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Featuring commentary from leading funeral industry analysts and practitioners and examining the forces impacting industry growth and profitability.
Hosted by Cyndy Neilly-Spence of Lif Cycle Celebrants, Making Ceremony Matter is a free podcast where Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrants talk shop.
Learn everything you need to know about pet funerals with Coleen Ellis. Coffee With Coleen features top-notch pet related commentary and interviews, only on Funeral Radio.
A podcast explaining the internet to funeral professionals.
Hosted by Joe Sehee and Shari Wolf, the Green Burial Radio Program is helping make burial practices better serve people and the planet.
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Gail speaks Justin Magnuson, co-founder of the Before I Die Louisville Festival.
Bob Fells takes a look at the emerging non-transplant, for-profit, body part trade. He reviews how your funeral home needs to be aware of this topic and how you can protect your business.
Tyler Fraser talks with Wout Brink of Tolad: Totem of Life and Death. It’s a new company that offers a walking stick scattering urn and mobile app, to allow you to track where the remains were scattered.
Tyler talks with Courtney Gould Miller from MKJ Marketing. Courtney is working on a new show called the Next 10 Podcast focused on what the next 10 years will look like for the end of life and funeral industry.
Gail speaks with special guest Kallista Alli, the co-event coordinator and music director of the Frozen Dead Guys Days (FDGD) festival, an annual event held in a Colorado town called Nederland. The FDGD lasts for 3 days and is filled with exciting events including coffin racing, costumed polar plunging and frozen t-shirt contests. At the center ...…
Justin Grounds, musician and composer, talks about the transcendence of music and its powers of consolation and celebration in matters relating to death, dying and funeral ritual.
Tim Rowe, bee keeper and blogger, discusses the search for a Woodland Burial Site and other matters in this programme recorded at his smallholding in Bantry.
This week Sheelagh Broderick talks to teacher, author & playwright Kieran Doyle about his own experience of and views of death and dying.
John Keating talks frankly about his experiences of bereavement and how they have shaped his views on living.
This week Jennifer Sleeman shares her funeral playlist, and her views on death and dying gleaned from over eight decades of life experience. Hymns figure largely on the playlist as Jennifer is very keen on congregational singing.
This week writer Orla Murphy shares her funeral playlist, including a recitation of her own poem ‘Sestina’ recalling days spent in graveyards with her father, the sculptor Seamus Murphy.
This week Shiro Masuyama who describes himself as the only Japanese artist living in Northern Ireland discusses Buddhist funeral ritual, the death of his father, projects made for Halloween at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre, and other matters.
This week activist and astrologer Anne Barr speaks of ‘the disappeared’ in Colombia, people who were killed as part of the decades long civil war there, the astrological north node and recites a self-penned lyric on her own funeral.
This week retired solicitor Reddy O’Regan shares his funeral playlist and discusses his own experiences of and attitudes to death and dying.
Gail speaks with Linda Canyon and Donal Key about their green burial facility, Natural Burial New Mexico. La Puerta Natural Burial New Mexico is New Mexico’s first natural burial ground. Linda and Donal are members of the Green Burial Council and are committed to assisting families who choose low cost, environmentally friendly, natural burial.…
This week musician and choir director Katy Salvidge Music shares her funeral playlist and discusses her own experiences of and attitudes to death and dying. Katy performs with the The Vespertine Quintet and Barefoot Baroque as well as directing the Baltimore Singers and the girls choir Cucúin.
Tyler talks with Curtis Funk, the creator of a web series that highlights and showcases funeral homes called Funeral Cribs.
Bob Fells takes a look at the 2016 election and events from the past few decades that led us here.
This week Welsh artist, performer and organiser Stephen Donnelly, shares his funeral playlist and discusses his art project How the Dead Live.
This week Sheelagh Broderick interviews Ellesse Innemee. Ellesse has selected a funereal playlist and talks about her four near death experiences and other related matters.
Joseph Ledinh, founder and CEO of Able Caskets, talks about his company and why he chose to enter the funeral profession.
Sheelagh talks to Anne …Crossey of the The West Cork Philosophical Society and author of ‘The Book Of Unknowing, Part 1’ about the music she would like played at her funeral…
Tyler talks with Mike Hepburn of Your Social Strategy. They discuss how to work with SEO and social media to improve your funeral home’s marketing strategy.
