Best fanboy podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Fanboy Radio
Recordings from the comic book talk radio show
The official movie and television podcast for LRM Online.
Mario-Francisco Robles, Editor-in-Chief of REVENGE OF THE FANS, Is The Host of This Passionate, Intimate Weekly Podcast. Join Him Each Week As He Sounds Off On The Latest Issues Concerning Geek Culture (Primarily Movies and TV Shows) In His Signature Raw, Confessional Style.
Once a week Steve McLean and Brian Thompson get together to talk about the latest happenings in the OHL along with special guests to bring at least some credibility to the podcast.
Fanboy Theology
Exploring theology through the lens of pop culture.
The Original “Fanboy Podcast“ Dedicated to the “Universe” of Writer/Director/Actor/Podcaster/Personal Hero - Kevin Smith aka: The Clerks Guy - By Fans for Fans
Fanboy Planet
Reviews, interviews, and opinions on comics, movies, television, and wrestling.
Fanboy Weekly!
You have just entered the nerd zone. Umm, not really, but I promise you will get your nerd and geek fix weekly. We will talk about everything from our fave fanboy shows, comic books, geeky trips, AppleTv updates and more. I am your resident blerd, David. Thanks for tuning in!!
A music show about music
Fanboys of the Universe:
Join a few disneyland fanboys as they discuss all things disney and give you the latest news and rumors from the happiest place on earth.
Podcasts and shows from Fanboys Anonymous, your source for all things in geek culture.
Fanboy Film Talk
Podcast for Start-up Independent filmmakers and film fans. We talk over what it takes to be able to make your own movie with the resources you have, get ourselves motivated and off your butt and making your movie!
Fanboy Channel
Join super nerd Clayton as he and a guest deep dive into the newest comic books and discuss some hidden treasures!
Fanboy Features
Hello! My name is Luke. This podcast is for me, a Fanboy, and my friends to talk about all fandoms.
Reasonable Fanboys
Just a couple of dudes crackin each others skulls about superheroes and the comics they come from.
A podcast about pop culture, movies, comics, and super heroes
Atomic Fanboy!
Fanboys Radio
Geek culture program about comics, movies, cos-play, conventions and all the things that makes geeks go round. Spreading the nerd! Contact us with your questions or comments at fanboysradio@gmail.comBe sure to call in to the show and voice your opinions.(646)721-9494Wednesday nights @ 10pm!
The Pilot Episode. The guys talk about thier best and worse moments for gaming and ultimate matchups in fighting games.
Fanboy Wasted
It's simple really: 4 guys getting drunk and reviewing, discussing and smack-talking everything nerd culture.
Blueshirt Fanboys
New York Rangers Podcast
Marvel, DC, Comics, Movies pop culture. Nerd News never sounded so dang good. Fanboys Assemble!!!
Fanboys Unite
The Adventures Of Movieman and Fanboy is a movie review podcast where brothers Josh and Sam watch a comic book movie and give their own personal review, the also talk movie trivia and talk about news in the comic book movie community! so join is as we re-watch old classics and new blockbusters and nerd out together with movies from the DCEU the MCU and others like Starwars, One offs and even Shows and Games!
From the company that brought you FanboyTV we now present our series of podcasts about geek culture.
Fanboy and Skinny
Fanboy and Skinny is the ramblings of two nerds in their twenties that ride their soapboxes harder than a couple of jockies at the Kentucky derby. Gaming and film news followed with useless facts about nerd culture and themselves along with the daily misadventures in retail. Operating from their condo apartment and fueled by grandpas old cough medicine.They say what they mean, and mean what they say...most of the time
Our full podcast library can be found on Itunes or you can head over to for articles and exclusive do we have your attention?
Four-Color Fanboys
Two enthusiastic and articulate fans discuss a wide variety of comic books and comics-related topics from an adult perspective, with humor and insight.
