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Bucks Coverage
Home of the FAN Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'N Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese Frozen Pizza! Also hear from players, coaches and our basketball insiders.
Spare Time Bowling
Join Steve Sparky Fifer and Dwight Albrecht every Sunday morning (December - April) at 9am on WSSP for an action-packed hour of all things bowling! From the latest news on both the professional and local scene to the newest products they have you covered. Plus tips to help your game. AND you never know which PBA Tour Pro is gonna call in to chat.
The Wendy's Big Show
The only Milwaukee sports talk show with two former Packers! The Wendy's Big Show - Afternoons - 2pm-6pm
Witch House Media
The collective creative works of Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey, the minds and voices behind The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast.
The Big Show
The only Milwaukee sports talk show with two former Packers! The Wendy's Big Show - Afternoons - 2pm-6pm
RAW Medicine
Physician Seth Collings Hawkins and Paramedic David Fifer take a deep dive into the world of RAW medicine- Remote, Austere, and Wilderness care. From trails to rivers and caves to collapsed buildings, Seth and David break down the practical and philosophical issues of providing good medicine in challenging places.
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The ACP crew step into the world of sword and sorcery this week as we talk about fighting fantasy and the Trolltooth Wars! Joining the gang is PJ Montgomery, the writer who took it upon himself to adapt the epic fantasy novel by Steve Jackson, and so begins a discussion of adaptions and writing processes that goes in all directions. Theres also ...…
This week the crew are joined by David Hathaway Price, the man behind a new (and epically huge) fanzine called FANSCENE. Theres talk about what fanzines are, their history and some highlights and what the role of fanzines are in modern comics and small press. Theres also some awesome comic book recommendations, shout outs and the usual ACP shen ...…
It may be the festive season but the Awesome Pod guys take some time to grumble like a bunch of old codgers about stuff thats irks them. The results are thoughtful, hilarious and what you'd come to expect from the ACP. Theres also listener responses, some positive listener audio to offset the grumbling and as always, brilliant recommendations f ...…
After a frustrating week off the boys are back, and they're going long with a 'Highlights of 2017' show!! Theres tons of talk about some comic highlights we've had over the year and everyone picks their personal choices of the year. From movies to publishers to graphic novels to creators on the rise and even eggs! Its a highlights show you coul ...…
Its a very special show this week as the gang take time to discuss one of their favourite series of books, the trilogy of Porcelain! Writer Benjamin Read (Night Post) and artist Christian Wildgoose (Batgirl) join in to talk about the creation of the Porcelain world and how their journey from book one to now has evolved. Theres talk of how they ...…
This week the Awesome crew take some time to talk about an organisation putting the medium of comics to good use in the best possible way, Little Heroes! It's creator Aaron Rackley joins the gang to talk about what they do, the behind the scenes of getting comic packs into hospitals and how you can support them. It's a great chat about a fantas ...…
With no guest this week the ACP gang sit down to shoot the breeze, talk comics and spend a little time discussing Frank Castle aka The Punisher. With the new series out on Netflix its a great time to get to know the character and all 3 hosts recommend their favourite arcs. Also theres some great listener questions about writing and the time spe ...…
This week the ACP gang are joined by another comic loving podcaster, Ian Loxam from the Comic Art Podcast! With 2017 convention season pretty much done everyone talks about how the year has been, the ups and downs of some shows, the benefits of small events and more. Theres also some podcasting talk, Brian Michael Bendis, another great batch of ...…
This week the ACP gang are joined by comic creator, illustrator and enthusiastic mofo extraordinaire Darrell Thorpe (Sub Diablo) to talk about the art of comics away from the page! Theres discussion about art exhibitions, grafitti, artwork prints at conventions and much more. Its a hilarious and sometimes NSFW discussion about a different side ...…
Its that time of the year again - its the Awesome Pod Halloween Special! THis year they're joined by Dan Charnley (Hel the Hunter) and Daniel Marc Chant (The Sinister Horror Company) for a talk about all things horror comics. The good, the bad, the ugly and more get discussed, as well as lots of brilliant stuff for listeners to check out, and s ...…
This week the ACP gang are joined by the creator of listener favourite 'Sexcastle', Kyle Starks! He talks about his latest books Kill Em All and Rock Candy Mountain, his journey back into comics and some of his work process. Of course, the conversation divulges into an all round classic action movie discussion. Theres also some brilliant books ...…
After a couple of weeks of convention going, the ACP trio are back to discuss what they've been up. Tony talks about his big trip to New York Comic Con this year, and then the gang chat about the recent Nottingham Comic Con and show off some interviews they got on the day. Great stuff to check out this week: Nottingham Comic Con, Descending Out ...…
This weeks Vince and Dan are Tony-less while he's in NYCC but they've drafted in James Lawrence (The Legend of La Mariposa) to talk webcomics, art process and wrestling! The conversation drifts far and wide, with lots of handy webcomic tips and info from Dan and James, while Vince probes them for info in case he decides to launch one himself! T ...…
With Nottingham Comic Con 2017 just around the corner, the ACP gang get one of the co-organisers (and comic book artist in his own right) Kev Brett to talk about the show. They discuss the journey of organising a proper comics convention, marketing a show, getting guests and more. Plus theres tons of comic talk too, from Kevs own work, fantasti ...…
Conscious. Body. Movement. The Podcast
I talk with Ali Fifer. founder and owner of Rooted Wellness! We talk about cleanses, Ayurveda, a little rock climbing and more!Check her out here: her
This week it's just Vince, Dan and Tony. One has been to Thought Bubble, one has sat on the Iron Throne, and one has a bad cold and feels sorry for himself - and all three want to talk nothing but comics! Great stuff to check out this week: Thought Bubble 2017, Cog Life, Medisin Vol 1, Impossible, Markosia Comics, Carthago Adventures, No Brow, ...…
950 KJR The Morning Show
Mitch and Hugh talk to Jeremy White of WGR in Buffalo, James Kratch of New Jersey Advance Media and Steve Fifer of 105.7 FM the fan in Milwaukee about today's biggest sports headlines!
High Performance Mindset | Learn from World-Class Leaders, Consultants, Athletes & Coaches about Mindset
Dr. Carmen Tebbe Preibe spent 9 years at the University of Oklahoma Athletic Department. At OU, she provided counseling, performance enhancement, leadership, and team-building services for all OU student-athletes. While we loved life in Oklahoma, her and her husband wanted to raise our children closer to family and moved to Ankeny, Iowa in Augu ...…
The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
Reading 11 – The Yellow Wallpaper Get creepy! It’s a full-length reading of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, featuring Heather Klinke! Music and production by Chad Fifer. Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!
Get creepy! It’s a full-length reading of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, featuring Heather Klinke! Music and production by Chad Fifer. Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!
Rachel Watches Star Trek
This week, Rachel and Chris fail to be charmed by Mudd’s Women! In this episode, an intergalactic shyster shows up with three ‘beautiful,’ and mysterious, women. Everyone freaks out. Except for Spock. Because Spock is awesome. Special thanks to Chad Fifer for our theme tune and to Greig Johnson for his vocal stylings! Next episode: What are Lit ...…
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