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Fingerprint's Monthly Podcast
Our monthly podcast, showcasing some of the world's best underground talents from across the world.
M2SYS Technology RSS - Fingerprint Software, Finger Vein Reader, Finger Vein Authentication, Palm Vein and Other Biometric News
The latest news in fingerprint software, fingerprint sdk, finger vein reader, finger vein authentication, finger vein hardware, palm vein and biometrics
Double Loop Podcast
Support the Double Loop Podcast at Double Loop Podcast is a weekly show that features Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray discussing latent print topics. Current events, the latest trends, intriguing research, and interesting guests. Check back every week for the latest latent print talk.
Just Science
RTI International’s Center for Forensic Science presents Just Science, a podcast for forensic science professionals and anyone with an interest in learning more about how real crime laboratories are working to do their job better, produce more accurate results, become more efficient, and solve more crimes. This podcast deals with a range of issues, including leadership in the crime lab, new technologies, sexual assault response, and broader challenges for science and public security. We cove ...
Dr. Dan Erickson's Podcast
Dr. Dan Erickson, of People Matter Ministries, equips you to live out your God-given fingerprint of potential. Learn more at
Speakin Of
Developing a community that helps each other find our unique fingerprint in life. Through our conversations we wish to help with introspection, self-betterment and inclusion by acknowledging some of our own concern, experiences, and even emotion. Hosted by Jon Jon and Dedrick listeners are inspired to take the scales and pretenses off and love oneself.
Financially Fit for Life – Mark Hudon
“Having a healthy financial profile is all about making smart choices that will help you get in better shape financially as well as personally. Are you spending too much? Are you saving enough? Are you making the right decisions with your money? It means approaching your finances from a perspective of balance. Is your debt relational to your income, are you spending money to make yourself happy? Your financial plan should be as custom as your fingerprint . On Financially Fit for Life you’ll ...
TRUTH International
T –Talent. R –Radical. U –Unique. T –Tactical. H –Holistic. International.Talent: All talent is God-given, we aim to use it for God’s glory and to edify the church. We believe there's no talent which has no purpose and by engaging in missional work – exposed to different people and environment, one discovers his or her mission in life and uses that talent to magnify God.Radical: The Gospel work set forth by Christ was neither ordinary or common. It was robust, fresh, enlightening, liberating ...
Monotronic Podcast
What do we know about music? Its sound may emerge from the silent space of stillness. Everything audible within our perception radiates a unique sound. It’s like a fingerprint, carrying a unique melody and comprised of a highly differentiated set of frequencies.The meaning of my life is given by an uncompromising worship of music. As a painter mixes paint to create a painting, so does the musician mix from a palette of sounds to create an unfolding sonic story. I want to inspire the creativi ...
My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready Writer:
This is Aron Brackeen's audio/podcast version of his book, My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready Writer: Adding Color to a World of Gray. It may be viewed at and is available to those interested in the immutable, imminent, transcendent, sovereign, holy, just, righteous, and lovingly majestic Ancient of Days- the Eternal LORD (YHVH) of the universe, and his divine purpose in messiah Yeshua (called Jesus) for this planet and those of us on it. Contact Aron Brackeen using A ...
Bellion Boss
Roland Bell lll better known as Bellion Boss, is an American hip-hop recording artist and singer born on May 18, 1980, on the South Side of Houston, TX. Bellion attended Fairchild Elementary, Attucks Middle and Jones High School. As a youth, Bellion always demonstrated an extraordinary passion for music and the art of how music is created. During a recent interview, one of his closest friends stated, "I use to think he was crazy, always walking around rapping to himself and making all kinds ...
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“THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.” Cherie Aimée is the CEO of a digital branding firm, #1 best-selling author, motivational speaker, and creator of 4 different brands including @bustingoutofobscurity, @livebigbehappy, @sexyheartwarriors, and @cherieaimee. Cherie has been featured in or interviewed by several international media outlets such as the History ...…
They're here! The guys go into the light on this week's podcast with Tobe Hooper's 1982 spooky haunted house film, Poltergeist. The film's directorial credit has always been shrouded in mystery, and it certainly does have producer Steven Spielberg's fingerprints all over it, but no matter whose name we slap on the poster, it's a fun, scary time ...…
Whats up you little bedroom producers, getting presets all over your audio files... This week Travis becomes best friends with Sam Pura and they talk about getting hated on by delicate band guys, why your butthole is like a fingerprint, How your name can predict your future, and a whole lot more. So clean that pop punk pizza grease off your han ...…
An Indianapolis Business Podcast: Off the Circle
Facial Recognition has been in use for years as a means to authenticate. It's often been a bad joke in the tech industry for it's failure to differentiate your face from a picture of your face. Until now. Apple is releasing Face ID with the iPhone X and it's replacing Touch ID which utilizes your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone. On this episo ...…
