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Futuria Fantasia, Spring 1940 by BRADBURY, Ray
A collection of short science fiction stories, edited by Ray Bradbury. Authors include Lyle Monroe, J. E. Kelleam, Hank Kuttner, J. H. Haggard, Ron Reynolds, Damon Knight, and Hannes V. Bok. (Summary by Lois Hill)
Soul Fantasia Radio
Soul,Jazz,Funk,Boogie,House and Hiphop Radio Show.We use vinyl only.Created by Kyohei and friends.Peace.
Jazz Fantasia by SANDBURG, Carl
As our weekly poem of 30-July-2006, “Jazz Fantasia” was a special challenge because it isn’t just about jazz, it IS jazz. The rhythm is central, but not so clearly defined, so we had to play around and improvise. Every reading is unique! (Summary by LauraFox)
Neo Nostromo - Podcast de literatura fantástica
Podcast breve dedicado a la Literatura Fantástica, producido por Miquel Codony y Alexander Páez
O Podcast RPGista
Meet the Actor: Jay Baruchel
Jay Baruchel discusses the making of his latest film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina, The Sorcerer's Apprentice is an innovative and epic comedy adventure about a sorcerer and his hapless apprentice who are swept into the centre of an ancient conflict between good and evil. Rick Edwards moderates. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is in cinemas from August 11.
Meet the Actor: Jay Baruchel
Jay Baruchel discusses the making of his latest film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina, The Sorcerer's Apprentice is an innovative and epic comedy adventure about a sorcerer and his hapless apprentice who are swept into the centre of an ancient conflict between good and evil. Rick Edwards moderates. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is in cinemas from August 11.
LODE -archivos ligeros-
El programa de la fantasía y la ciencia-ficción. Cine, libros, cómics, series de televisión, manga-anime y videojuegos.
El podcast de cine, TV y todo lo que concierne a la cultura pop
Bookeando » Bookcast
Bookcast, o Podcast do Bookeando, especializado em literatura fantástica, com bate-papos extrovertidos e com muita informação para os viciados em histórias e livros de fantasia.
Relaxation Music for Stress (mp3)
Reduce your stress and anxiety now with relaxation music. Fantasia is relaxation music that will help you to relax deeply and as a result reduce your stress and anxiety. Dr. Harry Henshaw developed the therapeutic relaxation music of Fantasia in his holistic counseling practice and is now making it available to anyone interested in reducing stress and feeling more relaxed. Reducing your anxiety and stress will improve your health. Fantasia has also been mixed with the powerful sounds of natu ...
Relaxation Music for Anxiety and Stress Relief (mp3)
Relaxation Music is four relaxation music recordings developed by Dr. Harry Henshaw to help you relax deeply and as a result lower your anxiety and stress. The four recordings are Fantasia, Cosmic Energy, Healing Vibrations and Inner Reflection. Listening to these recordings will relax you immediately and help you to reduce daily anxiety and stress as will as assist you in improving your health. All recordings are 30 minutes, come with a Full Money Back Guarantee and are only $1.95. Dr. Harr ...
TUCKER and DALE Vs EVIL: Meet the Director and Actor
TUCKER and DALE Vs EVIL is a hilariously gory, good-spirited horror comedy, doing for killer rednecks what Shaun of the Dead did for zombies. Tucker and Dale are two best friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house, who are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of obnoxious, preppy college kids. When one of the students gets separated from her friends, the boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count. TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL ...
Cobra Spirit
An Amazonian fantasia. Text by Edward L. Fox, sound by David Toop. Key words: Amazonia, Amazonas, Yanomamo, shamanism, ebene, garimpagem, garimpo, gold mining, anthropology, jungle, rain forest, Belem, Santarem, Para, Dolphin, Amazonian folklore.
Wigless and Crying
#Ratchet Productions presents "Wigless and Crying; A Gay Fantasia on Trashy Themes"What happens when three trashy boys get drunk and talk about random stuff? This podcast.Featuring JC Lee, Joshua Allen & Adrian Anchondo
Music for Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief (mp3)
Listen to the relaxation music samples and notice how relaxed you feel. Listening to the music of Fantasia will help you improve your health, both physically and emotionally. Fantasia is 30 minutes in length and is Only $1.95. Click on Website link to Buy Now and Download Immediately.
