Best fifer podcasts we could find (Updated October 2017)
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Conscious. Body. Movement. The Podcast
I talk with Ali Fifer. founder and owner of Rooted Wellness! We talk about cleanses, Ayurveda, a little rock climbing and more!Check her out here: her
This week it's just Vince, Dan and Tony. One has been to Thought Bubble, one has sat on the Iron Throne, and one has a bad cold and feels sorry for himself - and all three want to talk nothing but comics! Great stuff to check out this week: Thought Bubble 2017, Cog Life, Medisin Vol 1, Impossible, Markosia Comics, Carthago Adventures, No Brow, ...…
950 KJR The Morning Show
Mitch and Hugh talk to Jeremy White of WGR in Buffalo, James Kratch of New Jersey Advance Media and Steve Fifer of 105.7 FM the fan in Milwaukee about today's biggest sports headlines!
High Performance Mindset | Learn from World-Class Leaders, Consultants, Athletes & Coaches about Mindset
Dr. Carmen Tebbe Preibe spent 9 years at the University of Oklahoma Athletic Department. At OU, she provided counseling, performance enhancement, leadership, and team-building services for all OU student-athletes. While we loved life in Oklahoma, her and her husband wanted to raise our children closer to family and moved to Ankeny, Iowa in Augu ...…
Over the past few months there has been more than a few European graphic novels that have appeared in the recommendation part of the Awesome Pod. Theres a reason for this - they are amazing. With that in mind, the gang decided to get together to talk about the epic world of undiscovered gems from Europe and are joined by longtime Cinebook trans ...…
This week the gang are joined by returning guest Andy W.Clift (Bertie Bear, Sgt Steel) to talk about a subject that doesnt get discussed as much as it should - disability in comic books. Together, they talk about the roles that disability plays in comics, characters who have been done well/not so well and highlight some independent examples of ...…
The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
Reading 11 – The Yellow Wallpaper Get creepy! It’s a full-length reading of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, featuring Heather Klinke! Music and production by Chad Fifer. Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!
Get creepy! It’s a full-length reading of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, featuring Heather Klinke! Music and production by Chad Fifer. Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!
06/26/17: Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 1057 FM The FAN, discusses the team’s direction this off-season now that the Draft is complete. Is a big move necessary?By (105.7FM The FAN).
No guest this week can only mean one thing, tons of indie comic talk and laughter with the 3 amigos. Theres talk of ELCAF 2017 (including a bit of audio from show fave Todd Oliver), and a bunch of questions that lead to plenty of comic process talk. Also mentioned are Dune, Game of Thrones, Teen Titans, Carthago and of course plenty of great in ...…
Rachel Watches Star Trek
This week, Rachel and Chris fail to be charmed by Mudd’s Women! In this episode, an intergalactic shyster shows up with three ‘beautiful,’ and mysterious, women. Everyone freaks out. Except for Spock. Because Spock is awesome. Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings! Next episode: What are Lit ...…
06/19/17: Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN, has some serious questions about the team’s ownership group. Plus, what does he think of the hiring of Jon Horst?By (105.7FM The FAN).
If you've been to an MCM before, you know about the area known as Comics Village, but in the current market what does Comics Village means for the small press? The gang are joined by two MCM exhibiting veterans Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc) and Sarah Millman (NPC Tea) to talk about the current state of the small press presence at the big shows. What ...…
HFMA CEO Joe Fifer talks with Carol Friesen, vice president of system services at Bryan Health, about her upcoming year as chair of HFMA. Managing Editor Nick Hut interviews Ken Perez, vice president of healthcare policy for Omnicell, about value-based care. Managing Editor Lisa Towers talks with Enjoin Vice President Dr. James Fee about clinic ...…
It's all about writing comics this week, and to help the ACP gang out the mighty Owen Michael Johnson (Reel Love, Beast Wagon) joins in for some process talk! Theres discussion about pacing, the importance of notes and notebooks, working with artists through the process and more. Theres plenty of listener questions too, so if you've ever though ...…
05/24/17: Steve 'Sparky' Fifer reacts to John Hammond's departure to the Magic. Where does Jason Kidd fit into this situation? Could he be more involved in the front office?By (105.7FM The FAN).
In our podcast Hollie tells about her first feature length doco The Opposition. Set in the Paga Hill community in PNG the story uncovers a fight by the local people for their right to stay in their homes. As a film director, Hollie chose to be an active observer by showing this story to as many people as she can and finding a way to make change.…
Nerd Louisville brings game designer, Kenneth Hite, down to run Trail of Cthulhu for next-gen nerds! Listen to the actual play session. The post Kenneth Hite & Next-Gen Nerds Play Trail of Cthulhu appeared first on Nerd Louisville.
Recorded in the Ruger booth at the 2017 NRA Meetings in Atlanta, GA. Tom's talking new releases, including the 10/22 suppressed barrel with Ruger's Chris Killoy and Mike Fifer and the P320 X-Five with Sig Sauer's Phil Strader; and handgun vaults and safe storage with Liberty Safe's Richard Atkinson.…
New documentaries: one about Brett Whiteley, and one about the battle between a community in PNG and property developers.
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