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Frame Trap
Podcast by Easy Allies
Empty Frames
In the early hours of March 18th, 1990, two thieves posing as police officers were admitted into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. In 81 minutes they stole 13 pieces of artwork, among the paintings stripped from their frames were works by Vermeer, Degas, and Rembrandt.In this podcast series Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna (of the Missing Maura Murray and Crawlspace podcasts) will dig as deep as possible into the case, theories, and social and economic impact the greatest unsolve ...
A photography podcast featuring conversations with the world's best established and emerging photographers.
The Frame
Hosted by longtime LA film writer John Horn, The Frame talks to the people at the center of the creative universe in the world of film, TV, art and music. You'll hear long-form interviews with Oscar winners, cutting-edge showrunners, bands on tour and artists who break the mold. Get more at
The Frame
Hosted by longtime LA film writer John Horn, The Frame talks to the people at the center of the creative universe in the world of film, TV, art and music. You'll hear long-form interviews with Oscar winners, cutting-edge showrunners, bands on tour and artists who break the mold. Get more at
Finding The Frames
A podcast from two almost-millennials discussing different ways to view the world and things that happen in both culture and society, specifically through a Christian lens.
A daily chronicle of creativity in film, TV, music, arts and entertainment produced by Southern California Public Radio. Host John Horn leads the conversation, accompanied by the nation's most plugged-in cultural journalists.
On "The Awards Show Show" from Southern California Public Radio and, longtime Hollywood watchers John Horn and Kyle Buchanan track the movies, stories and trends of awards season. They'll let you in on insider gossip, talk with Oscar hopefuls and track industry buzz to figure out who's up, who's down, and who's currently leading the race for Hollywood's coveted awards.
The Frame Savers
Join us, Chad (holder of many world records and general video game kick ass) and John (collector of games and speed runner of adequate merit), as we review some of your favorite old games, along with ones you perhaps have never heard of! This podcast is intentionally directed to both casuals that just like to play video games and to serious speed runners.
Key Frames
Key Frames is a podcast where we talk about anime the way it should be talked about. Join us as we cast a critical eye on that animation out of Japan!
The Frame by Frame Podcast explores the framework behind video production and business. The show's hosts, Ryan and Ethan, discuss gear, theories, and best practices. The show also features interviews with business owners, marketers, and creatives.
Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame is a weekly show reviewing the latest movies from Hollywood’s best to independent and arthouse movies.
Because Life is All ABout How You Frame It!
Where we frame topics and cases related to money laundering
Framed with Love
Relationships are central to what it means to be human and to create. We are all creators in some shape or form and we are all figuring out how to love, how to accept it and show it and the scary thing is there is no right way. We are all figuring it out as we go and these are the stories that share how love in it's various forms helps us put things out into the world.
A podcast dedicated to exploring Christian theology from an evangelical perspective.
Art whizzing by your ear.
Helping you get your timber frame into the air.
No more excuses! Join these heroic podcasters as they plunge the depths of cinema to watch all the movies they should have seen long ago. From classics like Citizen Kane to fan favorites like The Princess Bride, your hosts seek to not only make up for their years of cinematic ignorance but to delight the masses with their thoughtful and entertaining examinations.
A 4-EYED fantasy football fanatic on a mission to bring you the best fantasy football information you'll need to dominate your leagueDon't forget to check us out at
This podcast is built on an educational platform. By bringing you the most up to date news and cutting edge interviews, we hope to inspire a new generation of professional creatives. The creative industry can be overwhelming to the new talent, which can prohibit great art from entering the marketplace. We hate the idea of art being suppressed by the burdens of running a business! With this show, we want YOU to succeed in creating a brand for yourself and generating business that will allow y ...
Helping you get your timber frame into the air.
Time Frame
It's about things that I want to talk about weather it be random or based off, well I don't know but you will see trust me. you won't want to miss it.
