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Della Monde
Simon chippen Svensson, Jonatan Fuckup Unge och K. Bosman Svensson gör Della Monde. En podcast med en sportdel DELLA SPORT som sänds på fredagar och en kulturdel, DELLA ARTE som sänds på onsdagar. Della Monde är Sveriges enda renodlade humorpodcast
Whiskey N’ Waterbeds
Your favorite drunk podcasters, Joey F*ckup and WhiskeyBrian bring you one hell of a ride on Whiskey N' Waterbeds. Part Waynes World, Jackass and crass humor, its guaranteed you will be entertained. Joey and Brian play a melting pot of garage, punk, surf, rock-a-billy and more! Podcasts with special guests? Yep, they've got those too! So tune in, grab your girl, chug a beer and get ready for Whiskey N' Waterbeds!
Castrato Output
Shut the fvck up !
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Cardshop Theater
This is the first episode of our local card shop podcast "Cardshop Theater" Basically a podcast dedicated to all the antics one might find themselves involved in, working at, or frequenting a local card shop. In this episode we discuss a sexually charged vanguard night, netflix favorites, pyramid schemes, fast food fuck ups and more! Tune in weekly for more campfire card shop stories.
Harry Potter: The Chapter Titles Were So Good
A podular broadcast chronicling the magical journey of three young men through the seven novels in the Harry Potter series, chapter by chapter.All episodes should be assumed to contain spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series. So please. Assume it. Also, we say "fuck." Updated Sundays. Email us: tctwsg(at)
What Do You Think, Utah?
During these discussions, we promise that we won’t suck up to politicians. We won’t suck up to big business.We won’t suck up to the left or to the right.We won’t suck up to anybody.We promise to question everything.And we promise to let you ask the questions you want to ask of the people who make decisions that affect your life.
Mark Manuel's Bonus Block
It's only a 5-hour radio show with a LOT of classic we can't always get to EVERYTHING. That's why we have the Bonus Block! Strange news, celebrity interviews (or suck ups, if you prefer), and more!
Judah Israel Michael's podcast
This hard-hitting, truth telling, no holds barred, more real than reality tv, poetry transcends the slam, spoken-word, and arts and entertainment catagories. It bites the hand that feeds the lips of man-pleasers and suck-ups. So enjoy. The premier poem is "Speaking My Peace" - a poem that has to be heard to be believed, and even then... The PDF is available on on the lyrics page. Many of my poems are posted there as well.
Politics Sucks. Let's Talk About It!
A podcast that tackles the big issue of a broken political system in America. Want to deep dive into national politics? This is the show for you. The hosts, Chris DeSimone and Joe Higgins tackle the issues of the week. Tune if for the big fat discussions on political, social, economic and pop culture. Discuss the topics that affect the direction of America, your family, your career and our collective future. The guys are to the right politically, lean libertarian on many social issues and ca ...
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Loose Lips by Loose Meat
Welcome back Loose Lipitors,We continue our new, erratic release schedule and talk about all the important issues of the day, including but not limited to: online dating, how Carl Jung did the holocaust, SNL’s new and interesting ways of fuck up, Jimbo Carey: Painter of Light, how Charles Manson …
Hey Everybody, it's Monday and we're bringing you another reason to live, one hour at a time. This week we're drinking some Molson XXX while Norm calls customer service, deliver a rugby-ish roundup, talk about recent celebrity fuck ups, WWE of course, and have some workout talk to finish up.
Chadley won't shut the fuck up! Pre-christmas chat show, Talking movie news, Spy flicks, and a whole lot of trailer trash.
UML Podcast Network
This week we talk about: Swim PANTS at the gym and other rantingsRaiders talkVic wearing his own face around his neckHoney GGammys fuck up hip hop again? __________________________________BuffetboysPodcast.tkFollow us on social media:Twitter and IG: _____________________________ ...…
Art like us Threaten MikeGoing through the Most to get shots Shooting for Atlantic Records Photographers fucking they models Married Life Top 5 PhotographersTop 5 Djs Top 5 Host Lawrenceville has it own waveThe Trap a Top Tier Club ?Afterhours ?White People that we wish were black Robin Thicke Fuck upRIP XOUrban Pittsburgh don’t accept Cool Pit ...…
In The CLEAR Business Podcast
Sarah Anne Dordel, leader of the Conscious Business Network, joins Justin Recla to discuss the importance of conscious business and how to leverage transparency. Sarah Anne specializes in helping others awaken their businesses. Her clients are emerging leaders, and she teaches them how to launch, lead, and build their own large-scale network in ...…
Nothing happens by accident. Nothing. That’s right I said it. I know that stupid shit happens but when you think like I said (like a victor instead of a victim) you shift your mindset. You shift your expectations and you shift your focus. Here’s what happened to me and how you can learn from my fuck up.…
Everyday I give tips on how to stay motivated and keep a positive mindset. It may even appear that I can never be upset or make a mistake. That’s the furthest from the damn truth. There’s one thing I know how to be and that’s positive and energetic. But I too fuck up and have fits of rage. Take a listen and find out for yourself.…
See No, Hear No, Speak No: UFOs, Conspiracies, and Murder
Well, if you were hoping that the people that bring history to us all were going to get their acts together and make us all proud to call ourselves the human race...maybe next episode! But that dont mean that a fuck-up or two cant still trip over something awesome from time to time! Enjoy the MEAT!
