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Starts with poo; ends with cum.
Swap Fu Podcast
Two Fu's in love talk about swinging, swingers, open marriage and having fun. If you are interested in any of these topics, then our podcast is for you.
Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and let's discuss, debate, and dissect kung fu movies, martial arts cinema, and action films past, present, and future then interview the people that make them!
whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is a bi-weekly podcast interviewing traditional martial artists. We hear their stories and journeys, the way they overcame challenges and learn how to be better people through the guests martial arts experiences. Past guests have included many famous martial artists from Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and other disciplines.
Providing analysis of Florida State football, recruiting, hoops and more
LSAT Kung Fu
Kicking Ass with Logic
FOU Studios
FOU Studios Podcast Network brings a cavalcade of programming to one channel. From acclaimed comedy company Face Off Unlimited (creators of BATSU! NYC, Chicago, and national tour), and 3/4 of the hit comedy podcast In The Room, comes FOU Studios! For more info on FOU check out
Kung Fu Komedy
Subscribe for the latest episodes of all podcasts from China's #1 Standup Comedy Club. Produced in Shanghai.
KU HawkZone
Podcast by KU HawkZone
Audio! Action!! ADVENTURE!!!! Kung Fu Action Theatre is a an audio drama podcast showcasting new action-adventure stories monthly.
Cult of Kung Fu
The Kung Fu Master (cousin of Reverend Chumley) brings you some great fortunes in the guise of Kung Fu flicks of old! If you enjoy these great movies for your computer, iphone or ipod come by Cult of UHF and check out some great B-movies!
Nerd Fu
Steve & Sully (founders of bring you the latest news and opinions on movies, tv shows, video games, comic book conventions, collectibles, comic books, tech and more.The NerdFu podcast is for NERDS - created by NERDS.
Podcast by What the F**k Happened Here?
FKN Move!
FKN Move is a podcast that documents the day in the life of a courier on Melbourne's streets. Podcast/radio reviews, driving tips and general banter.
LSAT Kung Fu
At Velocity LSAT ( we're here to make you faster, smarter, better-looking, and more logical.
Dudes of Kung Fu
Two Dudes from New York talking about Kung Fu....and stuff.
Helping Entrepreneurs Restart Their Business
Welcome to the Kung Fu Movie Guide Podcast. Listen to exclusive, in-depth interviews with actors, stunt performers, directors, choreographers and writers discussing their careers and their passion for martial arts cinema. Hosted by Ben Johnson, the creator of Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and may Buddha bless you!
Lessons from the Geek Fu Master is a collections of essays by Mur Lafferty, producer and host of the podcast, Geek Fu Action Grip. Her essays cover the spectrum of topics from gaming, comics, writing, feminism, and parenting.
Grind Flu Radio
Grind Flu Radio is a radio station for independent artists. You will hear the hottest artists and experience topics and other forms of entertainment, that you would not here on your regular radio station. So stay tuned!!!
Podcast fra AaFK med ukentlige sendinger.
Hosted by musical director BTK, with regular world-renowned DJ-producer guests, the weekly KU DE TA Bali radio show is a lovingly crafted aural representation of the elegant, exotic musical bohemia experienced during any typical long and winding day at the venue. The sundrenched sounds are timeless, yet contemporary; forward-thinking, yet reverential, encompassing everything from chic Asiatic chill to Balearic nu-disco.Experience the rhythmic heart and soul of KU DE TA either live online, at ...
Muxaadaro ka hadlaysa qofku marka uu dhinto muxuu la kulmi doonaa, halkee ayuu ku danbayn doonaa, maxaa qabriga kaga horeeya qofka.
This current series reveals who Jesus truly was according to Scripture: A Revolutionary, Radical, and a Reformer--but not religious. Let your view of Jesus be challenged with a fresh look at him through the Scriptures.
FIU Seasonal Podcast
A weekly Gossip Girl podcast where two fans guide a guy who's never seen the show through the ENTIRE THING.
EKU Voices
Hear Eastern Kentucky University’s Alumni and Friends tell their EKU stories on this podcast hosted by Carrie and Andrew from the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.
KU DE TA Radio represents more than just a name. Since the show began in April 2007, it has aimed to embody the soul, feeling, and diverse flavours of the KU DE TA sunset sounds to allow a greater audience access to the magic of KU DE TA’s music without being in Bali. Currently airing weekly on Bali’s 98.5FM Beat Radio Plus, streaming on and syndicated globally with over 3 million weekly listeners, the professionally presented 2-hour show features guest sunset mixes from a rot ...