First Frames First
Welcome to the Fable Forest
Frame By Frame
Frame By Frame is a podcast series hosted by editor Isabel Sadurni, that introduces you to the most influential, respected and accomplished cinema post-production professionals working in New York today. Through intimate, informal discussions between collaborators about post-production craft, aesthetics, process and technique, we’ll recognize and celebrate the iconic films and people that have made New York film history as well as those contemporaries who continue to make important contribut ...
Frame by Frame is a weekly audio podcast with David Alex and Mao talking movies! Join them as they watch trailers, talk about movies and rumors and news on what's going on in the industry, and lots of laughs!! They also feature guest speakers from average joes to film critics to producers. Join the fun!
Frame By Frame
Frame By Frame
"Ferguson Voices: Disrupting the Frame" is a podcast, a multimedia exhibit, and a website produced by the Moral Courage Project, a human rights storytelling initiative and collaboration between PROOF: Media for Social Justice and the University of Dayton Human Rights Center. The interactive multimedia website is For info about the exhibit, visit our Facebook page. All materials are copyright of the University of Dayton and PROOF.
Frame Advantage
A gaming news podcast focused primarily on the discussion of Fighting Games and competitive gaming in general. Run by Level 482 Gaming: a local gaming team based in Louisiana. Host: V Co-hosts: Saykin, MastaStef, Doza, and Arcadia
Check Frame
Joshua James & Tiernan O'Rourke dig deep into the darkest caverns of film and television to bring you colorful discussions and heated arguments based on their findings. Join them on their quest as they tear through mountains of celluloid searching for the weird, the obscure, the truly unimaginable!
Frame Rate
“Frame Rate! Like the frame rate of a screen, but also I Frame stuff and I Rate stuff too.” Catch up with Gary (@garysy) and guests for pop culture insights and opinions, Framing and Rating tv & movies, tech, and games. Positions with perspective. Call in on Anchor!
24 Frames
Produced by KTTZ-TV Channel 5, Lubbock TX
Last Frame
Join Adam, Bram, Jake & Mike G every week as they navigate the ever-changing musical landscape of Toronto; complete with local guests of various shapes, sizes and sounds.
Edge of the Frame
"Film Zealots" Joseph Dougherty and Dan Farren have a conversation about everything within the "Edge of the Frame"... Hosted by Lance Anderson...
Un-framed Radio
Conversations about Saskatoon's visual arts with hosts Alejandro Romero, Cole Thompson, and Michael Peterson.
Podcast by Belfast Film Festival
Frame of Mind
Two dudes and a few movies. A podcast.
The Frame Loop
This is The Frame Loop podcast. A sonic space where editors Luke and Rob chat about movies, music, books & everything in-between. It will change your life.
Beer Frame Podcast
Podcast by Beer Frame Podcast
An exploration into the causes, effects, representation, and relationships in movies.
Frame Drop Podcast
Two streamers, Dys and Jhk, discuss various games, current events, and other things in life while generally being idiots.
Murdoch and Frame
Hockey Blog and Podcast discussing UK and North American hockey, home of #flyersfacts, join in the discussion
Each week, Matt Marlin (creator/narrator/editor of the Framing the Picture series of film analysis video essays) talks about movies they saw over the course of the week and reviews each one in-depth.
Out of Frame
Podcast by Michael Racanelli
Builders of fine timber frame structures. Timber framing and woodworking enthusiasts. Cultivators of the "Framing the Narrative" podcast (found exclusively here on SoundCloud). All-around good folks.
A podcast and blog about films and tv as well as anything else that comes to mind.
Celebrity guests discuss their favourite works of art, to the soundtrack of the best classical music every Saturday at 8pm, with Classic FM In The Frame with The Art Fund. Following each show you can listen again to the highlights and previously unheard footage in the podcast.
Frames Per Second magazine's podcasts feature animated shorts and interviews with animation artists from around the world. Presented by editor Emru Townsend.
