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Fleeting Thoughts
The Fleeting Thoughts Podcast was founded by Joe Gray and Channing Cornwall and is where the full range of human experience is discussed. From silly voices to childhood traumas, pop culture to religion; no subject is taboo and no thought is permanent. Vocabulary lessons free of charge. Music provided by Zack Russell. Also available on iTunes and Android devices!
Fleet Baptist Church is a faith community dedicated to letting God's light shine in Fleet & beyond.
Battleship Pretension is committed to providing you with insightful, intelligent, entertaining movie commentary. In doing so, we have added more podcasts to what we like to call THE BATTLESHIP PRETENSION PODCAST FLEET! BATTLESHIP PRETENSION PREVIOUSLY ON HEY, WATCH THIS! WTF ARE YOU WATCHING? THE AUTEURCAST SEQUELCAST
Welcome to Renegade Fleet Command. we are an armada podcast from Brisbane, Australia. we review our own games, tournaments and new waves
Fleet Cast
Looking for insight on news, trends and best practices? Welcome to Fleet Cast. We sit down with industry leaders on each episode to discuss various aspects of the trucking industry and get the scoop on the latest products. Join us as we learn tricks and tips to stay on the road.
TLPA Fleet Forward
The for-hire transportation industry serves millions of business travelers, tourists, people with disabilities and the general public—a proud legacy of service that began with the iconic yellow taxicab during the first part of the 20th century—every year. This podcast focuses on the stories and innovations affecting that industry every day. Featuring interviews with transportation leaders and issue experts, the podcast, “TLPA Fleet Forward,” will bring listeners information and insight on a ...
The ongoing adventures of a small group of people with very large problems.Join Delorin, Syllin, Sairia, Tamara, Tika the Seal, Mr. Black, Erik Vulfmann, and Deeb on an adventure across the Sea of Tears to uncover the true nature of the mysterious Red Fleet in an ongoing series of Dungeons and Dragons adventures designed by resident dungeon master DMUrban
Fleeting Pixels
News and views from an independent iOS, Android & Mac developer.
Fleet Podcast
Podcasts all about Fleet, Hampshire!
Frontier Fleet
The Star Trek Frontier Fleet podcast. A monthly update of what we have been up to and are still doing in our play by email rpg.
[Kipling] became involved in the debate over the British response to the rise in German naval power known as the Tirpitz Plan to build a fleet to challenge the Royal Navy, publishing a series of articles in 1898 which were collected as A Fleet in Being. And as always with Kipling there is that wonderful sardonic humor and attention to the lower orders of being. - Summary by Wikipedia and david wales
Fleeting is a label based in San Francisco. Each music release comes with a video and a podcast episode. Head to to watch our videos!
Fit Fleet Podcast
#FitFleet is a project to help provide the gamer community the resources and knowledge necessary to get fit and live long and healthy lives. We will be presenting weekly video streams on Wednesday's at 2130 US Easter Standard Time, you can watch the show at In addition we will be creating how-to videos teaching exercises, stretching, cardio, etc as well as work out programs and other resources over time. Fit Fleet is produced by members of the EVE Online game ...
The Fleet DJs Georgia Media Pass Mixtape Episodes
During the war (WWI), [Kipling] wrote a booklet The Fringes of the Fleet containing essays and poems on various nautical subjects of the war. Some of the poems were set to music by English composer Edward Elgar. - Summary by wikipedia
This podcast is dedicated in helping businesses with their fleet maintenance and management. Get tips, insights, and best practices from experienced professionals across various industries.
BT Sport brings you a weekly instalment of the best insight and analysis from award-winning football journalist Mike Calvin and a supporting cast of some of Fleet Street's finest writers.
Morning Scrum
See how Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc starts their day. A three time Inc 500/5000 award winning company based in Dallas, TX and specializing in financing commercial equipment. You can expect the most from a company whose motto is "We finance that".
Mike Parry and Mike Graham sit down to tell their greatest tales and stories from around the world. Fleet Street to America and all the adventures in between. Now, The Two Mikes are finally going on the record.
Practical Miles
Covering all subject matters related to the trucking industry in a clean, professional manner.
Fleet Street's finest gather to discuss the latest cricket stories that are hitting the headlines. Podcast - Your source for Rock, Indie, Electronic, and all the subgenres that come along with them.
