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Fluff Piece
A sarcastic, frequently tastless, and if you're lucky - amusing look at the News nobody cares about!
A live morning 'radio' show broadcast on and on mobile via the official app and WeChat. Hosted by Gareth Cliff, joined by his team – Mabale Moloi, Ben Karpinski and Siya Sangweni. They bring you uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of inspiration and intelligence. Without limits... there will be entertainment, provocative content and unhinged reality.
University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and renowned Seattle weather prognosticator/personality Cliff Mass has joined KNKX’s roster of commentators. "Weather with Cliff Mass", our five-minute feature hosted by KNKX's environment reporter Bellamy Pailthorp, airs every Friday at 9 a.m. following "BirdNote", and repeats twice on Friday afternoons during All Things Considered.
The No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Software Symposium Tour has delivered over 400 events with over 65,000 attendees. NFJS speakers are well-known developers, authors, and project leaders from the software development community. Join us for news and discussion around software development. Current topics include: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Cloud, Docker, Software Architecture, HTML 5, CSS, NoSQL, Spring, and other development technologies.
Podcasting Since 2005, Cliff Ravenscraft is a Podcast Consulting/Coach that can help you learn how to podcast. Advice on the best podcasting equipment. Podcast video training tutorials.
Welcome to Personal Development Without The Fluff a podcast from Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime. Through this show, we are going to dive into what it means to truly have it all, to have a ‘10’ in every area of your life. Not an 8 or 9, not a very good, or good enough. But a true 10 out of 10, an epic life experience that you deserve to create each and every waking day!
Cliff Click talks about various issues with Programming, Programmers, and Computer Performance is a no-fluff and actionable marketing podcast for people sick of shady, aggressive marketing. Louis Grenier interviews marketers who are not afraid to cut through the BS and say things as they are. Learn how to get more visitors, more leads, more customers, more long-term profits, by using good digital marketing: by treating people the way you'd like to be treated.
Cliff Click talks about various issues with Programming, Programmers, and Computer Performance
The latest feed from Oak Cliff Baptist Church on
Welcome to Radio Radio with Cliff Howarth, a twice weekly show on Maghull Radio showcasing local music.
When you are standing on a cliff and your business is following behind you, it's good to follow a leader and be taking notes.Podcast for managers dealing with change in their industries or work, and how they have navigated the journey to help others on the path behind them. Often with people in Manufacturing and where physical products meet digital technology.Contact Tristan at
Sermons from Cliff Terrace Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Pastor Greg Woolf brings you a new sermon each week. Listen and get in God's Word as Pastor Greg brings a pertinent message for today's culture each week.
West Cliff Baptist Church
Cinema lovers unite! Two actors and filmmakers decided to cut through all the fluff and start a movie podcast where they actually discuss the film and not a million other things you don’t care about. Covering the obvious (did you like the movie?) while diving a little deeper (what is Interstellar really about? is there a bootstrap paradox?) we are having an in-depth conversation about movies and see if they hold up to scrutiny, and maybe even inform us about life or moviemaking itself. Becau ...
Weekly podcast in English, brought to you by the Adventist Review Magazine (Spoken Edition)
Catch us Sunday mornings at 4AM on Rye 99 in Busheltown, or download this secret-underground-internet-talk-show now.
Cliff Click talks about various issues with Programming, Programmers, and Computer Performance
From the creators of The JL Show comes FLUFF MY PILLOWS, a gripping serial drama filled with passion, lust and conflict.
Indie Streak
Award-winning host Rachel Galvin interviews filmmakers from around the world on what it takes behind the scenes to make the movie magic happen. Learn practical tips to follow and pitfalls to avoid while navigating through your cinematic climb to the top!Check out my NEW MAGAZINE at, on hiatus. Listen to archives for now.
St. Augustine's is a lively new church in the diverse Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. Subscribe here to listen to our sermons each week. We post sermons most Sunday afternoons.
Cliff Hahn takes you behind the scenes of buying and selling homes in the Austin, Texas area. Need advice about buying or selling a home from an approachable, trusted expert? Cliff is a veteran real estate broker who always makes his clients feel right at home.
Cliff Dumas' Podcast
People get asked ridiculous questions and think it's a government survey.
Vox's The Weeds
Everyone is always warning you not to get lost in the weeds. But not Vox's Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. They love the weeds. That's where all the policy is. This is the podcast for people who follow politics because they love thinking about health care, economics, and zoning. It is not a podcast for people who like hearing talk about gaffes.
We can’t make this stuff up. Theweird side of life – offbeat newsfrom around the world. Online at
Oak Cliff
Cliff Jones
Welcome to Cliff Jones, where amazing things happen.
Cliff's Words
Sermons by Cliff Larson. Born 11 Nov 1960. Finished the race 25 Aug 2015. "God is interested in people that would surprise you."