An admittedly biased (we still try to keep it 100 though) breakdown of the NBA and all things Lakers - from the perspective of 2 die hard Purple and Gold fans.
Just another WordPress weblog
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Jake & Oz talk about Spring Breakers
It feels good to step out of winter hibernation and embrace the energy of spring. This week’s podcast episode is all about shifting into a space of action to get stuff done. But not just any things - the things that matter. Sharon frames this week’s conversation around how to know that you are ready to move to action by highlighting both potent ...…
II. A Game of Chess The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne,Glowed on the marble, where the glassHeld up by standards wrought with fruited vinesFrom which a golden Cupidon peeped out(Another hid his eyes behind his wing)Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabraReflecting light upon the table asThe glitter of her jewels rose to meet i ...…
6 Shots for the Week! 1) Biggest "Auto-Correct" fails 2) Should Early Access games be reviewed? 3) Revolver Hosts - The TV show?! 4) Playing with yourself in 2018 - being a solitary gamer! 5) Revolver Epic Fails! 6) Story's Mystery "Dick Worm" BONUS TOPIC - What's your favourite condiment!? Notes Our guest this week was the gorgeous Brummie Sto ...…
In this third installment of the "Masterpiece" series, Pastor Nate discusses the two commandments centered specifically around family; honor thy father & mother and do not covet your neighbor's wife. Just as you would seek specialized help to restore a precious piece of art and frame it for all to see upon entering your house, you should treat ...…
Ed and Ron talk to animation producer Eric Bell about his Nerd GOAT: Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect franchise! Come discover one of the richest video game worlds ever created. Eric is a comedian who produces the web cartoon 24 Frames, which spoofs and reviews animated shows! Catch all of his work at, and follow him @bellco ...…
Hope Fellowship ChurchApr 22 – 28, 2018Exodus Pt. 23Pastor Mark Gasque==========Exodus: Sufficient and MoreTo know the story of Exodus and God’s children is to recognize it as our story. We are no longer slaves. God hears us and knows us. He has made promises concerning us and has the power to keep those promises. God has set us free from sin a ...…
[This post contains video, click to play] In this video we are going to trade the Commodity Channel Index, that’s the Indicator right here; you see the two dotted lines and whenever the line here crosses the upper dotted line we consider that to be a sell signal and when it crosses the lower dotted line that would be a buy signal. In this video ...…
The playlist is in order and marked as follows: Title by Artist – Album The Prime Hour by TekForce 1-UP - Transformers (Ft PTP | Doug Funnie) by Creative Mind Frame - I LOVE THE 90s! (And 80s and 2000s a little too) Light Prototype by Dual Core - Zeroone Dearly Beloved Power (Kanye vs Kingdom Hearts) Velocity 1 (Aboard the Sinclair) by Brandon ...…
Bob Burg (@BobBurg) is the co-author of The Go-Giver Influencer: A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea, a parable about the power of genuine influence in business and beyond. What We Discuss with Bob Burg: Disagreement -- especially online -- is more common than persuasion or advancing the conversation. What can we do to change this? How ...…
A discussion about [false] narratives of femininity and the perpetuation of negative stereotypes for all things feminine in media and society.The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Explicit):
Jeremy Stöhs is an Austrian-American defense analyst at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University and its adjunct Center for Maritime Security & Strategy. I interviewed him about his new book “The Decline of European Naval Forces.” 1:28 – Jeremy talks about where his interest in history started. His parents were his first inspiration ...…
Hopeologist® Dr. Rosalind Tompkins shares some of the results of the newly launched Mothers In Crisis Survey on Hope asking four very important questions: What is hope?What brings you hope?What are some things that zap your hope?What do you experience when you experience hope? The answer to these questions will help to frame the Hope Campaign w ...…
In Episode 131 Angelo talks to Tim from Underoath!Topics: The latest album 'Erase Me' that dropped April 6, the upcoming "No Fix Tour", Underoath being back and more powerful than ever, plans for the rest of 2018, Tim's extracurricular activities, and so much more!For more on Underoath: featured in this epi ...…
The world was framed by the Word of God. Somewhere along the line we forgot the power that words have over our lives. Everything we say is directed into spirit to bring those words into physical manifestation. Those words do not necessarily have to be good. Whatever we habitually say becomes like seed planted into a spiritual garden. It is wate ...…
The popular DC Talk song frames our message this morning. What made the Apostles “Freaks?” How did the church grow in response to their message to repent, and that Christ has Risen? Have a blessed week!
