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Mada hii inazungumzia rehema ya allah kwa waja wake wadhaifu,na swaumu ya mwnye mimba na anae wakati anao takiwa kula alie funga swaumu.
• Kaset na daya yana maganane game da hukumce hukumcen ruwa da kashe kashan ruwanda suka halatta ayi ibada dasu dawanda ba a ibada• Kaset na biyu yana bayani gameda mahimmacin alwala da yadda manzon allah (swa) yake alwala,da ladubban • kaste na uku yana bayani gameda shiga wajan biyan bukata na bayan gida ko bawali• kaset na hudu yana bayanine akan asuwaki da wura randa annabi(saw) yakeyin asuwaki,da hukunce hukuncen shafa akan huffi.
A weekly review of the weekend’s football from Sky Sports’ expert and Manchester United legend Gary Neville
Phoebe Robinson is tired of being the token black woman in an ocean of white dude comedians. So in this podcast, Phoebe’s calling the shots. She’ll host intimate, funny and super honest conversations with musicians, actors, writers and comedians who are killing it in their fields--AND who aren’t white dudes! Stay tuned for the one token white guy (it’s only fair), cameos by Phoebe’s ball-busting executive producer Ilana Glazer, and a whole lot of hijinks. WNYC Studios is the producer of othe ...
Any Questions? with Jonathan Dimbleby: topical debate in which guests from politics, business, science, arts and the media answer questions from members of the public. BBC Radio 4
The Energy Gang
The Energy Gang is a weekly digest on energy, cleantech and the environment produced by Greentech Media. The show features debate and discussion between energy futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Editor-in-Chief Stephen Lacey. Join us as we delve into the technological, political and market forces driving energy and environmental issues.
Can I Pet Your Dog? is a show for unapologetic dog lovers. Every Tuesday, hosts Renee and Allegra tell you about dogs they've met, dogs in the news, and any other dog they can think of. If they see a dog, they're going to pet it.
Join TV writer, actor, and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America's Deadbeat Sweetheart) for season three of Bad With Money. After two seasons of reckoning with her own financial identity, Gaby's ready to give the American financial system an identity crisis. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with celebrities, journalists, politicians, authors, activists, and fellow deadbeats. If you're sick of podcast "experts" g ...
Dani Daniels Show
Dani Daniels is a Camsoda exclusive model, a famous adult porn star, director, artist, pilot and feature dancer who has previously won AVN and Xbiz awards. Join her as she speaks with weekly guests to discuss personal stories and explore the bounds of human sexuality. She helps deconstruct sexual myths while providing tips to find the g-spot, make girls squirt, reach better orgasms, and perform better in the bedroom. Explore the erotic revolution that will help couples improve their intimacy ...
Interpretations of Rumi's poems in Farsi and English under Ganj e Hozour (Tresure of Presence)- Phone Calls
The Gary Renard Podcast -- produced and co-hosted by Gene Bogart. Featuring news, updates, interviews, and discussions with Gary Renard, author of the best-selling books, "The Disappearance of the Universe", and, "Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death". Both books are published by Hay House. Gary's works elaborate on the spiritual classics, A Course in Miracles, and The Gospel of Thomas, and focus on the development and practice of "advanced forgiveness", a unique ...
Can I Park Here?
Nache Snow and Astral Riles are the owners of the directory Find a Fashion Truck and manage the blog Start a Fashion Truck. They are new small business owners trying to figure out what works for fashion trucks (mobile boutiques), online boutiques, and brick and mortar stores. They intend to learn and inspire by providing business tips, interviewing industry experts, and having inspirational discussions with small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Gary takes on the real issues that the mainstream media is afraid to tackle. Tune in to find out the latest about health news, healing, politics, and the economy.
Vegas Gang Podcast
Las Vegas and Casino Gaming Roundtable Podcast
Starts with poo; ends with cum.
Gillmor Gang
A lively discussion on what's hot in technology & social media.
Podcast by Norwegian Framgångsresor
#GetSome is a weekly podcast where comedian-actor Gary Owen serves up a hefty dose of ADHD, barbershop-style storytelling focused on his most recent experiences on the road as a stand-up. Owen also throws in a side dish of hilarious sports rants and childhood "crazy step-dad" stories, with a few scoops of exclusive tales about his life as a husband, father, and military veteran. Produced by: Shaine Freeman
So Many Damn Books
A bookish podcast celebrating a love of reading, with literary cocktails, recommendations, and author-guests talking about their work and a book they love. For show info, book lists, and drink recipes, visit
Gary Takacs is helping you build a great dental practice that provides personal, professional and financial satisfaction.
Weekdays 4pm-6pm on 92.9 FM ESPN - Gary Parrish is the award-winning national columnist for, a regular on CBS College Sports (a 24-hour television network that reaches more than 20 million homes), and the host of “The Gary Parrish Show with Geoff Calkins” on 92.9 FM ESPN.
Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller make you laugh hopefully. Bonus eps on Patreon.
