Best freeride podcasts we could find (Updated August 2017)
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Freeride New Zealand Podcast
Jay French, photographer for Freeride New Zealand, is joined by retired WC rider, and self-proclaimed MTB journalist, Kieran Bennett for an inside look into the UCI DH World Cup, inside the industry, and the world of MTB as a whole. This is a podcast featuring opinions, inaccurate facts, interviews and everything you'd expect from a couple of dudes talking about bikes.
Darren Berrecloth - D Claw Inc - Mountain Bike Freerider
Official Darren Berrecloth Site
No Free Rides
Celebrating the beauty in everyone
West Coast Style TV - Mountain Biking Instruction
West Coast Style is all about taking your freeriding skills to the next level. Filmed on the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler Bike Park, and other renowned trails on Canada’s West Coast.Returning is host Elladee Brown and renowned instructor Joan Jones. Teaming up with Elladee and Joan is Daamiann Skelton: Certified coach, freeride instructor and former Canadian Downhill Champion. Forty-five minutes of lively and interactive instruction takes you from Freeride Basics to advanced skills for ta ...
Kootenay Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking trail-videos and events coverage from the Kootenays, British Columbia and other parts of Canada. For more, including trail information, Google Earth and Google Maps GPS data, head over to Thanks for watching!
One Way Ticket to Nilbog
Join Matt, Renee, and Keith on a free ride through B-tier horror films.
SATV - Main St. Confessions
Students swap their stories of the night for a free ride home from the Main St. bars.
HEAD TYROLIA Racing Team 2007
HEAD TYROLIA in einer neuen starken Saison. Die Racingstars von heute und morgen im Interview. Treffen Sie Marco Büchel, Bode Miller, Dider Cuche, Johann Grugger und viele andere beim Skifahren. Spannendes Interview privat und beruflich. Ski qupiment, professional wintersport, freeride Skiing for men & women. Skifahren, Carving, Racing Equipment für Frauen. 13 Spezialistinnen entwickeln die neue Kollektion für HEAD TYROLIA: Von Frauen für Frauen!
MBUK Doddcast
Britain's best selling bike magazine has just come back from a feature trip to Spain. We videoed some of the best action from the trip - from the likes of Gee Atherton and UK freeride king Chris Smith. You can read all about it in the mag, but here's the best place to see the footage you won't find anywhere else. We've got a front row seat to all the best action, and we're letting you join us.
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Lorri Vandermark, LCTA manager of public relations and Justin Davis, operations manager talk with Rob Neyhard about the LCTA (Luzerne County Transportation Authority) offering free bus rides to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Air Show on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 9am to 5pm.By (WILK News Radio).
It's being called the greatest downhill race of all time. We go into our highlights from the race, and we take a closer look at where everyone is sitting going into Val Di Sole, which is promising to be a super exciting final to the season.
This week is a bumper recap episode. While Jay was away in Europe snapping photos of the World Cup, we missed a few episodes, so here's all of our rubbish chat all rolled into one. We chat racing, how Enduro is taking over, we ruin Kierans Wife's night, we talk about all the things we don't like and have the usual shit chat. Enjoy.…
This week, The Dynamic Duo is joined by licensed professional counselor and sex therapist Meka Nicole for a very spicy discussion regarding the R Kelly Scandal! This has been a bad week for black men: they seem to all be thinking with the wrong head.TRIGGER WARNING: This episode includes conversation regarding sexual abuse and may trigger your ...…
The latest release on Freeride Millenium arrived from the Vienna-based Oberst & Buchner last month. Titled Emilie, the EP offers the duo's interpretation of what “modern summer togetherness sounds like,” with three broken-beats cuts that range from the sun-tinged opener, "Greg," to the stripped-back, subtle grooves of "Embrace" and the melancho ...…
Nico Vink showing us once again he is a boss! Watch him smash it at MTB-park Hurtgenwald, one of Germany's best freeride spots crafted by the man himself. Sit back and enjoy some insanely fast riding, huge gaps and that unique Nico Vink style Camera:Bart CautaertsSteven Heyvaert ( Cinematography:Kelly's heroes (www.kell ...…
