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A weekly podcast centering on the occult and mysticism, based in Asheville, NC.
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John Huntington’s Youtube Mortis the Wizard’s Youtube 1st Haunted Picnic Area Investigation 2nd Haunted Picnic Area Investigation Makaih Beats
Kelly attempts to get to Buffalo, NY and Aaron David plans to survive bachelor life. Also weird past life stuff and Mars stuff.
Kelly offers up another Moroccan Minute and then we jump right into an interview with Thai Occult author Peter Jenx! I’m just going to tell you to go to Peter’s site and buy his books. The quality is fantastic, with tons of full page color photographs. Don’t miss the rare amulets and occult items on his site either!…
Music used: Bees in the Eclipse
Music Used: Dung Beetle / Nematode Research:
Music Used: ...…
About the Golden Dawn: Ye Olde Magic Shoppe: When Plants Sense Danger: Donate to victims of Hurrican Florence: ...…
Aaron David and Kelly review the events since the Saturn initiation which have been a roller coaster of events culminating in a hospital stay.
Aaron David and Kelly look back at there trek through the 7 Spheres on the Tree of Life spanning exactly 777 days.
Aaron David and Kelly talk about their new favorite Japanese place in Asheville, NC—Waku Waku Eatery! Upon reflecting on Kelly's recent Saturn dream, a time is chosen to initiate into Binah—4 AM that very night!
Aaron David and Kelly sit down for a post-blood-donation ramble. If you would like to be a sponsor and have your ad run, or if you would like to submit an article to the CtW Journal send your 300-1200 word submission to!
Learn about Aaron David's adventures with Iovis and then hear an apologetic and commentary on the Lesser Pentagram Ritual, with the ritual performed at the end of the show.
Join Aaron David in the first half of the show as he riffs off of the words of Terence and Dennis McKenna. In the second half of the show Kelly joins in with a mind-blowing revelation exactly one year to the day in the making. And remember, the Universe will take you in, reveal its intent, and share its conclusion. All that you must do is to be ...…
I cover Liber vel Lipidis Lazuli, The Path of Qoph from A Garden of Pomegranates, Papus' Astrology for initiates and a bunch other stuff. We are honored as well to have for your listening pleasure, Vanessa Kindell's Moon Mountain, which you can find here.
Aaron David and Kelly talk about scrying and evocation preparation through daily magical regimes, journaling, microdosing psilocybin, haunted antique stuff in Burnsville, and local dead-now-famous musician Leslie Riddle. Kelly reads from her Dragonfly book that she is currently in the process of writing. If you like it let her know it @kmn0b1!…
Kelly and I sit down with Roejen Razorwire from Project Archivist to learn all about brewing, from getting started with mead to witch brews. We hope this inspires you to get started with your own alchemical experiments in spirits!
On the Berbers: On Ammon Ra:
Here we find why this may have happened during a Jupiter initiation: A list of Berber deities:
Link to CtW’s Shure KSM44 Mic eBay auction:
Be sure to check out Crystal Carpenter at Winter Soul Studios: Find El Gato Gomez here: Finally, the eBay auction for Kelly's mic can be found here:
Aaron and Kelly have some light-hearted banter about black cats, wands, poetry, Christianity and everything in between
Links to discussed material: The Gnostic Bible Gateways Through Light & Shadow Seven Spheres The New Testament: A Translation Intro and Outro music are from my own music project, V~Nessy. Hungry for more? Become a Patreon supporter and support the podcast and blog here! And of course, please Subscribe!…
Watch Terence McKenna in the Transcendental Object at the End of Time here: From Tree to Shining Tree Radiolab interview:
Mentions: Astroshaman with Benjamin Bernstein of Asheville, NC @AstroshamanAVL Lunchtime Special Podcast with Spiro Nidelkos @Thetriplesnake Rufus Opus Seven Spheres @rufusopus Dion Fortune The Mystical Qabalah Forteana article by Tony Morrill - Nevermore Mystica ...…
A terrifying but cool experience with naked female earth faeries. What else is there to say? Get yourself some crimson clover!
Kelly and Aaron David have been enslaved by the Gnomes. We sew into the Earth heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, scorpion peppers, jalapeno peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, scallions, vidalia onions and strawberries. We talk a bit of the Goetic spirit Forneus and then we hop up to the graveyard sitting just above our house fo ...…
Kelly and Aaron David talk about their recent adventures with geomancy and the stock market as well as a certain Gnome that found its new home at our house. From there we go to video games, LSD, CBD and the possible power of .3% THC.
