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Exemplary Youth Ministry
This show will be based on the book, THE SPIRIT AND CULTURE OF YOUTH MINISTRY. There will be one show on each chapter with a new guest each time!
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness and Goal Mastery Strategies
Motivation, tips, free resources, leadership, social media, confidence, focus, balance and real talk to to help you improve energy, balance, organization, health, fitness, diet, weight loss, relationships, focus, faith and happiness. Each episode is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself. Beachbody Celebrity Trainer, Multimillionaire, Mompreneur, online business consultant, creator of Turbo Fire, ...
Introduction to the Catholic Life
The Pint, the Mic, and the Cross - Four Scottish Catholic guys trying to live out the Catholic life - the so called ICL
The David Gregory Show
Well known television journalist and author David Gregory brings you "The David Gregory Show" - surprising conversations with famous and interesting people, where David gets personal and asks his guests to open up and talk about their beliefs, their faith, and the things that have mattered most in their lives.
The Rational Faiths Podcast - Keeping Mormonism Weird
Brian Dillman, Brian Kissell, and the Barker Brothers (That is a lot of “B’s.”) bring you the best podcast in the Mormon Blabbernacle. Those unfamiliar with the Mormon Bloggernacle may not know that Rational Faiths is a blog started by the three Barker brothers who would often engage in private e-mails and phone calls with each other and their friends about Mormonism. The three decided it would be more fun to create a blog where all their friends and family could get together and hammer out ...
Ever Increasing Faith Network on
Welcome to the Ever Increasing Faith Network, the global outreach of Crenshaw Christian Center. Join Apostle Frederick K. C. Price, Dr. Betty Price and Pastor Fred Price, Jr. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as we bring to you The Power of Faith to Transform Your Life by learning how to live the abundant and overcoming Christian life.
Raising Saints
Educating Our Youth in the Orthodox Faith, Both at Home and in the Parish - "Raising Saints" offers tools to equip adults to share the Orthodox Christian faith with children, shaping the way in which our youth understand their lives.
America Meditating Radio Show w/ Sister Jenna
A conscious, humanitarian, lively radio show! Engaging in conversations with featured celebrities, leaders, authors, and average folks sharing success stories. Discussions provide listeners with inspiring ways to master the challenges we encounter on the journey of life. This is not an ordinary radio show, but rather, a unique format that offers philanthropy, compassion, social and humanitarian choices that bring together poetry, spirituality, wisdom, meditation, music,and experts that featu ...
Elders captures slices of life from fascinating people who happen to be over 70 years old. "Older people’s voices are rarely heard in a world obsessed with all things fresh and youthful, so hooray for Elders, a brand new podcast series from producer Jane French that focuses exclusively on the lives of the over-70s. Major historical events, relationships, faith and death are all examined with candour and wisdom." The Independent newspaper, January 1st, 2016
Selected Short Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald
A shy and dowdy country girl, Berenice feels socially inept beside her vivacious and sophisticated cousin, Marjorie. But Marjorie decides to groom her and when Berenice turns out better than she expected, Marjorie is delighted, till Berenice catches the eye of one of Marjorie's own faithful admirers. Will Berenice remain the timid and diffident country girl, or will her newfound success give her courage? Lois, a young girl engaged to be married, suddenly becomes unsure about the relationship ...
The Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto: Relevant Islamic Learning
The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto engages Muslim youth by providing an inclusive space for them to foster a meaningful Muslim identity, enriched and supported by quality educational and counseling services.Our vision for a Muslim chaplaincy is to have an organization that facilitates quality educational, social, and spiritual services to support Muslim youth on a campus setting.We envision that a Muslim chaplaincy will have a very positive impact on the course of Islamic lea ...
RareGem Productions: Positive Media | Health | Business | Inspiration | Education | Community | Lifestyle
RareGem media features ten broadcast networks of positive programs and podcasts for business, lifestyle, inspiration, education, community, sports, youth, faith, health and entertainment. More at at Shows include #1 iTunes rated health podcast, The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.