Weekly Sermons from St. Edward Catholic Church features the weekly talks by Fr. Gary Zerr, during our Sunday Morning service. Fr. Gary is an energetic and captivating speaker that always seems to touch on current topics happening in a persons life. Take some time to listen and see where he can affect you!
A weekly review of the weekend’s football from Sky Sports’ expert and Manchester United legend Gary Neville
Ben Vaughn is a man of many moods -- and many hats. He produces and hosts The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn, a weekly, hour-long eclectic mix of music featuring rock, blues, jazz, folk, soul, rhythm and blues, country, bossa nova, movie soundtracks, easy listening and more, all peppered with his twisted musicological slant. His show is currently heard in seven markets and is now proudto be part of the Z107.7 family, Sundays from 3 to 4 p.m. The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn is now podcasting courtesy ...
Vayner Nation's Vaynerstation! Talking all things Gary Vaynerchuk on Anchor - Crush It - Hustle
The G&E Show
If you and your spouse want to be a power couple, you’ll have to learn how to build an empire. Elena and I work every day to make that a reality. We aren’t perfect, but we stretch each other to create massive growth in our relationship. On this show, we share how we run all aspects of our lives from raising kids, managing businesses, and supporting each other’s goals. Tune in to learn from our mistakes and successes. It’s not always pretty, but we’ve learned how to build a strong foundation ...
Hey Gang!
Howard Kremer is a comedian and host of the Earwolf podcast Who Charted. Hey Gang! is Howard unfiltered, recording himself at home or on-the-go, giving you his weekly updates, ramblings, musical countdowns and more.
The new home of the ABC’s (Australia) popular astronomy podcast (formerly known as StarStuff). Recognized worldwide by our listeners and industry experts as one of the best programs on Astronomy and Space Science.
Learning a new language? Get your language learning questions answered by polyglot Olly Richards, who speaks 8 languages and runs the popular blog - I Will Teach You A Language. Whatever's holding you back on the path to fluency, tune in twice a week to get your regular dose of language learning motivation, with Olly and other polyglot guests, such as Luca Lampariello, Richard Simcott, Alex Rawlings, Benny Lewis, Anthony Metivier and Jonathan Levi. Learn Spanish, Learn French, Learn German, ...
The inside scoop on weather in the D.C. area from The Washington Post. Get your weekday morning weather update from the Capital Weather Gang in under a minute.
How do you go from comfortable affluence to real wealth? Listen to the Capital Gains podcast, by, with host and professional real estate investor Jonathan Twombly. In interviews with top professionals, we'll discuss alternative investments you might not have known about that can help you go beyond merely obtaining a passive income to growing your asset base and becoming truly wealthy.
So Many Insane Plays podcast, brought to you by Eternal Central, featuring Kevin Cron and Stephen Menendian discussing Vintage & Magic: the Gathering.
Ani-Gamers Podcast
Discussion, analysis, and sardonic commentary about anime, manga, and video games old and new, hosted by Evan Minto and David Estrella. Guests include reviewers, industry folks, and fellow podcasters. New episodes every two weeks.
At Home with Gary Sullivan, Saturdays 9a-1p & Sundays 9a-12n
Gary and Kathy Leland love The Fixer Upper TV Show by HGTV, and enjoy watching Chip and Joanna Gaines go into an old fixer upper, and turn it into something wonderful. We watch the most current episodes of Fixer Upper when they come out, and then record out thoughts on each episode just for you . Subscribe today and join in on the fun conversation. This is a fan podcast, and is not associated with The Fixer Upper TV Show, HGTV, or Chip and Joanna Gaines. This is an unofficial show podcast . ...
Ever feel like you missed something important when it comes to the news? A fact, a detail, or an event that it feels like everyone else knows about, and now you'd look like a moron if you asked someone to explain? Well, here's a podcast that will ask those questions so you do't have to. Each week, Danielle Ward is joined by two comedians and an actual expert in something important, who will field the basic and/or obvious questions you somehow never got around to asking until now. It'll be li ...
This is a recording of Rich German's interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, author of "Crush It!" from March 10, 2010.
An un-official un-affliated weekly podcast offering a recap and analysis of New York's National League baseball team. Gary Mack brings his knowledge of the game and passion for the Orange and Blue to all baseball fans.
One of the biggest names in football gets stuck into the game's biggest talking points as Gary Neville joins Adrian Durham to co-host a special edition of talkSPORT's Drivetime show.
Expert Business, Money & Relationship Advice To Live The Uncommon Life
Where Operations Technology and Information Technology come together. Essays and interviews with Gary Mintchell.
Learn how you can gain the Unwavering Attitude and Time Tested Tools you need to BUILD a SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE BUSINESS that can get you the FINANCIAL FREEDOM you deserve! In this business podcast I pick the brains of successful entrepreneurs to find out what they did to get to where they are today. • What MOTIVATION did they get to start their lifestyle business? • How they dealt with things like PERFECTIONISM, PROCRASTINATION, FEAR, PRESSURE, LONELINESS and other negative mindsets? • What w ...
