Best feces podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Face the Nation Diary brings you the latest political news and analysis from CBS News’ John Dickerson. Subscribe for the latest on what’s going on in Washington, around the country, and across the globe - and how it could impact you
Podcast & magazine featuring first-person stories told by people from around the world that help to broaden our understanding of the human experience. Storyteller’s portraits and other images from each interview can be found on our website and in our quarterly print magazine.
Margaret Brennan asks the biggest guests the smartest questions. Hear official Washington on the firing line, on your schedule.
I believe that good conversation can create change. They can also be fun and engaging, full of insights and unexpected outcomes. And you're never quite sure where they're going to lead. Intimate dialogue assumes authenticity, transparency and dealing with substantive and sometimes difficult questions. I try to do that with Face2Face.
Beat conventional advice on personal finance, investing, and business with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. Get ahead with his pull-no-punches style of challenging the advice we’ve all been given on money, investing, and the economy. Frustrated and frightened by the financial advice being given by the mainstream talking heads, Robert Kiyosaki sits down with professionals from the world of money, investing, business, and personal development. Listeners will be provided variou ...
Kerry Ann and Matthew DePetro talk everything face and body painting.
We Interview Great People & Showcase Amazing Places
I’ve seen bad things and met bad people. That happens after 20 years in the FBI, 10 years as a Psychiatric Nurse and another decade reporting on crime with Investigation Discovery. On FACING EVIL, I sit face-to-face with killers trying to understand what makes them do it, so others might avoid the same mistakes.
Crit Faced
Crit Faced is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons playthrough podcast, starring fantasy authors Josiah Bancroft, Timandra Whitecastle, Phil Tucker, David Benem and Benedict Patrick.To be notified whenever a new episode airs, and to receive an exclusive prequel episode you can listen to RIGHT NOW, head to to join our Crit Faced Fan Group!
a comedy parenting podcast with Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson
Faces of TBI
A podcast dedicated to traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness. Created by survivors for survivors. Hear from survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, and others!
Bob Schieffer asks the biggest guests the smartest questions. Hear official Washington on the firing line, on your schedule.
How healthcare is being healed by technologies around the globe.
BOB Talk Radio
BOB unites for the greatest podcast ever!
Searching for a one stop haunt for all things spooky? Join badass witches Grant Jacoby and Bailey Bennett for weekly tales of ghosts, demons, vampires and things that go bump in the night, with a twist of humor. Bad puns, bitchy comments and plenty of scares guaranteed. Let's get witchy.
Kill Fee
A podcast about writing and editing, with a focus on the practical side of creative relationships and making a living in media. Author and journalist Jason Fagone talks with reporters, editors, fiction writers, fact-checkers, news curators, and producers, sharing tips and advice on how to navigate the industry, do good work, and get paid.
Yellow Face
Two 30something New Yorkers (Diane, a professional chef, and Jason, a magazine editor) talk family, dating, friendship, money, work — among many, many other things — from their Asian American perspectives. Half serious, half joking, with a dash of offensiveness.
Face-to-Face is a podcast series from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Listen to Face-to-Face portrait talks, interviews with artists, and lectures from the museum. Face-to-Face portrait talks occur every Thursday at 6pm, in the museum. For more, see the Face-to-Face blog at and the National Portrait Gallery's website at
Do you need three drunken Scots to give you their opinion on films, beer and (hard) cider? You've come to the right place.
The Hobby and Game ramblings of 4 average guys
Facing History and Ourselves is an organization created in 1976 by educators who believed that instilling intellectual vigor and curiosity goes hand-in-hand with teaching facts and figures. We provide training, professional development, and resources that support the practical needs, and the spirits, of educators worldwide who share the goal of creating a better, more informed, and more thoughtful society. Our podcast series shares voices from the Facing History community to help promote cri ...
The Bald Faced Truth radio show on Portland's 102.9-FM and 750-AM The GAME, Fox Sports Eugene (95.7-FM and 1050-AM), and 960 ESPN KLAD AM in Klamath Falls with host, John Canzano. Oregon sports, big opinions, and the best guests. Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers, Portland Trail Blazers, and more.
Seeking His Face
Christian Guided Scripture Meditation Program
Cult Film Face Off
Every two weeks, Nick Leonard and Chet Roivas pit two cult films against each other before eventually choosing a victor.
Pretty Dece
Josh Meek the Uber Geek is your geek guide to entertainment, pop culture, gaming, and movies! 🤓🎮🎬
Each week, Ralph Martin, President of Renewal Ministries, co-host Peter Herbeck, and their guests, lead viewers on an exploration of important and inspiring topics surrounding faith, and life in the Catholic Church.
