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Fantasy vs. Reality with Eli Goldstein
Fantasy vs Reality
Fantasy Football vs. Reality Podcast
Mike's Fantasy Football Podcast titled Fantasy Football vs. Reality, delivers quick, entertaining and raw analysis for Fantasy Football Fanatics. The 2017-18 NFL season is around the corner, so let's go!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
An acclaimed children’s classic depicting the odd, but riveting journeys of the curious Alice as she explores the surreal world of Wonderland. Written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or better known under his pseudonym Lewis Caroll, this episodic novel is assembled in twelve chapters each containing a prominent adventure. The departure from logic and its embracement of pure imagination is what makes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a model for fantasy novels and a timeless classic. The novel beg ...
Westworld: A Mouscape Aftershow.
Imagine a place with no judgments and no consequences. Join us each week as our hosts discover Westworld, Delos Destinations' premiere park where fantasies are reality and every wrong is right.
The Secret World Chronicle, Book Four: World Divided
The stories of the metahuman struggle against the Thulian menace continue in the fourth installment of The Secret World Chronicle, World Divided. Echo and CCCP face the reality that is Blacksnake as lines are drawn and sides are chosen. Some heroes fall while others emerge from the ashes, and an opportunist arrives to take advantage of grief and mayhem in the wake of a devastating loss. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and returning authors Dennis Lee and Cody Martin are joine ...
Fantasy Reality Show
Reality shows meet fantasy football, but without the football. Draft your team and follow along as your host, Marty, scores fantasy points for reality contestants from Big Brother
Where Evil Grows
Where Evil Grows: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... from Hell. It's 1976. The rock group KISS is cool. Every teenager alive wishes they could be so cool. So what would you be willing to do to hang around with the cool kids? Pretty much anything.... Justin Foley has cool new friends; they smoke dope and everything. And now that Justin is just as cool as his friends, an evil and malignant entity as old as time and space also wants to be his friend. And more than that, while it gestates in the s ...
Business Success Tips: Entertaining Insights in Management, Finance, Marketing and Revenue
Business Success Tips is a humorous and insightful look into the worldof running your own business. Inbetween fits of laughter, show hosts Paul Sanneman, Sean Daily, Lee Strong, Steve Chipman, and JC Sanneman and their guestsdiscuss what it takes to have a start up and run a successful business, and leaveyour day job behind forever. BST helps listeners make more money in less timeand have more fun doing it. The show hosts are a group of entrepreneursand business consultants who have gone thr ...
Reality Music Show
A weekly reality musical jam improv adventure show. Follow our Fragmented Media Experience (FME tm) as we trip the cosmic fantastic of ADD musical consciousness.
Travel Time Sponsored By
eTravel Unlimited where we make your legal travel fantasies a reality. Listen each week as we discuss fantastic destinations, talk about all the issues surrounding travel and how to book the best values in travel around the world.WeBNeT Online Radio Network
I - GameSages
Industry vets, videogame journos, game developers, and the lowly IGN staff take a topic and explore it to its fullest. Whether it be "Games as art" or "Are purple unicorns fantasy or reality?," you'll hear it on GameSages.
Bloody Foundations: A Grace and Poppy Adventure
In a world where magic is real and monsters lurk in the shadows, the only hope people have for saviors are a pair of janitors. They’re not too pleased about it either, but they have experience in cleaning up messes Grace West: A general all around disappointment to her family, now making ends meet with a combination of crime scene cleaning and house flipping. She is as surprised as anyone to be making money from this unhealthy combination. Winterdawn “Poppy” Strongwill: A former child hero i ...
Little Men by Louisa May Alcott
If you've read and loved Little Women, you'd probably enjoy finding out more about the doings of the sisters in the third book in the series, Little Men. Published in 1871, the book's full title was Little Men or Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys. It followed the success of Little Women in 1868 and Good Wives in 1869, which portrayed the fortunes of the March family. Filled with remarkable, endearing and memorable characters, the books remain as fresh and enjoyable as they were when they firs ...
aGh0Ri TanTriK Dark Psytrance Psychedelic Trance Music
Aghori TanTriK is a psychedelic trance music project from India since 2003.The title of the project, Aghori Tantrik is also the name of an ancient Indian cult of Sadhus known as Aghoris."It is said that Aghoris drink liqueurs, smoke ganja, eat meat (in some rites also human meat); they use a human skull as a bowl, they wander among the funeral pyres, meditate at night and don't have any sex inhibition. This path seems to be detached completely from hinduist philosophies and it deceives the t ...
The Nights At The Round Table Podcast
This podcast could happen in any local Pub. It could already be happening in your Pub. Somewhere between fantasy and reality, between the first pint and the last pork scratching, there exists a realm known as ‘Nights at the Round Table’.Reporting, Discussing and Dissecting the Pop and Geek culture of today and yesterday, Nights at the Round Table aims to bring you the kind of discussions that always seem to happen whenever like minded geeks gather together with alcohol.