Three ‘80s kids talking comics, games, toys, and anything else that will distract them from being adults.
Libtards and Fanboys is a biweekly podcast hosted by Michael Bolt & Scott Savage. We cover everything from current news to local beers, music, video games, and gadgets.
A podcast dedicated to all us Fanboys & Fangirls who love all things Geeky, Sporty or Musical
F1 And Done
This is F1 And Done. We will be doing our best to provide an American barstool style of biting, fanboy commentary on Formula 1. We’ll be recording podcasts after every Grand Prix. Our goal is to share a few laughs, offer opinions, and enjoy the unique sport of Formula 1 racing.
Join the crew of the FANBOY BUZZ comic book podcasts. The Fanboy Buzz is a weekly podcast that explores that latest and greatest in comics, gaming, tv, film plus more!
Slamming Wrestling News Radio On Its Back Since 2002, Ring Rust couples swasome tunage with the most cromulent wrestling newsage to embiggen the smarkest fan!
A podcast about pop culture, movies, comics, and super heroes
Your source for comic reviews and discussion
Each week, our band of heroes discusses the latest in comic book news, as well as providing in-depth reviews of the lasted issues from publishers such as DC, Marvel, IDW, and many more!
A not-so-slowburn podcast that covers everything from comic books to movies to........ well, comicbook movies! EVERYTHING'S on the table!!!So sit on your ass, kick up your feet, crack open that happy juice and let's see what sort of fun we can have!
A podcast for travel enthusiasts on a budget. Adam provides city travel guides and insights on maximizing your time and money utilizing points and loyalty programs. A podcast to help you have a top-shelf trip at a happy hour price!
Two nerds — a professional movie reviewer who actually loves movies and an unqualified geek who knows just enough to be dangerous — take on a crazy world saturated in movies, television, and myriad pop culture tropes.
Fresh, funny, bourbon-infused comic reviews imported from Detroit! The Pencil and Ink Review crew brings you the best and most entertaining comic reviews and news each week! Join Tom, Joe, and Bruske as they discuss the latest and greatest comic releases from Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant and many more! Brush up on your vintage nerd wisdom and go back in time during our monthly Retro Reviews show, where the guys discuss their favorite old school comic classics. Finally, we infused a bit of estr ...
Every episode, in chronological order!
Just another site
Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. Johnnie, Garrett & Joshua are a crew of 3 friends who love chopping it up about games and all the media they love and thought, "Hey, we do this all the time anyway so lets do it in a podcast!". Join the Super Co-op Squad as they talk about current gaming trends, upcoming titles, movies & more, and ...
A podcast made by degenerates about anime, video games, and all things fanboy. Not sure if you want to watch that anime? Otaku into it!
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Good news / bad news updating multimedia stories, including the future of DC/Warner movies, more Marvel TV, and more!