A unique podcast. Entire concerts from artists like Radiohead, Tom Waits, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and many more in the archives, and more to come. Some concerts include interviews with the bands. Quality recordings from NPR's All Songs Considered.
Skateboarding from around fleet.
The Record Making & The Record Breaking....DJ DELLMATIC, brings new music and new artists to the podcast world. Dj Dellmatic's Podcast is the #1 Podcast for hearing new talent and great music!!
DJ Swayd
Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @DJSwaydUSAwww.DJSwayd.comDownload The " DJ Swayd " APP Available for all Smartphones and Mobile Devices WorldwideIs a member of the Worldwide FLEET DJ's
A detective comedy drama || Even Greater London, 1887. In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.
The music of the first half of 2017 with: Kasabian - John Mellencamp - Jesca Hoop -John Mayall - Imagine Dragons – Arbouretum - Alt-J - Foo Fighters - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Die Toten Hosen – Elbow - Feist - Las Rosas - Dropkick Murphys - Fufanu - Deep Purple - PJ Harvey - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Ed Sheeran - Fleet Foxes - Magic Giant - Soda Stereo - Juana Molina. A musical radio program made in Argentina for the world.
21st Century Buddhism, The IDP Podcast, features weekly lectures and discussions by IDP Teachers, Interviews with well known authors and personalities and artful explorations of Buddhist teachings in the form of sound collages, and spoken word pieces. Recent Guest Lectures have included Reverend Billy, Simran Sethi, Sharon Salzberg, Brad Warner, Susan Piver, Sera Beak, David Nichtern, Arawana Hayashi, Daniel Goleman, Eric Spiegel, Dr. Miles Neale, Elizabeth Reid, Gina Sharpe, Chas DiCapua, C ...
A detective comedy drama || Even Greater London, 1887. In this vast metropolis, Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle investigate a murder, only to find themselves at the centre of a conspiracy of impossible proportions.
Documentaries produced by Marine Corps Combat Correspondents from MarinesTV and around the fleet.
Pirate Air
Da official radio stashun o' da BLACK crew!
Dork Trek
The Crew of the fictional Star Fleet vessel the USS J H Boner NCC 2010 watch and review the popular TV program Star Trek
Songs from the comfy orange chair are exactly that. Singer songwriter Johnny Sanford of Mountain Sons presents old, new, covers, and unexpected songs and stories every Sunday, shipped right to your ears for free via this wonderful world wide web. Tell your friends!
This is a podcast for Starfleet Taskforce 1, a fleet within Star Trek Online run by the fleet's Operations Department.
We live in a world of gnosis deferred. In this show, we will grasp those fleeting eternal truths that can only be found through a dialogue of contrasting perspectives. Topic-driven commentary from the fringe, we will passionately explore the whys and wherefores most are unwilling to explore. This is not punditry – this is philosophizing with a hammer.
Despite his tiny, fleeting epiphanies, host Drew Droege has no idea what his morally bankrupt friends are going to tell him. Painful tales of forbidden desire, embarrassing stupidity, and downright garbage are spun together in search of a larger truth. Lower your expectations.
RoadSquad Radio
Emergency Roadside Service for Fleets & Trucks
Captain's Share
A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper A shuffling of cabins puts Ishmael Horatio Wang in command of the worst ship in the fleet. He learns that being Captain doesn't make you infallible and that life in the Captain's Cabin is filled with new kinds of challenge as he tries to keep the ship moving, the crew out of trouble, and turn a profit to earn his Captain's Share. In a ship where the officers outnumber the crew, how can he manage to keep everybody happy? Welcome to the ...
Fanatic is a Games Workshop fans podcast covering all their games and IP including licensed products. Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Lord of the Rings, Necromunda, Battle Fleet Gothic.
From the writing desk of award-nominated and award-winning authors and podcasters Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris comes The Shared Desk, a writer's show that explores collaboration, science fiction, fantasy, and just about anything that catches their fleeting attention spans.
21st Century Buddhism, The IDP Podcast, features weekly lectures and discussions by IDP Teachers, Interviews with well known authors and personalities and artful explorations of Buddhist teachings in the form of sound collages, and spoken word pieces. Recent Guest Lectures have included Reverend Billy, Simran Sethi, Sharon Salzberg, Brad Warner, Susan Piver, Sera Beak, David Nichtern, Arawana Hayashi, Daniel Goleman, Eric Spiegel, Dr. Miles Neale, Elizabeth Reid, Gina Sharpe, Chas DiCapua, C ...