The official podcast of Austin Kung-Fu Academy! We practice jiu jitsu self defense basics, Choy Lay Fut kung-fu, and tai chi.
This podcast is a simple and convenient way to share the videos from Come, Follow Me on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It features the videos for the monthly gospel topic youth are studying in Aaronic Priesthood, Young Women, and Sunday School.
DJ R3APER brings you the best EDM music with his Official Podcast managing all this kind of music "Electro House, Progressive, Dirty Dutch, Dubstep, Drum step & Moombahcore!!!
Ask NKU invites the finest academic minds at Northern Kentucky University to share their insights and knowledge with you, for free. On almost any topic you can imagine, our professors and guests share a wealth of insights and information with you through fun, candid, and engaging interviews. In this episode, Joe shares his expertise on rivalries—the art of rivalries, the deep emotions that people invest in them, and the big business behind the biggest rivalries in sports.
The FU Podcast
David and Justin talk music, current events, relationships, sharting -- and that's just the start...Please, leave your inhibitions and insecurities at the door. It's best for everyone that way. Ladies and Jellybeans, from our hearts to yours, enjoy!
WKU RedZone Radio
Podcast by WKU RedZone Radio
Sharing our faith. Multiplying our faith. Reaching our campus for Christ.
Tr3ndy A5 FuK
Dance Music Compilations Mixed By Dj Fuma
Njeriu i mençur sheh rreth vetes begati të shumta, të panumërta dhe të njëpasnjëshme. Prandaj të qenit mirënjohës është esenciale për çdo mysliman. Për këtë njohja e vlerës, realitetit si dhe llojeve të falënderimit si dhe dhuntitë kryesore për njeriun është edhe tema e kësaj ligjërate nga hoxha i nderuar Bekir Halimi.
GrowthKungFu, the brainchild of founders Pritish Sanyal and Wai Hoi Tsang is a platform to share growth stories and insights from start-ups in Asia. Our podcasts touches on topics ranging from marketing channels and user acquisition to engagement and product launches.Co-founders Pritish Sanyal and Wai Hoi Tsang, a pair of roommates at one time, came together with very different perspectives and very different skillsets. Pritish left behind a successful career as a business developer to join ...
Welcome to Bey Logan's Late Night Kung Fu Podcast, where we talk about movies, martial arts and the dynamic intersection of the two.
'Art, for F*@k's Sake' is an unabashedly romantic podcast about stand up comedy as art as a quest to realise the meaning of life.Written and performed by Russell Hicks
FIU Honors Alumni
FIU Honors Alumni Podcast
It's time for some Cam-Fu and Friends!
The second book in a trilogy of the Reconstruction era - The Leopard's Spots (1902), The Clansman (1905), and The Traitor (1907), this novel was the basis for the 1915 silent movie classic, "The Birth Of A Nation". Within a fictional story, it records Dixon's understanding of the origins of the first Ku Klux Klan (his uncle was a Grand Titan during Dixon's childhood), recounting why white southerners' began staging vigilante responses to the savage personal insults, political injustices and ...
Mathias Chapdelaine de Feu
University of Hong Kong Libraries Book talks
F.U. I’m Right
Ask. Answer. Gloat.
Mind Fu
Podcast by Mind Fu
A podcast about video games. There's also comedy and cynicism.
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Every Friday at 9 p.m.1+1 Radioshow on Megapolis 89.5 FM (Moscow) Hosted by Lena Estetica and Pahomoff1 Capo & Comes-Magic House [Jango Music]2 Antonello Ferrari feat Dawn Tallman-Dawn Tallman (Original Mix) [King Street Sounds]3 Dave Mayer-Don't Fix It [Bobbin Head Music]4 Basement Jaxx-Unicorn (Deeptrak Remix) [Deeptrak]5 Adrian Moya-Ecco (Os ...…
Christmas time! This episode we talk about our favourite Christmas Horror movies, the new album "1981" by FKU, the upcoming Misfits shows, a memorable screening in Toronto of Silent Night Deadly Night and more.We are a proud member of the Phantom Podcast network. dont forget to like, share, rate and review FMPB ...…
Lots of babble on this one. And I'm to lazy to add anymore.
Recorded 2016-07-29 07:59:55 Tracklisting: * Calibre - Overreaction feat Lariman (Original Mix) * Paul SG - Nowhere Near (original mix) * Ross D - Starburst Maneuver * Furney - Dream Stream (with Locksmith) * Cosmology - Tech Love Story * Subsid - My One & Only * Dstar feat CHINO - Villain Beware * Submorphics - All I Need (feat Christina Tamay ...…
Today was our first show in a long time. And even longer waiting for me to upload it. In any case here is the latest FKU Show Podcast. On todays show we decided to use Facebook live and talk with our fans and also we didn't really have any material so here it is in all its glory.
