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Foot in the Door
Interesting conversations with interesting people.
Chaque jour le moment fort de l'After foot
Retrouvez tous les podcasts de pour "Complètement Foot".
100% foot anglais
Correspondant de L'Equipe à Londres de 2007 à 2016, spécialiste du football anglais sur RTL, Rfi et Eurosport. Producteur des Podcast 100% foot anglais et 100% rugby.
Six Foot Plus
The Podcast For Those Who Like It Spooky
Worst Foot Forward
Join Ben Van der Velde, Barry McStay and their guests as they brandish their wooden spoons of destiny and celebrate the losers, heroic failures and spectacular mis-steps that pockmark human endeavour. If you ever want to feel better about your progress in life, take a listen and enjoy a lovely schadenfreude bubble bath. Music by Max Perryment (
Our regular free Scottish music podcast from Scotland featuring the very best of Gaelic, Scots, bagpipes, fiddle, harp music, Scottish bands, ceilidh bands, highland Scottish music, pipe band, traditional, folk and celtic. Visit Hands Up for Trad for all things Scottish.
The Raw Food Foot Soldier Podcast is hosted by Chris Hall. Who am I? I'm a husband, father, son, brother, health seeker, detoxification and iridology enthusiast, half marathoner, sometimes meditator, sometimes raw foodist and sometimes just plain mad. I discuss health, fitness, nutrition, detoxification and living a balanced life to achieve happiness and awareness through the teachings of Dr. Robert Morse,N.D., Professor Arnold Ehret, Professor Spira, Ph.D., Dr. Bernard Jensen,D.C. and many ...
Foot & Ankle International(FAI), in publication since 1980, is the official journal of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS). This monthly medical journal emphasizes surgical and medical management as it relates to the foot and ankle with a specific focus on reconstructive, trauma, and sports-related conditions utilizing the latest technological advances.
One Foot Down
The Notre Dame site on the SB Nation network. We're talking Fighting Irish football and all athletics with vigor.
A Fantasy Premier League Podcast with a Scottish flavour. The boys take a light hearted look at Fantasy Premier League and Draft Fantasy Football each week with tips, advice and a heavy dose of humour.
One Foot In The Sink is a light hearted Muslim lifestyle podcast. What is a Muslim lifestyle? We believe it is living an inclusive life within the boundaries of Islam and pushing yourself to becoming a better human being and a Muslim. Of course, it involves enjoying the finer things in life too! Join Anees and Foz, every two weeks, as they talk to inspirational guests who share their motivational stories, have some banter, discuss Muslim lifestyle hacks and some funny stories! No politics or ...
This podcast is for the international Reflexology and Foot Reading community to learn and grow through interviews with respected and interesting guests, therein helping the listener take their practice to the next level.
Foot Stuff Podcast
Welcome to the Foot Stuff Podcast! Hosted from the heart of the Adirondack Park, four goofy guys who work in the outdoor industry dive into stories of Adventure, Activism, and Antics around the country.
The podcast of Walk Fife - Sharing walking routes, paths and trails as we explore the Kingdom of Fife on foot!
Passion Foot
Chaque mardi, le football raconté par des jeunes passionnés de foot.
Six Foot Plus
The Podcast For Those Who Like It Spooky
The goal of this podcast is to bring you the latest in Foot and Ankle education, and to summarize the most up to date literature
Podcast by Life Per Sq Ft
George William Foote, a British secularist, was convicted and imprisoned on the charge of blasphemy after founding "The Freethinker", a magazine that, despite the best efforts of the 19th Century British judicial system, is still going strong. "Prisoner for Blasphemy" is a memoir of his several trials and final imprisonment in Holloway Gaol. Although Foote's was the last prominent blasphemy case in England, his hope that the blasphemy law would soon be abolished was not to be realised until ...
Reliable medical information on foot and ankle conditions from the ACFAS.
Neuroma Podcast
The Audible is serious fantasy football information and NFL discussion from the draft to the playoffs. Hosted by Cecil Lammey and featuring guest appearances from staff members, The Audible is designed to help you Dominate Your League.
A new political podcast featuring two best friends with Very different points of view. They don't claim to be professionals, but they do know how to rationally discuss their political opinions, a trait that most of America seems to have lost. Join Dan and Andrew weekly as they attempt to tackle the important topics that we care so deeply about. Keep the discussion going on Twitter @lfrfpodcast! We love hearing different points of view.
Shin Splints Podcast
A Quick Mix Of Some Bangers From 07, I'm Gonna Try & Add A New Podcast Each Week So Add Us 2 Ur ITunes And Keep Ur Ears Peeled For More Dirtyness! Plz Let Me Know What U Think, Just Click On Comments & Leave A Message After The Tone!