Mike and Tim Visit Earth
Episode 42. Another great episode - Season 4 is changing the game. And now...this weeks fan-fiction submission! Enjoy!! The gristle of last night’s vomit clung to Mike’s chin as the light of dawn struck the couch. It was a hard night of not drinking, typical of these Mike and Tim days. Mike managed to wipe most of the remnants from his disgusti ...… Hello listeners, this weeks song is a baritone ukulele thing, dictaphone recorded and not fancied up at all, because I'm tired and maybe aiming at the real basics here and the adding of other instruments for albums and the like, (possibly ...…
Adam reads the "End of Relationship "To Do" list ( and David K. joins him for a conversation about heartbreak, companionship, and TRUE LOVE. (You know what we had was real. Baby? Babe? Boo? Bae? Are you out there? Please come back. I'm definitely not sad.)1)Feel the Feelings2)Call Your Mom3)Take a Nap4)Show the Fuck Up ...…
IGN acquires Humble, Steam games get cheap, RPCS3 goes HD, and Overgrowth enters final beta. Then Death Point faces the CHAIRQUISITION! Special thanks: Mike G (Newest Executive producer) Subscribe: Listen: Download: //
101117--Chance Favors the Prepared Mind When you Enter Casey FKN Ryback's Dark Territory! ON @WAYOFFTOPICRDIO @LLNKZ and Loitering In Wonderland on You tube's Creator @Phoenixwest watch and review Under Seige 2! WOW!! Asumptions are the mother of all fuckups!! I SAID MORE KETCHUP!!! Stream or Download the show from iTunes, Stitcher Radio, The P ...…
Note: this episode is being released almost two months after it was recorded, so a few things that are referenced will not make sense chronologically, like Todd still living in Dallas and Kuyk not having a job.Today's episode involves Kuykendall recanting the story of the first official date of the podcast which was actually a double date.Todd ...…
IN THIS EPISODE! We review PUNISHER: THE PLATOON #1, HARLEY & IVY MEET BETTY & VERONICA #1, X-MEN GOLD #13, DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY #2, and, naturally, BATMAN #32! War of Jokes and Riddles wrapped, you know we couldn't miss that. That said, John's review picking privileges are currently under review. In THE NEWS, we talk next week's comics, and of ...…
Paul and Tony return with News, Weekly Recommendations and Rejections, Test of Tony (Transformers) and Movie of the Week, Almost Famous. #Cinema #Television #PacificRim2 #Movies #Shush #BigMouth #HighCantRead #TGIF #BladeRunner #Trailers #FuckUps
The Great Szechuan Fuck-up, Giving Cup-Head, You're Not Invited, Trailers, and More.
Join Dani, Deanna, Heather, and Susi as they start off on a grand new adventure--a ladies only actual play RPG, loosely based on the Star Trek universe! In this inaugural episode, the ladies do their best not to fuck up the Prime Directive.
Season 2 Episode 2 FDT,Take A Knee, We love Cardi B, Azaelia Banks need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up, college athletes should receive compensation by
It's week 4! Coming off a ROUGH week we look to get right just like many teams in the NFL. The Danimal is back and we're breaking down all the spreads for the Westgate SuperContest, I tell Dan to shut the fuck up at least four times, and we give our best bets and teases for Week 4 in the NFL. Tweet
Talk Up!
On this episode we covered a few things:- Kevin Hart's fuck ups- Hurricane Harvey and Irma showing us the world is about to end- Mariah Carey's right to never move an inch while performing and we also talked about negative self-talk as our main discussion. Please be advised that Crystal does a lot of yelling in this episode so don't be alarmed ...…
El evento Fuckup Nights
Consensually Speaking with Gio
This bonus track is a pure outright rant. Sorry but it is true. Some people just don't know when to shut the fuck up. The post I talk about in this episode can be found here. the tunnel-Apparition Overdrive :taken from - Free Music Archive the tunnel-Apparition Overdrive…
Back2Noize Radio Podcasts
TRACKLIST:01. Tugie - Our Time [MOTORMOUTH RECORDZ]02. Deathmachine - Get Down Low [MOTORMOUTH RECORDZ]03. Hellfish - Face Remover [PRSPCT]04. Tugie - The Darkside [INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH RECORDS]05. The Dj Producer - Problematic Frequency (Deathmachine Revision) [THE THIRD MOVEMENT]06. Bryan Fury - X5S [PRSPCT]07. Tugie - Divine Gift [MOTORMOUTH ...… One day in 2009 I stayed home sick. I was bored so I made this mixtape. The one day sick day mixtape. It’ll cure all your ails. Featuring LA Dream Team, Jimmy Spicer, The Sugarhill Gang, The Gorillaz and more. Listen a little past the end of the mix to hear a hidden track by Dorand ...… Sly and Mikey Mo catch up and talk: GGG vs Canelo, UFC 215 recap, in-depth discussion about the history of boxing, Jon Jones being a huge fuck up, Daniel Cormier getting the tile r ...…
This episode of Its Too Real is with Swan we outside under a Gazebo, not the usual one and the bees out here whyllin.We discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, The premier of the Carter Effect and Bodied at TIFF, Adrien Broner's latest fuck up, GGG VS Canelo, The Industry Plant conversation and more. To watch us outside under the Gazebo the Yo ...…