Today we start out with some FKU banter and nonsense. Slim Nicky wants to know why Grey J doesn't take his ass sounds and talent on the road to make some extra money, Guys are disgusting, young kids and them being lazy, lots of politic talk, government spending, Girls talking like prince valium and lots more.…
WE’RE ALIVE! And we’ve got a good one! From August 31, 2014… yes, we’re that far behind… Epidemic vs. Pandemic: From – The CDC’s official definition of an epidemic is: “The occurrence of more cases of disease than expected in a given area or among a specific group of people over a particular period of time.” Since some diseases become ...…
WE’RE ALIVE! And we’ve got a good one! From August 31, 2014… yes, we’re that far behind… Epidemic vs. Pandemic: From – The CDC’s official definition of an epidemic is: “The occurrence of more cases of disease than expected in a given area or among a specific group of people over a particular period of time.” Since some diseases become ...…
On today's episode we welcome in the new year! There is talk of greek yogurt, Grey J going going to church, Slim thinks GreyJ should grow up with practical jokes, Slim wants to start naming jizz, crunning is the new idiot sport, Slim thinks that there should be a limit on christmas music, Grey J's maneuver for people that text and drive, and mo ...…
Today on The FKU Show we talk about "Where does the time go" and why people say it. Rapey Santa Claus. Halloween candy razor blades and who think kids will eat them. Being from Mass and not knowing anything about towns outside the 128 loop. And so much more!
Today The FKU Show talks about Powder The movie and who made it and what it's really about, Grey J fart story and why Janet is still with him, Jared and his 6" fetish Donald Trump, and more.
Today's episode starts off with a 60 second rant from Slim Nicky, Grey J eating 2 year old steak tips and surviving, parents getting their kids shitty art work tattooed on themselves, Donald Trump nonsense, Grey J's view on kids taking drugs, and again so much more.
On todays episode we talk about Facebook nonsense, Grey J's old age, gay marriage, the confederate flag, how social media is ruining humanity, Nick brings down the show with political talk, the NAACP white/black president, nicks not going to watch football this season, driving in traffic, getting sponsors for a funeral and lots more.…
Today The FKU Show had a very special guest Adam Hunter. Actor, Comedian, Podcaster, and tons of other things. So We got to ask him about his MMA Roasted Podcast where Grey J was clueless. But Grey J did get to ask about boners while wrestling. Is it an advantage or not? You decide! We talk about our weekend. How Grey J hoped that Slim was stuc ...…
Track Artist Song Year 1 Low Mother 2013 2 The White Stripes I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart 2003 3 LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out 1990 4 The Knife We Share Our Mothers' Health 2006 5 Suicidal Tendencies I Saw Your Mommy 1983 6 The Beatles Mother Nature's Son 1968 7 Bob Dylan It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 1965 8 Yann ...…
Today we talk about Lasik Procedures, Grey J's Dunkin Donuts problems, Loved one in dildos, and of course soooo much more.
This weeks podcast consist of viewer question, Grey J's shipping skills, The Jinx, Slim Nicky's skin tags, another DD rant, a little ball talk, and again so much more.
Back from another long hiatus we talk about bronzing buttholes, the god awful snow that New England is getting, more butthole talk, ISIS, Fat Emojis, and much much more.
Back after a 2 month hiatus we come back with a brand new intro and discuss the holidays, new format change, traffic issues, a listeners velcro wallet, Boston protesters medical marijuana and of course so much more.
Comics of My Youth Part 6 of 100. Looking back at New Mutants #38, 44-47. (26:18)
Todays episode we have a special guest and by special we mean helmet special. We talk about wedding montages, Renee Zellweggers new face, Ebola, Grey J's rant about Dunkin Donuts, and Grey J's rant about drivers And just a bunch of other nonsense.
Today we start off with some random banter, Nick talks about the guy in the middle of the road during his recent road trip, The Fappening happens on the show, Nick likes drivers from Mass, Grey talks about music, Nicks apple picking story and oh so much more.
Today we talk politics, Grey J's Stereo Type, Video Games, Nick's Vacation and of course much more.
Todays episode we talk about Grey J's mom saying we are slacking, a new porn twitter site, dead junkies, and so much more.
On todays podcast Grey J wants Slim Nicky to get kicked by a Kangaroo, A Podcast correction, why soccer players are the biggest pussies, We talk a lot about eating, Dominos delivers next day, Grey J asks Slim Nicky 9 questions, and of course so much more.