Warren, Jeremy and Andrew join Mathew who is back from vacation for this week's show. Discussion includes Paper Girls and Saga graphic novels, Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption Xbox One X enhancements, Fortnite, Radical Heights, Casey Neistat's new creator space, the full trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Ready Player One impressions. *** SP ...…
So you want a little extra "something-something" to spice up your next appearance at a Con or Maker Faire... What about a Droid!? Patrick Delahanty drops by to show you his latest labor of love: a mouse droid from Episode IV of Star Wars! What is a Mouse Droid? MSE-6 series repair droid (or "mouse droid") from Star Wars films (Rogue One and IV ...…
Including the typical segments you’ll hear in every episode of the Plantrama podcast :15 Introduction by Janet Endsley, NWFGS Program Director 2:14 Ellen and C.L. introduce each other. (One of us is a cat person, and another a dog person…) 4:04 What’s For Dinner? The Merry Woodsman Cocktail In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine two ounces o ...…
La Jolla Country Day Torreys basball beat the Cabrillo Conquistadores 8-7 on day 3 of the Righetti Spring Classic at Arroyo Grande High School. Cabrillo took a 3-0 lead to lead of the game before facing a 5 run deficit in the bottom of the 7th inning. The Conqs closed the scoring gap in the final frame but game up 1 run short. Broadcast called ...…
Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating. They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them. You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, ...…
Today, you’ll learn three key insights that are critical to making you a highly skilled ethical influencer: What you sell isn’t as important at how you sell it. Context is more decisive than content when it comes to ethical influence. Expanding your comfort zone isn’t as terrifying as breaking through your comfort zone. Welcome to the All Selli ...…
Join Robin, Rigby and Scott as they talk about the newly released horror 'A Quiet Place', which is hands down a movie universe none of them would survive. They ask the hard questions that no one seems to be asking, like how do you fart and not get killed by a monster? They also talk about indie flick 'At Granny's House', the Netflix series 'Gho ...…
Just when you thought Easter was over SFRS turns up with a trifecta of films about rabbits! One of our better weeks for actually discussing what a film is and how it works (in my opinion), with a smattering of stardust from Chris' latest LA adventures, and then controversy as we come across a film not showing many signs of sci-fi at all...Will ...…
Kenny and I talk about everything from guest follow up, best practices, email and texting systems and framing your conversations with new visitors based on "He, Me, and We" then we talk about event reminders and other ways you can utilize online tools to maximize your communication strategy. This show is brought to you by Touchpoint software. T ...…
In this episode, Erinn and Ethan speak to Katharine Dolin, a prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General in the state of Missouri. This is the first of a multi-parter, and in this episode, some of the topics we discuss include the suspects implied in the Oxygen series ("The Disappearance of Maura Murray"), evidence from the A-Frame house, the typ ...…
In the aftermath of Lord Winfield's party, the Magpies need to deal with the sudden Bluecoat interest that their actions have earned. They come to a "simple" solution: frame a member of the Red Sashes to win favor with their rivals, the Lampblacks, and get the Bluecoats off their case at the same time. Of course, Bazso isn't one to forgive easi ...…
In this video I explain step by step exactly how I find my key support and resistance levels when marking up my charts. I always start with a higher time frame and work my way down to the lower time frame. Typically I start on the daily and work my way down since I primarily day trade. The month of March was closing and a new month is about to ...…
In this quick video I go over how to count pips and trust the trades you take in the forex market. When trading you always have to start with a higher time frame analysis for example the monthly, weekly, or daily time frames. If you are entering your trade on a lower time frame based off of a higher time frame level you should trust your analys ...…