The people who bring you Fluff in Brooklyn have started a once a week variety show, complete with skits, improvised songs, and ladies with fake staches. Each week will feature a new musical guest performing two songs. Past guests have included amazing artists such as the Dresden Dolls, Corn Mo, Palomar, and many more. Starring Annie Sanders and Colleen AF Venable and a slew of other local New York Kings County folk.
Welcome to the Cliff Jennings Coaching, your one stop shop for everything Real Estate! I’ll include Tips and Tricks weekly on how to improve your business.
Ash Pixel and Crumpet bringing Anime nerd love to your ears.Twitter:
Honest Real World Arigun Reviews where We Tell You the Facts Not Fluff
ReSource at Iliff
Training and Resources for Modern Leadership from Iliff School of Theology
Fluff-x's posts
Fluff-x's recent posts to
Cosmic Fluff Podcast
A podcast where we discuss geek culture, anime, arts and crafts, with a sprinkle of esoteric advice - presented by the Cosmic Fluff Crew.
Learning from Leadership Vision, Action and Meaning
If Truth Be Told (Cliff Goodwin)
Comedians Cubby Altobelli and Shoshanna Green are in an abusive relationship with Pop Culture, this podcast is their cry for help. Synopsis, analysis and snark for all the movies you HAVE to watch, but don't really want to. Each Episode will tackle a movie deeply engrained in the pop culture of america, the movies you're afraid to admit you haven't seen. They cover the film's place in pop culture, stand out scenes, important quotes, deeper analysis and end in the only proper way, with a drin ...
At recess, when the other kids were waiting for the sliding board or playing kickball, I'd be sketching Ninja Turtles or battling interdimensional dinosaurs. Now I write stories, too.
Cliff Click talks about various issues with Programming, Programmers, and Computer Performance
Experience a light-hearted slice of the strange life. Peer into the minds of the Hungry Cliff team and their special guests from all walks of life as they share their most peculiar interests, innermost thoughts, greatest fears, and oddest experiences. Delve deep into disparate destinations. Enjoy ebullient exchanges elucidated by entertainment enthusiasts. Process pop culture from the perspective of post-production professionals. And we love movies and music! Featuring Tony Silanskas, Matthe ...
Audio from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado
As heard daily...The Official Podcast of the Weed and Cliff - as heard on The Morning Road Show.
Red Bull is hosting the Cliff Diving World Series 2010 where 12 of the world's best athletes willcompete in six consecutive events spanning Europe and across Central and North America. The divers will jump from heights of 26m and upwards in stunning urban and natural locations, performing acrobatic twists and somersaults against a scenic backdrop.
Each episode Cliff talks with folks around the island of O'ahu and/or the Internet who have been through or are going through the struggle and hustle. May these stories inspire or otherwise edify you!
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Hr 1: First a shooting at Waffle House. NOW a vanning in Canada. Kimberly Morin says unions aren't for Americans or LEGAL immigrants. AND... Cali to outlaw Conversion Therapy under Consumer Fraud Law because it doesn't work. Because they know what's best for us better than we do. Hr 2: Students disagree with Trump sending troops to border, but ...…
Most of us never said, "I wanna be a marketer" when we were 7. I'm come learn from Ed's persistence and watch how his new business is blowing up!... What's going on everyone this is Steve Larsen and you're listening to Sales Funnel Radio. I've spent the last four years learning from the most brilliant marketers today and now I've left my 9 to 5 ...…
On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Can you Volunteer for Guard Duty? Tetsemi: 17 Raid lockouts and the time is short! Mkallah: Ready for Raid Roulette? Mewkow: Celebrate LOTRO 11th anniversary in style! Tetsemi: And, Durus and Dankinia are here to talk to us about falling off the edge… we mean AIE in ESO All that and more coming up rig ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Gold Country Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Gideon: Fear to Faith Subtitle: Hebrews 11 - Life of Faith Speaker: Cliff Peppers Broadcaster: Gold Country Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Hebrews 11:32-34, Judges 6-8 Length: 58 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Gold Country Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Gideon: Fear to Faith Subtitle: Hebrews 11 - Life of Faith Speaker: Cliff Peppers Broadcaster: Gold Country Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Hebrews 11:32-34, Judges 6-8 Length: 58 min.…
Strap in and prepare for the Emotional RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! We've got a triple feature that will leave you breathless- first up, feel the love with "303- Salute to America's Favorite Lawyers" , then in "445- Busheltown Highrise," the fat hosts get trapped on a ledge! Finally, "407- Cliff and Kendall's Teen Pregnancy Scare" finds Mrs. Potterbutter ...…
"We all experience the "potholes" of life; bumps in the road. But if we depend on Jesus, He will give us a recovery plan (Micah 7:8), to regroup and reboot our lives. Then we can stay focused on His imminent Return and follow the love commandment to be Rapture Ready at all times." -Pastor Cliff Reynolds…
Frank Popolizio joins Mat Chat to discuss the legacy of Joe Benna, his relationship with his brother, Pat, how the Tussle for the Troops came together, the importance of collaboration, and his upcoming Journeymen/Cliff Keen World Classic. SUBSCRIBE TO TRACKWRESTLING'S MATCHAT PODCAST Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spreaker | Google Play Music | RSS…