Youthscape Podcast
A weekly podcast from Youthscape, hosted by Rachel Gardner and Martin Saunders. Expect interviews, thought provoking discussion, perspectives on faith, church and youth culture and a serious amount of fun.
Podcast - She Did It Her Way
If you’re looking for a women’s perspective on starting or growing a company, look no further than She Did It Her Way. Every week we talk with a successful female entrepreneur who share the ups and downs of their journey to creating their own business. In the She Did It Her Way podcast, Amanda Boleyn is on a mission to help more women succeed and break into the entrepreneurial world. Back in May of 2012, Amanda took a leap of faith and left Corporate America to go out on her own and explore ...
Uncommonly Powerful Preaching - by Paul Washer & Other Faithful Preachers
Uncommonly Powerful Preaching is a podcast that aims to expose people to powerful & shocking sermons that were not preached by today's celebrity preachers with huge ministries, but by the hidden diamonds of God, faithful preachers that are unknown to the world. One of the preachers that will most frequently be on this podcast is Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society.For those new to this podcast I recommend that you listen to its 1st episode (May 3, 2007), which is a sermon by Paul Wa ...
Prairie Hills Covenant Church
We sing together, pray together, grow in faith together, and encourage each other. We are an intergenerational church with thriving ministries for children, youth, adults, and seniors.
Crazy Blessed with Hannah Keeley
Crazy Blessed is a podcast created for you, the person who loves Jesus, loves to have fun, and loves to live a life that is blessed like crazy. Hannah Keeley is a therapist, minister, success coach, and mom of seven. If you are looking for a powerful shot of faith and some fresh fire in your spirit, she's got you covered. New episodes delivered to you weekly. Learn how to lay your stress down, lift your hopes up, and put a smile back on your face.
Xt3 Podcast: Catholic Apologetics Podcast
The Bible Christian Society provided quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Church and they called it Two-Minute Apologetics. We loved it so much we have turned it into a podcast! Every episode there is a question about the Catholic Faith, followed by a short, sweet and logical answer. Giving you the armour to defend your faith. Please visit the Bible Christian Society - we would like to thank John S. Martignoni for sharing his resources. Xt3 would like to attribute t ...
Be the Bee
Finding God in Everything, Everyday - A production of the GOARCH Department of Youth and Young Adult ministries and a presentation of Ancient Faith Radio, this brief weekly video podcast will focus on the various ways in which God has infused all of creation with goodness and beauty.
The Image Podcast
The Image Podcast brings you the best in all things Art, Faith, and Mystery. Tune in for conversations with our favorite writers and artists, along with book, film, and movie reviews. We'll also feature exclusive content from the pages of Image Journal, read out loud.
Conversations With Alexis
Conversations with Alexis is a Podcast dedicated to challenging, motivating and encouraging our listening audience. Have you ever had a really great conversation that changed the trajectory of your life? It showed you something new, encouraged you to try again and gave you the faith lift you needed. That's what CWA is all about. Each week I invite you to have a seat with me and my guests and listen in on a conversation that just may change your life.
