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Fife Club
A few friends from the Kingdom of Fife talk about anything that pops in to their heads, putting their world to rights.Every week, we will be alternating between a Fantasy Fight Club segment and a Desert Island Dicks Segment, if you have any suggestions for a fight or Desert Island dicks episode then let us know! You can get us here or at : : @fifeclubEmail :
Queer Life In Fife
Young people proving that there is indeed life in Fife, with a slightly queer perspective. Straight and LGBT music and banter.
Hi Fife!
Music you'll probably like.
Arts In Fife
Arts In Fife is an award winning podcast supporting creativity in Fife, Scotland. Each podcast is a platform for local artists to share their work with the world. Series created by Stuart Russell.
Harknessian - modern musical musings from Fife, Scotland and beyond!
Harky - the musical Tom Weir, travelling around Fife and Scotland's musical highways and byways.
New Music Fife Podcast
Stuart Miller presents a monthly podcast showcasing the best new music from Fife, Scotland. Each time he is joined in the studio by different band for a chat and for a couple of exclusive live tracks.
Fife Ambassadors Podcast
Inspirational People from The Kingdom of Fife
Principles into Practice with Kain Ramsay
Self improvement can be a challenging process. Subscribe to the Kain Ramsay: Life Balance Coaching Podcast now available on iTunes.In this exciting and innovative podcast, I share many of the most impacting insights and principles I’ve learned about some of today’s most relevant topics that influence your life on a daily basis.This weekly audio program will provide you with the most insightful and effective life principles I have learned, for transforming your thought life, and for allowing ...
Vibe Radio Network
Listen every day of the week. The Vibe radio network is home to some talented hosts with awesome shows with a wide range of topics.Monday Nights- Paranormal Party-9pm-10pm Est.Time w/ The Conner Sisters and 10-11 pm The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show with Ryan Jones, Celestial McBride and Amanda Lea Tuesday Night- 8pm-9pm Shadow Travels With Kevin Cook and Raymond Stazzone9pm-10pm Freqs n Geeks with April Mooneyham and Keri LongestWednesday Night-Bat girl radio- 8pm-9pm Est. Time W/ Amy JoR ...
The twohundredby200 Creative Podcast
In the twohundredby200 podcasts we will be covering a wide array of topics from life in our design studio and magazine through to tips and tricks from our designers. We will also answering your questions and offering some advice so if you have anything you would like to ask please get in touch.
Goober Says Hey
A podcast about The Andy Griffith Show and all things Mayberry.
Hecticism is a podcast that contains commentary from Philadelphia-based duo Resse Fife Tillery and Rose "BIL" El. They tackle topics that are otherwise taboo in society. From drugs use to same sex encounters, Hecticism is a podcast you will not want to miss!
Films & Swearing: A Movie Podcast
The foul mouthed movie podcast that records straight outta Fife, Scotland
Flyers Talk
A podcast about the Fife Flyers Ice Hockey team and hockey in general.
Roman Mitin
Peniel Church: Baymount INN, 5805 Pacific Hwy Fife, WA 98424-Sunday 11 AM
Forth 1
Welcome to Forth 1. We're a radio station broadcasting to Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife. Listen to the best bits from Boogie in the Morning and Forth 1.
Life and Adventures of Alexander Selkirk, The by HOWELL, John
This work was the true story of Alexander Selkirk (1676 to December 13, 1721), a Scottish sailor who was employed in a number of different trades during his early life. As a young man, Selkirk learned the skills of tanning and shoemaking, and later became a buccaneer (a government-sanctioned pirate) on the Cinque Ports, working his way up to the position of ship's sailing master or navigator. But in the case of Selkirk, his experiences would eventually help him to survive his isolation on a ...
WYCE: Catalyst Radio
Catalyst Radio is the weekly public affairs radio program of Community Media Center. The Catalyst Team of hosts and producers is Katie Gordon, Jessica Young and Michele Fife. The program is a feature of WYCE and The Rapidian and includes interviews with organizations and people working on social change and community support, examines media and free speech issues, and takes a look at the behind-the-scenes of Rapidian reporting.
