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Sick of gaming news and commentary from kids half your age? So are we. We're a grown-up gaming podcast for grown-up gamers. GameHounds brings you the best of news, reviews, and commentary on the video-game industry, with a lot of humor and hilarious tangent adult nerds can truly appreciate. Records live every Wednesday at 11 a.m. PT (2 p.m. ET). Or check out our full shows at
GameHounds Podcast
Grown-ups talking about grown-up gaming. What a concept!
GameHounds Podcast
Grown-ups talking about grown-up gaming. What a concept!
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The three amigos are back... and there's gonna be hell to pay. And games... lots of games. We talk all the crazy sales in the last two weeks plus info on upcoming sales.
This week, we have no Goalie and no Nick, so listeners take over the show.
Gamehounds 411? No, not a comedy show, but Goalie is wearing male booty shorts. This week we circle back on news from the second half of E3, with tons more details about the games announced. We also cover new title release announcements and the upcoming Steam summer sale.
It's E3 week, and this year's keynotes have passed into the history books. We review pressers from XBox, Playstation, EA, Bethesda, and Ubisoft — naming our studs and duds from each presentation. We haz all da gamez.
It's a week before E3 so news is tight, but the GameHounds crew talks about early leaks of interesting information (and a WHOLE LOT of rumors) about what may (or may not) be coming out of Los Angeles this year.
The struggle is real a week before E3. But our team soldiers on to find news from the gaming industry, including this month's free PS4 games, a Far Cry 5 petition, Pyre's release date, Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC, and sales. Hold your breath, people., E3 is coming.
We are short a Holy Goalie, but our dear friend and retro-gaming enthusiast, Mr. Maynard, joins in to fill the empty chair. We talk Far Cry 5 details, delays for Red Dead Redemption, new features coming to XBox One, and how to teach a computer to drive.
Stuff. You'll love it.
As we stand on the cusp of Star Wars Day, there's tons of news on Star Wars–focussed sales and events. We'll cover 'em. Meanwhile, there's been a few layoffs, some free games, and a couple lawsuits. Pretty quiet as we approach E3. But we've got your back.
There's pretty much one topic crowding the news bandwidth and it's set in World War II. We talk details and leaks about the new Call of Duty reveal, plus add in info about upcoming DLC releases, a few patches for some big titles, and some free games coming your way.Another week... another hacker in prison, amiright?Enjoy.…
It's a slow week in gaming as everyone starts to gear up for E3, but it's a big week in GameHounds history. Today Goalie turns 50. We celebrate for a second and then get right to the news, views, and commentary we bring you every week like clockwork. Stories include NES Classic news, big savings on the PS4 Pro, retro game re-releases, and "cock ...…
We're coming off our 400th-episode high and ready to get to business. Scorpio detais, Switch hacks (or not), and Ghost Recon updates. It's all in our news.
We finally made it to our 400th episode. Nine years. Seven hosts. More than 1000 hours of recordings. It's a milestone that couldn't have been reached without our listeners.This week we celebrate by doing what we always do: A podcast with the best news, reviews, and game commentary we possibly can.
Why aren't we hitting 400 this week? Because we are short one host and it didn't seem right to not have all hands on deck.Edie and Goalie hold down the fort to talk more Mass Effect: Andromeda and news of the week.
We talk Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ghost Recon: Windlands, and Beholder. And we cover the news on our last episode of the 300s. Next week, Episode 400.
Edie and Goalie are in Boston together, and things are... tense. But Nick joins the show and they discuss their picks for games at PAX East 2017. News items include a big banhammer for For Honor cheaters, a new deal at Gamestop, and discounts for PS Plus subscribers.Enjoy.
Edie and Nick speak with Elizabeth Maler of Accidental Queens about their recently released discovery game A Normal Lost Phone, available for iOS, Android, and PC.
Edie and Nick speak with Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid Games about action arcade game Russian Subway Dogs, where you play a dog scaring metro riders out of their food.
Edie and Nick speak with Lorenzo Conticelli, 3D artist and environment artist for LKA Studios, about console release of The Town of Light and the accompanying additions to this Steam-based game.
Edie and Nick speak with Mateo Lana about his upcoming VR suspense thriller, Blind, where you use sound to see your environment.
Edie and Nick speak with Mike Blackney about his road trip thriller Dead Static Drive.
Edie and Nick talk to Adric Polkinghorne, producer Jammed Up Studios, about their fantastic parenting simulator, Think of the Children.
Nick speaks with Ricardo Flores of Fun Punch games, producer of Strikers Edge, a multiplayer party brawler that, essentially, playing dodgeball with weapons.
Interview with Tanya Short, game designer for Kitfox Games, developer of 'The Shrouded Isle'. With musical interlude by Francois-Xavier Bilodeau, composer for 'The Shrouded Isle'.
Edie and Nick speak to Terry Burdak of Paperhouse Games about their planned tablet-based art game Paperbark.
Nick talks to Ben Myers of Nyamakop about world-warping puzzle platformer Semblance.
The whole gang talks with Brian Kwek of Witching Hour Studios about upcoming RPG Masquerada.
Holy Goalie speaks with Adam Findlay, designer from Team 17, about Escapists 2.
Holy Goalie speaks with Anthony Keeton about upcoming title Heliborne.
Interview with Connor Fallon, game designer of Golden Glitch, developers of 'Elsinore'.
Holy Goalie talks to Audun Refsahl about upcoming indie title The Frostrune.
Holy Goalie speaks with Luke Keighran, managing director at Merge Games, about upcoming title Slain, Back to Hell.
Holy Goalie speaks with Lee May, communications manager at Defiant, about upcoming sequel Hand of Fate 2.
Interview with Radu Muresan, game designer of Vivid Helix, developers of 'Semispheres'.
Holy Goalie speaks with Richard Rouse, game director and designer at Paranoid Productions, about upcoming title The Church in the Darkness.
Interview with Zach Johnson of Asymmetric Games, developer of 'West of Loathing'.
Interview with Richard Atlas, CEO and game designer of Clever Endeavour, developers of Ultimate Chicken Horse.
Edie chats with Project Highrise about the game and upcoming DLC, Project Highrise Las Vegas.
Edie speaks with Deckbound CEO Gareth Jenkins about Deckbound Spears, just debuted to the public and in pre-alpha.
Edie speaks with Square Enix's Francis Santos to talk about Nier Automata.
Edie talks Edie... or more specifically Edith Finch, with Ian Dallas of Giant Sparrow, developer of What Remains of Edith Finch. This the second of two interviews.
Goalie speaks with Kristy De Salas of Giant Margarita games about Party Golf.
Goalie speaks with James McClellan about Space Wars: Interstellar Empires.
Holy Goalie speaks with Wired Production's Neil Broadhead about action-RPG Victor Vran's new Overkills expansion, featuring the music of Motörhead.
Goalie speaks with Jordan Hemenway, developer of Distance.
Goalie speaks with Connor Milliken about Sports Mogul.
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