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Sharing the faith and the gospel with those closest to you can be a formidable challenge. It is a misnomer that witnessing to strangers is more difficult. Also, the idea that you have to have an established relationship (i.e. relationship evangelism) before you can share the gospel is equally misleading. The truth is, as Christians, realizing o ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol II: Page 1628 Antiphon following Reading: Page 514 Christian Prayer: Page 1037 Night Prayer for Holy Saturday Note: It is said only by those who do not participate in the Easter Vigil. God, come to my assistance. — Lord, make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1045 All from Proper of Seasons: 492 Office of Readings for Holy Saturday God, come to my assistance. — Lord, make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: — as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. HYMN You shall cross the bar ...…
Mi amor mío: Elysse
True Love is but a humble, low-born thing, And hath its food served up in earthen ware; It is a thing to walk with, hand in hand, Through the every-dayness of this work-day world, Baring its tender feet to every roughness, Yet letting not one heart-beat go astray From Beauty’s law of plainness and content; A simple, fire-side thing, whose quiet ...…
Julian Awari, Roy Moye III, and Corey "Young C" Dolfe Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Awari BioBorn in Virginia Beach, VA as Creston Julian Awari, Julian grew up in a single-parent home wit ...…
Bosston and Zion Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed's BioHusband, Father of 4 children, Youth Pastor, Educator, actor, comedian and Urban Gospel artist, Keedren Boston, often referred to as “ ...…
Erica Mason and Wande Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Mason BioErica Mason is often described in 2 words: PRETTY N RADICAL. It simply means: “To love who God made you and how God made you. I ...…
Roosevelt Sargent of Victorious Underdog Interview at KE 2018 SXSW in Austin, TX!Exclusive interview with your hosts Dre Coop!!! and Shemaiah Reed Sargent BioRoosevelt Sargent was born into a violent, drug infested, poverty-filled world that only got worse as ...…
In the details of this day you will begin to understand what you have previously seen, but could not decipher. I will show you the value and significance of details, that were previously undetected or undervalued. As a result you will see the world through a new lens. You will see with greater clarity, as you understand your day, and your life, ...…
Truly Equal: A Christian Egalitarian Approach to Marriage
In today’s episode, we’ll be diving into the topic of commitment—the second component of the rhythm section. We’ll talk about God’s commitment to us, our commitment to each other, and the joy of commitment. We’ll read our vows to each other and give examples of how we’ve both succeeded and also failed in keeping them. 007: The Rhythm of Marriag ...…
Daily Bible Guide – Reservoir Church
Previously in Revelation 21 and huge hailstones, each weighing about a hundred pounds, dropped from heaven on people, until they cursed God for the plague of the hail, so fearful was that plague. Day 22 – 5th Tuesday Revelation 17:1-18 Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the judgment ...…
Two Men and a Mic Podcast - By Erik Smith Christianity
Who is Satan? Who is Satan? Two Men and a Mic Podcast research this very question. Comments: Riley Pearson Hey Erik and Seany-Mac. Erik, I prefer my phone bible over the physical bible. It helps me to remember to read it because it has my notification. Therefore it puts that reminder in my head. I have all my highlights and can look them up eas ...…
New Creation Church London
Key Scriptures Isaiah 8:17-18 The Message (MSG) 16-18 Gather up the testimony, preserve the teaching for my followers, While I wait for God as long as he remains in hiding, while I wait and hope for him. I stand my ground and hope, I and the children God gave me as signs to Israel, Warning signs and hope signs from God-of-the-Angel-Armies, who ...…
Momence First Church of the Nazarene
TRANSCRIPT Pastor Jen: This morning, we are going to learn about Rahab. Rahab is actually covered in Scripture in a number of different places. We will be looking at a few of them for the start. I actually give as my text James 2:25-26, but we're actually going to read about five verses this morning, and I'm going to let you know where we are i ...…