It's a big round-up on this review. We've enlisted the thoughts of two Disney themed podcasts: Joey from the Disney Universe podcast and Mark from the Leaving Today Podcast. Which basically means, we keep the f-bombs to a minimum (or none). Solo: A Star Wars story is the movie in question and with a table full of Star Wars geeks it's complete f ...…
This week we start phase 2 of the MCU and we watch and review Iron Man 3, We also talk news and do a trailer breakdown of the upcoming Bumblebee movie (transformers) and as always we do a bad review segment and a Movie Facts segment! We hope you are enjoying this podcast and if you want to support us please rate and review us on Soundcloud or A ...…
With so many film's UK release being delayed, Scott decides to have a good old fanboy gab sesh with Mark Russell about something they both actually like for once instead! And what could be better to talk about than the beloved animated web series RWBY? Probably some deeply important socio-political issue, but Scott's not willing to do the resea ...…
Bloopering Out At The Tower – Episodes 38, 39 and 42 This is Bloopering Out at the Tower Podcast! In these episodes, it’s just the random audio that was recorded before or after the main recording. There is also audio that was cut out because they were a tangent or just interruptions that lasted a while. In this episode we compiled between chat ...…
Chris Brandt is a storyboard artist, a documentary filmmaker, and a cartoonist. He’s responsible for the comic book documentary Comic Book Independents, has been a storyboard artist for commercials and feature films, and has been working on his own personal project A Hero A Day for the past several years. This month he launched a Kickstarter wi ...…
Devin Townsend finally joins the program. We discuss his new live album Ocean Machine - Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv that's set to drop on July 6th, the mountain of material he's working on, the puppet of Tommy Rogers he has, and a lot more as I attempt to not fanboy too hard. Talk to me Far Beyond Metal on Facebook - Twitter - Far ...…
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry should be able to smell a crook. That’s doubly so if the man on the case if Dick Tracy. Sabrina offers up the heavily marketed mobster flick full of zoot suits, elaborate prosthetics, and Warren Beatty’s fanboy tendencies. SatFriendClub Patreon Subscribe! The post Episode 070 – Dick Tracy (1990) appeared first on Satu ...…
In this X-Wingin’ It episode of Star Wars: TIES, Lando Fett (Landon) and Jay-2SO (Jameson) replace an expected interview with a lengthy discussion of a variety of Star Wars topics. These two nerf herders cover new Star Wars figures, the Force Awakens era trilogy, new books, Star Wars: Rebels, some upcoming shows/movies, and much more! This “X-W ...…
I pay-per-review #CoastlineClash... then I pre-per-view #MITB {during which I decide to count the number of former NXT Superstars are on the show}... I compare beards with Elias & Eli Drake... & I channel my inner MC Nuggitt with rapping wrestlers in the #3WayDanceOff!~ ~ ~I'd like to hear from you! Please drop me a line @ ...…
Fanboys Anonymous reviews the hits and misses of Tag.By (A Mango Tree Entertainment).
Welcome to the Check This Out Podcast! EP 86 - Are you a Fanboy / Fangirl? In this episode, we talk about talking about being too loyal to one product, being too much of a fan to one thing. Plus how to “show what you know”, Summer PD Opportunities, Augment Reality Ruler, 3d modeling, Price trackers and much more... Thanks for checking this out! ...…
Nerd Rage Radio Show Notes Episode 146: What Do Kelly Tran & Bumblebee Have In Common? We're Not Sure... Shaking With Excitement In Time For July 4th Sexy News... But Bot Really ...…
Is "Seven Samurai" as good as the hype?Is the new Mr. Rogers documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor?," poised to bring down the house?As per usual, Fanboy and Know-It-All are poised to go where no nerds have gone before.("April Showers" by ProleteR is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives [aka Music Sharing] 3.0 International ...…
In this episode, I detail my recent trip to Las Vegas for the Zorkfest and 360 Vegas Vacation festivities. The entire weekend was a blast. I met a number of incredible people, learned a ton of great info, and drank some of the best bourbons around. Doesn't get much better than that. If you're on the fence about attending Zorkfest or Vegas Vacat ...…
