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G-Infinity - Breaking News From The G20
The G-Infinity Media Project is a project of the Pittsburgh Independent Media center which aims to bring together grassroots voices to cover issues related to the policies of the G-20 from a people's perspective.
Inside the Issues: An Audio CIGI Podcast
CIGI Senior Fellow David Welch and Senior Fellow Andrew Thompson co-host a podcast series with global governance experts. Episodes feature timely and candid discussions on issues related to the core areas of CIGI expertise: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics, and International Law.
Global Economic Governance: Globalisation and the Financial Crisis
What is globalisation? What are the key factors of the current financial crisis? What are key institutions like the World Bank, the G8, the G20 and the IMF? In this series, Global Economic Governance Program Director Ngaire Woods and doctoral student Jeni Whalen and research assistant Christina Ward discuss these questions and try to understand the current financial crisis and globalisation
Inside the Issues: A CIGI Video Podcast
CIGI Senior Fellow David Welch and Senior Fellow Andrew Thompson co-host a podcast series with global governance experts. Episodes feature timely and candid discussions on issues related to the core areas of CIGI expertise: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics, and International Law.
Money for Nothing
A business and finance show in which industry experts analyze current market trends. This Week in Finance: Greece is the way we are feeling...(26.1.2015) It’s been the week of deflation—looming deflation in Europe, as well as continuously deflating oil prices. The ECB is adamant that they played their role, now it's up to finance ministers and local European governments. Click here to read more.... This week in Finance: Will the ECB move to quantitative easing? (19.1.2015) Perhaps the bigges ...
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Grow Closer Podcast: Helping You Grow Closer to God and Others
President Trump said at G20 he wanted to remove the U.S. from the Paris Accord. What is the international response? What is happening in the U.S., at various levels of government? The post What In the World: Climate Change 2 – U.S. and International Response appeared first on Mission:Oneness.
Africa Business Radio — In this episode Stephen looks into the politics that determine Europe's reactions to African migrants and some of the potential problems with being strict on refugees.G20 countries have made commitments to support Africa’s economy by encouraging efforts to reduce illegal immigration.The leaders have also called on Africa ...…
FCPA Compliance Report
We take things a different way in this episode as the commentators throw out five topics for consideration by the group. Last week we had topics from Jay and Matt; this week from Jonathan and Tom. Topics from Jonathan: The right to be forgotten in the EU; Big data and compliance-the EU regulators wrap anti-trust issues into data privacy; A wrap ...…
Never before have we had a President that spoke his mind almost daily to the American people. Like it or hate it, President Trump, through his use of social media, broadcasts across the globe his likes, dislikes, and policy thoughts. He is unedited. While President Obama was closed, guarded and cautious, Pres. Trump says what he thinks or feels ...…
Well, according to the French President, it’s no use pouring money into Africa because Africans have too many babies. Yes, he really said that.Since his election in May, French President Emmanuel Macron has enjoyed the political equivalent of rock-star status. In June, the cover of the Economist depicted Macron walking on water with the caption ...…
We're back this week with more of the same stupidity in religion & politics.New England is decriminalizing and legalizing. New Hampshire has decided to decriminalize with only small amounts of marijuana receiving a civil fine while Massachusetts is "hashing" out the details of taxing and regulating.Mohammed Haji Sadiq, an 81-year-old former Kor ...…
On this weeks episode of Against the Norm we cover the Healthcare with the Republicans, the Womens March and Sean Spicer. This show aired on WFBT 106.7 in Wilmington, NC. TRANSCRIPT by WebCaptioner THIS IS AGAINST THE NORM I’M NICK CRAIG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THIS SUNDAY EVENING BROADCAST JULY 23RD 2017 RIGHT HERE ON WILMINGTON BI ...…
Episode 2 A Walk Down Memory Sane:The history and significance of the G20.For the Politicaholics:Dat Sumbitch takes a look at the G20 Summit and the bromance between Trump and Putin. And how many people were in the room with Don Jr? Is Jared in trouble?A Block of Cheese, Sixpack, and a Pack of Kools:Did you see Merkel's eyeroll when she was tal ...…
The Brad and Britt Show
Support us by shopping at our Amazon® store: Trump says he never would've appointed Sessions AG if he would've known Sessions would recuse himself from Russia investigation, Sessions say he will continue to serve as long as it's "appropriate", PEOPLE magazine breaks bad on the Trumps, Japanese PM's wife pretends not to kno ...…