Mermaid, The by DOUGALL, Lily
"'What a fool I was not to go where she beckoned!' mused Caius. 'Where? Anywhere into the heart of the ocean, out of this dull, sordid life into the land of dreams.'For it must all have been a dream—a sweet, fantastic dream, imposed upon his senses by some influence, outward or inward; but it seemed to him that at the hour when he seemed to see the maid it might have been given him to enter the world of dreams, and go on in some existence which was a truer reality than the one in which he no ...
Storm Session Podcast
Reality becomes fantasy, or is that imagination turns into real life experience? I am fascinated by how frequently the line between reality and fantasy is crossed in my writing practice. Writing romance novels and podcasting is an astonishing way to play with something from real life and turning into something fun, playful and perhaps a bit twisted. How amusing it is to be able to take an idea and turn it into something real like a living character. My characters all experience real life joy ...
KBKabaret Variety Show
KBKabaret Comedy Music Variety Show is filled with fun comedy skits, great original music and even creative tested recipes. The show is the brainchild of Bree Harvey, president of BHH Productions, MC/Voice Actress and head writer for KBKabaret. In the fall of 2015, Bree Harvey launched her new show: KBKabaret. KBKabaret is the tribute to the comedy variety shows Bree had grown up with and loved: shows like Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher, the Smothers Brothers, Laugh-in, Hee-Haw, SNL. She got ...
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The Trio is back! They get into a conversation about Oliver leaving his job, the etiquette around coworkers leaving, whether they have ever been tempted to just walk out, what they would do if they were not working in their current professions, working as a travel blogger, traveling abroad, having a plan, how to maintain professional/personal r ...…
Stinker Madness - The Bad Movie Podcast
It was Schwaz' first box office flop and put up the current standard of spending way too much money on film marketing. It ranks high upon the worst returns of all film history. Yet there is a good film here and could have been a hidden gem -- had it not been for Danny and coming into "our world." You may be among the hordes who avoided Last Act ...…
UML Podcast Network
This week join us as we talk Donald Trump, the #Metoo movement, and the H&M controversy, and the Sex doll talk. Also Tell us your thoughts: Can your level of crazy be measured by the quality of your vagina?
There are things that you or I may take for granted as adults in healthy marriages. Fundamentals of trust, vulnerability, respect, mutuality: the things that make up healthy intimacy. For the recovering porn addict, he or she may not really know what healthy intimacy even looks like. So we need to be prepared to educate them about this. The Nee ...…
Are you a woo-woo, or a skeptic? Do you buy into the world of crystals, psychics, tarot cards, and astrology, or do you find the lack of 'proof' in such practices a barrier to entry? Our guest Ruby Harrington has built a career as the visionary curator behind The Numinous, a content platform based on all things mystical and esoteric. What makes ...…
Miguel recaps this past Sunday's NFL action highlighting the winners and losers from each match-up!
Mike completes Week 5's lineup of NFL match-ups and gives his winners and losers in this week's Sunday Pick'em.
Mike runs through last night's TNF match-up between the Patriots & Bucs, and gives his DFS recommendations for Week 5!
Mike recaps Sunday's Week 4 action and highlights winners and losers along the way.
Mike goes down a list of thought-provoking Start-Sit scenarios heading into Week 4! Peep it and enjoy you degenerates.
Mike runs through the best and worst performances from Week 3 in this week's edition of Booms & Busts!
Mike recaps last night's game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, and runs through his list of Waiver Wire suggestions heading to Week 4!
Mike recaps yesterday's match-ups game by game and highlights notable performances. Hope you had success!
Mike runs through his top DFS prospects at each position heading into this weekend of NFL action. Good Luck!
Mike runs through several tough scenarios where only one of two players can start, who would you pick!? Week 3 is on the way!
Mike runs through his Booms & Busts at each position from this past Sunday's NFL Action. Enjoy you degenerates!
Mike recaps week two's MNF football between the Lions and Giants in NYC*, and delivers his Waiver Wire Pick-Ups heading into Week 3.
Mike highlights Week 2's winners and losers across the league. Hope you had some success in your leagues and tournaments!
Today here at Save Vs. Rant, we hope to give you an introduction to DMing with 10 pieces of advice applicable to virtually any game. We call it – DMing 101! 10 points, a quick review: 1. Remember: You’re Here to Have Fun Having fun and running a game are not mutually excl ...…
Running through this week's line-up of NFL games, giving quick analysis and a prediction for every game! Let's get it.
Mike gives his Daily Fantasy Sports recommendations for this upcoming week of NFL action! Good Luck.
Miguel goes through each position's Booms and Busts from week one's games. A weird week one to say the least. PEEP IT!
Mike runs through the ever so essential waiver wire heading into Wednesday morning, and gives his top secret recommendations to better your squad.