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A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson
Every day there is another allegation of sexual harassment or abuse, sometimes more than one. "When the news continues to be so bad, we get fatigued. I don't know what we do about it," Laura Wall shared. Laura is the Development Director of the Alzheimer's Association Utah Chapter. "When we were in elementary school, we never talked about this. ...…
A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson
What is your Thanksgiving like? "I am the most aggressive Jello artist in the county. Every year I make a 20 layer ribbon Jello," said Kristin Sokol, Life Coach and KSL contributor. That sounds so wonderful! Laura Wall, Development Director of the Alzheimer's Association Utah Chapter, said she used to do it traditionally, but now she makes ever ...…
The school in California where that terrible shooting took place last week locked down in 8 seconds. After it was all over, Katherine Fife shared that the principle said, "Every one of our kids got to sleep in their own bed tonight." It was amazing how well that staff acted and how quickly to protect. (Katherine is the Principal Consultant at P ...…
A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson
A new study says 70% of us would be willing to give up giving gifts this holiday BUT ONLY if our family and friends agreed. Katherine Fife, Principal Consultant at Philanthropy Matters, is ready to go on this idea. She thinks her son has what he wants all year long, so why can't we just give to those who need it? Have you read the book The Life ...…
This week the Fife friends discuss the news that a new Super Mario Film is in the works, question why Greggs Apologised for their beautiful Nativity Scene, Get angry about Christmas tunes and marketing getting earlier and earlier and have some news of things to look forward to in Season 3. Then the Friends take a trip out on the Good Ship Fife ...…
Kevin Gallagher, CTV News; Samantha Nutt, War Child Canada; James McIlroy, McIlroy & McIlroy Counsel on Public Policy; Scott Brison, Treasury Board President; Debi Daviau, PIPSC; Rick Klein, ABC News Political Director; Charles Sousa, Ontario Finance Minister; Tonda MacCharles, The Toronto Star; Robert Fife, The Globe and Mail…
This week the Fife friends Welcome back ex host Beattie to the Club. We chat about Twitter losing its nuance and brevity, Beattie stokes his Beef with Dave, some devastating local news and some positive local news.Mags tells us farcical tales of the Parliment and the we go to the Nonanagon. It's Fantasy Fight Club Week and we have a show for yo ...…
In the year 1284 a mysterious man appeared in Hameln. He was wearing a coat of many colored, bright cloth, for which reason he was called the Pied Piper. He claimed to be a rat catcher, and he promised that for a certain sum that he would rid the city of all mice and rats. The citizens struck a deal, promising him a certain price. The rat catch ...…
This week the Fife friends have a shorter than normal episode for you lovely people, all because a technical glitch wiped out the first 45 minutes of the show. So instead you get a brief highlights package and We jump straight into Desert Island Dicks. This week the Friends discuss which Horror character they would bring with them to the island ...…
GB2RS NEWS Sunday the 29th of October 2017 The news headlines: Check you’re back on GMT New IOTA website live Fox-1 satellite launches soon Today, October 29, at 2am, the UK reverted to Greenwich Mean Time, or UTC, by going back one hour to 1am. This marks the official end of British summertime. The mornings will also be lighter, however the ev ...…
First Minister's Question Time
The second FMQs as a podcast, and the first back after the conference recess. First Minister: The Rt. Hon. Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the Scottish National Party (Glasgow Southside) The Rt. Hon. Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party (Edinburgh Central) Alex Rowley, Interim Leader of the Scottish Labour Party (Mid Scotland and ...…
This Week the Fife friends find themselves all over the place. Mags and Jamie are in Dunfermline, while Cutch is in Stornoway with New Fife Clubber, Lizzie. Cutch recounts his Tales of getting to Stornoway and about there successful outting at a local Pub Quiz. Mags tells us about her own success at a pub quiz and visiting the best Pub in Scotl ...…
Own Your Choices Own Your Life
Own Your Choices Own Your Life Podcast #17 featuring Tina Aurelio. This is a heartwarming conversation with a beautiful soul called "A Journey of Love and Faith." Thank you so much Tina for sharing your heart with us during this podcast!!Tina co-founded and co-owns Holistic BodyWorx, Yoga, Pilates and Wellness Studio in 2004 which still thrives ...…
Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast
Andy Janicki | Legionville On episode 4 of the Little Beaver Historical Society Podcast, we talk with master model builder Andy Janicki about his historic 1792 rendition of Legionville, the first established basic training facility of the United States military, located near Baden, Pennsylvania. _________________________________________________ ...…
How can we overcome temptation?
