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Farmstead Baptist
Farmstead Baptist
Restoring the Farmstead Podcast
Larry & Dawn Quicksall share their successes and struggles as they restore their 130 year old family farm into a self-sustaining farmstead.
Chicken Thistle Farm CoopCast
Sharing our small farm stories and skills along our farming, gardening and homesteading journey.Visit the farm for an informative and sometimes irreverent tour through our garden, livestock pastures, chicken coop and greenhouse as we live - pasture to plate. Farming topics free range around pastured heritage pigs, broiler chickens and pastured eggs, heritage breed turkeys, an heirloom vegetable CSA and garden, high tunnel / hoop house / green houses, organic and traditional gardening, farm i ...
Children of the New Forest (version 2), The by MARRYAT, Frederick
The Children of the New Forest is a children's novel published in 1847 by Frederick Marryat. It is set in the time of the English Civil War and the Commonwealth. The story follows the fortunes of the four Beverley children who are orphaned during the war, and hide from their Roundhead oppressors in the shelter of the New Forest where they learn to live off the land. The story begins in 1647 when King Charles I has been defeated in the civil war and has fled from London towards the New Forest ...
Foolish Raven Farms Podcast
A Small Homestead with Big Plans: Our conversations exploring and sharing ours thoughts on a wide variety of topics including homesteading, small farm livestock, food culture ethics, and anything else that happens to come up as we process the life of transitioning from an urban living room hydroponics garden to the overwhelming process of running a small farmstead. Share with us the discussions that come up while building up our chicken flock and rabbitry, as well as a smattering of hydropon ...
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"Forgetful of the magnificent gift of this, we have lost and killed by desperately seeking that which never was," says Seth Bernard. His music and discussion brings us back: "being this being" - what you are is right here. He encourages listeners to deal with possibilities and be solution oriented.Born and raised on Earthwork Farm in rural nort ...…
Farmstead Baptist
Farmstead Baptist
Working on Your Walk
It's a Long Story - A Tabletop RPG Adventure
Something isn't right down on the farmstead..By (Trinity Force Network).
On the face of it, Camembert doesn't seem like an endangered species.In fact, the soft-ripened cheese seems like the opposite: Three hundred and sixty million wheels are produced annually in France. It’s ubiquitous in the U.S. with the cheese and crackers set, and the second-most-popular fromage sold in French markets. Trader Joe’s even hawks “ ...…
Helen Castor presents the programme that goes behind the history headlines. Scottish medievalist Fiona Watson and landscape historian Francis Pryor join Helen to discuss medieval mutilations in North Yorkshire, illegal whisky distilling in nineteenth century Scotland and the news that human beings may have evolved in Africa 100,000 years earlie ...…
Helen Castor presents the programme that goes behind the history headlines. Scottish medievalist Fiona Watson and landscape historian Francis Pryor join Helen to discuss medieval mutilations in North Yorkshire, illegal whisky distilling in nineteenth century Scotland and the news that human beings may have evolved in Africa 100,000 years earlie ...…
Don't Allow the World to Hinder Your Walk
Karen Weir-Jimerson is a garden magazine writer, author & Iowa native who, with the help of her husband (also a writer), raised two sons on their 3-acre Iowa farmstead outside of Des Moines. During that time, many of her family's stories appeared in the magazines she wrote for, & Weir-Jimerson has now collected some of those essays for her seco ...…
Welcome to the June 8th 2017 edition of The ‘Steadcast, the homestead and farmstead podcast you listen to in-stead of making the mistakes yourself. I’m your host Jason of Gray Area Farm. The steadcast is supported by Phoenix 820. Art Pierson of Phoenix 820 created the new Regenerative Dads logo for Gray Area and awesome designs for other farms ...…
Farmstead Baptist
Please enjoy this recent episode of the Seeds of Liberty Podcast. This week we were joined by Drew Sample, of the Sample Hour podcast. Herein he discussed contrarianism, learning to be your own man, the wasted years of college, getting rid of your dogmas, Drewing it up, urban farming, shipping container houses, permaculture, worm tea, farmstead ...…
Farmstead Baptist
Farmstead Baptist
Farmstead Baptist
When I asked on the Small Food Business Facebook page, what types of topics podcast listeners would like to learn about, several people mentioned an interest in knowing more about selling to food service accounts. With that in mind and armed with questions sourced from listeners about this topic, I reached out to Allison Ball, of Alli Ball Cons ...…
Creative Destruction [Permaculture Voices] - Honest Conversations About Farming, Business, and Life
What if you want to raise pastured poultry, but you don't have any grass? You have pasture, but it's not green, or the pasture is just an area outside. In many cases if it was cattle, you are feeding hay. But what do you do for poultry, because poultry don't eat hay. You use fodder. Or at least, that's one option. An option that my guest today, ...…
Farmstead Baptist
Farmstead Baptist
Check, Please! Bay Area . Podcasts | KQED
Check, Please! Bay Area's Season 12 Episode 7 (#1207) profiles and reviews these three Bay Area restaurants: Monkey King Pub and Grub, Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, Grand Lake Kitchen
Hill Farmstead are one of the most imaginative breweries in the world. Rooted in Shaun Hill's family farm in Vermont, home of his family for over 230 years, they are brewers of remarkable beers that have pioneered 'farmhouse style' beers. Here he talks to Rob Hopkins via Skype.By (Rob Hopkins).
