Best fowo podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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• Kasamu: Nimdiyefowo rekasa efa Shiites gye di ho.
Kasamu: • Imamate ewu Shiites fowo ho.
Kasamu: •Najaf na Karbala ewu Shiites fowo.
Kasamu: Shiites fowo Gyidiye ewu Koran ho.
Kasamu: Taqiyya ewu Shiites fowo/ eni sae wu be yebibi emera wumpe.
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Shadai, Alex, and Andrew of the FoWcast discuss the current Force of Will meta, the recent GPs in California, Montreal, and Texas, and discuss bans with emphasis on Black Moonbeam and Laevateinn. Also, there’s a contest and some “Buy or Sell”! Show notes: FoWcast – brought to you by 1. Intro 1b. Contest (ends 5/8/2017) 1c. ...…
Shadai and Alex of the FoWcast discuss talk Return of the Dragon Emperor spoilers, Shadai rants about nomenclature, and they take a bunch of “Buy or Sell” from the community. Oh, and don’t forget the giveaway! Show notes: FoWcast – brought to you by 1. Intro 2. News – RDE announced – RDE spoilers – Wanderer Promo: Vlad – WP ...…
WWOOF, is an acronym that many organic farmers and young adventurers are very familiar with (and, believe me, so will you if you make it to the bottom of this page!). Have you heard of it and how it could possibly enhance your life?? Today I interview Sarah Potenza, the Executive Director of Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF- ...…
Lots of knitting, some WIP woes, a very tolerant cat, reclaimed yarn, and tons of fun! Join us! Read more »By (
Whilst WWOOFing at a Community Agriculture Cooperative my friend Emma Johnson got to meet Sue Coppard, the woman that started WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) back in in 1971. WWOOF is an organization that allows travelers to work at organic farms around the world in exchange for free room and board. In this episode, Emma provi ...…
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