In this episode I talk with my friend Lori Abbey, who has been on Big Sexy Racing for five years. She talks about the logistics of the race, the support on the course, the hills and much more. Lori goes into detail about how changing your race plan in the middle of the bike can be quite a bit troubling for the remainder of the race. She mention ...…
WELCOME TO #Viewsfromdafriendzone PODCAST EVERY SUNDAY AT 5PM! Views from the friend zone is podcast featuring Real Talk Marv, Sinsay and Cliff " Brock" Bonhomme. The podcast discusses Relationships, Social Issues and Living in Social Media Era. Join us as we enjoy Laughs, honest moments and real discussions about issues that effect us everyday!…
It is no secret that stuff happens, things can go wrong, and sooner or later, you are going to find yourself up that old creek without a paddle. Plan on it, my friend. What’s worse, the only way out will be up that thousand foot cliff you were prepared to jump off the top of when you took those flying lessons. “But Simon,” you say, “I cannot so ...…
Monty Cliff covers Evolve 102 (2:49) and 103 (23:46) bringing you summary, coverage, and analysis on all the action from the big Evolve events from WWN More Than Mania Weekend. Great action from your favorite wrestlers: Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Zack Sabre Jr., Austin Theory, Tracy Williams, WALTER, Timothy Thatcher, Chris Brookes, Mark Haskins, ...…
Clay and Chase welcome Utah Baseball Pitcher Spencer Johnson to the show. He gives a cool look into the college recruiting process, what its like to have Tommy John surgery, and also being a pitcher at a D1 school who just beat the #1 team in the country. We introduce a new segment with over and under guesses and then end with a food review at ...…
"V" and CJ discuss the current global and national debt levels, Mark Z on the hill attempting to act human and the call to action to #firemuellerWe are political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liberties. P ...…
It's a lunchtime post -- or, rather, it's a lunchtime recording. I took a hike at lunchtime and recorded while I was hiking (literally, which is why my breathing is a little more apparent than usual) right before I stopped to eat. Today's poem is one that has been my favorite since about 1990, when I first read the poem. I was living in Brazil ...…
I am a dating app veteran. I am also a real life dating veteran. But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that dating apps, online dating whatever the hell you want to call it are hurting us. Here's why: They consume more time than it would take to have a real interaction with someone you found attractive or interesting - Nobody wants to ...…
Season 2 Episode 7 of Rated Ark SHOW NOTES Welcome survivors new and old to Episode 7 of Rated Ark: Pix Ark Edition ! Today is April 6, 2018 We are a CRR Gaming Group hosted podcast ! We have many ways you can contact us to share feedback, tips, or adventures! You can reach the show by emailed You can tweet the show @RatedArk ...…
Aspen Ora's parents were a sex freak and that helps explains how she ended up here. She tells the story of her life threatening bang off the side of a cliff. At least she went for it, always looking for that D!By (Scuba Steve).
We are being told how great our economy is doing while deficit spending is setting all time records. Since republicans took over, deficit spending has increased by 12.9%. When liberals have control, conservatives claim fiscal conservancy. When conservatives gained control, spending has run amok. The national and international levels of debt and ...…
The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast host, Johnathan Burton visits with friend and fellow Santa's Helper, Cliff Snider to discuss the beginning of his journey to the red suit, faith, his well-known image distribution, experiences as Santa's Helper, and more!
Hr 1: Why's it called Good Friday? AND... Xander Gibb says if you ask children what Easter is about, it's about chocolate bunnies. AND... There is a war. And the globalists are losing. Hr 2: High school students are planning a pro-life walkout do you think they will get administration support? How about parental support? AND... A gun in the han ...…
This the audio from our Fluff to Tuff healthy eating workshop we recently gave at Natural Grocers in Reno NV. In this talk we covered:-Weight loss, athletic performance and autoimmune disease and protocols for each-Supplements-The science behind the WHY-Good foods, bad foods and everything in between!Remember if you want to get our 5 part healt ...…
A brief introduction of who should be listening to our podcasts and how you may not see yourself as part of the fitness industry and yet you actually are. We also want to keep this podcast a sacred shared space where everyone has an opportunity for opinion and discourse. Keeping things real without the sugar coating and fluff as we have too muc ...…
About Our Guest Greg Alkalay is the Co-Founder and CEO of batteryPOP, the online and mobile video network exclusively for 6-11 year olds, where kids are in command of what “POPS.” Recently named among Café Mom’s Top 10 Mom-Approved Sites, the network features curated and unique content ranging from cartoons, live action series, and exclusive in ...…
John Jenkins in conversation and session on Maghull Radio 29-3-18
Crossings Community Church Dr. Cliff Sanders March 25, 2018 Notes
A family is dead after their car plunged off a cliff into the ocean, Nikolas Cruz has fans, Sacramento is on edge over the shooting of Stephon Clark, Marc Saltzman has the latest from the tech world, and some very strange science stories featuring karate chopping turtles!