YOU NEED MORE MONEY. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Matt created this podcast to bring you the richest, smartest people who are willing to show you how to MAKE MORE MONEY. Matt Manero has built businesses that have financed $1 Billion+ since he launched his first company in 1995. Matt launched his first business, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc in 1995 with a phone, a folding table. Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. is a 4 time winner of the coveted Inc. magazine’s Top 500/5000 list of fastest growing ...
The Science@ESA vodcasts explore the extraordinary Universe in which we live as it is seen through the "eyes" of ESA's fleet of science spacecraft. Visit
"If a piece of wood became as aware of the nearness of God as an archangel is, the piece of wood would be as happy as an archangel."This is a collection of seven sermons of Meister Eckhart, the German medieval scholastic philosopher-theologian, which were translated by Claude Field and published with a Preface in approximately 1909. The publication was titled Heart and Life Booklets. No. 22, and published in London by H. R. Allenson, Ltd. / Racquet Court, 111 Fleet Street, E.C. - Summary by ...
This story begins after a long and devastating war that has left The Federation in shambles. The pressing mission for the remaining ships in Star Fleet is to travel the war-torn galaxy's and find old alleys to reunite under one federation. Many of the classic Star Trek races make an appearance in this series including the Klingons, Romulans and everyone's favorite the Borg! This book is fast paced and a very creative read. It comes recommended highly for anyone who has followed Star Trek and ...
The Round, Seattle
Abbey Arts presents exclusive live recordings from THE ROUND, a music & arts event held monthly in Seattle since 2005. The Round's home venue is Fremont Abbey Arts Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 venue for intimate concerts, literary & visual arts, storytelling with The Moth, modern dance, and more. Download new recordings including rare collaborations between musicians. Past performers at The Round include: Damien Jurado, Mary Lambert, Rosie Thomas, Jesse Sykes, David Bazan, John Van Deusen (Th ...
Once in a generation, a man is born with a heightened sense of empathy. Brion Brandd used this gift to win the Twenties, an annual physical and mental competition among the best and smartest people on Anvhar. But scarcely able to enjoy his victory, Brandd is swept off to the hellish planet Dis where he must use his heightened sense of empathy to help avert a global nuclear holocaust by negotiating with the blockading fleet, traversing the Disan underworld, and cracking the mystery of the sav ...
When a comet the size of a small moon threatens the remote world of Regal the Earth Alliance assigns the most decorated ship in the fleet, the Arwen, to destroy it. Its Captain, Marjorie Cook, sees this as an opportunity to redeem her
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A UAS for Venus from Black Swift Technologies, DJI building a new headquarters complex, MIT develops the Navion chip, DroneDeploy spells out commercial drone predictions for 2018 and beyond, and LiquidPiston is developing a rotary drone engine. UAV News Black Swift Technologies Awarded NASA Contract to Develop UAS for Atmospheric Observations o ...…
On this episode of AvTalk, the A330neo sets off on a 5 continent adventure, aviation finds its way into the World Cup, and we find out we’re overqualified for a seemingly important aviation job in the UK. Cathay Pacific’s first A350-1000 Cathay Pacific took delivery of their first A350-1000 this week, making it the second carrier to add the air ...…
Only God knows your death date and time.
Pullman Council Receptive to Switching to All-Electric Pullman Transit Bus Fleet. Salmon River and Mountain View School District Employees Train to Carry Guns in Schools. Water Litigants Reach Partial Settlement; Special Summer Legislative Session Unlikely. Family of Cyanide Wildlife Trap Victim in Southeastern Idaho Sues Federal Government. Zi ...…
Moscow Council Votes to Move Forward with 3rd Street Calming Construction this Summer Pullman Council to Discuss all-Electric Bus Fleet Latah County to Join National Opioid Lawsuits Idaho Experts Discuss State of Mental Health System Play LoFi: Play HiFi: http ...…
We’re joined by special guests, Michelle Bacon and Emily Miller of Planned Parenthood Great Plains to preview PinkOut with JANE DOE REVUE at recordBar, coming up this Saturday. Bacon is part of a supergroup playing a very cool set of music as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. After that we jump head first into Middle of the Map Fest! It’s ha ...…
The RNIB says it could make up to 100 redundancies to ensure the help it offers blind people "efficient and sustainable". It reported a deficit of around £13m in the financial year before March 2017. We've heard about three of the early redundancies, and they will affect the Talk and Support service, which links up blind people on a conference ...…
In this weeks episode, podcast regular Ian Holme is back again. This time to discuss the self-titled debut album from Seattle folk band, Fleet Foxes.