Two Wheels to Freedom Podcast
Dereck Bickering is a Freestyle Motocrosser from Bakersfield CA. Specializing in Freeriding
Have you ever been in a physical altercation? If so, what did you learn from it? Hear a wide range of real Lyft passengers answer these questions, including: the tough lesson two muggers learned after assaulting an opera singer, a fight from 4th grade that still haunts a 25 year old, and what a hair stylist learned about her own inner-strength, ...…
Puerto Vallarta Travel Show Podcast
An Interview With Edgar Lopez From Canopy River Zipline Adventure Tours in Puerto Vallarta. We Talk about the Jorullo Bridge and Ziplining. Also Uber in PV and Frida Kahlo Subscribe on iTunes & Leave a Good Review Listen to The Podcast! Hello fellow travelers, welcome this episode of the Puerto Vallarta Travel show. I am your host Barry Kessler ...…
Feel Good: Uber Driver Gives Free Ride to Eloping Couple
LanceScurv speaks on the Section 8 cuts and the effect that it has on those women who have become dependent on public assistance and have fallen victim to an unholy lifestyle that has often drained their enthusiasm to strive to fulfill their personal potential. The post Attention Hoodrats: The Party & Free Ride Is All Over! – The LanceScurv Sho ...…
Lifepoint Church Sermons – Teaching
Matthew Scott – Through the Narrow Door – Luke 13:23-30 – Sunday July 2nd In which Matthew discovers that grace isn’t a free ride. The post Through the Narrow Door appeared first on Wellington Church - Lifepoint.
Bob and Marianne pay Amy Faber's car payment for a whole year! #FreeRide #Warm985
The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy
The last Friday of every month Ed and Ron will do “Free-Rider Friday.” Most of our shows are “topic” driven, where we dive deep into one subject. Free-Rider Fridays are designed to be “event” driven, whatever issues are in the news that we (or you) find worthy of commentary. In economics, free riding means reaping the benefits from the actions ...…
What’s in Your Garage Podcast #5 Alf Intelisano Bob Aldons: And good morning and welcome to a new episode of What’s in My Garage, and I’m sitting with a friend of mine this morning, Alf Intelisano. I’ve known Alfie for about six or seven or a handful of years through the taxi business, and he’s dropped in to say hello this morning. Welcome, Alf ...…
Backseat Rider
If you had to choose one song that's had the biggest impact on your life, which one would it be? In this episode, Anthony takes this question to the Backseat Riders...yielding some compelling back-stories, including: the song that helped a passenger recover from being victimized by "liars and thieves," a man who walked in on his cheating girlfr ...…
Join Mad Genre for another week of conversation as we discuss communication in relationships, those friends who think they can use you for free rides and food, and a variety of pop culture topics! When documentaries turned this “normal” dude into a renowned professional adventurer, Rob Greenfield the creative activist was born. From biking across America with a minimal environmental footprint to staging public Food Waste Fiasco mandalas to tackling consumerism and accompanying garbage, Rob’s creative drive ...…
Unapologetik Podcast
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!Get a FREE ride or meal using Uber!Promo Code: yhb4pSave 20% off your eyeglass/ shade orderwww.shoptooshady.comPromo Code: 2k17ShadeAfter listening to this week's episode call and leave us a message to let us know what you think. We just might play it on our next show ;) 770-954-5772Hollywood News Topics include:#NeneLeakes#Be ...…
Backseat Rider
What keeps you up at night? For most of this week's riders, the answer to this question is anxiety. But for a select few, the answers were extremely specific. Hear a man's terrifying account of surviving a plane crash, why one woman hides all the knives in her house, the saga of a self-described "painkiller junkie," and the important issue faci ...…
Freeride New Zealand Podcast
The boys look into the racing that went down in Leogang, talk goggle tech, Gwins hatrick, Tahnees first win. We get in depth about; bikes, riders, injuries, haircuts and nicknames. Google 'Dan Sims Xprezo' while you're at it - and 'Team Reddog racing'
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