Athletes Foot Podcast
Chimp Foot.
Rock and roll. Free to listen to, share, and remix.
Verrucas Podcast
Just tune in and get off on the Wrong Foot, then listen to others making mistakes and feel vastly superior. In less than 30 minutes usually. With music. Each step could be a doozy. And if you’re lucky, once in a while, a lulu. It’s failure at its best and what could be better than that?
Explore the latest digital marketing trends and uncover strategies from the best in the industry. Hosted by Kevin She and Scott Jensen, featuring experts in the digital community, this show will help you build marketing plans that will massively impact your business. Kevin is the owner of the biggest self-storage chain in Hong Kong and Macau with over 65 locations. Scott is a Senior Marketing and Business Strategies who utilizes an analytical and calculated approach to ensure business growth ...
Best Foot Music
Best Foot Music aims to support and document the diverse musical cultures of people who have come to the UK from other places of the world.
What the Foot!
The Podiatrist with answers to healthcare, foot injuries in sports, and tech news.
Real Solution for Foot health and Serious Foot Pain
Lovely Left Foot
Bunions Podcast
Tendonitis Podcast
Left Foot Green
The variety podcast by the rock band, Left Foot Green
My Blue Foot
Esoteric anecdotes from Artist/Producer Isaac Bluefoot.
Seven Foot Podcast
Podcast by Andy Coghill and Dick Spunk
The Foot Wrist Podcast is where Steve and Declan talk about the the good the stupid and fascinating world of sports.
This story is about three people, two men and a woman. Jimmy, selfish and deceitful, who has shamelessly lied to, cheated, and used his dear friend Dannie for years. His wife Mary, who loves another. And finally Dannie himself, the patient, kind, loving and thoughtful friend of both Jimmie and Mary. He would do anything for them, but what will he do when he find out Jimmy's terrible secret? This wonderful book is full of feeling, love, sadness, and friendship. It will will make you smile, cr ...
"Believing as I do that James Thomson is, since Shelley, the most brilliant genius who has wielded a pen in the service of Freethought, I take a natural pride and pleasure in rescuing the following articles from burial in the great mausoleum of the periodical press. There will doubtless be a diversity of opinion as to their value. One critic, for instance, has called “The Story of a Famous Old Jewish Firm” a witless squib; but, on the other hand, the late Professor Clifford considered it a p ...
Not a day passed that Trina did not have it out where she could see and touch it. One evening she had even spread all the gold pieces between the sheets, and had then gone to bed, stripping herself, and had slept all night upon the money, taking a strange and ecstatic pleasure in the touch of the smooth flat pieces the length of her entire body.
Arch Pain Podcast
Foot of Ten Independent Baptist Church is a local body of believers in Duncansville, PA
ACFAS eLearning
Our mission is to advance the competency of our members and the care of our patients.
Welcome to the Face-to-Foot Style Podcast featuring PoPo and the Schmo. A podcast discussing MMA news and combat sports in general through the eyes of two hardcore fans.
Over Pronation Podcast
Fungus Nails Podcast
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Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong. On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for him. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in today’s episode ...…
Despite three years of me sharing every secret, they did all the things that I already explained were wrong. On this episode Russell talks about a competing software company that didn’t follow the blueprint that Russell has already laid out and why that is so mind blowing for him. Here are some of the fun things you will hear in today’s episode ...…
The Funeral of Jan Palach [read by Paul O'Mahony in Jan Palach Square, Prague] When I entered the first meditationI escaped the gravity of the object,I experienced the emptiness,And I have been dead a long time.When I had a voice you could call a voice,My mother wept to me:My son, my beloved son,I never thought this possibleI’ll follow you on f ...…
Welcome to the Elevator World News Podcast. This week’s news podcast is sponsored by http://www.elevatorbooks.comNEW ELEVATOR SYSTEM FOR STATE CAPITOL BUILDING IN BISMARCKThe 21-story, Great Depression-era North Dakota state capital building in Bismarck is getting a new, four-elevator system to replace an old one that include ...…
Show Director Tony Giordano discusses the newest entertainment that just debuted April 22 in Walt Disney World's Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The new interactive offering features the Pandora Utility Suit, a 10-foot-tall mechanical suit piloted by a human being who tells visitors about the flora and fauna of Pandora ...…
What’s it like to be a Park Ranger at one of the biggest caves in the US? Let’s explore the other-worldliness of Carlsbad Caverns with Interpretive Park Ranger Katie Crowley to find out. She leads cave tours, helps answer visitor questions, and writes poetry about the sites she sees every day. Show Notes found at: ...…
We will have Katies ketchup recipe on feeding Friday on the members page on facebook Book referenced All New Square Foot Gardening II: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less SpaceBy Mel Bartholomew$15.89 on Amazon
Let’s Be Realtor White Bread Podcast Have you ever bought a home, dream of buying a home, or have seen a home in real life? If so, this episode of White Bread is for you! How do people go about buying a home? What does all that weird jargon and those technical terms really mean? Is equity really something we need to know about? Let’s just say 5 ...…
A reply to the Freakonomics Radio proposition that brokers areincentivized to get the quickest deal, not necessarily the highestprice along with useful tips on how to know if you can trust yourbroker and general industry perception.
