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FamilyLife Today® with Dennis Rainey
Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective. Find out more at
FamilyLife Today On The Go®
Ever feel like there's never enough time in the day? FamilyLife Today On The Go is geared for your busy lifestyle. Practical, Biblical help for your marriage and family in bite-sized chunks--perfect for busy moms and dads who have a 5 to 10 minute window while dropping off the kids at school or soccer practice. Brought to you by FamilyLife. Help for today. Hope for tomorrow.
FamilyLife Today® with Dennis Rainey
FamilyLife Today® is a daily 25 to 30 minute podcast that provides practical, biblical tools to address the issues affecting your family in a format that is conversational in nature. At the core of every program is motivation, encouragement, and help.
FamilyLife This Week®
Our weekend program, FamilyLife This Week, is hosted by Michelle Hill and features marriage and family experts like Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Bob Lepine, Ron Deal and others.
Real FamilyLife® with Dennis Rainey
Life may be hard... but the precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart (Psalm 19:8). Real FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey, provides godly wisdom for life's toughest questions.
Answers 4 the Family
"Answers 4 the Family" radio show was born out of a desire to help guide parents and adolescent services industry professionals alike to professional resources as they face critical moments with their children and/or clients. The show addresses issues such as locating your runaway teen, family crisis intervention, building self esteem, dealing with addictions, international parental abduction and the many of the "everyday" concerns of parents and teens. We will also introduce you to speciali ...
Women With Balls...In the Air with Casey DeStefano
Listen. Learn. Love thyself. Never fear your future again. If you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur mompreneur or working woman, you can have a successful career & abundant family life without pulling your hair out. “Women with Balls…in the Air,” delivers incredibly awesome guidance on how the hell to get back to yourself! Join, entrepreneur, certified instructor and mother, Casey DeStefano as she shares her experiences with Matt Damon, Martin Scorsese, Martin Sheen, John Lee Dumas, Kate Eric ...
Gospel Solutions for Families
Gospel Solutions for Families is a program that promotes gospel living amid the everyday challenges and opportunities of marriage and family life. General auxiliary leaders and experts come together in studio to discuss topics relevant to today's families. Matthew O. Richardson, second counselor in the Sunday School general presidency, hosts the program.
Gospel Solutions for Families | MP3 | ENGLISH
Gospel Solutions for Families offers practical, relevant tips for raising children in faith. Host Amy Iverson brings together General Auxiliary Leaders and experts to talk about tough topics parents are dealing with today, and how living gospel principles can help with the everyday challenges and opportunities of family life.
Family Life Australia
FamilyLife Today® is a 30 minute interview style daily program. You’ll find in-depth interviews with authors, experts, pastors and sometimes every day people just like you. It’s funny, informative and engaging.
Campus Crusade Today
Campus Crusade Today gives voice to all of the activity occurring under the Campus Crusade for Christ umbrella of ministry organizations. Its focus is on changed life stories and the salvation experienced through Jesus Christ. Ministry reports come from the Jesus Film, Family Life, Athletes in Action, Heres Life Inner City, Campus Ministries, Crossroads, Gain, and all other CCCI ministries around the world.
Mystery of Parenthood
Mystery of Parenthood empowers and encourages parents to embrace in day-to-day family life the joys, the struggles, and the duties of parenthood through the lens of Faith practically applied.
Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
Arguably, one of the most influential and insightful pieces of work concerned with American political life, Democracy in America directs itself towards American politics and society, and is considered to be one the best books written on the subject. Published in 2 volumes, in 1835 and 1840, Tocqueville records his findings after studying the thriving nation in his nine month exploratory journey. The young French aristocrat first came to America on an official assignment to study the American ...
The New Family Podcast
The New Family Podcast is the show that explores what families really look like today and the issues that matter to us most. Twice a week we interview some of the most compelling people whose stories represent the many forms family can take today. And we chat with top parenting experts with great insights on the challenges of raising kids in these interesting times. This podcast comes from the creators of the popular website,, which explores and celebrates modern family life ...
Jitterbug Jukebox
Jitterbug Jukebox is a podcast hosted by Duke Skellington and Professor Watson focusing on the subculture of the swing era music from the 1920s to 1940s and also its current state of electro swing which is being produced in the UK and around the world. We focus not only on the music but also on the culture; fashion, interviewing current artists as well as learning more about historical musicians and their place in time.Marshall Watson AKA Professor Watson:Marshall Watson is a professional Sw ...