This week the Fife friends have a special guest all the way from Canada, The Husband of Leisure, Doogie!! The friends bombard him with questions about Canada and what it's like being a Expat/Immigrant. Doogie aslo tells us a little bit about his recent road trip too! The friends then take a little cruise out into the Atlantic to meet up... When ...…
This Week see's Cutch introduce two new Fife Friends to Fife Club, Lynzy and Viv, otherwise known as The Coaltown Daisies. Cutch interviews them and really gets under the skin with questions like, Does the Kingdom influence your music? The Friends also discuss their wild weekend at Best of the West Festival at Inveraray Castle and how a last mi ...…
Do you have a favorite TV show from years gone by? Can you remember your favorite character or describe your favorite episode? Something about those old shows is unforgettable. This message will remind you of a few things God said that we shouldn't forget (but often do) and show you why they're so important to you today.…
Benny Zhang--Williamsburg, VA council member--takes my quiz about our rival Virginia colleges. He describes his unusual swearing-in ceremony and his pre-council meeting ritual. Plus, did you know he's in law school? We talk all about his busy first year on the job. City Council Chronicles provides reviews of city council meetings from across th ...…
This week the Fife friends chat about walking the Queensferry Crossing and Mags has a rant. They also discuss the Scottish Goverments Programme for Goverment announced this week and offer up what they would do if they were First Minister for the day, Spoiler, Dave's never getting across the Bridge! And finally the friends end up stuck on that b ...…
Download Margaret Robertson on Edutalk Margaret Robertson of Tayport Community Garden and P.L.A.N.T, Fife.By parslad.
In the LDS Church we’re counseled to stay away from pornography and taught that it can have a negative impact on relationships and on the home and family. Today I want to teach you more about what goes on in the brain with pornography and my goal is to minimize the damage that pornography can cause in your home and your life if you or someone y ...…
The Rational Faiths Podcast - Keeping Mormonism Weird
Interviews with LDS Relationship and Sexuality Counselor Dr. Finlayson-Fife Here in the 20th installment of the “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist” series Jennifer responds to three new questions. One question is about garments and intimacy, another asks about the difficulty of communicating sexual needs, and the last question comes from a couple in a ...…
Murray Fife is well known for his blog, videos, presentations, general community participation and jam packed sessions at conferences. He is however probably even more known for his long line of publications of guides, tutorials, tips and tricks for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition. ...…
This week the Fife friends go for a little tour around the Western Isles with Mags as she regales us with stories of her holidays.Mark gives us a run down of the 10 best Jokes from the Fringe and we review each joke with laughter. Then it all gets serious as the Fife Friends return to the Nonagon for a Fantasy Fight Club! The battle of the Amer ...…
WhiskyCast | Weekly Whisky, Scotch, & Bourbon Podcast | Discover Latest News, Tasting Notes, Ratings | Spirits to Drink & Buy
Lindores Abbey has a unique place in Scottish history. In 1494, the abbey's Friar John Cor was responsible for the oldest known written reference to whisky distilling in Scotland when the Exchequer Roll listed him as receiving "8 bolls of malt" to make aqua vitae for the King. 523 years later, whisky distilling is returning to Lindores Abbey, a ...…
This week the Fife friends chat about their trips to Edinburgh to partake in Festival activities and tell us about some acts they have seen.They also give a Public Service Announcement on what Scottish Stereotypes and questions to avoid when visiting Edinburgh, if you wanna have a good time. They then find themselves shipwrecked once again on t ...…
Brant & Sherri Podcast
Youth Ministry, Social Tip, Wisdom from Friends History Segment, Not Feeling God, The Tom Brady Lifestyle, Happy Birthday Owen, Joke Spa, Do You Really Want to be in Charge, Survival School, Not a Good Person, San Diego Splash Football; Quotes: “You may ask ‘who made you guys experts?’” “Wise words from friends that hurt a little bit can be a g ...…