USA Talk Radio
Happy Friday: For this evening’s program we will consider the national security implications of two OIG (Office of Inspector General) reports, issued just last month, that focus on failures of the immigration system to provide essential information to CBP (Customs and Border Protection) Inspectors at ports of entry that are supposed to flag ali ...…
BioAccsys is an Australian-owned business that specialises in biometric time attendance and access control systems. The company develops a software that uses fingerprint, facial, and card base technology to track the attendance of employees, which then integrates the data into payroll systems and billing systems easily. Joining us in this segme ...…
Faith Community Church Woodstock Podcast
St John Mansfield Video Podcast
Sermon Notes:
St John Mansfield Audio Podcast
Sermon Notes:
Recorded 9/27/17 Annual Passholder lines Colors of the entrance turnstiles Magic Bands Tip from Chris: wear your Magic Band on your left arm and put your finger on the fingerprint reader at the same time you put your Magic Band up to the reader Chris’ trip report - Magic Kingdom on 9/23 Dole Whip - online ordering troubles Pineapple Dole Whip v ...…
Key Points Email is going through a renaissance right now “You’ve got to have some broad touches to let folks that are less engaged know that you’re still alive.” Don’t just try to wow people with your email content and offers. Build a relationship and have a normal conversation Click to Tweet: Email Marketing Sales Tips and Tricks – See http:/ ...…
Deep Vibes & Hypnotic Beats... weekly radio show with Catch The Show Live Every Thursday 16:00 EST & 21:00 GMT www.thesessionworldwide.comShow Tracklist:Deep Vibes & Hypnotic Beats... weekly radio show with Ioanwww.djioan.comShow Tracklist:1-Ioan - Ibiza Sunsets Intro2-Cassius -The Sound Of Violence (Narcotic Thrust)3 - Sash ...…
Ride Radio hosted by Myon
Stendahl feat. Ai Takekawa - Soldiers (Four Days Remix) [Silk Music] TEPHRA - Blast OFF (Extended Mix) [Alveda Music Moment Management] Farius - Ellipse (Extended Mix) [Statement!] Dominic Manns - Lucid Dream (Vocal Mix) [Elliptical Sun Melodies] Sunlight Project - Something Deeper (Ellez Ria Extended Remix) [OHM Music] Elypsis feat. Mandy Reig ...…
Set I -Jack Straw, Friend Of The Devil-> CC Rider, Ramble On Rose, Minglewood Blues, Bird Song-> Looks Like Rain, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider Set II- Far From Me-> Playin' In The Band-> Crazy Fingers-> Throwing Stones-> Drums-> Iko Iko-> Truckin'-> Goin' Down.... This item belongs to: etree/GratefulDead. This item has files of the fo ...…
Set I - Jack Straw, Friend Of The Devil-> CC Rider, Ramble On Rose, Minglewood Blues, Bird Song-> Looks Like Rain, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider Set II - Far From Me-> Playin' In The Band-> Crazy Fingers-> Throwing Stones-> Drums-> Iko Iko-> Truckin'-> Goin' Do.... This item belongs to: etree/GratefulDead. This item has files of the fo ...…
John and Jarrod talk the origin of Planet X (Nibiru) conspiracy theories and the prediction that it will collide with the earth on 9/23/17, military bases on the dark side of the Moon, NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing conspiracy, questioning the 9/11 Commission Report, the Pentagon and Building 7 official story, warm caves under the ice in Antarctic ...…
Dillinger escape car Dillinger with Sheriff Lillian Holley In this first episode of the exciting story of John Dillinger and his jailbreak the listener learns how John Dillinger was wanted for killing a police officer during a bank robbery when he was captured in Tucson Arizona. He was extradited to Indiana where he was held without bond in the ...…
Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra, an adaptive behavioral authentication and fraud detection platform and alumni of Barclay’s Accelerator, says that passwords, PINS and fingerprint identification are already outdated, insufficient methods – but there is virtually NO way to compromise the behavioral signature of an individual.Reporter for @geekdotcom. ...…
Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian
A new MP3 sermon from Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian is now available on with the following details: Title: Galatians #3: No Human Fingerprints Subtitle: Galatians: The Gospel of Grace Speaker: Rev Ian Brown Broadcaster: Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Event: Sunday - AM Date: 9/17/2017 Bible: Galatians 1:10-24 Length: 47 ...…
Anatoliy Frolov - 'Musical Roads' Radioshow
01. Lane 8 - Fingerprint 02. Kidnap Kid - Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate 03. Sunlounger & Eden Iris - Dancing With A Ghost 04. Richard Judge - Fix Me 05. EDX - We Can't Give Up 06. Felix Cartal - Get What You Give (DLMT & Vanrip Remix) 07. BLR & SBNC - Varca 08. Axwell Λ Ingrosso - More Than You Know (Marcus Schossow Remix) 09. Cameo ...…
Conejo Valley Advice Givers | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Opinions | Rants | Stories | Philanthropy | Interviewing Our Community's Brightest Minds | Jay & Michelle Lieberman
Episode 079 – What Is Success To You | What Does It Mean To You | Money | Cars | Houses | Impact | Affecting Lives | Things That Live On Beyond You ON THIS EPISODE Success is a really interesting topic and I love hearing stories about how people define success in their lives. As you can likely imagine, the metric of success differs from person ...…
The former Slate staffer, ultimate data/word nerd, and acclaimed author of Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve, Ben Blatt, dropped in this week to talk about crunching the numbers of classic and modern literature, debunking famous writerly wisdom, and how prolific writers establish their literary fingerprints. Rainmaker.FM is Brought to You By Dis ...…
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