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Femmes of STEM
Feminist. History. Podcast. The Femmes of STEM is a bi-monthly show focusing on the history of women in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From the Roman Empire to modern America, join lady scientist Michelle as she brings to light the femmes who have always been a part the past - but haven't always been a part of history.
Femme, Collectively
Femme, Collectively is a podcast made out of love and intention to create space for queer femmes. Co-hosts Corinne Kai and Rahel Neirene interview femmes on the intersections of gender, sexuality, emotional labor, sex, healing, and energy. Find new episodes on iTunes, SoundCloud and Google Play every Wednesday.
Follow the journey of Mistress Simone, a Professional Dominatrix, on The Femme Domme Mystique. This is a show about the female dominant mystique, lifestyle and quandaries. All styles and topics concerning this aspect of our lifestyle may be securely and comfortably discussed. To submit a question or topic to the Mistress, please email her at
Two Bitter Brown Femmes aim to dismantle -isms while running their mouths. Coming at you with critique and commentary of social justice, pop culture, and Latinx/Xicanx issues/cultura from a comedic lens.Support us at: Us at:
Film Femmes
Film Femmes is a podcast where two trans women discuss interesting movies, their relevance to queerness, and their relevance in general.
Femme Trash
Two best friends share their romantic friendship with the world and discuss books, movies, TV, comics, games, and all the other things that make them trash. // You can find us on most major podcast providers!
Femme Fatalacast
Femme Fatalacast is a live NSFW cultural roundtable described as a "salon style fuckaround". Hosts Syd, Cori, and company tackle a topic per show, exploring the science and social aspects of the topic. Each show is designed to be a roundtable discussion, which you can be a part of! Catch each show live on Sundays from 4-6PM on Past episodes are available on Podcast was created using
Femme FM
Femme FM is a feminist radio show centering QTBIPOC folks in Halifax, NS. Hosts Shaya Ishaq and Rebecca Stuckey explore intersectional issues with rotating guests and topics. Allie Graham and Madi Haslam produce the podcast. Carmella Farahbakhsh does show outreach, script writing and visioning. Lianne Xiao runs our Femme FM twitter and Julia-Simone Rutgers is getting our tumblr up and running.
Daisy Lowe hosts intimate, honest chats about the Highs and Lowes of being female. She invites friends and heroes to talk about fashion and family, news and nonsense, culture and curves. Join the conversation @daisylowe
Femmes Faisant - Women Doing - Podcast Network is comprised of Out of Our Skull podcast, Femmes Faisant Podcast, Everybody Eats podcast, and Rogue Podcast. Out of Our Skull is a political podcast leaning to the left and discussing topical national and local socioeconomic issues. Mia and CJ bring it to you the first and fifteenth of each month. #ActivismMia Davis and Sam Webster host Femmes Faisant and bring to you a fem-positive podcast covering feminism, self-positivity, sex, and more.Rog
We're a husband and wife duo that met in a film noir class and have decided to watch all of the Criterion Collection releases from the beginning and podcast about our journey through cinema.
Femme Fatale
Discussion and dissection of the issues facing women in life, health, relationships and the arts
Femme Hop
Femme Hop explores the rap and hip hop genre to highlight the empowerment that can derive from the genre for both women and communities of color.
Femme AM
Airing femmes on the AM
Feature Femmes
Genny Bruno and Bright Woodward cohost the podcast Feature Femmes; a couple of funny ladies talking about inspiring and influential ladies in film.
Two Fab Femmes
A Podcast by Women for Women
(Human voice quality, text-2-speach) Blog-2-Audio-Casts: Arquivos - Synopsis - Anthology of A Classic Sultry Monegasque Seductress, Demimondaine, Hetairai, Old-World Mistress, Concupiscent Courtesan, Euro-Geisha, GFE Escort, Fetishist, Kinkster, Swinger, FemDom, Sexually Dominant Woman and mature Playboy Italia Playmate Centerfold
Three revolutionary-type Black queer femmes getting lit and talkin' ish.
FFRN is goal is to provide an uncompromising platform for people of color to display their music, advertise their businesses, educate, and uplift them.
Q # In Femme Major
A radio show exploring the creations of women, gender nonconforming, and queer musicians in jazz, funk, soul and blues
Hall of Femmes
This is a podcast series produced by Hall of Femmes to highlight some of the most influential designers of our time. New episode out every friday.