Who were the Angels of Bataan? And what can their story tell us about war crimes - what they are, why they happen, and who decides when they do?---Produced by Phil SansomReporting from Ruth DelahuntySpecial thanks to Barak KushnerMusic:Theme - Isaac Squireshawaii untropic - vicbangDrum Feature: Generations from the Simple Gifts Show - The Unite ...…
Comedian & Free Thinker Bo Mack Micadelic joins forces with Journeyman Mouthpiece Drew Pillow for a refreshingly candid discussion of relationships. The insight is deep, the wit is sharp, the pace is fast the jokes are funny. Fasten your seatbelts and join us for an adventure into greater understanding & hopefully deeper love. SPECIAL GUEST: Ve ...…
Comedian & Free Thinker Bo Mack Micadelic joins forces with Journeyman Mouthpiece Drew Pillow for a refreshingly candid discussion of relationships. The insight is deep, the wit is sharp, the pace is fast the jokes are funny. Fasten your seatbelts and join us for an adventure into greater understanding & hopefully deeper love. SPECIAL GUEST: Ve ...…
The squad finds the man responsible for coordinating the secessionists’ defenses: unfortunately, someone else has found him first. GM: Megan Players: Aser, John, Mike D., and Zack. System: Warhammer 40k: Only War Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Killers" and "Fife and Drum." ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...…
This week the Fife friends have a guest from the BUGLR Podcast, Rob! Rob tells us about the BUGLR and joins us in our chinwag.We remember Clive the Peacock after hearing of his sad passing away and explain to our guess why he was significant to Dunfermline town and Fife.Cutch and Jamie give SPoiler free Reviews of Spiderman : Homecoming and Bab ...…
Dr. Bruce Fife returns to the podcast to discuss stevia, and why it might not be so great, after all. Dr. Fife started out studying geophysics, but soon was drawn into the world of nutrition. He was specifically interested in how people can use real food as a way to improve their lives. In addition to publishing numerous books on the nature of ...…
Comedian & Free Thinker Bo Mack Micadelic joins forces with Journeyman Mouthpiece Drew Pillow for a refreshingly candid discussion of relationships. The insight is deep, the wit is sharp, the pace is fast the jokes are funny. Fasten your seatbelts and join us for an adventure into greater understanding & hopefully deeper love. SPECIAL GUEST: Ve ...…
Comedian & Free Thinker Bo Mack Micadelic joins forces with Journeyman Mouthpiece Drew Pillow for a refreshingly candid discussion of relationships. The insight is deep, the wit is sharp, the pace is fast the jokes are funny. Fasten your seatbelts and join us for an adventure into greater understanding & hopefully deeper love. SPECIAL GUEST: Ve ...…
Sy has returned from France and joins Sean for episode 109 of the Sumo Survival Bushcraft Podcast. We have quite a mix of listener questions in this cast and the guys chat about some news from the community. Grant from Ryde asks the guys why UK bushcrafters on youtube focus some much on living in woodlands where elsewhere in the world woods sel ...…
The guardsmen discover there are more than just secessionists to deal with in the bowels of the star fort. GM: Megan Players: Aser, Mike D., and Zack. System: Warhammer 40k: Only War Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Killers" and "Fife and Drum." ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ...…
When Dom Flemons was in the studio making his album Prospect Hill , the engineer made a casual comment that pushed the material in an unexpected direction. “Maybe you should sell some of those beats to a hip-hop artist!” the engineer quipped.By (Keith Weston).
Jul 06, 2017 , See Pupils From A Primary School In Fife Talk About Possible Careers
This week the Fife Friends discuss Wonder Woman and have a great Fantasy Fight club lined up with Hoarding V Chucking it, Anika Rice V Michaela Strachan, Nick Cage V John Travolta and Bucky O'Hare V Ralph on 2 bottles of Bucky.We also say good Buy to Luigi's Italian Restaurant in Dunfermline. Sad times.Join us and have a listen.…
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