Love Conquers All by Robert Benchley
Sixty-three essays on a variety of topics as wide apart as Family Life in America, Opera Synopses, Bigamy, International Finance and many more, Love Conquers All by Robert Benchley strangely enough does not touch upon romance at all! However, these delightful notes provide hours of browsing pleasure for young and old readers alike. Robert Benchley was a well-known humorist and newspaper columnist, radio and television presenter, actor, scriptwriter and broadcaster. He is also credited with c ...
Unity Family Matters
Good parenting doesn't happen by default. It is intentional. It is a decision about who you will be and what you will do in your family life. Your hosts Rev. Jennifer and Ogun Holder want you to experience the "light" side of parenting-realizing your divine identity while raising your children to know they are "the light of God." Every week we offer insight based upon Unity principles, talk with today's prominent experts in spiritual parenting, and address your questions and comments from sp ...
The Tribe Life
Tune in twice a month where we interview other parents in our community and around the world about raising kids in today's world. We talk about the daily joys and struggles of working towards a balanced family life. Sometimes it’s just us, having a conversation about what we’re learning about ourselves and our kids, and sometimes we interview other parents to learn about what they’re doing to raise good humans. We love connecting with people, learning about their 'why' and where they’re at i ...
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Thursday, December 14th, in the year of our Lord 2017 By Jonathan Clark Sudanese Court Upholds Eviction of Pastors and Their Families Over 60 church leaders in the northeastern African country of Sudan face charges from courts in the country’s capital Khartoum for refusing to hand over their church lands to a Muslim businessman named Al-Neel, r ...…
Suzanne Fetscher creates spaces for artists to change the world. For 18 years, she served as the founding president of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, a contemporary art and artist-in-residency center, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to her appointment, she served as Executive Director of the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyr ...…
In a world that stands for nothing, how do we choose to live for something? Dennis Rainey offers biblical wisdom and insight from his book Choosing a Life That Matters: 7 Decisions You’ll Never Regret.
Transcript: My name is Nicki. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. I've been married to Burt for 11 years, almost 12, and he has been the pastor of the same church in Augusta, Georgia, for 15 years. In that time, there's been a lot of ups and downs, and I guess the two main highlights would be, he led the church through a re ...…
Best Professional Development, Startup and Investing Podcasts - 7 Per week
Published on 18 Mar 2017. Erin Botsford is one of the top financial advisors in the country. She is the founder and CEO of the Botsford Financial Group, which has nearly $1 billion in assets under management. She has appeared on Barron’s list of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors and Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors multiple times. And ...…
Deborah Bosley brings clarity to complex information. She is a plain language expert who re-envisions language so that readers might better understand and respond. She is owner and principal of The Plain Language Group, a consultancy that helps businesses improve internal and external communication. Her work includes developing and designing do ...…
Lets go on a journey here, this is a beautiful story of birth told from the words of a mother that has encompassed her work and life with the gifts that each child brought her. Meet Julia, specialist in the body from a background of anatomist to working now with women in pelvic mapping and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. We head o ...…
In This Episode: Danielle shares her family's call to mission overseas. We talk about the practicals of responding to that call, selling everything, and following Him. We chat about their family life, mission work, and day-to-day schedule. What Danielle is Loving: Hobby Night Danielle's Missionary Hack: Pack Light Danielle's Mom Hack: Shower at ...…
Tweet LIVE this Sunday, October 22nd at 635pm Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of on Wildfire Radio Derek returns to studio and we are thrilled to welcome on the program celebrity Chef Gabriele Corcos to talk about about new book “Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes and Simple Pleasures from Our Kitchen to Your Table” fro ...…
Hello and welcome to Parents Press Play & Friends where we talk about unique and interesting topics across gaming, entertainment, and technology for people of all ages. This week, in Episode 188: Loot Boxes are Terrible, we are joined by 2 Dads. I am your Host Kaleb Rutherford, @kahleeb on Twitter, and joining me this week is the "Special Guest ...…
The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast
J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide detective, and his wife, Susie, tell Dennis Rainey about how they met in high school, and then together found the Lord. J. Warner tells how he applied his investigative skills to his study of the Bible, sure he could prove it wrong. To his amazement, the witness accounts set forth in the Gospels seemed co ...…
Eva is a two time published illustrator and seasoned chalk artist and hand lettering professional. She describes herself as a mompreneur who equips home based business entrepreneurs with the skills, habits & mindset to dominate in their business. Today she shares with us how her entrepreneural journey began, and helps us understand some tricks ...…
Mountain Movers Church: Brad and Misti Helton - Audio