Welcome to the world of Raw Femme. This podcast will introduce listeners to passionate female artists of every caliber and every medium. Raw Femme is a stand for women everywhere, with a story to tell. Not only an online publication that offers a platform for talented women to have their voices heard, but a collaborative of music, networking tool, and revolution. I want to welcome all women with a love for the arts to join this movement. Together, lets change the world!*THE C ...
Femme Too Deep
Femme Too Deep is a podcast about the inner life and ruminations of one femme person, me the host Baby Ange. It is a place for further exploration of my own thoughts and ideas, and also to connect and share the stories and thoughts of other people, both femme and not, that inspire and otherwise captivate me. My hope is that more femme’s will join me in my otherwise lonely pursuit of self-awareness, and we can all realize our power, over-throw white supremacist capitalistic patriarchal ideas ...
Between 2 Femmes
Whether you're interested in how global news stories impact you, want to join in on conversations with inspirational people doing outstanding work or are curious about women’s obsession with shoes; Times Media publisher Aspasia Karras and resident contributor Mabale Moloi are the two femmes who will keep you informed and entertained. Mabale Moloi is the tongue-in-cheek, radio and television presenter and news anchor with a lot of spunk to boot and partners with the very witt ...
Get ready to explore topics that have molded society as a whole. See them being held up to the DF Microscope that hypothetically examines how the future of humanity will be affected.
Female Criminals
The true crime podcast where women aren’t just the victims. Every week, we examine the psychology, motivations, and atrocities of female felons. New episodes come out every Wednesday. Female Criminals is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.
Two women who love anime and all things kawaii talk about their favorite animes and more.
Femme Fatale on air offers you the insights to some of the most exceptional artists in
Bailey interviews her friends and peers involved in the realms of spirituality and/or human sexuality! You'll meet mediums, psychics, sex educators, and more!
Straight Talk on Twisted Subjects™ Now that we have your attention its time you heard more from Dr Sue who has already forgotten more about the psychology of fetish than most people will ever know or care to find out about. It’s a shame more people don’t investigate fetish because not only is it cool but it can also be safe and enjoyable for you and your partner. That’s why Dr Sue’s mission is to bring fetish out of the darkness (of your mind or your closet) and into the light where we can t ...
Jack Tracer is a hard-boiled private eye out to solve the strange cases of Neon City, but under these bright lights, darkness looms.Co-Created by Rachel Craig and Will Snyder
Each week, Sara and Jay explore topics in sex health, relationships, queer identities, BDSM, kink, sex work, and more. For more information, visit
We’ll have much more information coming soon. June 1 2017 begins our first official IP Production rotation. January 2018 begins our first IP Release rotation.
Jean-François Achilli accueille la femme ou l'homme qui fait l'actualité du jour pour une interview incisive.
SheZone Radio
SheZone Radio is a show dedicated to Women around the world that love women! This was created as a platform and to create a safe haven where Lesbians can be themselves without the fear of being judged. We tackle everything from what's Wrong in the LGBTQ community and what's Right as well.
Yannick Foll
Album de chansons à textes dans le style Brassens, Brel, Souchon où sont traités l'amour, les femmes, le temps qui passe, la mort, mais aussi la vie rude des pécheurs. Yannick Foll, né à Fécamp, est imprégné d'histoires de marins comme Jean Recher (Le Grand métier), Pierre Loti (Pécheur D'Islande).
High Dias
Amari Indigo and Charmosa spark together post Burrito Assassin Skate Squad sessions, and drift into the world of ideas. Here they meander through the DamNations of the Internet, and pass through the Collective Vapours of Humanity to find what is Real. In other words: they get high, and have ideas. They have amazing guests. The structure is loose, meandering and conversational. Things have been known to get trippy. Music is shared. Personal stories are shared. Philosophy and dreams are shared ...
Depending on who you ask, the Penumbra is either the grandest railway this side of Nowhere or a twice-monthly podcast series. Each episode takes the form of a 30-50 minute radio play.The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more hear ...
Locatora Radio is a Radiophonic Novela hosted by Diosa and Mala. Like most millenial love stories, Diosa and Mala met on the internet. When fate brought the two LA locals together in real life, Diosa and Mala decided to combine their powers. Together, they conceptualized Locatora Radio, A Radiophonic Novela that celebrates the experiences, brilliance, creativity, and legacies of femmes and womxn of color. Entering their second year of podcasting, Locatora has become synonymous with discussio ...