Hope you guys like the new season 4 intro piece! Kelly and I talk about our trip to Hannah's Casino Resort in Cherokee, NC and then we do bumbling geomancy reading. Kelly also talks about her disturbingly violent Full Moon in Scorpio dreams that caused her to miss a day of work.
Kelly and Aaron David hit up the following locations with the ghost box: Helen's Bridge, Oakley Park, Gashes Creek Cemetery, Rice Pinnacle and Bent Creek River Park! Let us know what you hear!
Kelly finds out that her's and Aaron David's rural farm house deep in the mountains of Mars Hill was the former HQ for the Gurdieff Foundation of Western North Carolina. We cover Kelly's Crowley dreams from when we first moved in and talk a bit about the Great Work. At the end of the show we do a ghost box session which had quite a few surprise ...…
Aaron David and Kelly talk about events and dreams surrounding the Mars / Saturn conjunction and their appearance in the skies of Mars Hill including a dream in which Zazel speaks to Aaron David. We also talk a bit about the upcoming Blood Root Mars mojo bags; and we finish things out with a really short ghost box session! If you hear anything ...…
Mercury retrograde and a Saturn / Mars conjunction has made work life and home life a bit stressful. Aaron David commences with the beer and addresses it head on in this intimate episode of CtW. Outro Music: Venus Shaver by Shilpa Ray. Claude Cahun - Que Me Veux-Tu? (What Do You Want From Me?), 1928
Aaron David and Kelly go over the events since February 14, 2018, Aaron David's initiation into the Sphere of Hod. Strange occurrences at the house, a lottery number dream, qabalistic obsessions, and most importantly, the witch bowl and hexagram 18.
Aaron David talks about his dream from the last Lunar eclipse in which he was shown black mirrors and heard the phrase "inexplicable darkness" spoken to him. It turns out as well that the magic mirror plays heavily into his work with the Goetic spirit Seer. We also hear a reading of Aleister Crowley's "The Wizard Way", followed with a tale of a ...…
Aaron David gives Hua-Ching Ni's commentary on Hexagram 38, which is most pertinent in this episode, in which he also attacks Christianity, through Nietzsche's Antichrist. We move on to a parody of Christianity by Reverend David, followed by the Orphic Hymn to Hermes and Liber Israfel.
Aaron David and Kelly talk about their experiences with a shadow ghost girl since Aaron David's initiation into Yesod. We have a lot to research yet - was there a young blond girl named Rachel murdered in the Mars Hill area? Could she even be one of the bodies in the unmarked graves beside our house? Whomever she is, she is a ghost, a once livi ...…
Aaron David talks about a dream quest into the Underworld and then shares Terence DuQuesne's version of PGM XXIII, which is a missing section of Homer's Odyssey, provided by Julius Africanus. This is followed by DuQesne's commentary from his book Jackal at the Shaman's Gate.
Merry ho-hos! Aaron David and Kelly are back this Xmas Eve for another shit show! Sit back by the Yule log and enjoy stories of unimaginable bowel movements!
Aaron David welcomes Sinder Stregg of From the Cushion to a conversation about magick, meditation, non-duality and deconstruction. Visit his facebook group at CMG Illumination. Sorry for the vaping sounds - apparently I forgot to mute my mic.
Aaron David and Kelly are joined by Roejen Razorwire of the Project Archivist podcast! Roejen shares stories with us in the season of the witch, so get your pumpkin-spiced whatever, light up some candles and turn the lights out for story time with Roe.
Vanessa and Aaron David talk about Vanessa's book, The Wisdom of Inanna, which you can get here, for free! Also check out her blog here and fb page here. If you'd like to check out more of her music, which is featured at the end of the show, you can find that here!
First, to kick the spooky season off, Aaron David reads Clark Ashton Smith's "Song of the Necromancer". We then jump into an interview with Taylor Elwood of for a conversation about his new book, Pop Culture Magic Systems!
Here we have a reading from John Bell's article on Yesod, a reading of Crowley's poem, "Moon Wane", and talk around Kelly's heart attack and the life alterations that's to bring both of us. The article on the Masonic 3 Pillars I couldn't think of was none other than Tracy Twyman's Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, ...…
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