Devil worshippers love their kitties, game developers take copious amounts of acid and E3 is duller than dull. The world is flipped upside down yet the guys still attempt to give it a glass is half full chat. A full run through of all the pressers and games announced during E3 and a Side B jammed full of new bands to discover from recent gigs t ...…
This episode was recorded live during the AviaDev Africa 2018 conference in Cape Town. The Managing Director of AviaDev, Jon Howell, interviewed Nico live on stage covering subjects from ticket distribution to fleet planning, traffic rights and everything in between.
Technology is creating change in the road transport and logistics industry and operators, drivers, other road users and the end customer are all benefiting.Leading the change is telematics, technology that enables operators to monitor their fleet and make changes based around the data collected.One operator that is glad they invested in telemat ...…
Telematics is becoming increasingly common among Australian truck and vehicle fleets, yet despite the proven benefits some businesses still seem reluctant to invest in the technology. One business that has made the leap is the busy E&S Trading in Victoria. Opting to install Verizon Connect telematics into their fleet of trucks, utes and cars, w ...…
06/17/18: MIL 9, PHI 10 - The Blain's Farm & Fleet Baseball Post Game presented by Milwaukee Admirals Hockey -- we are #MILHockey. Tim Allen and Bill Schmid talk about the Brewers loss to the Phillies. Hear from Counsell, Thames, and Anderson as well as a variety of callers.By (105.7FM The FAN).
Our world is full of opportunities for fleeting pleasure, but where can I find a deep contentment that isn’t tied to my circumstances? Writing these words from prison, Paul is nonetheless overflowing with gospel joy and shows us how we too can...
Download the Podcast Here Welp, that didn’t last long. After being comparatively positive about chapter 24, chapter 25 turned out to be an abortion even by the usual standards of this book. We spend the whole chapter with the Rokarii, where Tona and Queen Vilxena discuss their retarded plans to conquer the universe and milk jack for DNA, then T ...…
Now is a great time to participate in a fleet challenge or MRC!! Miniature Review Contest #7: The Uncommon Fleet Challenge: 36 packs of Crimson Coast: Baochuan: Captain Mysion: http:// ...…
On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guests Turbowolf and Black Coffee. I’ll also cover recent concerts,the top movies at the box office, headlines and much more. This week’s blog section features photos from this week’s guest Turbowolf, Royal Blood, and The Decedents. The Revelator Show RT @Revolvermag: "Vinny was the glue In @Panter ...…
This week’s question: Do you not have enough time or do you not have enough energy? Today on the show, I’m welcoming my dear friend Sarah. Sarah is proof to me that energy is more important than hours on the clock. An artist, a wife and a mother, Sarah uses her days to advocate for her amazing son (who also happens to be low functioning, Autist ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:AGM-129 ACM (Advanced Cruise Missile) Source: Twitter: @BatchelorShow Mystery missiles from the US and Russia. @TheWarZone Tyler Rogoway ...…
AUTHOR. (Photo:AGM-129 ACM (Advanced Cruise Missile) Source: Twitter: @BatchelorShow Mystery missiles from the US and Russia. @TheWarZone Tyler Rogoway ...…
Max Lock is the founder and president of Fleet, in Portland, OR. He's a solo founder and makes the case in this conversation that maybe that's the best way to start a company. Max talks about how he makes decisions as a solo founder and some of the advantages - and disadvantages - of going at it alone.…
Shawn Murphy serves as Director of Sales at FreightRover. This company provides technology solutions as part of the transportation management system (TMS) that moves products from their source to the appropriate destination. Headquartered in Indianapolis, FreightRover has developed a portal that benefits drivers, dispatchers, and management, wh ...…
QOTD: What do you think of Chainshot Specialists? American Pirates - Sniping Edition: Barbary Bite: Deal of the Day: Card of the Day: http://www.m ...…
The Navy is on track to build a 355-ship fleet, about 100 more than it has now. But getting there requires a strong shipbuilding backbone. Federal News Radio's Scott Maucione spoke with Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) about what Congress is doing for the shipbuilding workforce.By
KEVIN FREEMAN, Author of Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack (2013), Author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again (2012), Founder of,Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy: Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Singa ...…