N's podcast
Plus 10 Melanin
Welcome to +10 Melanin a podcast with two black femme gamers called Krystle KillJoy and The Grim Phreaker.We wanted to give the world a more unique perspective on the gaming industry being that we are *BLACK* *FEMMES* and are often excluded or shaded
Le FashionCast
Cheers & Queers
A podcast where Black queer femmes Isake Smith and Kirya Traber sit down to chat about any and everything while having a drink
A podcast about our obsessions. Usually stories about gender and/or art. Queer normative. Misandrist vibes. For bitchy & curious women & femmes. Hosted by NICOLE KELLY & PHOEBE ÜNTER. Express your emphatic approval or vehement distaste! Call 406-28-BITCH and say whatever you want.FOLLOW Insta @bitchfacepodcast + Twitter +
Divas XM
The Women are dominating the charts. It's Girl Power to the nth level!
Frankie speaks features web personality / attractive closet geek, Bonnie Frankum a.k.a “Frankie”. The show is an almost daily 10 mins+ look into the quirky goings on with Frankie’s daily routine in which she attempts to keep you entertained with some humor, some techie gadget reviews, and much more. This being a general topic show, Frankie tends to cover a wide variety of Tech and sometimes non-tech related issues.
Crypt Kids
Crypt Kids is a club for weirdos, creeps & spooks! A #horror blog, #podcast & shop hosted by two femme fatales. Join us when the streetlights come on...
Looking/Feeling/Queering is a podcast about what it feels like to look (or not look) queer. Interviews with queer people and topics ranging from androgyny, gendered clothing sections, rainbows, shaved heads, and Doc Martens. Leah Miller created this podcast based on their own navigation of queer identity through clothes and hair. They struggle with finding a way to make their AFAB non-binary femme identity socially legible. This podcast is a search to better understand how other people exper ...
Boss, Please!
A fabulously femme-powered podcast for inspiration seekers and girl bosses alike. In need of a little bad ass lady boost? Look no further. Hosted by Meghan Lamontagne, Jillian Leff and Malynda Hale
Robot Sucré est le podcast montréalais qui se concentre sur la passion Geek! Animé et conçu par une femme, le site offre une petite dose de sucre pour les internautes passionnés de technologie, jeux vidéo, comics, cinéma, jeux de société et plus encore.
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Two Fab Femmes are putting on a contest! Tune into to our interview with photographer, Laura Bravo Mertz to learn more about the contest, her process, and everything about the boudoir! Ou la la… And oh, it is on! Enter our contest giveaway to win! Here are the dets: Prizes: 1st Prize we are giving away one 1-hour Boudoir photo session with Phot ...…
This poem was based off the picture "Jeune femme en chemise" by Picasso around 1903, durong his blue period
Le couturier Azzedine Alaïa (1940-2017) est au Musée du Design de Londres jusqu'au 7 octobre 2018. Bandages, zip, cuir perforé... le "King of Cling" s'est forgé une réputation d'artisan hors pair qui sublimait les femmes tout en refusant de suivre les diktats de la mode. Alice Black, directrice du Musée du Design, revient sur le parcours atypiq ...…
In this episode of ScribdChat, one of the most celebrated novelists working today, New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman, sat down with novelist and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s editor-at-large John Searles, to chat about creating a new killer genre — femme noir — with Lippman’s new novel, Sunburn. You can read Sunburn on Scribd for free w ...…
Black art as resistance! Join the femmes in finding voice and strength through Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer and Childish Gambino's "This is America." Share your black joys and help celebrate Darryl The Griot's B-day! Healing' & Hoe Shit!!!Follow the 3 Black Femmes Podcast! Miriamw ...…
Come and get it! We’re not only getting you ‘bikini babe’ ready, we’re GIVING you a chance to be a ‘boudoir babe’ too! It’s a Contest Giveaway that will kick your motivation into overdrive! Hello Mr. Will Power.