KC/DC: East vs. West
KC and DC were back in studio once again!This week they:* Welcomed back the prodigal son and introed the show (0:00)* Congratulated Tony Romo on his Flawless Victory over Jay Cutler (1:00)* Went over the back and forth that led to the end of the DC streak (4:00)* Allowed KC to Take a 5 while DC shut the fuck up (15:00)* Groveled at the epic fee ...…
We all have seen phones grow from random toddlers on street corners, that people put quarters in to make a call. To grown adults who can walk around freely and make any decisions it wants. At the same time capable of making four decisions at once. Yay I’m an adult now. Im a cellphone. But that time we had before cellphones? Wow it was epic. I m ...…
Listen in as Kevin Voisin, father of a sometimes angry and always spirited toddler, Liam, navigates a confectionery line drawn in the sand. Today's conversation ranges from your unalienable right to fuck up your kids any way you'd like, the highly tuned measure of social leverage that is your toddler, why lollipops and napkins don't mix, and on ...…
We clear up Vanessa's tragilarious fuck-up from last week (yes, she did it again), we respond to some of your genius comments and questions (keep 'em coming!), and then we delve into these 3 topics that Vanessa and Kassius selected to spring on Suzanne.
Jasmine Ad Nauseam
I just can't shut the fuck up in this introductory episode! Hello welcome, thank you for listening if you are. I ramble on what this podcast will hopefully become and who I am. I think I want to be a full-time juror.
Live Life Light Show
Just the dynamic duo this week discussing the money fight results, Jon Jones being a world class fuck up, the creep shit Vince's dog did and getting settled into the new studio!
IN THIS EPISODE! We review GENERATIONS: THE MIGHTY THOR/THE UNWORTHY THOR, WAR MOTHER #1, NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER #1, BATGIRL #14, and HI-FI FIGHT CLUB #1! Some great stuff this week, and also War Mother. During THE NEWS, we cut into EVERYBODY. We talk WB's fuckups, the rumors surrounding the DCEU, Marvel's long and miserable self-sabotage... ...…
In this episode of The Way with Anoa, Anoa talks with blogger Victor Bradley, aka, The Negro Subversive about a poignant piece he wrote addressing leftist and the debate around identity politics. Victor is a writer, historian, social critic and Pan-African revolutionary theorist. Formerly a grad student-in-exile he will be beginning a doctorate ...…
In this episode of The Way with Anoa, Anoa talks with blogger Victor Bradley, aka, The Negro Subversive about a poignant piece he wrote addressing leftist and the debate around identity politics. Victor is a writer, historian, social critic and Pan-African revolutionary theorist. Formerly a grad student-in-exile he will be beginning a doctorate ...…
Since my camera died making the last REAL TALK video, I recorded a second video to finish it off. This is Part 2 of “Real Talk” where I talk about making sure you know your “why.” The “WHY” we do what we do every day is an extremely important question to answer. If we lose WHAT, we still have a WHY waiting for us somewhere. Some of us have kids ...…
On this super-streamlined episode, the guys discuss bizarre body part fetishes, the biggest sportswriting fail in newspaper history, benign superpowers, the relative sexiness of Cellino & Barnes, how not to get stressed out on the ride home from the airport and... hats in the workplace. Also: They speed the fuck up!…
Our most positive episode yet! This week join Michael and his father for a multi-generational perspective on the reasons why things are as good as ever, and why people need to shut the fuck up and embrace life! You’ll also learn the surprisingly positive pick of Michael’s dad for his favorite movie, hear about his childhood experiences of dinin ...…
WTLH Episode 50 - Realistically You Won't Find Your Dream Job After CollegeShow Review:PowerTops and bottoms White players finally showing unity... Do you thing this will lead to Kap getting signed or is it a lost cause?ESPN fantasy auction? Hella racist TV LeaksSongWatched the Rap Radar Jay - Z interview and he speaks on paying it forward and ...…
After a hedonistic haitus, the Super Smark Brothers have returned and prepare to go to war. After the TakeOver/SummerSlam weekend the Super Smark Champion will be crowned and the wrestling podcasting world will never, ever be the same again! (Spoilers: Newman Wins!) In addition to our predictions for WWE's big weekend we discuss the big matches ...…
If you're currently creating your own paid FB ad campaigns, but you know that you're missing the mark...This is for you. A few common fuck-ups to avoid when spending money on FB ads.
Illness Threatening Life Podcast
Cycles of violence are real. They are pervasive. And they are perpetuated by human beings and so can be broken by human beings. In my studies I understand this as Samskara. The photo above came up in my recent research about racist violence. The photo was taken in Georgia in the 90s and does not feel much different than the photos we are seeing ...…
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