BLVD Skateboards
BLVD Skateboards - Videos featuring: Danny Montoya, Rob Gonzalez, Danny Supa, Rodrigo Petersen, Danny Cerezini, Daniel Lebron, Nate Fantasia, Jose Pereyra, Jeremy Murray, Carlos Iqui, Tiago Lemos. BLVD Skateboards, skate hard on the BLVD.
Esto NO es radio (Podcast) -
Si esto no te suena a la rockola de FM o al ruido rosa de AM, entonces: Esto NO es radio, de la realidad y otras fantasías, con Fernando "Micro" Hernández. Este es el podcast del programa que se transmite en vivo los miércoles y viernes de 1 a 2 pm por
Charlotte Execs After Dark
Welcome to Charlotte Execs After Dark: Relationships.. Business Talk.. Real Life. With your host, Timothy 'Motivation' Jones. Charlotte Execs is a organization of professional men and women in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area.. who come together, put down the work.. and enjoy life. Between live events, members meet on a group call and it's recorded for your enjoyment. Let's listen in. Contact Timothy at 704-856-9649 Also featuring music by: Beyonce, Jon Bellion, Justin Bieber, T ...
Deeper Sensation Mix By Simon Sim's
SIMON SIM'S: High in the House and synthetic sounds, Simon Sim's had a passion for music very early, diversifying its activities in the field of DJing and production. * In 2004, Simon Sim's working with DJ / producers like Chris Kaeser and Laurent pautrat and released his first EPs records: "Sim's - Indian Spirit" (co produced with Laurent Pautrat and Antoine Clamaran) "Zukker Party Band - All Right ( . Co produced with Laurent Pautrat) Chris Kaeser & Sim's - Hypnotick Music) for Pool E Musi ...
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ESWS 240 - East Screen: THE YUPPIE FANTASIA series Hong Kong Cinema Podcast Podcast episode 240 - East Screen: THE YUPPIE FANTASIA series 2 A super-sized show to fill some of our hiatus period. As Paul plays catch up on current Hong Kong cinema, he invites Kenneth Brorsson from So Good Reviews ( and ...…
Stockholm-based label @localtalk is releasing "Rainbow Fantasia", the 2nd album from the jazzman and producer @crackazat and including this beautiful gem premiered by yours trully: "Holding You Close". More info on
This is in response to a few questions about what books I read. The books I mention here are: Ralph Waldo Emerson: Essays (particularly his essay Self-Reliance) Rene Decartes: Meditations George Orwell: 1984 Aldous Huxley: Brave New World G.K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy G.K. Chesterton: Heretics Larry Siedentop: Inventing the Individual John Taylor ...…
This week, Jason and Lee have a conversation with Elizabeth Cappuccino and Max Talisman, two of the stars of SUPER DARK TIMES, a film directed by Kevin Phillips and written by Luke Piotrowski and Ben Collins.SUPER DARK TIMES Interview BreakdownIntroductionPart 1 Spoiler Free 1:10 - 28:21SUPER DARK TIMES Trailer 28:22 - 30:13Part 2 SPOILERS 30:1 ...…
La Órbita de Endor os presenta esta semana un programa lleno de contenidos en su formato magazine. El estreno de una segunda parte a la que teníamos muchas ganas compondrá el plato fuerte de este programa; nada menos que KINGSMAN: EL CÍRCULO DE ORO. Puro y genuino rock´n´roll con espías, chulería, violencia cartoon y fantasía loquísima, que ser ...…
We talk with writer-director Jerry Miller and with members of his cast from the current production at Theatre on the Ridge in Paradise -- "Radioland's Fall Fantasia," a live radio-show-style variety show which features singing, comedy, a game show and festive celebrations of the autumn season. We also talk with Jacki McClain, Arts Coordinator f ...…
Stephen's Classical Rate N Slate
Hear what British American Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown has to say about classical music, and why you should find a local performance to attend. You might agree with his rating and slating! Download mp3 or buy CD: Listen to more Rates N Slates
Just Talk: A Will & Grace Podcast
In this episode we talk about Allen Ginsberg, an important discussion about Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino, the artistry of songwriting, Lifetime’s Intimate Portraits and racism in Hollywood. Also a very significant conversation about the “N” and “F” words. Join us for this kiki, RATE us, SHARE this with your friends, COMMENT here and SUB ...…
Talking Thru the Movie
In this episode of Talking Thru the Movie, join Neil and Benjamin as they hope on their luck dragons and pay a visit to the land of Fantasia. Listen as Neil and Ben discuss what a nothing looks like, how this film traumatised many children in the 80's, how Atreyu was repeatedly hurt during the making of this film and is Falkor really creepy or ...…
Before Cliff Corcoran of Sports on Earth takes his regular spot in the rotation and turns the conversation to an extended fantasia about beluga whales and other zoo-going experiences, Steve is joined by MLB Ambassador for Inclusion Billy Bean. Also: How Walter Johnson was like incorrectly eating a Stroopwafel. TABLE OF CONTENTS Walter Johnson v ...…
Rob Kerr provides an injury update on Orazio Fantasia, Michael Hurley and Cale Hooker.
