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The #1 weekly Hunger Games podcast, hosted by Adam Spunberg and Savanna New, along with the top fan sites on the web. Listen LIVE every Monday at 10pm ET.
GameChat will cover games/developers and TV shows/channels we love.
Weekly Games Chat
Chris, Jon and Shaun talk about video games. If you're a gamer and want to know what's new in the world of video games, Weekly Games Chat is for you.
In-Game Chat
Intelligent Gaming Discussion
Gamechat Live!
A weekly podcast dedicated to console and PC gaming. I do news, reviews, and previews, along with some great weekly features, including Weird Game of the Week. Finally, you can expect to hear the best of podsafe music, and podsafe, fan-made video game remixes. Keywords: game,games,pc,console,podsafe,music,mashup
Game Chat!
Four guys spouting off about the latest in gaming. What will happen? WHO KNOWS. This is what happens... when you switch to GAME CHAT.
game chat
dave, deanna, and ryan sit & game explaining key points or just trash talking enemy teams.
Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.
Cross Game Chat
Talking about video games across all platforms, popularity, and time.
A podcast about video games, hosted by passionate, funny gamers of varying ages.
IRL-Game Chat is a conversational podcast brought to you by your die-hard gaming hosts, Joe Finley and Luke Schirmer. Questions/Comments are always appreciated, as you’re not just a fan if you’re listening to us; you’re also our friend! Be a part of the conversation by emailing us at, at or you can hit us up on Twitter @IRLGameChat. Game on!
Game and Chat
We’re sick of the whole ’angry people who play games’ thing…We’re about being nice, and having a lovely time.Come be nice with us.
Gaming Chat with ajamacg is a new gaming podcast, presented by YouTuber ajamacG, with the latest gaming news and the latest games.
The Gaming Chat
Podcast by NoobDavidGames
Podcast category for Game of Thrones
Ennui Talk
Ennui Talk is an extension of the alternative comedy entity, hosted by its executive producer Matthew Winter. Each and every week, join him with members of the Ennui team, and occasionally guests, as they dazzle you with their personalities, entertain your with their stories, and intrigue you with their discussions. Episodes await you every Monday.
Team Chat Podcast is a weekly gaming show where hosts Jerrett and Mogan discuss the art of video games. Episodes include new and classic reviews, top 3 lists, and open discussion into why we love games so much.
This podcast is a weekly discussion regarding HBO's Game of Thrones series. Jonathan and Charli will review the episode, compare it to the books and discuss how they feel it stacks up.
This is a show about videogames, The people who play them and the people who make them. Each week, a guest on the show talks about the games that have shaped their life in one way or another. Games that have inspired them, games that forged connections with others and games that have soothed wounds. Checkpoints!
Art Cafe
Art Cafe is like an open table. Everyone can join us live, everyone can ask questions, even those for which it's hard to find an answer. Everyone can be inspiration for us to discuss new things. To help artists community and you.
Two Dads and a Lewis join together to form the Triforce! Filled to the brim with dad chat, gaming rambles, life stories and the comedy sci-fi series: Bodega! Join the series either here or on YouTube:
The staff of Game Informer chat it up each week bout the latest news, previews and reviews from the game industry. Each show will cover the weeks hot topics plus the games you're looking forward to or may not know about yet. Subscribe today!
Warcraft Trolls
Hear Meagan and Ward nerd out hardcore about the latest World of Warcraft news.
IGN UK Podcast
Hear the magic that happens when all members of the IGN UK team run head first at each other to chat about video games, movies, TV shows and weird things they've put in their mouths.
The Polygon Show
Each week, four of Polygon’s best and brightest gather to cover the latest news, chat about games, and answer your burning questions. We record it and put it online. What a concept! It’s the Polygon Show.
Poker is the game, Chase and Drew are the names. Two friends chat and laugh about poker, strategy, stories, fan mail, and life. Write in to and watch Chase on
The Eggchasers Podcast is a Rugby Union Podcast that doesn't take itself, or the game, too seriously.Tim Cocker, along with fellow rugby fanatics JB & Phil have a lifetime of following & playing rugby. They bring you real rugby chat straight from the clubhouse.
DLC is your weekly audio tour of the latest in video games and tabletop entertainment. Hosts Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer are joined every week by the best damn gaming experts on the planet as well as YOUR phone calls! Disagree, Like, or Comment by Direct Live Call-in or in the Designated Lobby Chat! It is the gaming show Decided by Listener Contribution. DLC, the Digital Lifestyle Companion for gamers who Don't Like Cynicism. Hosted by Christian Spicer & Jeff Cannata.