Mike recaps Monday Night Football's double header between the Saints & Vikings followed by the Chargers & Broncos match-up. Enjoy you degenerates!
Getting right to the topics at hand we go right into our usual segments. Meet the Hosts. Life in Church House Studios has been pretty routine, except our new addition, a year old kitten, has proven himself to be an alarm cat. Nathan revisits the audio drama projects he’s been doing. Script writing, and posting a few new shows on his other podca ...…
Fantasy Football vs. Reality Podcast
Happy Week One you Degenerates
Mike recaps quickly Season 12 of HBO's Hard Knocks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Enjoy!
The first Pick'em of the 2017 season! Who you got?!
Mike highlights and previews tonight's Season Opener & dishes out valuable Daily Fantasy suggestions on who to start Week 1!
Mike runs through a list of hot names that have been floating around his head leading up to the 2017 fantasy season. Listen up and Enjoy!
Mike runs through his two fantasy rosters for this upcoming season, and boy do the future look bright!
Mike gives some final thoughts heading into the big draft weekend as we are within one week of the NFL season starting. The time has come!
Mike takes us through 7 NFL teams he has chosen to either BUY or SELL heading into the upcoming season!
Mike runs through several 'Start or Sit' scenarios for the QB, WR, & RB position heading into Week 1.
Man Alive: Sex | Success| Relationships | Health | Money
If you’ve struggled with testosterone levels or the strength of your erection this one is for you. Ben is an incredible resource to enhance your sex-life with more natural foods and supplements and avoid the harmful effects of drugs. Show notes: In this episode we cover: Natural s ...…
Team-By-Team Breakdown and Analysis of the Fantasy Talent each NFL team has to offer. We now look into the AFC & NFC South. Enjoy and Remember the Names!
The Brooke Burke Show
Bonus Episode: This episode is from an archive of Brooke’s previous show, “The Naked Mom.” Let’s talk about Sex! This week, Dr. Emily Morse joins Brooke to give us the sex talk we all need. Brooke and Emily start the conversation at an all-women “sex party” thrown by Brooke’s friend and go for a deep dive from there. How to talk about sex with ...…
A Team-By-Team Breakdown and Analysis of the Fantasy Talent each NFL team has to offer. We now look into the AFC & NFC North. Enjoy and Remember the Names!
A Team-By-Team Breakdown and Analysis of the Fantasy Talent each NFL team has to offer. We now look into the AFC & NFC West. Enjoy and Remember the Names!
Mike spends a few minutes giving his thoughts and predictions on the upcoming super-fight between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Conor "The Notorious One" McGregor live on PPV in T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, NV!
Blondie and the Brit are excited to bring you an exclusive event – our Author Roundtable Podcast! This unique chat with seven incredible authors offers writing inspiration, sensational book marketing expertise, and insight into the fantasy vs. reality of becoming and author. This is part one of the hour-long chat with best-selling authors from ...…
Beauty and the Bitch
Sometimes you need a movie to just pick you up and carry you away, for a little while, from your reality. It’s a brutal world out there, BBs, and there’s no shame in needing to take a lil break. Close your eyes and let our dulcet tones lead you deeper into Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Our conversation includes: * Teen Girl Squad (her name is ...…
Here's to the Artists • Art vs the machine • Art is Freedom • Unreal Engine Photorealism • Photorealism and immersion • Augmented Reality • VR gaming • Final Fantasy XII - Thoughts • Final Fantasy ...
3 and a half hours?!? SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:42] Games of Interest►►► Dungeon Roll: Henchmen, Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama, The Master' Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth, Valerian: The Alpha Missions, Riverboat, Pulsar 2849, Heaven & Ale, Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance, Ancestree, Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War, Edge of Darkness, Unlock ...…
3 and a half hours?!? SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:42] Games of Interest►►► Dungeon Roll: Henchmen, Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama, The Master' Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth, Valerian: The Alpha Missions, Riverboat, Pulsar 2849, Heaven & Ale, Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance, Ancestree, Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War, Edge of Darkness, Unlock ...…
The rise of electric cars and the future of the personal vehicle market, the ability (or lack of same) for free websites with huge audiences to make money and be profitable, and another ugly week for the culture of the tech industry. This episode of Download is sponsored by: TextExpander: Communicate smarter with TextExpander Pingdom: Start mon ...…
Whilst Chris trolls Whovians and soccer fanatics, Steve hunts for houses and a cure for Simon’s curse. Enjoy the show?Subscribe to Horribly Off-Topic in iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Overcast, or via RSS. Then, throw a buck or three into our tip jar. Show Notes On the Table House Hunting and Reality TV “There’s No Condoms in the Fantasy Suite,” epi ...…
In this episode, Brittany's talking fantasies vs reality, Butt Stuff, and what's to...come with NSDT the podcast & other projects. If you have questions about anal + plugs, this episode is for you. Listen, subscribe, and then get busy.
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