can look and feel our very best while enjoying a fun, free a ...
In a world consumed with fads and fame, where everyone expects success in two-minutes flat, Jess Weiner goes behind the scenes with today's thinkers, movers, and shapers of culture to talk about their journey to self-discovery.
His and Her Bodies, Barbell and Bagels is a podcast for Men and Women who want to not only get educated on everything training, nutrition and mindset but also have fun whilst doing so. Your host's Alice Round & Sean Mclaney have a combined 20+ years of fitness industry experience to share with your from powerlifting to bodybuilding to breaking fad diets and myths down and giving you the facts! The podcast will deliver bang for your buck fitness and health advice with some special guests in tow.
Whatever Happened
Ben and Bex navigate the world of nostalgia via the TV shows, bands, fads and people we used to know and love.
Better Health Now
Tired of information overload? Need some help sorting out the useful, helpful, safe and effective from the fluff or fads? Practical hints on how to take control of your own health, and begin to make it better, one small step at a time. Listen in for Better Health Now
Act Your Age
There have always been issues, styles and fads that have signified each new generation. The kids feel the need to define themselves as something apart from their parents. It's part of the search for independence and self-actualization. But in these modern times, technology and social factors have combined to create enormous changes, the likes of which the world has never seen. Some things are getting better, and some worse. How does this affect young people? Act Your Age is a conversational ...
The Rediscover the 80s Podcast features several unique shows celebrating '80s pop culture. Original episodes use a format similar to VH1's "I Love The 80s" TV show with a panel commenting on several topics from music, movies, TV, fads, and much more. Also listen to specialty shows including "Memories" episodes on specific franchises, the Memory Jogger Podcast chronicling the lives of two lifelong friends, and Rank 'Em counting down '80s favorites.
Discussions of Weight Loss, Workouts, and everything/anything to do with fitness, dieting, fads, routines, and lots more.
CXP Nutrition
CXP Nutrition aims to give the most independent and unbiased information when it comes to food and diet. You'll gain insights into some of the misconceptions of nutrition, as well as science-backed insights into what works and what's just a fad.
Presented by Nickel Brook Brewing Co, "Beer Down To A Science" explores the world of craft beer in a new way. Every month we sit down with experts in their field and dive deep into the science behind our favourite beverage. We'll tackle the nitty-gritty of yeast and hops, chat about trends and fads, and enjoy some tasty brews along the way. If you've got a suggestion for future episodes, email us at
Rewind Podcast
In each episode we choose a year and share the significant, and maybe not so relevant, features, facts, fads and films with you!
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Today I have not a magic pill, but a key concept that will help you binge-proof your mind. Want to stop that compulsive eating self-sabotage? Listen in. There is an F word - but not what you are thinking! I'm talking about failure - and using it for a very specific purpose that actually fuels success. *Stupid Idea of The Week* Breatharianism. N ...…
James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness had a very successful corporate career in the motor industry, but everyday he was worried about redundancy. James father's career was swiftly taken from him and James didn't want to leave anything to chance, that he might suffer the same fate. James worked around the clock to match his corporate income befo ...…
Trent helps to sort through some confusion that surrounds essential oils. He explains how they are not a fad but have been used for thousands of years, as well as how they are produced and how to use them in your life. You will learn why companies can sell oils at such cheap prices (this is super important) and why therapeutic grade oils cost m ...…
In this episode we went over the difference between diets and lifestyles and how to spot bad diets. Good, bad, fad, and even insane we went over every type of diet we could find.
Fad diets can make you gain weight not lose weight. Listen to ways to stay on track for a weight loss for summer!