An undead favourite. From Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross, the creators of "Watch Out for Fireballs!", Bonfireside Chat is a podcast dedicated entirely to the Souls series of games. Starting with Dark Souls, we take a journey through the areas of the game and comment on lore, gameplay, bossfights... everything. Praise the Sun!
Doug Loves Minis
Bonus mini-episodes from the hit podcast Doug Loves Movies! Hear Doug and his friends chat and play games in rental cars, hotel rooms, airport lounges and even on comedy club stages, and get exclusive audio from Doug's popular live show "The Benson Movie Interruption."
The Rugby Pod
The Rugby Pod with Andy Goode & Big Jim Hamilton & hosted by Andy Rowe. Think pub chat, but with two of the biggest characters in the game. The guys chat through everything from tour stories to what really goes on behind the scenes in the World of Rugby. We also cover all the latest news, but with plenty of laughs, opinions and without taking ourselves too seriously. We're made for fans, by fans & we're always looking to engage with our audience, so if you have a funny story, a question or o ...
Join host Scott Aukerman ("Comedy Bang! Bang!" on IFC, "Mr. Show") for a weekly podcast that blends conversation and character work from today's funniest comedians. While Scott begins by traditionally interviewing the celebrities, the open-door policy means an assortment of eccentric oddballs can pop by at any moment to chat, compete in games, and engage in comic revelry. With all that, and regular bonus episodes, we bet your favorite part will still be the plugs!Looking for the archives? Al ...
Having adventures and living life.
The Choking Hazard Podcast is hosted by GTA Youtuber Broughy1322 together with his co-hosts Sugar_Free_Nos and RDT33. The bi-weekly show covers topics ranging from all aspects of Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games, to motorsport, live streaming, technology, Alabama and apple juice.
The State of Games
A board game podcast with a little something different. Sure, we talk about games we've played and games you should play, but we also chat about offbeat gaming topics like race, gender, violence and naked people. Presented by the website - the board game blog with worse luck than you.
Available every Monday, the podcast is free and features all the latest from the club: action and reaction from the weekend game, an exclusive player interview, a chat with an 'Arsenal Insider', an Arsenal history lesson and a tactical heads-up on our next opponent Tweet your Arsenal questions using #ArsenalWeekly.
Ready Player 2 is a podcast, where we just chit chat about the world of gaming or play silly games for your amusement. We also post the occasional review/rant/rundown of games and broadcast live streams of multiplayer events. May include swears and funnies.
Yo Gamecast
We are just three dudes talking about video games and having fun while doing it! If you tune in I'm sure you'll have just as much fun as we do while recording the show.
Beyond Synth
The podcast about people who make cool music! BEYOND SYNTH is the best synth music chat show there is. Featuring artists and producers who make synthwave/new-retro/electronic music and much more!!We talk Music, games, movies, the 80s, and lots more while I play samples of the guests music.
8 Bit Book Club
The only book club that makes you dumber! Join Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, and Caldwell Tanner for a weekly chat about video game novels.
A site/podcast for nerds who like to chat about Post Production, Video Games, Movies, Virtual Reality and anything else that comes to mind.
Geek Speak
Sometimes you need to whole story. Geek Speak explores multiple topics with creators and games industry folk.
Each month host, Roger Baillie, sits down with whoever he can trap in a small room somewhere in Auckland for a sort amount time and chats about everything from Gaming, Books and Movies to why he hates Crowds, Leaving His Car to Eat and Towles.
A weekly show about playing an unreasonable amount of video games. Each week we discuss the games that are keeping us up late and chat about gaming culture and the games industry.
The official blog of The National Pastime
Like What I Like
Two friends desperately try to engage each other in their own special interests, all for the listening pleasure of you, the viewer! As of the 9th of April 2017, this podcast has officially ended and no more episodes will be posted. We encourage you to sample our other podcasts, as they are just as good, if not better!
It may be a different hosting dynamic but the show remains the same! We like to get together to discuss the latest and greatest in the world of Tom Clancy's The Division. Interested in the latest skill changes? Your usual gear set been really boring? Are you still wondering why Joe Ferro takes forever to put his Fury Road armor on? Want to find out about the darkest zone of them all in regards to the State of the Game chat? Yeah you do. Join Tinkkz and Remy as they delve into those questions ...