What is up Star Wars fans! We are back and we are bringing the heat with the new Star Wars Time Show. In this week's edition, Matt and I burn the haters and trolls, go over the changes that Ron Howard made to the Kessel Run in Solo, and talk about some of the top Han and Chewie moments across all of the movies!Unfortunately, Kelly Marie Tran, a ...…
What is up Star Wars fans! We are back and we are bringing the heat with the new Star Wars Time Show. In this week's edition, Matt and I burn the haters and trolls, go over the changes that Ron Howard made to the Kessel Run in Solo, and talk about some of the top Han and Chewie moments across all of the movies!Unfortunately, Kelly Marie Tran, a ...…
Jon asks Drew about his visit to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the primary gathering of the Apple Tribe. Let’s face it: it’s a tribe, and it bears many of the hallmarks of tribalism. How much of the intense energy in the Apple Tribe is even rational? To outsiders, they’re “fanboys” — never mind their genders — but to themselves, they’ ...…
Open Forum Radio - Episode 408OFR Season 9 (Episode 29) - OFR Jump InTuesday, June 12th 2018 9:50 EST.Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz,(Feedback at E3!!!!!!!We really only have one topic and that is E3 which means: Games, games, games and MORE games!!! - Unravel 2, , Anthem, Battlefield V - Multiplayer reveal,J ...…
Ryan and John explore some more comics and news from the last couple weeks. John saw Solo, and liked it, and that's all they're gonna say on the matter. Thank you all for listening!Twitter: @RFBPCEmail:
We're back and joined by guests and frequent contributors Shannon Griffiths and Stephen Silver to talk about the latest happenings in film and TV - what is must watch, the recent wave of blockbuster films, and releases just around the corner. And we discuss whether we think 'fanboyism' has started to become to toxic to the very things they love ...…
Don't come for us, fanboys! In this episode we cover The Dark Knight just weeks before its 10 year anniversary. We discuss our love of Heath Ledger, the ethics of Batman, and Jeff Goldblum conspiracy theories.Follow us on twitter @whywtpodcast!Theme music by The Sea Life…/The_Sea_Life/…
This episode we watched Solo a Star Wars story and we give our review! we also talk news about a new Matt Groening Netflix series, our thoughts on the Thundercats Roar series announcement, crow movie cancelation and more, and as always we read bad review and movie facts! stay tuned for more episode and watch along with us! if you would like to ...…
I think the title says it all actually, LOL.
Donnie Boivin is a Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, and Podcaster. Donnie has a way with motivational speaking that is tough to find and great to hear! I’m very happy to have Donnie on the podcast. He shares his stories from HVAC salesman to being a Marine. Donnie is also available to be your success coach! Let him ignite that spark within ...…
This week I had the pleasure of inviting my good friend Terrence Yip of the Trailer Was Better Podcast to discuss Solo: A Star Wars story in depth. Chuck Wendig, author of Star Wars Novels, going on a tweetstorm about hateful fanboys
The Marks of the Roundtable talk about the new #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships the B-Team and what is the end game for Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.Manuel breaksdown the court case between CM Punk/ Colt Cobana vs Dr. Amann.The Boys predict who will win the Male's Money in the Bank briefcase.The Golden Brothers on the excitem ...…
I pay-per-review #ZeroFear... then I pre-per-view #CoastlineClash & #NXTTakeover... I point out what's simultaneously a benefit & a detriment of most podcasts... & I play some 16-bit theme songs in the #3WayDanceOff!~ ~ ~I'd like to hear from you! Please drop me a line @ {Subject Line: Ring Rust} & let me know what you lik ...…
Two thirds of your heroes "Assemble" over Skype in the first episode of 2018! Bryan and Fred test out long distance recording and discuss Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2's advertising campaign, and if they're old enough to watch CBS dramas like their Grandparent's. All this and more randomness about comics, toys, and anything else they could ...…
Lamar Kukuk is an actor, writer, fanboy, and Pennsylvania’s longest-tenured Texas Rangers fan. In 2017, one of his screenplays finally got the green light when his adaptation of Ron James' autobiography Choices (2018) was filmed in Huntington, West Virginia with Lamar playing the role of Steve Sands. For more information about Lamar, please vis ...…
Duddy B is checking in with JP, Chicken and Fanboy Jay to talk about golf, touring, upcoming shows and more www.cctix.comBy (Zee Donaldson).