Gail discusses the consequences of death with Stephen Jenkinson: Harvard graduate, founder of Orphan Wisdom School and author of a book called Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul.
Tyler Fraser talks with Doug Gober of Gober Strategic Capital on how to get funding for your funeral home or funeral startup business.
Bob Fells tells a not-unlikely story that demonstrates the importance of developing critical thinking skills.
Gail speaks with Samantha Sieber from Bio-Response Solutions about alkaline hydrolysis, an environmental friendly process which is similar to cremation.
Gails speaks with Rebecca Place from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Sandra Myers from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and Michael Lubrant, a funeral director.
Tyler Fraser talks with Donna Yost of The Life Chest. Donna talks about building The Life Chest, her work with the All Veterans Group, how she vets her employees and millennials’ drive to find meaning in their work.
Joe Sehee talks with founder of SevenPonds Suzette Sherman. They review the leading edge of cremation trends and baby boomers and how our attitudes on dying are in the middle of an important shift.
Tyler Fraser talks with Curtis Funk about his company Tukios. They discuss how Tukios came about and the challenges he has experienced with his business.
Dan Katz, founder of LA ads a marketing agency for funeral homes, talks with Gail Rubin about how to better reach the changing demographics in our profession.
Tyler Fraser talks with Dustin Vik and Jeff D. Standridge, Ed.D. of StoryClip about their innovative new product. They discuss the vibrant startup community in Arkansas and Jeff shares the tried and true approach to making your startup work.
Gail Rubin talks with author Alan Gelb about his new book, Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy in One Small Story. Alan reveals the unique format of the book and reads a story from his own life.
In this episode Bob Fells talks about employee handbooks and the importance having one in place for your funeral home. He reviews disciplining an employee, privacy, harassment and social media and how you can increase your protection by having a clear employee handbook.
Bob Boetticher Jr., the outgoing former President of Cremation Association of North America, talks with Gail Rubin about the rising trend towards cremation. They discuss cremation statistics, the forces that have driven cremation and what funeral homes can do to stay competitive.
In this episode Bob Fells discusses how the public approval rating for Congress is only 9 percent, but the Congressional re-election rate is 97 percent. How is that? Fells looks at several well-known Congressional leaders and shows you some easy ways to check on how they really vote. You’ll be surprised at the things your favorite newspaper and ...…
Gail talks with Bob Morris, NY Times contributor and author of Bobby Wonderful: An Imperfect Son Buries His Parents. They discuss the process for Bob in saying goodbye to his parents and tackle important topics in a light manner.
Bob Fells discusses how in more than 11 years big changes could take place in U. S. law around overtime pay. And how 4.6 million Americans will be affected by these new overtime pay changes.
Robert M. Fells discusses the law around disciplining employees for using social media as a bull horn. He gives examples of wrongful termination and how to navigate the new and changing legal landscape of social media in the workplace.
Tyler Fraser talks about how to get reviews on Yelp and Google, how reviews have transformed networking, and why they matter to your funeral home.
Robert M. Fells reviews the importance of being prepared for the worst. He talks about his presentation to the U. S. government and considerations that should be made as a funeral professional.
Coleen Ellis talks with Jodi Clock in her first episode of Coffee With Coleen. They talk about Ernie, a therapy dog that was present at 2200 family arrangement conferences and how boomers are finding new ways to cope with losing a pet.
Tyler talks with Mike Regina of Funeral Decisions. They review what a CRM system is, what it can do and why it’s essential for pre-need sales.
Bob Fells gives instructions on how to get in touch with your local Congressperson and your state Senators. He also tells a story of how becoming your own lobbyist can be simple and rewarding.
Tyler Fraser talks to John Callaghan, owner of, to discuss the current landscape of online marketing for the funeral business and how it’s changing for the future.
In this episode Dan talks with Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender to discuss how seeing your company through the eyes of a client can help better your focus on customer acquisition and satisfaction. Dan also sits down with founder of Ace Caskets, Jim Malamas to talk about importing from Asia and Mr. Isard finishes by talking with Irina Jordan, found ...…
Tyler Fraser speaks with Rob Treadway, Director of Communications and Member Services of the ICCFA about the annual conference and expo in San Antonio this April.
In this episode Dan Isard sits down with Walker Posey of Posey Funeral Homes to discuss the 2014 NFDA survey on consumer attitudes. Dan also talks about the finer points of negotiating with casket companies and how to get the best deal possible.
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