Face to Face Trends in Skin care. Learn about all the most up to date surgical and non surgical options for face and body rejuvenation..
Ice and The Face
A weekly Dystopian comedy podcast hosted by Rick and Sarah! We usually have guests, a few drinks, and some interesting conversation, to say the least. Our motto: "Hilarity over feelings." So grab yourself a 12-pack or a bottle of champagne and subscribe to this verbal hell on earth while we drive this bad boy drunk until the wheels fall off!
A lighthearted leap into The Resistance.
Faces of Abortion is the first weekly show in America dedicated to telling the stories of women who have had an abortion and who are also committed to overturning the two 1973 Supreme Court cases that brought legal abortion-on-demand to America. Faces of Abortion features the personal stories of women – many after years of silence – about the long-lasting and harmful effects that exercising their right to choose has cost them. The cost has been high: grief, fear, shame, physical and emotiona ...
A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.
Mostly weekly podcast covering the world of spatial. GIS, CAD, BIM, databases, coding, scripting, data analysis, visualization are all covered.
Hot takes on all things Boxing and MMA. With news and interviews from those bringing the action in combat sports today.
Face To Face
The Laughing Drum is a weekly satirical news and talk show that takes a sharply humorous look at Canadian and Indigenous politics, entertainment, arts and current events. In each episode, host Tim Fontaine uses actual news footage, field segments, interviews with guests and the Red Power Panel to dissect the issues facing Indigenous Peoples today.
Fee's Cavern
A weekly Phish podcast dedicated to playing Phish shows as a whole. Hosted by Twenty8, Fee's Cavern will bring you deep into the catalog of audience recordings you may have passed by or simply not yet explored.
Face It Podcast
Face It Podcast dives into social media and laughs at the ridiculous stuff people actually share!
Mostly weekly podcast covering the world of spatial. GIS, CAD, BIM, databases, coding, scripting, data analysis, visualization are all covered.
Heel/Face Radio
News & opinions on all things wrestling.
The Face Radio
The Sound for Today's Modernist. The Face is an eclectic mix of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Mod & Underground music. Hosted weekly by Kurtis Powers.The Face is supported by Art Gallery Clothing, Mod Cup Coffee, and Scooter Bottega.
This Is a radio show dedicated to engaging, connecting, laughing and uplifting the lives of our customers. Yes, we also create beautiful & healthy smiles through braces and invisible braces/ Invisalign teeth straightening, but it is also about the human connection.
BoldAdulting gives you strategies for doing great when you feel you have no idea what you're doing. Lots of tips for millennials, especially grad students! Keywords: adulting, grad school, life hacks, tips, confidence, Bold Adulting, phd
Providing Accessible Internet Resources around the globe.
Weekly hockey radio show with no off season break. We talk through everything holidays, strikes and lock outs.
"Facing Race: Stories & Voices" is a special series of oral histories recorded at the 2014 Facing Race National Conference in Dallas, TX. Featuring an array of thinkers and advocates sharing their personal stories and formative experiences, the series illustrates the many paths and experiences of racial justice work. Episodes will be released weekly, starting in June 2016, and are available on the Race Forward site (, or listeners ...
In the Ellevate Podcast you’ll meet real women having a real impact. Female entrepreneurs, authors, business women, and other inspiring leaders share their experience and takeaways from their careers. Ellevate’s mission is to close the gender achievement gap by bringing more women into positions of leadership. Hosts Sallie Krawcheck and Kristy Wallace, Chair and President of Ellevate Network respectively, interview female leaders to showcase the immense talent these women bring to the table.
with Barbara Roberts
Podcast by Larry Fisher
A podcast about racial justice, anti-racism, and racial reconciliation. This podcast provides opportunities for white people to develop greater understanding and responsibility regarding race and racism. We bring you conversations and resources with a wide-range of experts and leaders. Hosted by psychologists Drs. Brandy Liebscher and Danielle Beck.
