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H fizzics
Podcast to support pupils following the SQA Higher Physics course. Episodes contain homework activities, worked homework solutions as short screencast videos and additional materials relevant to the Higher Physics course.
National 4 – fizzics
with mr mackenzie
AH Fizzics
Support for pupils taking the SQA Advanced Higher Physics course.
National 5 – fizzics
with mr mackenzie
Standard Grade Fizzics
with mr mackenzie
The FizzicsEd Podcast
For educators and teachers working to make STEM amazing... no matter whether you're teaching science in grade 1, running a high school lab or delivering science shows in a museum, this education show helps you teach science & technology the way kids want to learn. The FizzicsEd Podcast brings in educators from across Australia and around the world to talk about tips, tricks, lessons and learnings they've had whilst working with students in the classroom and beyond. Hosted by Ben Newsome, a s ...
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Cherine Spirou and the team at the Lachlan Macquarie College works with hundreds of science teachers across NSW. Working in partnership with the Western Sydney University School of Science and Health, the team puts together a variety of student science events and PLN conferences & meetups, all aimed at accelerating our high schools understandin ...…
National 5 – fizzics
Use the attached file to help with revision for your test on Monday. Start at the beginning of the booklet and read up to the end of page 41. Thanks to Mr Noble for sharing his notes. 🙂
Your homework questions are attached. Please return to me by Wednesday 20th September.
Fizzics Waytap (USA Link) - Waytap (International) - Fizzics Waytap enhances your beverage by introducing what they cal "micro-foam". It's true, the Fizzics does create a creamier, denser tasting beverage compared to what comes straight from the bottle or can.FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR ...…
In this episode of STEMiverse, Marcus and I talk with Ben Newsome. Ben Newsome is the founder of Fizzics Education, a company that specialises in delivering interactive science workshops and shows. Through Fizzics Education, Ben reaches around 300,000 children each year, in person or via video conference, in Austalia or around the world. Ben is ...…
The period (T) of a simple pendulum can be calculated using where l is the pendulum length and g is the gravitational field strength. Using a single value of length and period, we can determine the acceleration due to gravity. However, it would be better experimental practise to vary the length of the pendulum and ... Read more…
Tap Takeover Podcast
The Tap Takeover Podcast takes over Stein & Dine to kick off Milwaukee Beer Week! Join us at our Fizzics-sponsored booth as we meet our fans, share some beer, and meet a few of the brewers that make these events so much fun. And stay tuned for a full recap episode of Milwaukee Beer Week coming soon to the Podcast! Cheers!…
Here are whole unit summary notes to help you prepare for the unit test next week. Thanks to Mr Noble for sharing his notes.
National 5 – fizzics
Here are some revision notes on waves to help you prepare for the unit 3 test next week.
Milwaukee Beer Week runs from April 22nd-29th. Come meet the Tap Takeover Podcast crew as we explore some amazing beer-tappings around the city, starting with our booth at Stein and Dine sponsored by Fizzics Waytap! Let us be your guides through an amazing week of Tap Takeover events, and check out for a full list of festi ...…
As promised, here are the Scholar notes for unit 2 of the CfE Higher course.
Here are some notes to help with your revision for the electricity & energy test. Thanks to Mr Noble for sharing his notes. There are also practice exam questions and answers if you want them.
Your assignment will be based on an optoelectronics topic. You will get some ideas for practical work by downloading this booklet. I have attached a copy of the Scholar notes for unit 3 of the CfE Higher course. You will find background physics with appropriate energy band explanations on pages 103-142. Don’t print this document, ... Read more…
The Q&W unit assessment is next week. Here are the Scholar notes to help with your revision.
Remember that your unit assessment for P&W will take place at the end of this week. The attached notes might be helpful during your revision.
Tap Takeover Podcast
Episode 1 of the Tap Takeover Podcast is live! We here at the Solid Non Fail Studio are so very honored and excited to bring you the first episode in our brand new podcast series. With a focus on the Craft Brewing Industry, we begin our beer odyssey with an exclusive interview with Russ Klisch, the president of Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee, W ...…
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An electric field can be used to accelerate charged particles. Conservation of energy tells us that work done by the electric field = change in the particle’s kinetic energy The speed of the particle can be determined if its charge and the accelerating voltage (potential difference) are known. The notes attached to the end of this post ... Read ...…
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
What forces help to shape your own journey of learning both personally and professionally? Where to you gain your greatest insight from? How do you apply this learning to your own line of work? In today’s episode, my good friend, Ross Halliday and I, have an informal discussion about life and learning and the major forces that continue to influ ...…
Here are the solutions to the dynamics and space past papers questions.
Some of you asked for revision questions ahead of the unit assessment. Down load these problems from older past papers. I will add a secoond post with the answers shortly.
We’ve been looking at how the temperature of an object can affect it’s appearance. The attached handout recaps on our work in class and provides some examples of line spectra.
AG Craft Beer Cast 10-22-16 Guests-Fizzics Phil Petracca, Cypress Brewing-Charles Backman by AG Craft Beer CastBy
Before the holidays, we performed a set of experiments to determine the latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vaporisation of water. Next week, we’ll review that work and think about possible reasons why our results were not closer to the “book” values. The attached pdf provides a summary of the topic.…
What To Expect In This Episode: This week on Plug and Play Podcast….. Tim finally gets cured by the power of a plate of his Zombie flu. Zach on the other hand grabs himself a sweet new video card that leads to the blue death screen. Tim jumps back into the wastelands and finishes Uncharted 4 while Zach Play Office Cleaner 2k17 highly not recomm ...…
The Ale Evangelist Show
In this episode of The Ale Evangelist we discover what it is that scares the Scotsman out of his shorts...By
San Diego BeerTalk Radio – A San Diego craft beer podcast
(NSFW) This episode is a first for us. We were asked if we wanted a review unit by the people at Fizzics. We said yes, I mean come on we aren’t stupid, but on one condition…we had to review it our way. This is in no way some fanboy review. We did get the unit […]
Tap the Craft - Craft Beer Education
We celebrate the American Stout in Episode 56 by discussing the American Stout style guidelines and doing our tasting notes with the Deschutes Obsidian Stout. We also discuss Denny’s experience using the Fizzics Home Draft System and answer a listener question concerning getting started in homebrewing. We encourage you to participate in our lis ...…
Brew Review Crew: On Tap - The Best in Craft Beer News, Reviews and More!
Thanks for listening to the Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast! Please consider leaving us a review on iTunes at Today we interview the CEO and co-founder of the Fizzics At-Home Draft System, which is an incredible product that you should all check out! Check them out at!…
You will need the attached file when we go to the library to learn about using Excel to crunch data for your project.
Want to learn how to home brew? Afraid to start?... Head to for more information and show notes!By (Aaron Williams and Tim Dennis).
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