All – Grace Clovis Presbyterian Church (PCA)
The Preacher has opened the book with a word about the vanity of life. Everything is meaningless and frustrating when it is viewed from “under the sun”, apart from any reference to God. The key verse from last week was: Ecclesiastes 1:3. He went on to point out how nature is mundane and monotonous. It feeds the sense of ceaseless routine that n ...…
We’re back, bitches! Not only do we officially have our first logo for the podcast now, but we have a very special guest this week too! This week we talk to Ryan “El Monstruo” Prows, the director of the 2017 exploitation gem Lowlife (reviewed both by none other than Mondo himself and friend of the podcast/writer on the site Doug Tilley) about h ...…
Dan Fantasia has some useful insights into interviewing, hiring, and retaining Sales people. B2B Selling environments draw a unique set of personalities to sales roles. Dan shares some stories and examples that will help you hire right.
Download the episode here! Mike and Matt sit down with true modern auteur Simon Rumley (Red, White and Blue) to discuss his new film Fashionista (review here) which played at this years Fantasia film festival.
Repertoire Excursions live on Jungletrain.Bi-weekly - Wednesdays (odd weeks).22:00 to 00:00hrs BSTwww.jungletrain.netTracklist01. Mr E, Dillinja & Clarky - Stealers Anthem - IQ02. DJ Rap ‎– Digable Bass - Propa Talent03. Red One - Alive 'N' Kickin' (Origin Unknown Remix) - Liftin Spirit04. Baby D - Casanova (Rapture Remix) - Production House05. ...…
Get N Tha Game Overtime with Ricco Barrino Pt 2 In part 2 of Overtime, Ricco Barrino, or as you may know him "Fantasia's Brother" stops by Get N Tha Game to talk about the illuminati and the music industry, who is responsible for SANGIN' that him and his sister do and the always entertaining Aunt Bunny stops by to share her views on the R. Kell ...…
Get N Tha Game Overtime with Ricco Barrino Pt. 1 Ricco Barrino, or as you may know him "Fantasia's Brother" stops by Get N Tha Game to clear the air on the rumors on whether him and Black Chyna got busy! We get real about what we're eating, Ricco tells us why he got scared into changing his diet after watching "What The Health" Follow Us on Soc ...…
Just a recap on this year’s killer Fantasia International Film Festival lineup. It was a great year and we only sampled a fraction of what it had to offer… we can’t imagine just how awesome the entire festival really was. Just a note on the sound. It’s not great and we’re not really sure why that is. It’s not awful at all, but all apologies for ...…
Hello geeks, Welcome to the August 8th, 2017 edition of News of the North. Here's our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world. News [Terrible Kids Stuff] New 28mm releases: Hero 1, Zombie 1 and Tanaka [Kromlech] Kopta Kan [GCT Studios] Bushido Wave 36 on pre-order [Savage Forged Minis] C-48 Roy [Mirico Collec ...…
As much as I wish we could all get up to Montreal in the summer for their big genre film festival Fantasia Fest (and not just for the fest…it’s %*&% hot down here in Texas) it’s just not in the cards anytime soon. Fortunately, the amazing folks who run it are all too kind to interested press and send out a giant amount of screeners to their fas ...…
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher talk about Disney's Fantasia 2000 with guest Alexander Miller (Writer for Battleship Pretension, Talk Film Society, and Film Inquiry). Disney had attempted to make a sequel to Fantasia for years. After many false starts and a lengthy development process, Fantasia 2000 is the final result. Containi ...…
Host Mat Bradley-Tschirgi starts things off with an interview with indie musican and Sequelcast 2 theme performer Marc with a C to talk about his upcoming vinyl release of Shock Treatment Interpretations. Then, hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher talk about Disney's Fantasia with guest Alexander Miller (Writer for Battleship Pretens ...…