A series of interviews with interesting South Africans - they're prominent, they're successful, and some are more than a little controversial…
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In this episode Steve talks to retired State Parole Agent Miguel Lopez. Miguel started his career in the jails and ended up on the fugitive apprehension team. Miguel has had some intense experiences including being shot in the face while searching for a bad guy. 2:45 Guards Slashed 15:40 Feces Everywhere 24:45 Shooting ...…
Happy Friday! Today Ben and Joel have a bit more structure thought the conversation is still far reaching. What kind of taco would you be? That led to recounting first impressions. Then we headed into favorite watches and listens which took Ben to a dark place on so called super hero movies (not that great). Then they finish up with Joel workig ...…
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Lucy Lawless joins us to talk Motor City Comic Con, our surprise UK Royal Wedding correspondent serenades Harry & Meghan, sassy Gary Graff gives us the lowdown on Jackson 5 Drive, Plus: pissy Miguel Cabrera, a local #MeToo, & radio memories. Meghan Markle cares about her Dad ...…
Conner Keller, Ron Fuller Connor- termites have been showing up later than usual this year, even some species that usually don't appear in the bay have been spotted -whether your home is block, wood frame or sips..termites find a way, they will come up through the slab and get to the wood that is present, even if its on the 2nd floor only -term ...…
Jim Bentley (@jimbentley22) and Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! There’s a great new documentary on the “Pizza Bomber”, it’s Royal Wedding week and the father of the bride is cashing in, the Q Line has terrible finances, a dog reappears after escaping for 4 years & Drew discovers Elizabeth Olson. Happy Mother’s Day. Bentley makes othe ...…
Help episode! kill-marry-fuck: sausage edition, slice of sauce, hostage negotiation training, dr. phil hostage incident, RBG scrunchies, first penis and scrotum transplant, sperm in space, human/sheep chimeras, redistribution of halloween candy, jokes not to make on your grandmothers 69th birthday, obscure names for the devil, car jacking fast ...…
Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show Join Dougie & today's co-host Elgin David, along with today's guest, Fasil Malik, as they Open the Show discussing such things as; Dougie has an idea of Hosting a Comedy Kickball Game, Elgin is getting married in 2 weeks, Migrants are at the border, & Simpson's creator, Matt Groening, on Apu controve ...…
Ten thousand tortoises were rescued in Madagascar and a goose attacks a golfer. PLUS a new children's story inspired by Alexis' Animal Kingdom.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Today we have Nasty Nate on for 'Unread Messages'!!! This one gets wild quick. Nate dives into his criminal past, playing with feces, running a train, being a terrible boyfriend, and a lot more wild shit
Welcome back, listeners! In this episode of Everything's Just Fine we cover this stinky, dooky-covered history of hygiene. Find out about how wiping was a particularly dirty affair, the issues with going to a Roman bath with an open wound, and the mountains of feces and horse corpses that would accumulate in the streets of many medieval and ear ...…
CB and Soos, featuring the Goon, discuss some of the lighter news stories of the week in this edition of Tell Me Why. From stranded feces to "Dilly, Dilly" at the PGA Masters.... or the condom snorting challenge to somebody singing while being chased by the police.....CB and Soos put themselves in the situations to explain what could have been ...…
A Good Egg – How to Find your GOOD EGG! What is a Good Egg? It’s almost Easter, so is an Easter Egg considered a Good Egg? Easter does make me think about Easter Eggs, which in turn reminds me of my childhood. Of course, the Easter Bunny always came to my house leaving all sorts of fattening and tooth decaying chocolate and candy treats, chocol ...…
In the environmental writing class I teach at the University of Illinois, I emphasize that to connect with people it’s important to anticipate some of their responses to a topic. In this commentary on coyotes, undergraduate April Wendling shows how that’s done. --RKIt’s well known that human development has caused the decline of many wild speci ...…
Whole New Year, Agitated Elmer Fudd, Tits McGee and Whole30 Sucks
SEGMENT 1: Eric's Laughfest interactions. SEGMENT 2: Dogs love feces. SEGMENT 3: What's the worst decision you made nude. SEGMENT 4: EZS MHM - Lions play from 8 years ago. SEGMENT 5: Michigan may be changing a law. SEGMENT 6: Bruce solved a mystery. SEGMENT 7: EZS MHM - Update on sub shop creeper. SEGMENT 8: Pets getting stuck. SEGMENT 9: Home ...…
The Two Bobs episode 54 for Monday, February 26, 2018: What are The Bobs drinking? Rob slurped down a Powerline Porter by Latitude 42 Brewing Co. https://untappd.comb/latitude-42-brewing-company-powerline-porter/404829 Robert enjoyed a Baltic Anomaly by New Holland Brewing. Follow us on Untappd at ...…
​​Things Savage doesn't want to talk about today: the gun debate, he's covered it, what more can you say about it? Retired garbageman makes over $200,000 a year thanks to their pension. Pension pig horror stories. People who say the students who survived the Florida school shooting don't have a right to go out and protest to be heard are wrong. ...…