At the end of our conversation, I asked Albert Williams who or what is he watching on Sunday. Who is his favorite team? “Well, my daughter is a Girl Scout, so this Sunday is all about selling cookies!” he laughed. I asked him which kind are his favorite. Without hesitation he said, “Samoas.” I smiled. “Ya, it’s hard to beat that coconut chocola ...…
Tesla-Into The NowSaraya-SeducerPrimus-Tommy the CatBuckshot LeFonque-Some Cow Funk ( More Tea,Vicar?)Jeff Beck-Freeway JamSteely Dan-Bodhisattva (Live)Robin Trower- SmileBeat Farmers-Hollywood HillsButch Walker-Stay GoldDwight Yoakam-Long White CadillacJunior Brown-My Wife Thinks Your DeadSlash-Wicked StoneWinery Dogs-ElevateBlack Country Comm ...…
We are pleased to announce our full lineup of panellists Jacinta Price, Peter Fitzsimons, Anthony Dillon, Geoffrey Winters, Norma Ingram & Jeremy SammutCalls are growing to move Australia Day away from January 26. But is having the national day on the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival in 1788 really insensitive to Indigenous people? How ...…
The reading for today is Proverbs 19-21; Psalm 40; Romans 16. Proverbs 19 Better a poor person walking in integrity than one who is perverse in his speech and is a fool. Also, a life without knowledge is not good, and he who moves quickly with his feet misses the mark. As for the folly of humankind, its way leads to ruin, and against Yahweh his ...…
We can strive to make certain accomplishments in life but not putting our energy and thought into our actions causes minimal results. “You must be not only present in the body, but watchful in mind, if you would avail yourself of the fleeting opportunity. Accordingly, look about you for the opportunity; if you see it, grasp it, and with all you ...…
Episode 59: Summer 2018 Mix Tape (Part 1) - Re-Flex, The Assembly, Ultravox, The B-52’s June is here and that means summer is almost here too! To get ready for the season, Brian and Sarah thought it would be fun to compile another mix tape. They asked last year's mix tape contributor and guest co-host Colby Zell to join in again, and he agreed. ...…
In this episode I talk with John Hirschler, owner and entrepreneur behind Sightsailing of Newport. John gives us a great look into how he first got started taking people on sailing tours of Newport Harbor and Narragansett bay, his vision for his company and how he grew the business over the years. See his fleet at…
JAIME LEE NEWMAN Sweet Thorn Flora EPISODE 16 SHOW NOTES WILD-NATURED FLORAL ARTISTRY DESIGN FLORAL EXPRESSIONS FOR YOUR BIG DAY I’ve spent my life seeking to interpret the fleeting beauty and bounty of the world around us. I grew up in the Midwest with a curious and adventurous heart, endlessly digging in the dirt, gardening and hunting/campin ...…
Today you’re being asked to notice all that you’re thankful for. Bring to mind all the things that you are grateful for. These could be people, situations, animal, environments, conversations, experiences or things. We can be quick to focus on what we feel is missing from our life, but for today, notice all of the good, the joyous, the fun, the ...…
This week, stories of cogs in the machine. First, how a kid felt like toys were missing some accessories, so he decided to start making them himself, and business took off. Then, a Vietnam veteran shares why he believes the willingness to die for a cause you don’t believe in is an example of how “the system” works . Also, a sperm donor is faced ...…
Laura Veirs' tenth album, The Lookout superbly produced by her husband, Tucker Martine are among Jeremy Taylor's picks of the day. Lyrically it seems to be about making the best of trying situations - in her case juggling a music career and motherhood, about which she also has a blog. Also, music from the fourth album of the former Fleet Foxes ...…
A journal is a personal record of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that are kept on a regular basis. The idea of recording personal thoughts is ancient one going back centuries. At it’s core keeping a journal is about tracking and de-cluttering your thoughts. It could be a diary, an activity log, an idea tracker, or just a place you use to t ...…
Cameron recently spoke to Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH. They discussed the band's upcoming debut full length album, how they fit in hard rock versus the mainstream, and much more.
Today's show is a solo episode where I nerd out on the concept of motivation. When motivation is framed up as some fleeting emotion that is hard to capture, it can be extremely difficult to maintain. So today I re-frame motivation as momentum and talk about how you can leverage accountability to maintain momentum and motivation. Enjoy!…
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