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Weekly Sermons - Video
Weekly Sermons - Video
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Weekly Sermons - Audio
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Jeff Klein of Qplace joins Tony Boos in a conversation about sharing the Gospel with those within our own community.
Pastor Lohmeyer joins us with a sermon on the impact that we have had in his community of Alderson, WV.Hear about the "partnership in the Gospel" that we have with him and his church.
Matthew 14:16 "Jesus replied, 'They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat."I'm not arguing with the need. I'm not saying the problem doesn't exist. But I can't solve that. I can't do that.v.18 "Bring them here to Me," Jesus saidGod has used this type of situation throughout the history of the church to accomplish what He wanted ...…
Rev. Dr. Abjar Bahkou leads us in a message on reaching out to those from a Middle Eastern culture.
The Law never gives us the power to do what it says.Obedience is not an audition for the approval of God, it's a celebration!Galatians 6:1-10When you see you the way that God sees you, it changes the way that you see others.A Gospel-shaped identity changes our relationship:1. Restoration will take priority over isolation2. Comparison will be a ...…
We "keep in step with Spirit" by sprinting to the cross and walking confidently out of the tomb.The core message of Law & Gospel is not about stopping bad things and starting good things, it's about a Triune God who kills and makes alive.Christianity isn't about the Christian in action, but Christ, in the Christian in action.…
It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the Law is bad and the Gospel is good.For many of us, there's this thought that being told we're free means being able to do whatever we want to do.The Apostle Paul understood that there can be a dark side to freedom.Freedom isn't simply freedom from, it's freedom to...To serve means, when you se ...…
Pastor Tony leads us in a sermon on Galatians 4 and living out of the freedom of the Gospel. We are no longer slaves, we are children of God.
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Pastor Paul leads us in a sermon on sabbath.
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Pastor Paul leads us in a sermon on Sabbath.
The Son of God became the Son of Man so that the sons and daughters of men might be children of God.
Galatians 3:1-6We rely on our own performance to climb the ladder of spirtuality.The Galatians believe that Jesus got them on the ladder, but Moses helps them climb the ladder.Grace gets them on the first rung, obedience gets them to the next level.4 Questions to Knock You Off the Ladder:1. A question about entry:Did you receieve the Spirt by w ...…
Father's Day: Two Questions for Every Dad to AskDeuteronomy 6:6-7 | Ephesians 6:4Two Myths of fatherhood:Fathers are optional.Being a father comes naturally.Two Questions for Every Dad to Ask Themselves:1. As a dad, what can I do to help grow my kid's relationship with God?2. As a dad, what can I do do help grow my kid's relationship with me?Tw ...…
God interacts wtih His people in two ways: Law & GospelWhy? Because we are two things: Sinner & Saint at the same time.Galatians 2:11-14Galatians 2:15-21
The book of Galatians is written for recovering Pharisees.Acts 13:38-43Galatians 1:6-12If a sermon could work in a mosque or a Mormon temple, it's not the Gospel.Many people have experienced a "one word" Christianity: all law and no gospel.Distortions of the Gospel:Legalism: adding rules into the Gospel.Lawlessness: eliminating the Law, which a ...…
All of Scripture can be divided up into two words: Law & Gospel.The Law always shows us our sin.The Gospel always shows our Savior.These two words are routinely forgotten, confused, and misapplied.Galatians 1:1-5Grace and peace is the goal of both wordsGrace gives the forgiveness of sins.Romans 5:1-2Peace quiets the voices that pull us away.The ...…
Pastor Joe leads us in the last part of our four week sermon series, Gifted, with a sermon on being generous with our gifts.
You are all gifted!There are some spiritual gifts that God gives all of His children.Just like there is a wide range of people who vary in their abilities, interests, personalities, emotions, mental capabilities, aspirations, and unique spiritual gifts... we all have different spiritual gifts, but they are all from the same Holy Spirit!"Each on ...…
Pastor Paul leads us in a Mother's Day sermon on Revelation 12
What's the difference between unity and uniformity within the Body of Christ? Why is unity so important to the mission of the Church?"as it is, there are many parts, but one body."Envy despises what God has given me and exalts what God has given everybody else.Pride exalts what God has given me and despises what God has given everybody else.Fai ...…
Scripture tells us that "in all things (both good and bad) God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28Many times we feel like our failures disqualify us from speaking into the lives of other people, yet that experience in your past may be exactly what God wants to use to communicate ...…
Pinch yourself... are you alive today?If so, then God has some reason for you to be here on earth.Jesus' followers were probably asking similar questions..."now what?" "what are we supposed to be doing with our lives?"John 20:19-23 gives their charge from Jesus:"I'm sending you to preach repentance and forgive or retain sins."Consider who Jesus ...…
Pastor Paul leads us in our second sermon of our Alive Sermon Series.
Alive Week 1 | Romans 8Romans 8:1-3Jesus puts condemnation to deathRomans 8:5-8Do you walk straight back into your own grave?The flesh chooses: death, hostility, rebellionThe Spirit chooses: life, peace, and obedience God's will is revealed so that we might have life, not so that our freedom is taken away.Romans 8:10-13The Spirit who raised Jes ...…
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Listen to an Easter Message from Tony Boos on the "Easter Difference"
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Listen as Pastor Joe leads us in a sermon on Good Friday.
Weekly Sermons - Audio
Listen as Pastor Paul leads us in a sermon on Maundy Thursday.
Palm Sunday | John 11The problem with Jesus was the crowds of people who followed Him.v.3 "Lord, the one you love is sick."v.4 " that God's Son may be glorified through it."Jesus was telling them, I'm about to give you something that will carry you through all the darkness of this life... Faith in Me.v.15 "and for your sake I am glad I was ...…
Jesus' words always do waht they sayMatthew 8:5-13Jesus heals the unworthy and undeservingJesus heals wtih just a wordRomans 3:19-21No one is delcared righteous based on waht they do.Our relationship with God is not legal fictionThe devil can't re-open your case, you are forgiven.The case is closed.
Reflections Mark 4-5The Miracles of Jesus Show:He is God, in the flesh, among his peoplethe Messianic Age has dawnedHe has come to destroy the work and ways of the DevilTwo Different Types of Prayers“Give me a sign!” (one is never enough)“Give me your Holy Spirit!” (a gift enough for any moment)A Scripture Saturated Culture“more than Sunday” Re ...…
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