Free-spirited family raised some worries before cliff crash, Austin police chief calls bomber 'domestic terrorist', Appeals court upholds new trial for subject of 'Serial'.
Malala Yousafzai's emotional return to Pakistan has been celebrated by many. But social media's dark side saw some angry, bitter reactions to it too. Even the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate has keyboard critics. Also, another milestone en route for a Brexit. Britain will leave the EU in exactly one year - and one newspaper's marking i ...…
Will your Realtor or Broker do what it takes to Close the deal and Sell Your House? We found a Broker who does.By (Cliff Hahn).
Kimmer Show topics: Kimmer's birthday! Call him and tell him exactly how you feel about that, cure for cancer? Baseball Opening Day! pollen is about, Pete's Braves Pregame Show at 3pm, lesbians drive truck over cliff with adopted kids inside right after DFCS showed up, nbc hates Christians with their new show, tattooed baby, Newsmaker Lines and ...…
Happy Easter everyone & thanks for tuning in! This week on our journey we reach the year 2000! For me dance music reached it's peak in 2000, obviously celebrating the Millennium was a key factor & Ibiza was simply huge! Here is 120 minutes of aural pleasure! Turn it Up!Tracklisting1. Sister Bliss - Sister Sister (12" Mix)2. Killahurtz - West On ...…
During the second hour of the show, Mike Pintek talks about distracted drivers and how people need to stop texting/talking on their phones. He also talked about a family of 8 in California drove their car over a cliff, it is still being investigates.
In this episode of KHN’s “What the Health?” Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Sarah Kliff of, Anna Edney of Bloomberg News and Alice Ollstein of Talking Points Memo discuss President Trump’s firing of David Shulkin, secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Shulkin’s claim that he was forced out by those who would privatize VA health care fo ...…
"Heimat" - or homeland - is it a place, is it a feeling? The hotly-debated German word has once again made headlines. Who can take part in the German "Heimat"? Host Damien McGuinness and his guests Jeremy Cliffe, Kate Brady and Sarah Syed discuss their own confused idenitites and what "Heimat" means in German politics and society.…
The Athletic's Cliff Corcoran, Carleton Place Canadians HC Jason Clarke on Andrew Sturtz and Senators news on Chris Wideman and Colin White.
The Athletic's Cliff Corcoran speaks to Rusty Staub's popularity in New York, any hope for Blue Jay fans in the AL East, sleeping on the Indians and the mystery of Shohei Ohtani.
Conor and Eric detail their most anticipated movies of 2018. Most Anticipated Movies: (10:20 mark)Trivia: (39:00 mark)Most Anticipated:Apostle - (Dir. Gareth Evans, Star. Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen and Lucy Boynton (Sing Street) - A man attempts to rescue his sister after she's been kidnapped by a religious cult.Release: 2018Hold the Dark - (Di ...…
Family famed for protest photo die when SUV goes off cliff, Rival Korean leaders to meet April 27 in historic summit, 'Roseanne' reboot opens big with about 18 million viewers.
Solo: A Star Wars Story, Avengers: Infinity War, Ready Player One, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and more were debated at this "Jedi Council" of movie geeks who gathered to record a live podcast at WonderCon. Join Anthony Ray Bench, Charles de Lauzirika, Cliff Stephenson, Alan Ng and special guests Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler for a cine ...…
Casey StengelSeptember 17, 1912, for the Brooklyn DodgersLast MLB appearanceMay 19, 1925, for the Boston BravesMLB statisticsOnly manager to win ... Major League Baseball right fielder manager New York Yankees New York Mets Baseball Hall of Fame 1966 Kansas City, Missouri minor leagues Brooklyn Dodger ...…
This week the boys talk about keeping things simple, not like 'Al simple', simple like no unnecessary fluff.
Cliff Corcoran, MLB writer for The Athletic, joined Andy and Jeff to discuss the Indians outlook for the season. They touched on Francisco Lindor's long-term prospects in Cleveland, how Manny Machado's contract will effect the market, how the Tribe compares to the Yankees, how well-respected the Indians front office is across the league and wha ...…
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