In this episode Sam Pettersen and Justin Herman talk about how to create an 8th Grade Transition event where students feel valued and parents are given direction. JUSTIN HERMAN’S BIO Justin Herman is the Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, Ca. Growing up with a single mom who put others before herself, and positive male role models ...…
Grace Bible Fellowship Church
Galatians 4:8 Formerly, when you did not know God, you were enslaved to those that by nature are not gods. 9 But now that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more? 10 You observe days and months and sea ...…
Ashland GracePoint
Home About Ministries News and Events Sermons Contact Stuck at the Crossroads [avia_codeblock_placeholder uid="0"] Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Pinterest Share by Mail How did this message impact you? Share your testimony Private Manuscript: Introduction: Thanks again for being here today. Also, if you are joinin ...…
Christ Covenant Church Sermons
It’s wonderful to be on this side of the worship service; I’m usually on that side. You notice things. First of all, the women really belt it out louder than the men, I’m sorry to tell you that, guys, but the women are outdoing us on that front of things. I also noticed, do you know there is a fire extinguisher underneath this pulpit? [laughter ...…
My pastor growing up, Dr. John MacArthur Sr, would tell us the story about a man who wore one of those sandwich-board signs as he walked the streets. On the front it said, “I am a fool for Christ.” People walked by and mocked and laughed, but as they went by they read the back which asked, “Whose fool are you?” The day I sat at Panera writing t ...…
I had the pleasure of spending time with Todd Nettlleton at NRB 2018 in Nashville. During our conversation, Todd shares about his 20 years of work at The Voice of the Martyrs, a new book titled Wurmbrand: Tortured for Christ – The Complete Story (David C. Cook, 2018), and Tortured for Christ - The Movie. About the Book: This biography explores ...…
Mandeville, LA – Why is Hillary Clinton still bellyaching about how Trump and Putin conspired to deprive the smartest, most success oriented spawn of Satan and Margaret Sanger, ever. Mike reminds the audience “no one thought Trump could win, even on the day of the election….save for your kind, humble host. How did I know? Our Lady told me to st ...…
You Can Download Any Free Audiobook of Religion & Spirituality, Christianity of Your Choice
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Reinvent Your LifeAuthor: Alvin SlaughterNarrator: Alvin SlaughterFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 17 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-06-10Publisher: Oasis AudioGenres: Religion & Spirituality, ChristianityPublisher's Summary:Tap into the fire and power of yo ...…
Christ Restoration Church Sermons
Psalm 37:3-7; Romans 12:9-18 March 11, 2018 preached by Doug Cooper Download Time of Reflection Quotations “We are to reflect Christ in all that we say and do. And the Christ of Scripture is the humble, suffering servant who, in spite of great opposition, false accusations, and public ridicule, remained faithful to the heavenly calling.” ~ Davi ...…
Listen to Free Audio Book of Religion & Spirituality, Christianity Popular Titles
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Grow StrongSubtitle: 30 Devotions to Deepen Your Christian LifeAuthor: Wayne StilesNarrator: Wayne StilesFormat: UnabridgedLength: 2 hrs and 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-24-14Publisher: Stiles PublishingRatings: 5 of 5 out of 5 votesGenres: Religion & Spir ...…
Get Top 100 Free Audio Books of Classics, European Literature
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManAuthor: James JoyceNarrator: John LeeFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 35 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-28-08Publisher: Tantor AudioRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 270 votesGenres: Classics, European LiteraturePublisher's Summar ...…
Listen to Best Free Audiobooks of Teens, Myths & Legends
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Live to GiveSubtitle: Let God Turn Your Talents into MiraclesAuthor: Austin GutweinNarrator: Brandon BatchelarFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 23 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-06-12Publisher: Oasis AudioRatings: 5 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Teens, Religion & ...…
Joined by Rev. Drew Colby, Teer and Jason interview Dr. Andy Root of Luther Seminary and author of "Faith Formation in a Secular Age: Responding to the Church's Obsession with Youthfulness."