Feeding the SoulJohnnette Benkovic, host of WOMEN OF GRACE, shares that we should always strive to be Saints. There are many people who are holy in Heaven awaiting the call to be canonized. Guest Sue Brinkmann shared her thoughts on why she thinks people are fascinated with Eastern Spirituality. It is something different and they are hungry for ...…
As artists we are constantly struggling to find our way. It's really easier than we think though. This podcast covers the different traits you need to embody to become a well rounded artist. Committing to the process and enjoying that process. They constantly create & stay committed to the process - All great artists constantly make art in an e ...… In this episode, we are setting SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Reasonable and Timely. We explore each component of SMART with bad 80’s movie and fitness fad analogies because clearly defining our goals help us to make them happen and ensure they are in alignment with the values that we’ve ...…
And we're back!!! Celebrating the Big 5-0, The 50th episode of the Pod! Introducing the new drinking game for the pod! Tackling Sticky Fingers Tyrone and the Howard U situation, Killer Mike's NRA interview, along with the waste of (entertaining and funny) time that was Stormy Daniels' interview. Also, talking about Tiffany Haddish becoming "tha ...…
So you're stuck in your dead-end job because your best friend at age 11 was more interested in hanging out around the shops than in the library... Find out why your best mate ruined your life and all the other awesome pieces of research which can help you transform your life in this weeks #ResearchRoudnUp #podcast. 1) The truth behind the #powe ...…
In this Episode, we get into a hot topic - Losing Body Fat for Good. A three-part series that is super informative and focussed on enabling you to get in the driving seat, versus jumping from one fad crash diet to the next. THis is Part 2. You can also read the related 3-part articles on AdapNation's website, starting here. What to Expect From ...…
Cody Christian joins to talk about growing up as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors. In this episode Brant continues the exploration of the phenomenon of being ‘teen famous’. Cody’s raw and revealing interview is in stark contrast to some of the stereotypical perceptions of today’s youth culture. It’s a can’t miss discussion. Brant also in ...…
In episode 041 we are joined by GORUCK Cadre Garrett Machine where we talk about the GORUCK Firearms Program. Garrett has been absolutely instrumental in turning GORUCK’s program from 6 events a year to over 150 per year. This definitely isn’t the traditional episode about rucking but it is easily our number one most requested interview. We get ...…
Welcome back to Bindle Boiz Podcast!This week Tye and Andy are shaking things up once again as the podcast develops into a masterpiece. Topics this week include Uber Eats, NCAA Tournament, Retro Fads and more!Don't forget to follow usInstagram: @boho_hobo_lifestyle & @boho_hobo_veganFacebook: @bohohobolifestyleTwitter: @boho_hobo_randyYouTube: ...…
Darin Lynch, the founder and chief liberation officer of Irish Titan, joined us on today's episode of Bray Chats! From Iowa to Minnesota, he dabbled in corporate IT with a stop at Wilsons Leather and 2nd Swing Golf on his way to creating Irish Titan. B1O2 - Business First, Online Second; how they run their business at Irish Titan, caring more a ...…
Priscilla Hiromi Correa is a Brazilian dietitian with a special interest in the liver and people living with liver disease. Mark Pearce, Hepatitis Victoria's Communications Manager, spoke with her on a recent visit to our offices.She recommends against 'fad' diets and is in favour of eating based on Australia's dietary recommendations, for opti ...…
Move away from the fads that have never worked for you. Following these basic principles is all you need.
Dr. Valter Longo is coming to us from across the pond. He’s internationally recognized as a leader in the field of aging studies and related diseases. Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits and risks of fasting and what role it plays in our longevity. Dr. Longo’s discoveries include some of the major genetic pathways that regulate aging ...…
Guest: Emilie Burgess, Registered Dietitian What's Next: Kevin (first LIVE recording)Emilie Burgess is a former UCONN tennis player from Stonington, CT who has recently entered her career as a registered dietitian. Emilie gives us great insight into why she chose this particular career path and how she has relentlessly pursued it. She talks to ...…
What are macronutriets and why do you need them? There is so much misinformation today on this subject and is usually used to manipulate people into buying restrictive, unsustainable FAD diet books and useless supplements. Learn their basic function and purpose and decide for yourself how to manipulate them in your diet. No single macro is good ...…
In this episode we explore the agile development methodology and its use in Australian businesses, and ask what future it has beyond its common use in technology projects. Guests include Tomas Varsavsky one of Australia's leading agile practitioners and the Chief Engineer at REA Group, and the Chief Information Officer at Westpac New Zealand, D ...…
Crossfit: Is it a cult? Is it a trend? Is it a fad? Is it license to get hurt? We try and find out on UnFriend me today!