Solomon sought happiness in everything and concluded all is vanity.Only the Lord can bring true hapiness
Modern Homesteading Podcast - A Podcast About Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, Urban Farming, Gardening, & Preparedness.
On today’s podcast episode I discuss the many uses of having comfrey on the homestead and why EVERY homesteader should be growing it, what variety to grow and where to get it. Homestead Inspirational Quote of the Day: “I say, if your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” ~Bill Watterson, Calvin ...…
Hope For The Hopeless
Farmstead Baptist
One of our favourite locations in Burlington, VT is Farmhouse Tap & Grill, so we swung by to catch up with Bar Manager & Beer Buyer, Justin Gould, who laced us with our first ever Hill Farmstead hazy IPA and lord, it was incredible. Beer Reviewed: Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy. This week's podcast is sponsored by BrewHeads: for all your craft be ...…
A Faithful Mother
We are up early today,and headed up into Anderson valley.We will stop in Boonville,and visit Penny Royal Farm,then stop by Phillips Hill Winery for a few great wines.At the end of the day we will visit Handley Cellars,and stay in their beautiful guest house,located in their amazing vineyards.We do have extra room,would you care to join us?Our f ...…
Farmstead Baptist
The Electric Barnyard
Rising Pint Brewfest, Hill Farmstead's newest staff member, Wicked Weed to InBev, and LOTS more!
Farmstead Baptist
Don't Fall Short
Gardening Conversations: Four seasons of gardening with Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy. Matha Foley hosts
(May 4, 2017) One of the joys of spring is the appearance, and fragrance, of lilacs. Most old farmsteads and gardens have at least one lilac tree. A Potsdam couple has started a second career of bringing lilacs back to more yards.About ten years ago, Janice and Cliff Westerling sold their home in the village of Potsdam and bought a 50-acre farm ...…
Sometimes we must go forward to see God work in our lives
The Tragedy of Disobedience
Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Farmstead Baptist
What Is Wrong with the Harvest
Magic is a mysterious force which guides and shapes much of the sixth world. Naturally, many people in the world of Shadowrun have opinions about where this force comes from, and the proper way to wield it. In this episode we discuss those varied magical traditions with Shadowrun freelancer Dylan Stangel. Chit-Chat / Catching Up Check out our P ...…
Scott Terry's "North Country Farmer" Show
Brandon Sutter from the Lone Star Farmstead joins me this week. Expect some good old fashioned rural conversation about everything under the sun!
Jay Dolan: Practical to Tactical Skills – S2E9 My friend Jay Dolan is back on the Small Scale Life Podcast! We discuss a yuuuuge armada of Practical to Tactical Skills and Topics ranging from Hawaiian vacations (and engagements), gardening, hunt for rural property, minimalism, and tactical training (grappling and gunning) at Tim Kennedy’s Sheep ...…
Shaun and Beth Dougherty wrote the book The Independent Farmstead Growing Soil, Biodiversity, and Nutrient-Dense Food about their journey as modern farmers. win a copy at by entering a comment in the show notes by April 29, 2017. The post 173. The Independent Farmstead | Growing Soil, Biodiversity, and Nutrient-Den ...…
What's On Tap: Carl Setzer from Great Leap Brewing! Sorry about the audio, this was our first attempt at using skype. Great Leap Brewing: Website | Facebook | Bert's Better Beers' Draft Pick(s) of the Week: Lithermans Limited Lil Heart of my Peaches. New England's Tap House Grill's Ale Communications: Brew NH Cork Board: Great North BOTM Beer d ...…
In 1922, six people were killed at a remote German farmstead. They were bludgeoned in their bedclothes, but were their deaths the result of a manic serial killing, out-of-control family feud, or even at the order of Hitler and his henchmen? This week on Bedtime Stories we look at the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Hinterkaifeck murder ...…
The party has become full-fledged constables of the city of Dolgum. Their first week as gaurdsmen they spend getting to know their comrades-in-arms, and defending a farmstead from a giant chicken-lizard. Jesse - “Saradoc Smallburrow” Halfling Paladin Nate - “Brock Olie” Human Barbarian Gavin - “Lightning Chillypuff” Half-Orc Ranger…
Farmstead Baptist
Return to you first love
The Loveless Church -- Part I
Cycling & Walking the Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland
The Ring of Kerry is one of Ireland’s most famous tourist trails, and it can be enjoyed in full by walking The Kerry Way. The circular route is surrounded by breath-taking views and wonderful green landscapes. The trail is a snapshot of Early Christian Ireland, with pristine examples of ancient architecture around every corner. Along the way yo ...…
Farmstead Baptist
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