For ppl that want to keep listening to my show please goto
Podcast by Orbital Bombardment
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Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters hits rock bottom on this fast paced and exciting episode of the Coup! First, Eddie kicks open the show with a bit of both song and dance before getting cracking open a case of “This Day in Rock”. Find out what happened in rock history and how you can apply it to the real world today. Get your hot and cold liquid ...…
This week, we dive into the recently released game STAY from developer Appnormals Team. Not only do we have a comprehensive review of the title, but we also sit down and chat with the developers themselves, Iñaki Díaz and Dani Moya, along with friend of the show, Laceya Finley, and hear about how the game came to be, the struggles with finding ...…
n this episode, Matt interviews David from Bishop Games regarding their upcoming game, Light Fall. On the showfloor of PAX East 2018, Matt and David discuss the core mechanics behind Light Fall, working with Nintendo, and details about the game's impending Spring 2018 release!A big "Thank You" to David from Bishop Games for taking the time to c ...…
Early previews, press copies and embargoes have been around since the dawn of gaming. They are a great way to inform consumers about a title they’re interested in, before they drop their money on a purchase. However, the last few years have seen some companies tightening their embargoes and not providing press copies until much closer to the ga ...…
An episode that took so much time to edit, it's a week behind schedule. The games that over took the original playstation and second generation as well, but have heavily died down because people need that sixth remastering of Skyrim first! JRPGs we're and still are some of our favorite games. We go into detail about the ones we've played and wh ...…
The final instalment of our immersive cinema meanderings! We discuss 360 video, VR and the crossover between movies and games with David Addis! We chat about Iain's recent trip to Blade Runner at Secret Cinema, and cover the 3D gem that is The Final Destination and some deaths we'd like to see in 3D! Get on it!…
Viper 10 Ambassador & England Rose Geva Mentor speaks to me on her career to date and winning Commonwealth Gold with England. A special 20 min chat with one of the games best.
Another day, another episode! I want to thank everyone that deals with our funky audio (seriously, trying to stabilize it so it's not hard to listen to) and everyone that comes to the streams to hang out and chat with us! Topics: TWAB Sea of ...…
The one where Joe and Ben express their love for God of War. We have a spoiler-free chat about dad Kratos, the BOY, those graphics, Ben’s sweet special God of War PS4 Pro, the ridiculously impressive tech that is this masterpiece of a game and more. Also, because this is a podcast without Jono and Jase*, we chat a bit about Nier: Automata, Dark ...…
The largest gaming company in the world - Tencent Holdings - has blown past revenue estimates up 48% and net profits jump 61% attributed mainly to popular "battle royal" games such as Epic Games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Tencent is also the company responsible for the popular one-billion-user chat application WeChat and has th ...…
Welcome to the inaugural episode of the #BBADPodcast Football Podcast !Ben & Ash discuss and dissect the 23 Man England Squad named by manager Gareth Southgate for the 2018 World Cup in Russia!In this episode we chat about the absence of Jack Wilshere, Jonjo Shelvey and Joe Harty - should they be in the squad?We also discuss the possible lineup ...…
Things we talked about w/ Space Dolphin: - Influence of video games in his music - Collaborating with other artists - What's needed to make your music stand out more - Cheese pairing for his music Thx for chatting w/ us Splashy!
Steve and Todd talk about the Lightning win last night, they Jets/Golden Knights game tonight and they chat about the impact of gaming on athletes and society.
In this epiode I chat all about how outsourcing my Grocery Shopping has changed the game for me. You can save $10 off your first Instacart order by using my link here:
After Dubs chats about the recent Supreme Court ruling in sports betting, play a new trivia game, and answer listener questions.