Keeping up with Kraglin & co. (Phoenix Comic Fest 2018)Episode 21May 30, 2018Welcome to the 21st episode of Tomorrow Comes Movies! The podcast that talks beyond movies! We talk VG, Music, Comics, television, SW, pop culture, Funko and much more! This episode your hosts return from Phoenix Comic Fest formerly Phoenix Comic Con! They talk about t ...…
They’ve always given Star Wars characters some pretty peculiar names like Boba, Sheev, Dooku and Han? But in Solo A Star Wars Story, do we get to find out Who Shot First? What’s on the Falcon? or if I Dunno’s on Corellia? I mean we may never fully understand but at least Lando’s no a system. (Drum roll) So in moving on... Angle the deflector an ...…
I pre-per-view #ZeroFear... then I question why some wrestlers wear headphones to the ring... & I play my favourite #WWENXT theme songs in the #3WayDanceOff!~ ~ ~I'd like to hear from you! Please drop me a line @ {Subject Line: Ring Rust} & let me know what you like {or dislike} about my show! I'm always on the lookout for ...…
Tom is back from his year long trip to Vegas to resume his position as the conductor of the LeBron James fanboy bus. The guys break down the NBA and NFL finals and take a deep dive into the world of burner twitter accounts.
We’re still not ready to see Ash go, so we’re continuing our month long mourning by fanboying over a potential Jason Voorhees/Ash Williams crossover. One foot in the Evil Dead universe, one foot in Crystal Lake, all groovy. EMail us- Listen on Tune In Radio- iTun ...…
Part two of my chat with Stacy Dooks of The Fanboy Power Hour Podcast. We talk about Star Trek/Wars and any other sci-fi media fandom that passes our fancy. Bonus points if you can list them all! Find Stacy on Twitter: @Stacyhd Music Credits: “Surf Inspector” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ht ...…
This episode we watched Kung Fury the fan funded Short film by David Sandburg, we also talked a lot of news and got into bad reviews and facts! I hope you enjoy this episode, please leave a rating and review on apple podcast app or wherever you listen! it will really help out the show! more episode coming weekly so stay tuned and subscribe!…
Evan Dorkin is a cartoonist known mostly for his independent comic book work in Milk and Cheese, Dork!, and The Eltingville Club. In the past several years, due to injuries to his hand from sitting at the drawing table for hours on end, Mr. Dorkin has been focusing mostly on only writing comic books. He is the writer and co-creator of fan favor ...…
We did it, the boys are going to the Memorial Cup Final. Steve from OHL fanboys podcast joins us in studio to discuss the games.
On the [checks notes] season finale of Fanboys, the guys and OHLAG give one final toast to Hamilton's season, the semifinal game, and the financial future of the 100 year old tournament.And because our finales always have huge guests, we welcome WHL Commissioner Ron Robison to discuss the tournament and how the league will go into the future wi ...…
NEWS Debrief Comic Con Revolution! Some fanboy poison, The HBO Watchmen show, SHAZAM movie promo art, Deadpool 2, Justice League: No Justice 3 and WE SMELL THE FLOPPIES! COMIC REVIEWS JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE 3THE TERRIFICS 4 ROBIN: EVERYONE LOVES THE DRAKE PODCAST! Justin and Matt are voices on the next 4 shows of ROBIN:ELTD Podcast! They ar ...…
I pre-per-view #UnderPressure... then I deliver the most cromulent wrestling news to embiggen even the smarkest fan... & I celebrate a Nugget's life & career in the #3WayDanceOff!~ ~ ~I'd like to hear from you! Please drop me a line @ {Subject Line: Ring Rust} & let me know what you like {or dislike} about my show! I'm alw ...…
Kyle Predmore AKA AEFanboy stops by and we chat about RC Listen for the giveaway details and make sure you go over and check out Team Tactical RC Our good friend Tim Smith stops by and the hiliarity ensues!! Thanks to Joe and Todd for calling in!! Enjoy!!!!
THIS SHOW IS FOR EVERYONE!If you're new to the podcast, you'll love our diverse guest list, featuring Regina Pats play by play man Phil Andrews and Sportsnet analyst Colby Armstrong.If you're a longtime listener and are expecting Brian to scream about the god awful game management of Mario Pouliot, is this the show for you!See you Saturday for ...…
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