Bold Moves with Mandie: Inspiration | Motivation | Confidence | Personal Development
Welcome to Bold Moves Podcast Episode 148 Fearless Fridays 74 Rayne's Challenge! If you missed Monday's post, I interviewed Rayne Parvis. Rayne is currently a personal stylist. Before becoming a stylist, Rayne was a stand-up comedian by the name of Raynecat. Rayne stopped doing stand-up because writing jokes didn’t come easily to her. She wasn’ ...…
Listen to Top 100 Free Audio Books of Bios & Memoirs, Personal Memoirs
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: A Rumor of WarAuthor: Philip CaputoNarrator: L. J. GanserFormat: UnabridgedLength: 13 hrs and 15 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-12-09Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 518 votesGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Personal MemoirsPublisher's Summary:A platoon ...…
Welcome to the blog and show notes for Episode 34 of Sally's Performing Arts Lab Podcast. No interview today. Just me and some thoughts about criticism and collaboration... Oh, and some new music! Every week I talk to people about creating original work for a live audience. Send an email anytime to You're my podcast collabor ...…
InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast
When I am completing up to 22 flips at once, having great contractors and a system to keep track of them is vital to my business. It has taken some time, mistakes, and multiple people, but I have things running relatively smoothly now. On this episode of The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I go over exactly how I have developed my contracto ...…
Listen to Top 100 Free Audiobooks of Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Prayers that Bring HealingSubtitle: Overcome Sickness, Pain & Disease. God's Healing for You!Author: John EckhardtNarrator: Mirron WillisFormat: UnabridgedLength: 4 hrs and 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-16-10Publisher: christianaudio.comRatings: 4.5 of 5 out ...…
Get New Releases Free Audiobooks of History, World
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Heirs to Forgotten KingdomsSubtitle: Journeys into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle EastAuthor: Gerard RussellNarrator: Michael PageFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 15 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-13-15Publisher: Tantor AudioRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of ...…
Let’s be real: writing is hard. We’ve written and rewritten this intro seven times. Taking on any new challenge or project that requires deep thought, passion, and creativity, can push us outside of our comfort zones. It can make us feel anxious about succeeding—but it can also force us to grow and take on new challenges. In this episode, Erika ...…
Chloe Jesperson is one of the most impressive, wisest, cutest, deepest, most faithful, most articulate people on this earth. She also happens to be a Millennial. What's a Millennial? I can give you the dictionary definition—a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century—but it's a lot more interesting to hear how one thinks and fee ...…
Sermon - Ottawa Chinese Bible Church
First time hearing prayer in a Bible Church like ours I was taken aback. You can pray not from a book? i had only heard group prayer in the Catholic Church I had gone to sporadically as a kid. So I was like, who are these people who freely talk to God? how do they know what to say? And especially, they must really know God to talk to Him so fre ...…
LifeBridge Community Church: Sermon Audio
Today we are welcoming Libby Thorngate as our guest speaker. She is a full time missionary with Youth With A Mission, primarily based in Louisville Kentucky. She is passionate about discipling people to share the gospel overseas with those who haven’t heard it. Psalm 127:1–2 1 Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. ...…
The Names and Titles of Jesus – Jesus The Word/Logos This series of the names and titles of Jesus will give us a more in-depth understanding of Jesus Christ our Lord. This is the second in the series. The following is an outline. 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. ...…
Parents used to be left alone to decide the best way to raise their kids -- so how is it that the government has increasingly co-opted parental authority and intruded onto territory best left to us parents? We'll talk about it with Abby Schachter, author of "No Child Left Alone." Plus: Michael Onifer, director of the Bethlehem Project, stops by ...…
The Weekend Bible Study - with Ronald L. Dart
And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel and say unto them: Concerning the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are My feasts. Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of rest, a holy convocation. Ye shall do no work therein; it is the Sabbath of t ...…
The Shepherd's Voice
Naumann interviews youth ministers: Stacey Rains and Jordan Schmitz about the Prayer and Action mission trips. They dialogue on how this program brings youth into a closer relationship with Christ through service, fellowship and faith witness; all while having a lot of fun on the way.
Youth Ministry Podcast
How do you deal with unruly students? What’s the difference between expectations and requirements? Does a kid need to go to confirmation in order to make a public declaration of faith? And what makes a youth worker, a youth worker? In this week’s special mailbag episode, Bryan and Erik answer listener questions, confront a quandary, and wonder ...…
Living the Supernatural Life Podcast
This two parts teaching series, on the topic of Spiritual Authority, highlight the fact that God does not want us to be fearful or give up, no matter the adversity or opposition before us as we journey through life. Instead of fear, God expects us to act on His word by faith. Shade Akinbiyi teaches that, God expects us to boldly approach Him in ...…
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