1. Merch Sales Update 2. 7 ways in 7 days - cap marketing strategy 3. Treadmill Show - Rules before the show next week 4. Skit - Overhearing Video Game Chat 5. Both of us missed the compulsory meeting for the radio station this week. 6. Compare the Pair - Mentos 7. Will the stouche come off next week? 8. The results for the best worker of Brayd ...…
Join Eddy and co-host Samantha Lienhard for NCC MGN - Nintendo Chit Chat's Minute Gaming News Ep 20!This is a broadcast discussing Nintendo and the latest news from the past week. We'll delve into discussing some of the articles, interviews, and other original content found on
We went to the Ring of Honor War of the Worlds event in Royal Oak and now it's time to chat about it! In a show that was partnered with New Japan, we give our thoughts on the venue, the ROH fans, the atmosphere, chants, meet and greets, and so much more. We also sprinkle in some gaming, E3, Best of the Super Juniors, and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut to ...…
Support the podcast by making all your hobby purchases through this link: Kirton Games Webstore And as always we are sponsored by: Mierce Miniatures I am very pleased to bring you a dual episode, covering the South Coast Grand Tournamernt 2018 and a Hobby Chat with hooby-machine Paul Buckler. Ian also joins us as we cover his projects, gemstone ...…
In this episode, Bridget and Jason are joined by Rick Solari. Bland branding is bad branding. Allow your personality to shine. Let’s chat about taking a different approach than the norm. Bridget Willard Jason Tucker Rick Solari Bridget: Don’t be so stuck on your business model that you’re not willing to ‘shift’! Rick: Media Producer and consult ...…
We're settling this debate with research!Hoff, Brandon, and TJ are back for a new edition of Renzler Group Chat!Show Notes:- Yep, we're all talking about it. What do you hear; LAUREL OR YANNY? - Where did this come from?!- We played "Madlibs with TJ!"- We played “Hoff’s Holidays!”- Brandon leads us through a game of "Come To My Show"Thank you s ...…
In this episode of HotHardware's Two And A Half Geeks podcast, Marco, Paul and Dave will be chatting it up on new Intel Optane and WD Black SSDs, LG’s G7 ThinQ Android phone, Dell’s Inspiron Gaming desktop PC, a killer new custom built gaming desktop from Maingear, NVIDIA putting a bullet in GPP, Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd generation lap ...…
The Winter Olympics is a worldwide showcase of competitive snow sports. But how will climate change impact the cities that host these games and the mountainsides that welcome recreational athletes across the globe? We chat with Olympic Biathlete Maddie Phaneuf about how waning winters motivated her advocacy for climate action.…
This week we talk about tiling floors and school…and we eventually get to board games. Ric and Ryan talk about playing Bang the Dice Game, Cockroach Poker, Flamme Rouge and Clank! The Mummy’s Curse. We also take time to discuss current Kickstarter projects that are linked to some familiar games that sit on our shelves: Alhambra Designer Edition ...…
Welcome to Episode #120 of Game Chat with Bwana. Bosskey Productions shuts down, some awesome Risk of Rain 2 footage and the next Battlefield is coming! Hope you enjoy the show! 01:53 - Bosskey Productions (Lawbreakers) shuts down 06:54 - Watch 10 mins of Risk Of Rain 2, oddly set in a desert 10:26 - Gamestop CEO resigns after 90 days 14:44 - B ...…
Ashley and Jason of Geek History Lesson stop by to chat about their comic Jupiter Jet, play a favorite game, talk childhood cartoons, and discuss Jared's Discount Steak Warehouse! The post #59 Discount Steak Warehouse (with Geek History Lesson) appeared first on Orbital Jigsaw.
Game Chat: Descenders | Winder Boy: The Dragon's Trap | 911 Operator. Gaming News: Minecraft Aquatic Update. Mobile Apps: Sleep and Anxiety Relief.
