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FLC Elburn
Sermons by FLC Elburn
These are the gospel lessons and sermons of First Lutheran Church of Miles City, Montana.
These are the the Messages of FLC in Marion, OH
This is the Podcasts of the Messages at FLC
Join us for a weekly sermon from Faith Troy.We exist to extend the truth and care of the Crucified and Risen Christ to all people.We are a church that is biblically based and culturally relevant.
Fountain Of Life
2035 Columbus Rd Burlington, NJ 08016
Sermon messages from Forest Lake's only Maranatha Assembly of God Church
Wednesday messages from Forest Lake's only Maranatha Assembly of God Church
Welcome to the Freedom Life Church sermon audio center. If you have any questions about FLC please visit our website at
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Fathers Day 2018 Gospel Mark 3:26-34 Parable is the mustard seed. Special music shared by Noel Rice and Joyce Vera.
Fear can be a powerful motivator. Just ask Colin Sullivan. A character in Martin Scorsese’s, The Departed, Sullivan lives in fear of being found out as a mole and it causes him to do some things he may not otherwise do. Pastor Kate explores the theme of fear as found in the beginning of the Exodus story, before Moses is even born. The fear of t ...…
This is the first of a two part mini-series about finances in residency. In this episode, Geoff talks with experts from FLC about how to read and understand your paycheck. Part B will focus on disability insurance. There is a sample paycheck that is available alongside this episode. We encourage you to print off the sample paycheck and have it ...…
Sermon from First Lutheran Church services held 6-3-2018.
Pastor Rice explores the churches role and how it pertains to the young men, and how it has failed them.
Bryce Harper, the young superstar right fielder for the Washington Nationals baseball team, is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of this season which has prompted questions of whether he will stay or go. Pastor Kate reflects on that question, baseball as a true team sport, as well as the implication of playing as a team in our faith lives ...…
Sometimes a thing can be right in front of us and we still can’t see it – much like the 3D image hidden in the patterns of a Magic Eye image. Pastor Kate explores how that was true when the Apostle Paul met the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers in Athens and explains who God is to them. She then points to how that is true in our own lives. Accom ...…
Episode 15: The Liberty Tree Cast continues their walk in Genesis On The Road To Emmaus. Rabbit Trails encountered: 1. Hank Williams. 2. America's Greatest Pastime: Baseball. 3. FLC Blue Gray's Church Softball Team4. The Grand Old OpryScripture Referenced: Genesis 3:22Acts 5:301 Peter 2:24Revelation 2:7Revelation 22:2Revelation 22:14Revelation ...…
This week I have the honour of speaking with one of the most important people in rock n roll history, and one of my best friends... It's Uncle Mike! These days he's a legendary DJ on the New York scene, still rockin bods in the finest spots in the city - when he's not rockin a union suit in a Spaghetti Western remake that is - but back in the d ...…
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