Online marketing is a mixed bag of tips and tricks that are constantly growing and changing. Keeping up with all of these up and coming trends might seem a bit overwhelming for some people, but when new things emerge on the scene, we want to make sure you’re the first to know! Which is why we’ve got something new that’s innovative, and proving ...…
This episode of Addicted to Fitness features an interview with certified personal trainer & Yamuna body rolling practitioner Emily Stein. Nick and Emily discuss how to keep your feet in shape, the benefits of dynamic stretching over static stretching and how Yamuna body rolling differs from foam rolling. If you'd like to connect with Emily, vis ...…
In this new episode, Dr. Milkie explains everything you've ever wanted to know about bunions. What are the causes? Are they easily treated? Tune in to find out!
You can earn two CPD points for every Podcast listened to.The next instalment of the CareerView Podcast series discusses the path to becoming a Chief Risk Officer from the experience of icare's 'Chief Risky Dude' Gavin PearceIn this podcast, Susan Looi (Head of Financial Risk, ANZ Wealth and Digital) interviews Gavin Pearce (Chief Risk Officer ...…
You can read about and watch this session in video here: excerpt:"Relentless Rhythms | Episode 8 Karuhat Secrets of Style | 92 minthis was maybe the most important day of training so Sylvie April 22, 2018The training the evening before this ...…
Hi everybody, yet another small update about life with my new cat plus I talk about Trader Joes, seeing old co-workers, and innocent victoms of random crrime. Write me at
Fear? Feel it, learn from it, sit with it. Being responsible for one’s own emotions. Training for a 100 mile foot race.
This week we have a special show where Alois talks about his experiences at the 2018 Commonwealth Games! We also have our usual segments so enjoy the show. Joke of the Week - 0:58 What did the Alien say to the garden? On This Week - 1:45 Vladimir Samsonov turns 42! Tournament Wrap - 4:53 2018 Commonwealth Games 2018 Asian Cup Tip and Drill of t ...…
Sean and Sharon recount harrowing subway experiences that only seem to occur when out of town guests are visiting. Hear tales of how the subway turns into a little house of horrors any time suburban visitors are within a 500-foot radius. As a bonus, learn what Sean keeps in his decorative bowl. Also, Sharon tries to get to Astoria on a weekend.…
This week Aaron, Chuck, Josh, and Jay share tales of triumph and woe about A Quiet Place, The Witness, A Way Out, and foot exfoliant. Plus, Watch Dogs, Mass Effect 3 machete ending, The Vindictives, and remembering Art Bell.
In this episode I recount a time when another "successful mommy blogger" told me that I was relying on my looks for relevance (or something like that). She honestly didn't put it that coherently, but...alas...that was her response to something I messaged her about. The Tony Robbins #MeToo foot-in-mouth about "attractive women" being a liability ...…
Dwayne Wade brought the fire in the Heats game 2 win over the 76ers Monday night 113-103. Bryce Harper flexed his muscles Monday night in the Nationals game against the Mets. The first baseman impressed by breaking his bat into several pieces, but still managing to crank a 406-foot home run in the process. NHL playoffs Monday night saw four gam ...…
Man arrested for insurance fraud after lying about being hit by Hooter's sign on his foot, Can Lyrica turn you gay?, Grocer introduces 'touch free' meat packaging aimed at millennial's who are 'adverse to touching raw meat', Bear is trotted out to start Russian soccer match
Pop quiz time: What do you think is the ONE thing every single online entrepreneur needs to grow and scale their business? Go ahead and guess. I'll wait. *taps foot and waits* Spoiler alert: It's traffic. And not just "fork over the cash for FB ads" kinda traffic. This kind of traffic is free and sustainable. Best of all, we're giving you 3 eas ...…
Dressing For Success I’m so excited about today’s episode because, y’all, we are talking about clothes! Okay, I’m not a fashion expert and I’m certainly not a stylist. But I will tell you, I’ve never met a pair of pumps I didn’t like—and I know that the right outfit can instantly change the way I carry myself, how confident I feel, and my overa ...…
In this episodes, Mark tells the story of Benjamin Lay. Benjamin was a radical Quaker, abolitionist, and performance artist who drew ire from the Quaker elite in Pennsylvania for his fierce activism. He was also known as a man of fierce integrity. At just over 4 foot tall, he lived in a cave, grew his own food, practiced strict vegetarianism, a ...…