​​The decay of America as seen in New York and San Francisco. Fecal matter and drug needles being seen in the streets in San Francisco. The history of tolerance and tolerating the intolerable. History of vagrancy laws. This show is based on the mantra of borders, language and culture and our culture is melting down because of policies of the le ...…
The Two Bobs episode 53 for Monday, February 19, 2018: Rob predrank tonight so it should be an interesting episode. What are The Bobs drinking? Rob enjoyed an Imperial Doughnut Break from Eviltwin Brewing. Robert suckled the teet of an Old Dominion Imperial Stout from 2 Silos Brewing. http://2silosbrew ...…
The majority of US women experience urinary incontinence at least once in their lifetime. Listen in as host Patty Schmucker interviews Katheryn Kassai & Kim Perelli Authors of The Bathroom Key. Put an end to incontinence. broadcasting from Manhattan Beach and the World Wide Web you’re listening to CHS our healthy life dotnet as a service to our ...…
Poop smeared on walls, K's struggle as a recovering perfectionist, Jo’s inability to share food, working from the bathroom and much more is touched on in this first episode of Real Talk with Jo and K. Two mental health professional moms working full-time hybrid work-from-home jobs, spreading the message that you don't need to be so hard on your ...…
Seemingly emboldened by the inclusion of Episodes 1 and 2 on Oprah Winsley’s “Top New Listens for 2018” list, the gang really goes for it in Episode 3. Following a brief update on the Email inquiry overload situation, Ben, Bryan and Tye cover all of the hottest issues in the animal feces arena and more. What is skat? How does it relate to jazz? ...…
Two injured in Westlake school shooting. Nashville mayor admits to an affair with her police bodyguard. The new Turpin house: Women made children eat dog feces. #TerrorInTheSkies New study finds dirtiest spot at the airport. Parenting myths with Justin Worsham host of LA homelessness surged 75% in six years. What's happening ...…
Two injured in Westlake school shooting. Live press conference of the shooting. Nashville mayor admits to an affair with her police bodyguard. The new Turpin house: Women made children eat dog feces. #TerrorInTheSkies New study finds dirtiest spot at the airport.
Sumatra is one of the most popular, easily recognized coffee growing regions in the world. Sumatra is an island and just one of the many coffee-growing regions in Indonesia. To understand Sumatra and the coffee grown there we must first understand Indonesia as a whole. In this episode of the podcast we will examine the history of coffee growing ...…
Season 4 - Premiere - "Brian's Song of Art and the Folly of Mankind"Dan and The RocnessMonster talk to their friend Brian about art. We answer many questions like.... "how much feces thrown at a canvas qualifies it as art???"Thanks to for the musicThanks to:the8oclockstop.comThe Genesee Beard CompanyEagle Epoxy…
This week (recorded January 22, 2018), it's Cate's birthday! The ladies recorded their sweet 16th episode on Cate's actual birthday. They get the party started with stories of disastrous birthdays. Just remember, you can't complain about your birthday until its rained feces from the sky all over your party. Then, Liz shares about a popular tour ...…
In This Week’s Show, episode 166, we swallow FEMA’s raw survival beer in the Oregon post-apocalyptic wilderness.
Tim is concerned about Lana Rhoades and her expanding ass, Eddie McVey joins us for the Maggie O'Briens Picks of the Week, Iggy's Drops of the Week, today is the Anniversary of the NFL vote to move the Rams in 2016, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa and a caller, will this season be the last for Waino, what should we expect from Tommy Pham in 2 ...…
Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard bring you a medical miracle, don't laugh just because the word 'poop' is used. Doctors removed 29 pounds of feces from the bowels of a man who was reportedly constipated since birth. The unnamed 22-year-old had 30 inches of his grossly enlarged bowel removed by surgeons at Tenth People's Hospital of Shanghai in Chin ...…
FINALLY! Hey, this is Ice and The Face #176 -12.28.17- and it is here to fill your heart with unsolicited stuff! Tonight, Rick and Sarah venture deep inside the horrid sticky world of increasingly more regular human behaviors. Come hunker down with us and walk in a crouched manner as we wander around in a winter wonderland of WTF to bring you p ...…
Tales of fun, feces, gaming, theft and shunned repentance from YESTERcades - our second favorite business in Red Bank, NJ.
Marine snow is made up of particles of tiny algae, plants, feces, and pieces of dead animals. These particles get colonized by organisms and become the food web that is transported to the deep ocean. Biological oceanographer Uta Passow’s research focuses on how oil affects marine snow and how marine snow affects oil.…
Can you feel it? Don't look behind's OctOBeR!! *screams* This week, join us in the deep woods while Stephanie and Paul try to navigate their way around strange creatures, cancer causing meats, and scariest of all....horrible relationships! NOOOOOO!!! Megan wrote this story in her own blood/feces mix to make it extra spooky for you, so ...…
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