In this Episode, we get into a hot topic - Losing Body Fat for Good. A three-part series that is super informative and focussed on enabling you to get in the driving seat, versus jumping from one fad crash diet to the next. First, Steve confesses that he has been struggling with some overwhelm recently, and how this has guided him towards getti ...…
The 4 Nerds tackle one of the current fads in the entertainment industry & reboot lost television franchises into movies. Through impromptu plot adaptations and modern casting, the guys have some fun with a few classic shows such as The Jetsons (4:21), Clarissa Explains It All (18:08), Captain Planet (23:18), and finally Doug (35:02). They clos ...…
Danny and comedian Chloe Fineman chat about Oprah and Reese Witherspoon's friendship, diet fads, celebrity Instagram accounts, #RHOA, and SO much more. Dr. Heavenly from Bravo's Married to Medicine also calls in to recap the iconic reunion. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: www.Instag ...…
The buzz: “Technology can make salespeople more effective and efficient IF you know what tools to use” (Triblio). Despite hard proof that Social Selling gives the modern B2B sales force a tangible advantage over social laggards, many companies consider it a trend or fad. Need more info before you dip your toe in the water or wade in deeper? We’ ...…
Welcome to the latest episode of the Pop Up Film Cast! The PopUp FilmCast is putting it's own spin on the whole popup shop fad. Hosts Keith Gawla and Derek Glascock are joined by an esteeemed guest to curate hypothetical film festivals that will pop up one week and be gone the next. Wash, rinse, repeat. But who am I kidding? We just want to tal ...…
***Special Extended Episode***On this episode @CalamityJaimeH and @ObiWan_Glenobi welcome Tammy Michell, Elementary School Redesign Specialist and Jay Scott, Secondary School Redesign Specialist from the Kansas Department of Education to talk school redesign in Kansas. We ask them questions about the Mercury 7 schools, their experience in educa ...…
Yo folks welcome back to the next episode of Beating Obesity! This episode is all about how the fitness industry is failing us! More money floods in each year to fitness and supplement companies while obesity and chronic disease rates continue to rise. Why is this? and why do we keep support it with our hard earned money? It has a lot to do wit ...…
Let go of the rules, Live simply & Eat real food. That’s obviously easier said than done when you’re just getting started on your health journey – but we want to do our best to help simplify it for you in this episode. We hope to inspire you to become motivated by a meaningful WHY that will leave a positive impact on the long term benefits behi ...…
Intermittent fasting. Does the hype reflect reality? You’ve probably heard about intermittent fasting but you’re unsure what it is and if it’s as good as what people say. You may even be wondering if intermittent fasting is dangerous. I’m here to tell you, when done properly it’s one of the best ways to maintain good health. It gives you more e ...…
the really hard part about being single at 30 I re-wrote this 10 times. I'm going to be honest, I didn't plan on writing about THIS, this week. I wanted to be more lighthearted...should I talk about life in New York? Would I share another fun dating story? I do have more fun ones to tell... Or, should I write about something a little more reali ...…
Episode Notes What Is Blokeology? Blokeology is all about an evidence-based approach to health, fitness and lifestyle. Blokeology is my effort, in my own little corner of the internet, to live a decent, healthy life but to bring in some evidence around men’s health to inform that. I’m a doctor so that involves stuff like physiology and psycholo ...…
Today, we’re going to break down the science of Internet Addiction or as we like to call it: Information Obsession. New technologies are always met with skepticism, and yet much of the skepticism we're hearing today dates back hundreds of years. Join SeekerPlus as we explore: where this obsession came from, why it has such a grip on us, how peo ...…
And we're back! Talking about DJ Envy's plan backfiring on him, and he ended up on the SummerJam Screen! Also, talking about Male Birth Control, and would men actually take it? Spring is here!! What's your favorite part of spring....speaking of Spring...Spring Break in Miami! Looking for love....a dating site for Kanye West fans, Lil Xan not fo ...…
What food should we eat for optimal health? A panel of experts discusses diet fads, ancient grains and new superfoods.
When it comes to losing weight there is more to it than the newest fad diets. Recently diets such as Keto have come into the spotlight and have been deemed the “fat burning” diet that’s designed to help you lose faster than any other diet, this is not true. What’s important isn’t actually what diet your follow, it’s the amount of calories you’r ...…
Let's dive into the messy and complicated world of FOOD – sorting out fad diets, dogmatic food rules and discussing the different food camps that are currently popular in 2018. As registered nurses, we're not nutritionists or dietitians - but we are human. So we've had many of our own experiences around food. Plus, we've each fallen victim to t ...…
Going Vegan or making healthier choices isn't a fad! It's part of our life ... our CREATIVE LIVES. We can't separate the practical/domestic from our CREATIVITY. Nope!
In this episode we talk about fad diets! Radical weight loss vs sustainable weight loss, which is best? What are the effects of fad diets? Are they a good idea? Do they even work? And what results do they have?
It's our tenth episode, and we'll use any excuse to celebrate! This week's episode features the cast and director of "Love, Simon" (Nick Robinson, Alexandra Shipp, Katherine Lanford) followed by Youtube star Hannah Hart who drops by to "hannahlyze" the latest self-help fads. Check out Hannah Hart's podcast here: ...…
Welcome to the latest episode of the Pop Up Film Cast! The PopUp FilmCast is putting it's own spin on the whole popup shop fad. Hosts Keith Gawla and Derek Glascock are joined by an esteeemed guest to curate hypothetical film festivals that will pop up one week and be gone the next. This episode Keith and Derek recall some memerable memories ab ...…
Episode 6: Fad diets. Thanks to Dynamo for question about Fad diets.
Is Bitcoin just a fad or is it a global currency disruptor? In this episode, we discuss with financial expert Terrance SetepenRa Wilson to give his perspective. He discusses his longterm prospects on cryptocurrencies how you can profit from ancillary ventures related to Bitcoin. He also explains how cryptocurrency can uplift the African-America ...…
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