Ever feel like you are up against more than just hard times, but an invisible darkness, like an attack has been launched against you and your family? Life alone is truly tough, but add dealing with forces of darkness on top and it brings the game of life to a whole new creepy and complicated level. Listen as pastors Brad and Misti share an acti ...…
Half Hour Call with Chris King
Today's guest is Lilli Cooper. Lilli grew up in the entertainment industry. We talk about her family life and how that molded the performer she is today. We also talk about her time performing in the original cast of "Spring Awakening" at just 16, to her newest musical which starts previews in November, "SpongeBob Square Pants". Check out our w ...…
So many of us are striving to create the lives (and the bodies) that we love. But it can get discouraging because it seems like we’re inundated with examples of women who are having to compromise their health and well-being in order to achieve success in their career, and vice versa. Is it really possible to be successful in business, engaged i ...…
What matters most? The big things or the little things? Does the appearance of your website really matter, or is it strictly the quality of the content that’s important? In Episode 007 of Marketing Podcast Weekly, your hosts Rob Booker and Jason Pyles talk about unattractive websites that still make a lot of money, despite their lack of aesthet ...…
Episode 58 of Geoff & Jeffrey: The Weekly Catch Up "The Happy Hollisters Are Still Swell!" An Australian and a guy from the U.S. talk audio, video, content creation, and that other stuff. It is streamed live on YouTube on Wednesday mornings in the U.S., and Wednesday evenings in Australia. The link for the video of this episode is at the bottom ...…
~ a talk by Tara Brach presented on January 25, 2017 Listen and watch: Darkness of the Womb – Four Key Steps in Transforming Suffering Download transcript – now available in PDF. Practice with the final Reflection: Transforming Suffering and Awakening the Heart. Namaste and welcome. I recently heard a story about a priest who was giving a child ...…
24: Overcome Childhood Trauma, Quit People-Pleasing and Set Health Boundaries with Madison Hedlund. In today’s Curiously You podcast episode with guest Madison Hedlund we’ll be discussing processing and healing childhood trauma, particularly where it has led to people-pleasing “good girl” habits, plus how we can shed outdated coping mechanisms, ...…
Learn what you need to know in order to start up your own Pickleball location in the latest episode of the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast. Today, I’m talking with Heather Canny, Family Life Director at First United Methodist Church in Richardson, TX, a suburb northeast of Dallas. She’s been coordinating pickleball at the church for awhile now and h ...…
In today’s episode, Steli and Hiten discuss some approaches to make your personal life healthier. Why? How you’re doing at home affects how you’re doing at work—bottom line. When there is a misalignment of expectations among partners, this can lead to conflict and at worst, a breakdown in a relationship. Therefore, there must be a strong focus ...…
Welcome everyone. It's awesome to have you here with me today. Today I'm here by myself, so I'm just going to go through a number of key things for you. I want you to make sure that you get so much out of today as we jump in and make a huge, huge different for you and your business. It's Colin Sprake here, and I want to go into what I call the ...…
Today we’re speaking with Steve Cunningham from Pivot Point Family Growth Centers. I am super excited to get going today to give you some really golden nuggets from people that have built successful businesses, but guess what? They haven't always been that way. There's trials, tribulations, challenges they've gone through to get to where they a ...…
Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli
Jennifer MacLaughlin is an Auslan Interpreter for the deaf community. Auslan has a similar language structure to Asian languages. The word order is different and the picture and scene is created first. The language is created in a visual sense. We explore a conversation where Jennifer was standing on stage translating an extraordinary piece of ...…
Hustle 4 Wealth Podcast
In episode 6: Self Confidence x Sauced Up we discuss the importance of having confidence in yourself and being high in self-esteem in life. Confidence tells a lot about a person upon the first encounter or which is called the “first impression”. In a negatively based material world everything we do in our day to day life is judged and under an ...…
Episode Summary: Yael Schonbrun is a clinical psychologist in private practice and assistant professor at Brown University. In her spare time, she is a stay-at-home mother to her three boys. Her book exploring the psychology of straddling an ambitious professional and engaged family life is coming out soon. A big theme on this podcast is balanc ...…
We've known Maelisa a long time. You might know her too from But what you may not know is she started QAprep first and now is building her private practice. What's even more interesting are the services she offers in her private last week, it's out of the box. Check it out! Kelly: Hey guys welcome to today's p ...…
The ONE Thing Predicting Your Success More Than “Motivation” Ever Will… The Unbreakable Success Podcast – Episode 24. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Most people, especially us entrepreneurs, are convinced that they need to master motivation in order to succeed. With the absolute best intentions, they often spend a lo ...…
The 3pm Pickup for 2017 with Monty Dimond, Bec Judd and Yumi Stynes.Today Bec and Yumi have some shows they're loving, and were psyched to see photos of Miranda Kerr's wedding dress, Yumi's scared she's too old for something, and AFL footballer Trent Cotchin dropped in to chat about his family life
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