Today’s episode we talk about Fat kid problems. ghost, and a few other things.
Today we talk about ghost aids, Joho’s at the strip clubs, teenage man titties, and much much more.
Today we talk about fifty shades of grey, Back dick, and gingers.
Today we talk about dumb kids, handlebar mustache pubes, and cupcake rape! So listen up and pass it along.
Today we talked about the correction to the grey douche and his relationship song, Nick hating Pandas, and the new drug crocodile.
Today we talk about balls, KJ’s curmudgeon segment, and more about wet dreams.
Today we talk about KJ’s childhood stories, White people dancing, how scared Nick is of the Jigsaw doll and much more yapping.
Today we had some conversation with a paranormal investigator to try and get Grey J to believe in ghosts, and the topic of foreskin came up too along with some other nonsense. Enjoy!
Today was the xmas special. Plus nick doesn’t like port-a-potties, Gandolf loosing the real episode 9 audio, Nick likes spray cheese on penises and lots more.
Today we talk about New Years Resolutions, Nick’s random nonsense, KJ’s kid hatred corner and sooo much more fucked up shit.
Todays episode is about Nick being user friendly, Pitbulls and Parolees, Lady Gaga or Beyonce who would you bang, lifting Nick into an ambulance, and of course so much more.
Here is episode 12 in all its glory. Ya another episode of FKU is here for your listening pleasure. We are are just yapping about shit and stuff so take a listen for your health.
On todays episode we discuss the olympics, blood transfusions in Africa, KJ’s cemetery plot, tipping waitresses and more.
Today’s episode deals with The Fatlympics, Nick talks about his earthquake style snoring, The Gays in the St.Patricks day parade, Nick also decided to yammer about politics and so much more as usual.
Todays episode we talk about the airplane that disappeared, phobias, shitting after taking a shower, Nicks mouth infection and more.
Todays episode starts off with a tribute to the fallen Boston Fire Fighters. We thank you for everything you do! We talk about our different listeners, Nicks mouth infection, GreyJs mom has iPad problems and thinks we are on drugs, We are both shocked that Nick doesn’t have diabetes, different ethnicity's and of course much much more.…
We here at FKU had a little break but we are back and here is the latest episode. On this episode we talk about Grey J’s dog, porn, Susan Boyle and her gift, another Grey J’s Kid hating segment, politics, and more.
On todays show we have Grey J’s 40th B-Day party, R.I. circus accident, The new sex move called “The Fancy” is explained, A new FKU segment called “Random Questions”, and so much more.
Today on FKU’s podcast we talk about Stephen Hawkin and what we want to do with the cripples, dog whispering, cathing, Jerry Remy and his awful kid, Grey J’ kids hating segment and again so much more. Also we talk about “The Fancy” and “The Raunchy” contest. Listen for more info.
NumberOneBeats With A.C.K. 01090109_NumberOneBeats_ACK_RadioShow.mp3 1. The Henchmen & Nemanja – Darkota (Stev Burton Remix)2. Mark Bale Feat. Tom Skyler – Faith In The Music (DBN Remix)3. Avicii – UMF (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)4. Tiesto, Quentino, & Alvaro – United (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)5. Misha Kitone – Breaking Bad (Origiunal Mix)6 ...…
This week, there's a selection of 1970s films and modern comic books. Jeff joins Desmond to review The Town that Dreaded Sundown. Devil Dinosaur Jr. checks out the non-Hammer, but still very Hammer-ish Nothing but the Night. Then Desmond returns to review four trade paper backs: Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Blood Communion, Clive Barker's Hellrai ...…
FACEBOOK PAGE : 1- Let Me Love You (Original Mix) - Deorro feat Adrian Delgado 2- Boom! (Original Mix) - Ivan Gough vs. Stevie Mink & Steve Bleas 3- Boneless (Original Mix) - Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo 4- Turn It Up (Original Mix) - Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA Ft. Wolfpack 5- Welcome To The Jungle (Orig ...…
LUCAS DIVINO / PMP - #002 - PLAYLIST : 1°) Vince Raguera - My Beats (LUCAS DIVINO REMIX) (EXCLU!) 2°) Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro (Nycer Remode Mix 2013) 3°) Richard Grey, Nari & Milani - Mas Que Nada (Mikael Weemets At The Carnival Remix) 4°) Pablo Kopanos, Panda Rock - Big 5°) Bad Boy Bill, DJ Bam Bam Feat. Miss Palmer - Looking For Somet ...…
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