Creating content for your business can be touch when you are busy doing everything else. In todays episode, we talk about how to get content written for your site so you don’t have to do it yourself. Resources for this Episode Writing Tools Hemingway Grammarly Transcription Services & Tools Rev Scribie Trint oTranscribe Writing Websites Upwork ...…
Jack enjoys having his co-host back as they chat about Remakes and Remasters and gaming news. Music by
This week, @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-243 are joined by guild members and ops leaders Dent and Marcus (@marcusb814 also of the WorkingClassNerds podcast) to talk about starting and running an ops team, while we run the Umbara Flashpoint. We also cover other news, including what’s going on in our guild Alea Iacta Est. If you’d like ...…
Authors Team: AuthorsShaun Sinclair,Author Omar Tyree, Author Jaeqwon, Whodini From And1, Robert "50" Martin, and Alonzo "AJ" Miles
Drift Games Podcast Episode 005 - Josh Reborn! This week on the Drift Games podcast we round-up Formula Drift Atlanta, preparation for Drift on the Docks 2 is underway, 10 years of the BDC at Teesside Autodrome, the full Drift Masters driver list, the team chat to Nigel Colfer about his 2018 plans for Drift Masters and Josh comes full circle wi ...…
Marc reviews Trailblazers on today's show, a co-op racer where you paint the track in order to create perfect lines for boosting. It's a great concept, but does it come together to make a great game? Listen and find out. Anyway, something-something blazy and crazy, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly colorful) show. | | ...…
Welcome back nerds and nerdettes! In episode 15 Matt and Mike review the video game based movie Rampage. No one wrote in like always to suggest what we review this week so Mike picked Rampage based on his love obsession with The Rock. Matt gives a little insight about how the film relates to the 1986 video game that he loved, and the movie is b ...…
Margaret, it turns out, loves salted in-the-shell peanuts and a good ball game. Frank Grey hops on the line from the golf course to explain. Meanwhile Larry and Gloria Grover, at an auction to bid on a snooker table Gloria wants, discuss Trump's tweeting.The BSP Classic Hour, from November 2000, is a real CLASSIC. Bob Green joins the program. H ...…
The guys discuss the historical impact of George Washington Carver, pitch ideas for their forthcoming nude calendar, and invent a pricing game called “How Many Drew Carey’s?” Oh…and eventually they talk about a TV show in which a man’s mother is reincarnated as a 1928 Porter automobile. Follow and chat with us on Twitter: @tackyslacks, @funnyni ...…
Steve and Todd are joined by Gord Wilson, they chat about the NHL and NBA playoffs and tee up the Jets/Golden Knights game on TSN 1200 tonight.
Steve and Todd chat about the NHL playoffs, with game 3 of the Western Conference Final tonight, the Robinson Cano suspension, Joey Votto and the NBA playoffs.
Steve and Todd recap game 3 of the Eastern Conference final, they tee up game 3 between Vegas and Winnipeg and they chat with Jim Slater.
We start off this episode with a couple of technical difficulties as Ends tries to tell us about the show Evil Genius on Netflix. Kyle laments about the cancellation of Last Man on Earth before moving on to his review of Avengers: Infinity War. Ends refuses to buy into the hype, which leads to a discussion of superhero movies in general and why ...…
We had a chat with Klabater's Łukasz Józefowicz about a game where up to four dinosaurs clobber aliens in order to save the planet...
We spent some quality time with upcoming games at the ID@Xbox event in Stockholm and had a chat with regional lead Agostino Simonetta about the journey so far with ID@Xbox and what lies ahead.
Hello and welcome to the Falkirk Libraries podcast with Tanya and Vikki. This episode we were chatting about summery reads. Does the daylight and weather affect our reading choice? All the books mentioned can be found and requested on the Falkirk Libraries page What we have been reading and listening to: Vikki has been reading: • Black Wood by ...…
We are very excited to launch Nintendo Dispatch to the world and to kick things off right we're having an amazing contest with glorious prizes! Win a Waterfield Switch Cityslicker case or amazing Nintendo Switch games! We discuss the new details recently released about Nintendo Switch Online. Cover game news on Monster Hunter Generations Ultima ...…
In this episode, Ronnie chats with Maher Al-Samkari (President, Lead Artist) and Ian Robinette (Lead Programmer, CTO) of Truant Pixel. Maher and Ian talk about 2MD VR Football, a title they developed that is available via Steam VR and more recently, PSVR. We’re giving away another two keys this week – this time, for 2MD VR Football, so make sur ...…
It's time for more SPCP Live shenanigans! Part 2 takes us from 11am-1pm, and it's certainly a journey...! We kick off with the always delightful Vince Hunt who chats with us about his comic Red Mask From Mars, the life of an Awesome Comics Podcaster, making an anthology comic and more! I also delight everyone with a beetroot related story... Ne ...…
Ep 6, we chat to World record holder, Paralympian and Commonwealth Games rising star Tim Hodge about his Comm Games experience, his Olympic experience, as well as juggling year 12, work and elite swimming.
Speaking on SANFL Radio, Allmond revealed he had been ''going through the motions'' at the Eagles - prompting a move to North Adelaide during the off-season.
*Patrons get a week early access to the Not So Indie Show*As always we chat about what we've been playing on the AAA front, which actually isn't that much.Due to high demand, the Extraordinary Extra-Orindary quiz is now a main feature, this weeks see's Dan and Tom facing off over Spider-Man villains; with Tom leading 2-1 it's all to play for.Fi ...…
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