SHOWGIRL SUNDAY DINNEREpisode #25 - M.I.A. for V.I.S. (Very Impotant Showgirling)0:25- Showgirl IntrosSepia Jewel - The Seductress of SlayTwirlisha Devine - The Black Gold Goddess0:58- Intro Quote - “You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen yourself.” -Diana Ross2 ...…
Certified Financial Planner Lynn Ballou is a Certified Financial Planner and entrepreneur with EP Wealth Advisors, LLC. Lynn says she loves being able to guide clients through the financial complexities of life transitions. She feels she has a magic wand to make people’s lives better. Lynn Ballou, CFP Lynn began her career as an enrolled agent ...…
Welcome back to le salon, friends! This week, I want you to meet Sara Cantor Aye. One thing first, remember Patti Wilson from episode 31. I got to meet her IRL during the Professional Women Controllers 40th(!) conference. It was a beyond amazing experience - one in which I talked so much about self-care with all the type-A women there that my v ...…
This week I bring you a lovely interview with Rae Maltz of Wild Femme Designs. We discuss: -getting into magick as a kid through faeries -dealing w femmephobia as a witch who loves jewelry -Emergence & the importance of recognizing the context of your magick -FEMME MAGICK! I also talk about the May 15, 2017 transit of Uranus into Taurus & how t ...…
Radio Hauraki's celebrating New Zealand Music Month with the Locals Only Podcast! Lawrence Arabia joins Angie Grey and Tom Harper for a beer and a chat about transitioning from Christchurch lad to world touring musician.WATCH: Lawrence Arabia cover Velvet Underground's "Femme Fatale" Massive thanks to New Zealand On Air and New Zealand Music Month!… In this episode, the collective discuss women in the workplace. Topics include recent high profile cases of wage disparity, the Glass Cliff, emotional labour, and unpaid internships. Laurie from local jazz-pop group Jade Jade joins the collective in the studio to talk about her classical upbringing, songwriting process, what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry, and to debut her brand new single, “Lemon Trees.” Origi ...… In this episode, the collective discuss representation of women in film. Topics include female tropes, the Bechdel Test, as well as interviews with Magenta Baribeau of the Montreal Feminist Film Festival, and Concordia film student Carol Nguyen. Originally air ...… In this episode, the collective discusses works in literature and film that change the narrative on women and pleasure. Works discussed include “Come As You Are” by Emily Nagoski, “Hunger” by Roxane Gay, films by Claire Denis and Jane Campion, and more! Tune in live every Thursd ...… In this episode of Femme AM, the collective discusses representation of women in “geek culture,” including cosplay, gaming, comic books, and more. Featuring interviews with CJLO DJ and former cosplayer Patricia Petit-Liang, Valkyries admin ...… In this episode of Femme AM, the Women’s Collective discusses the structural and systemic racism that exists in Canada’s treatment of indigenous people. Topics include the MMIWG inquiry, the hearings that took place in Montreal last ...…
In this episode, the gang welcomes Kirsten Therkelson AKA the Frightful Femme to join in on dragging two very 1980’s films directed by schlockmeister extraordinaire Kevin S. Tenney, WITCHBOARD and (not a sequel to WITCHBOARD) WITCHTRAP. You can follow Kirsten on her grand adventure on Twitter @kranstin, and you can check out her wares at http:/ ...…
The pod members explore the wonderful world of women in horror. In this first edition, they set their sights and forge their discussions on sci fi fantasy, Annihilation, marital bliss turn misery drama, Honeymoon, and the femme fatale fest, The Descent.
A touching tribute to my departed in-laws. Michelle Wolf said what? Rich Little played a revenge killer on Hawaii Five-O and a related Pedantic Moment. Trump didn't say that and someone thinks he should the Nobel Peace Prize. Three Cool Things. And comparing a song by Violent Femmes to one by The National. The show notes for this week's Dimland ...…
Find out what crazy symptoms are more than likely just stress-induced and ways to kick ’em! Shopping “ain’t” the only remedy… girlfriend time, anyone?