President Trump held a second, previously unacknowledged conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at this month's G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, the White House confirmed Tuesday. The discussion, near the conclusion of a formal dinner for leaders and their spouses at the summit and hours after the pair's more than two-hour sit down ...…
Marion McKeone, Journalist and Broadcaster, reports on the previously undisclosed meeting between the two leaders at the G20 summit in Germany earlier this month
WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast with Joe Miller
Philanthropists in Silicon Valley Want Your Ideas The provincial Silicon Valley that was loathe to step outside of Northern California is practically ancient history. An industry that once shunned Washington, D.C.'s buttoned-up bureaucrats now leads in lobbying and campaign contributions. Increasingly, philanthropists in Silicon Valley are maki ...…
Sushi Jackknife
This Week: Nathan is steamed. Cool Papa Bell was faster than the speed of light. The Tao of Black and Mild Wine's. Justin needs you to join his cult. Discovery store Zen. Drafting mantras. Clive Anderson's ties. How to use your arms while walking so it is not disturbing. Nathan straightens his imaginary bow tie. Crafting your very own phobia. T ...…
Unnatural Selection
On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast the boys discuss: Jorge is back - and he's a minimalist! Fedoras used to be 'cool' and Jorge wore them. Frequently. Jodie Whittaker is announced as the 13th Doctor - broflakes are mad. Was Adam Sandler ever good? Invanka Trump sits in for Dronald Trump during meetings at the G20. Nek Min ...…
Стив Жобсын сүүлийн үгБи бизнест амжилтын оргилд хүрлээ. Бусдын нүдээр миний амьдрал аз жаргалаар дүүрэн харагддаг байх. Гэвч ажлаас бусдаар амьдрал минь аз жаргалаар дутмаг байсан. Эцсийн эцэст баян чинээлэг байдал амьдралын нэг л хэсэг юм. Яг одоо эмнэлгийн орон дээр өвчтэй хэвтэхдээ бүх туулсан амьдралаа эргэн нэг бодлоо. Миний нэр хүнд, бая ...…
Die dritte Sendung vom Anarchistische Hörfunk aus Dresden ist online.Das Thema ist G20 retrospektiv.
Africa Business Radio — In this episode Stephen looks into the latest move by western powers to help Africa overcome its financial problems caused by western powers previous attempts to help Africa.Link to Africa 2063 Summary:
Disrupting the Global Order with Janice Stein
President Trump continues to challenge his allies as well as his adversaries. He withdrew the United States from the Paris agreement and resisted appeals from 19 other G20 leaders to reconsider. The final communique was the 19 versus 1 on climate change. He talks again and again about renegotiating trade deals that are unfair to the United Stat ...…
Consider This! | Conservative political commentary in 10 minutes or less
Charlie Gard gets the death penalty If you’ve heard about the situation in the UK regarding Charlie Gard, you may be one of a minority in the US. Seems there are bigger stories here, like the dissecting of the handshake Trump and Putin had at the recent G20 meeting. (Gotta’ have your priorities.) Just a few months old, Charlie Gard has a very r ...…
Interview This week William interviewed Mark Bray, who is a professor, author, and anti authoritarian, about the G20 protests that took place in Hamburg Germany last week. We will talk about the event, how it unfolded, much in the way of cultural and historical context for resisting G20 summits, and much more! You can follow our guest on Twitte ...…
Dave talks about his new vegan ice-cream purchase as Tim talks about atomization of work by robots and computers in the world. Rants on the G20 summit, fast food, and castings for movies and so much more are heavily debated on this new heated podcast installment!
The Thinkers & Drinkers Podcast
The Guys unpack the last five days of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, looking at the trove of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails, discuss if it's collusion, whether or not that means anything in a post-Trump world, and cover some more stories related to #Russiagate. Afterward, the Tejas Trio talks Net Neutrality again, with a huge section of the internet taking p ...…
Curmudgeon's Corner
This week on Curmudgeon's Corner, Sam and Ivan focus on the "nothingburger" of the Donald Trump Jr meeting everybody has been talking about. Nothing to see there, right? But before that, they do manage to get in some conversation on Trump's performance at the G20, and on completely non-Trump matters, they talk about unlimited data plans, kids a ...…
Presidents Putin and Trump seemed to hit it off on a personal level last week and agreed to a ceasefire for southwestern Syria and to cooperate more closely on cybersecurity, and the whole world is watching to see whether the warm afterglow from their last meeting will continue into the future.
What The Heck Happened This Week's podcast
RedState senior contributors, Kimberly Ross and Andrea Ruth, bring to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. Look for our weekly episodes every Saturday morning. You should also definitely subscribe on iTunes and leave a review (5 is our favorite number). Story links below: Trump Supporters? Stop Acting Like So ...…
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