Table of Nonsense: Intro: Office Space 2:30 - 18 year old John working at Blockbuster & Best Buy 6:50 - Chris suggests a really shitty way to quit 7:50 - Divine gas 9:00 - John’s Best Buy interview 10:20 - Chris thinks he can make his farts smell like blueberries by eating 5 pounds of blueberries. 14:27 - “Bad Girls” takes over our podcast for ...… presents KAHP Episode 3: The Pioneer Korean Americans. We further investigate the early Koreans to set foot in America. Who were they and what motived them to come here? This episode we explore how commerce motivated the early Koreans to embark on trade especially the ginseng merchants. Just by following the money we ...…
As a local business reliant on the loyalty and custom of a fixed catchment area, growing revenue once capacity has been reached usually requires opening branches. Doing this successfully requires a strong, brand and great online content can accelerate that process. St James has done really well with capturing a good proportion of foot traffic a ...…
This week Alex and David talk about Uber's fatal autonomous crash, Myer's financial troubles, perfected bolognaise and the origin of phrases. Follow-Up Ataribox Update Fatal Autonomous Uber Crash Commerce Corner Myer's $500m First Half Loss Russell 2000 Cooking Corner Slow cook pork Slow cook lamb Alex's Low-Fuss Bolognaise Guinness Stew Lingui ...…
It is no secret that stuff happens, things can go wrong, and sooner or later, you are going to find yourself up that old creek without a paddle. Plan on it, my friend. What’s worse, the only way out will be up that thousand foot cliff you were prepared to jump off the top of when you took those flying lessons. “But Simon,” you say, “I cannot so ...…
Mr B’s Foot Tappers Show Replay On We Go Down Memory Lane With Universal Robot Band, Al Hudson & The Soul Partners, Hollywood Disco Jazz Band And A Few More, Featured Album Is From The Brilliant Tatiana Ladymay Mayfield The Next Chapter. & Lots More . Mr B’s Foot Tappers Show Every Thursday From 7pm UK Time The Station: www.tra ...…
The L-train is synonymous with Williamsburg, Brooklyn. How the impending L-train shut-down has influenced real estate values in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and our best predictions for the
Life per Square Foot: A podcast about the human element of NYC real estate.NYC has an energy unlike any other place in the world. It is the crossroads of the universe. People are drawn here to pursue their passions and while they’re here, they need a place to sleep. Finding home in NYC is as glamorous as it is difficult... and expensive. We’re ...…
Chaque jour, écoutez le Best-of de l'Afterfoot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.By RMC.
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
Barbara Snow joins KaliSara and RevKess for a discussion of her books and works. In her own words: Who I’ve been doesn’t matter except to give you a feel for who I am now. I lived many years in Houston, San Francisco, the mountains above Denver, and Cuenca, Ecuador. I lived with husbands, children, grandchildren, and happily alone with furry fr ...…
If you've listened to my podcasts, you've heard me talk about Mexico a lot. I always say I'm going to do a podcast on that experience and some of the stories associated with it, but I haven't until now. So in thinking about what to write, I have decided to make it high level of what I learned about life through that experience so here goes: Eve ...…
Sukaina Dada is the founder of SMILE Canada, an organization dedicated to supporting children and families in the Muslim community living with disabilities. A mother of two, Sukaina is passionate about helping Muslim communities become physically, socially accessible and inclusive. She is also the author the book, “A Bedtime Prayer for Peace”, ...…
You are God’s friend! Jesus died and rose to make that true! Then, He sends us as His representatives to the world. .fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box{ color: #ffffff;}.fusion-accordian #accordion-16043-1 .panel-title a .fa-fusion-box:before{ font-size: 13px; width: 13px;} Transcript April 7-8, 2018 Pastor Joe Wi ...…
The enemy's lies to deceive our hearts, and when we accept them as true, we give him a foot in the door. What happens when this foothold becomes a stronghold?
Episode 3 of the Lakecast! Tracks from 14 Foot 1, The Won Over, Micachu, Ona Snop and Bebi Dol!
In 1953, North and South Koreans signed an armistice, which brought the Korean War to an end and cleared the way for formal peace negotiations.Sixty five years have passed and a formal peace treaty is yet to be brokered. For the generation of South Koreans that lived and suffered through the war, hope for reunification has loomed large but, as ...…
Mark Zuckerberg says he didn’t do enough to keep Facebook safe. 87-million facebook users are apart of the data breach. A flammable hover board caused a dump truck’s load of trash to burst into flames in Bellevue. The driver was able to pull over in time to put the fire outAmazon is opening the Spheres to visitors on two Saturdays per month. Th ...…
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