In episode five Tim & Lance talk to writer Lyz Lenz who wrote a great article about the scandalous legacy of Isabella Stewart Gardner. In Empty Frames Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna (Missing Maura Murray, Crawlspace) dig into the mystery of the greatest art heist of all time. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts was rob ...…
Looking at Shane Torres’ large frame, long hair and hearing his Texas accent you’d bet he was a ruff and tumble youngster growing up outside of Fort Worth. Well you’d be wrong! Sure he egged old ladies as a kid, not their houses, THEM! Of course he got caught. And sure he went to Cowboys football camp as a kid, but the buffet excited him more t ...…
Looking at Shane Torres' large frame, long hair and hearing his Texas accent you'd bet he was a ruff and tumble youngster growing up outside of Fort Worth. Well you'd be wrong! Sure he egged old ladies as a kid, not their houses, THEM! Of course he got caught. And sure he went to Cowboys football camp as a kid, but the buffet excited him more t ...…
Have you ever played Resident Evil 7 Biohazard? Well, let me tell you just how scary this game is.This game will keep you up at night. It will also make your hair stand up. You will be so tense after just 15 minutes of this game, that your eyes and face will hurt after putting down the controller. Don't believe me? Play it.I recommend turning t ...…
Welcome to Episode 2! We have music from Stairwell, SoulSeason, Weight of Whispers and Fractured Frames. We also announce our BIG contest.
Often people get caught up in the problem. Not realising that by shifting the way we view the problem, we can ask a deliberate set of questions that can lead us to a solution. All problems are simply questions if framed correctly. This is also a good technique for those who struggle with journaling.
On this week's unconventional Frame by Frame Jonathan and Brayden discuss their differing opinions on Ready Player one, Steven Spielberg's new film starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, and Ben Mendelsohn. Next week join us for our more conventional Frame by Frame featuring Johnny Boy Carpenter. Thanks for listening!…
In this episode of MoP, we trash talk the Oscars for reliably virtue signalling and picking crap movies as "best" picture. Then we dive deep into this year's Oscar winner, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water. A film that situates it's main character in the pre-Oedipal frame...or maybe she's just a fish out of water?…
Time frames for getting a small business up and running in a retail spot. Electrical code issues at an apartment building. Estoppel documents and serving eviction hearing notices to John Doe
In today's episode, Summer shares a more personal story about her mother's diagnosis of, and 8-year fight with, breast cancer. Last Friday at a doctor's appointment, Summer was incredibly inspired by the doctor's optimism and positivity regarding her mother's cancer. Cancer...fucking sucks. It just does. Trying to cope with the fear of losing a ...…
In this second episode of the Modern Carnivore podcast I sit down with Robyn Migliorini who is a vegan turned hunter. Robyn and her husband Nick were strict vegetarians, and then vegans, until their bodies started giving feedback indicating that they weren’t getting all the nutrients they needed in their diet. However, considering the idea of b ...…
Warren, Jeremy and Andrew appear on Mathew's call-in trivia show in this week's intro. We talk about an upset at the North America League of Legends Championship Series, A Way Out (a new co-op game by the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons), YouTube Gaming vs. Twitch platforms, initial impressions of Bungie's "Go Fast" Update for Destiny 2 ...…
Published on 15 May 2014. In late April, former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver kicked off his HBO news-satire program, Last Week Tonight. Oliver, who spent nearly eight years at The Daily Show and has a solid background in political satire, is off to a good start. His weekly series—which offers biting commentary on the past week's biggest ...…
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