Shuffley List, Songs at random and it worked. Note: Two Week Break following this episodeSONGS: I Could Tell You by Mal Blum, Ocean of Tears by Big Maybelle, One For My Baby and One More For The Road by Etta James, Nice Work If You Can Get It by The Andrew Sisters, I Can Cook by Patti Labelle, W.P.A. Blues by Odetta, Africans by Nneka, Nunca Ma ...…
Welcome to Taking Up Space! Hosted by coach-in-training, artist, and teacher, Jordyn Fitzgerald, this podcast is dedicated to deep conversations about showing up in your life, especially as a WTF (woman/trans/femme). This show is for people who want to go deep into the hard things. And for those who need support through it. Because we can do ha ...…
The complete recording may be purchased at CrimesVolume Eightby Alexandre Dumas pereNarrated by Jeff MoonIn his eighth and final volume of his compilation of the most notorious deeds in European history at his point in time, Alexandre Dumas tells the story of three femmes fatales and the deaths ...…
Latrice sits down with Bekezela Mguni of the Black Unicorn Library and Archive Project to discuss her work in the LGBTQ community, sowing seeds in our youth, and what it’s like to walk through this world as a Black queer femme. High 5: Janelle Monae Reality Check: NASA Donate to the BWWPC GoFundMe: L ...…
Cut X Kris is back and Kris is going solo with an hour of music. Standing tall against pop music, Kris traces the roots and inspiration and bands of Matt Skiba in a thrilling stand-alone man-alone sequel to last week's episode. The Germs - Lexicon Devil The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be AdoredPeter Ivers - In HeavenKlaus Nomi - Valentine's DayThe Da ...…
An informal artist talk series in collaboration with Eyelevel Artist-Run Centre and NSCAD Art History Grads. Featuring research talks by:Emma AllainEmma Allain is a a Halifax-based interdisciplinary artist. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, in 2012 she earned a BDes from the joint program in graphic design at York University and Sheridan ...…
The Battle of the Femmes Fatale! Check out this new bonus episode for OFTV's patrons over at
We cross the Tasman once again to hang out with Lori, an incredible DJ, and a crucial part of the Crown Ruler family. She's put together a little collection of nerdy library, sensy psych folk, rubber band jazz, crunchy shuffles & femme post-punk; some affectionately distracting music kissed with moogs, bleeps, digital needles and sonic sparkles ...…
Deux films à voir absolument cette semaine : Avengers Infinity War, et Une femme heureuse. Mais on parle aussi de tous les films sortis ce mercredi ! Y compris de ceux dont vous pouvez faire l'économie dont, malheureusement, Amoureux de ma femme, de et avec Daniel Auteuil. Autour de Nicolas Rieux, cette semaine, dans Ciné OUATCH sur OUATCH : Ju ...…
Meghan Beals hosts this theatre podcast, a deep dive into the themes and production elements of a new production in Chicago. This episode looks at The Cake, by Bekah Brunstetter, produced by Rivendell Theatre Ensemble (closes May 20, 2018). THE PLAY:Jen lives in New York but has always dreamed of getting married in her small North Carolina home ...…
"Beaucoup vont se dire : encore un prêtre qui va nous dire ce que l'on doit faire ou pas dans sa chambre à coucher..." Mgr Emmanuel Gobilliard et la sexologue Thérèse Hargot publient avec Arthur Herlin le livre d'entretiens "Aime et ce que tu veux, fais-le !" (éd. Albin Michel). C'est en septembre 2017, lors d'un séminaire organisé à Rome en vu ...…
I went record shopping in Canada. These days, I prefer supporting economies other than the United States whenever possible. So then a rousing “Bon Jour!” to Canucks Boulie Noire, New City Jam Band, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Baron Longfellow, Wall of Steel and Toulouse. I’ve featured the Quebec trio Toulouse before from their debut that was reco ...…
Leontes, Tyrells, and Battys, oh my! Yes, this week we're off on another whirlwind adventure, this time to the realm of femme fatales, hard-boiled protagonists, and rain-drenched city streets... that's right, we're talking about film noir. Buckle up, because in this episode about Blade Runner 2049, we hit the ground running.…
Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture and over tea. Drink up! On this episode… We celebrate trans visibility day and ask are we simply tolerant of people’s differences or have we graduated to acceptance yet? We ask for trigger warnings, and review what the internet taught us about domestic violence ...…
Luke and Joy discuss the legendarily bad story, "The Eye of Argon" by Jim Theis. Featuring: Reeking maws, husking femmes, rats and miniatures.
We probably talked with Sam Polcer for 35 minutes, and that wasn't nearly enough time to fully cover all of the advocacy and educational programs that Bike New York organizes. From their primary fundraiser the TD Five Boro Bike Tour which coincides with the New York Bike Expo to the various classes they offer at locations throughout the city li ...…
Tune in to hear how we stood up for rights and learned how to find Mr. Right! Click here to learn more about Traci and Love by Design.
Come thru as we talk March for Our Lives, FTP, state violence, Mexican hegemony, TPS, MS-13, and other Central American issues with special guest: Daniel Alvarenga. If you're Central American and/or Afro-Latina, share this episode and tag us on FB, Instagram, or Twitter for a chance to win one item of your choice from (i ...…
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