Hannah Mamalis is an actress, writer, and comedian. You probably know her from loads of stuff like various Dreamgun sketches, live shows, and podcasts or maybe from her Comedy Brunch which has appeared at Smock Alley and the Body & Soul Festival. You’ll definitely know her soon from her role in the upcoming film The Drummer and The Keeper, her ...…
Follow Piffaro from Spain to the New World in the 17th century and hear a wild array of secular songs, sacred motets, dances and instrumental fantasias are all performed on Piffaro's amazing collection of period instruments. This album is an all-instrumental homage to the music of Spain that was brought from the Old World, interspersed with mus ...…
Around the NFL
A room filled with heroes – Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling, & Gregg Rosenthal – recap all the latest news from around the NFL including Peyton Manning hosting the ESPYs. The heroes then play another edition of "¿Cual es tu fantasia?" or "What is your Fancy?"
This week our Mondays pregame show we bring on a guest from across the pond and a friend of Horror Amino and Devil Jacks Creepy Carnival Amino. He's an Artist and a wise cracker. None other than Mark_Doubt. We kick off the show with a few #horrorshots for the upcoming Thursday Edition of our “Childs Play” and “Childs Play 2” flesh and potatoes ...…
This week, Paul and Arlo put the pedal to the metal and drop the needle on Baby Driver, the latest nerd fantasia from writer-director Edgar Wright. Filled with rock and soul classics, Wright’s first American film is a high-concept car chase musical that nevertheless plays things a little straighter than his British/Canadian ventures. The boys d ...…
Infinite Development Podcast
ROSETTA REFRAIN - EPISODE 009 ***CW for substance use***[The camera pans in from above a shiny glass and concrete building, large angular windows stabbing upwards towards the sky, solar panels sparkling on the roof, a corrugated metal hangar stretching out towards the rolling fields behind the building. The camera zooms through one of the windo ...…
Our two maestros are exploring animation for the month of the July, so they jump back to 1940 to watch the Disney classical concert film, Fantasia. Dancing hippos, marching brooms, and Satan himself make an appearance. What's not to like?Subscribe to Aspiring Snobs on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or any podcast service of choice. You ca ...…
Overview In this week's episode, we feature exclusive event coverage for The Art of VR at Sotheby's June 22-23rd, 2017 Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra June 24th, 2017 This week we're co-hosted by DecayMag Content Contributor Ali Vela. Opening Greetings (0:16:00) Ken Artuz Founder, Editor Enid Artuz Content Contributor Stacy Cox Staff Corres ...…
Geeksquatch Podcast
Now that the film’s theme song is officially stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you might as well join Geeksquatch for a trip back to Fantasia. So, hop on the back of Falkor and let’s go! Caleb steps up and takes you on a deep dive into the magical world originally created by German author Michael Ende. Nevermind the fact that he didn’ ...…
Buckle up for KING COHEN, an upcoming new documentary of writer, producer, director, creator and all-around maverick, Larry Cohen (BONE, BLACK CAESAR, THE STUFF, GOD TOLD ME TO, Q THE WINGED SERPENT). Told through compelling live interviews, stills and film/TV clips, the people who helped fulfill his vision, and industry icons such as Martin Sc ...…
Vin has been working steadily since he graduated from The Actors Studio Drama School. He made his professional theatrical debut at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in the World Premiere of The White Snake adapted and directed by Tony Winner Mary Zimmerman, which went on to play around the country, including the Wuzhen Theatre Festival in China. ...…
Brown Chicken Brown Cow Podcast - As the 4th of July weekend approaches we are turning up the heat (cheesy promotion, I know) with the sexy and sultry Jessica Fantasia in an episode called ‘Jessica’s Gender Journey’. Jessica is a trans-woman who helps shine the lig ...…
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