Breakthroughs in Depression and Anxiety, where we're looking for future cures and natural treatments for depression and anxiety. Join Mic Maley, whose mission is to increase knowledge and give hope to those who suffer as well as spread the word about new treatments which he hopes will encourage new development and raise money for further research.
Gary Williams
Dr. Gary L. Williams, Sr. accepted Christ as his personal Savior at the age of nine. He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and the younger of two sons born to Alfreda Williams and the late Rev. Roosevelt Williams. Pastor Gary Williams is no stranger to the ministry. In 1990, Dr. Williams accepted the call to become the pastor of First Baptist Church of Mandarin. He has the longest tenure as Pastor of the First Church. He seeks to transform the lives of many through the simplicity of the g ...
This podcast is meant to inspire you to begin or continue on your weight loss journey. If you've had enough of the yo-yo effect with your weight, this podcast is for you. Hosted by Gwen Alexander, she shares with you the steps she took to lose 70 pounds in a way she could sustain for a lifetime not a short time. It's what she calls "The Maintenance Mindset." She wants to help you to take action to take control of your weight and your life. Website: Facebook: The Gwen Ale ...
An un-official un-affliated weekly podcast offering a recap and analysis of New York's National League baseball team. Gary Mack brings his knowledge of the game and passion for the Orange and Blue to all baseball fans.
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health talk.Hpaji du ni a hpaji ga ni Jit dwi ana shamai ai tsiBy (
DR JASMINE GANI in conversation with physicist DR ALEXY KARENOWSKA, Fellow of MAGDALEN COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD and Director of Technology at the INSTITUTE FOR DIGITAL ARCHAEOLOGY, on how 3D printing and machining technologies can help restore and replicate monuments damaged or destroyed during the conflict, such as Palmyra's triumphal arc ...…
DR JASMINE GANI, Associate Director of the CENTRE FOR SYRIAN STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS, in conversation with DR CHRIS PHILLIPS, Reader in International Relations, QUEEN MARY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON and an Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, CHATHAM HOUSE on how a civil conflict became an international proxy war, and ...…
Historia, visababishi, jinsi unavyoenea, makundi ya watu walio hatarini zaidi, madhara lakini pia ni kwa namna gani tunaweza kujilinda na maambukizi ya ugonjwa wa Listeria - Swahibu A. Karata & Yusuph Uzuwila
Welcome to this month's podcast series, a collaboration between ChromeRadio and the INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF WAR AND STRATEGY, UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS.The Syrian conflict has now entered its eighth year. What began as a series of peaceful protests in March 2011, has now become an international proxy war. Thousands of Syrians are fleeing East ...…
Punda haendi bila kiboko: Uhusiano baina ya adhabu ya viboko na nidhamu ya kubeba majukumu na ufanisi katika utendaji kazi. Nini chanzo cha utendaji mbovu wa wafanyakazi serekalini na kwingineko? Je, ni kwa kiasi gani adhabu ya kiboko humfunza mtoto katika malezi? Sikiliza sehemu hii ya tatu uyajue hayo. ...…
Hilda Gan is an HR specialist, mentor, entrepreneur, and the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting where she combines her knowledge of human resources with business acumen and experience as a business owner. Prior to establishing this new venture, Hilda and her husband built an award-winning transportation engineering con ...…
Hii ni episode ya kwanza ya utangulizi. Sikiliza sehemu hii ya kwanza ili ufahamu Jamii360 ni nini na inajihusisha na mambo gani .
Episode hii ya pili inazungumzia Mimba za utotoni. Mimba za utotoni ni swala tata kwenye jamii nyingi. Hali ikoje nchini Tanzania na duniani kwa ujumla? Mimba za utotoni zina uhusiano gani na balehe? Nini ni visababishi vya mimba za utotoni katika zama hizi? je, tuendelee na miiko ya kutokuongelea ngono hata kwa nia ya kuwanusuru vijana? Sikili ...…
Hello history lovers and welcome to where we are remembering history and we’re making it. Habari gani, I’m Robin the host and in-house historian at I’m so glad that you’ve come back for this great and groundbreaking show that will inspire YOU and your FAMILY with true stories, real experiences, pra ...…
Hello history lovers and welcome to where we are remembering history and we’re making it. Habari gani, I’m Robin the host and in-house historian at I’m so glad that you’ve joined us for this great and groundbreaking show that will inspire YOU and your FAMILY with true stories, real experiences, pra ...…
Scootz is on his own this week and Gan is perfecting his new project. Due to technical difficulties we had to record at a later date. Gan: Twitter- Detroit_Gan Scootz: Twitter- Scootzbronsen
“You gotta pick where you want to go, if you don’t, you’re going to go nowhere.” - Darwish Gani In this episode I’m joined by Darwish Gani. Darwish started down the investment banking path in college, but as he approached graduation, decided he wanted to work on something he was more passionate about. After starting one company and working as a ...…
Makala ya Gurudumu la Uchumi juma hili inazungumzia kuhusu vikwazo vipya viliyotangazwa na nchi za umoja wa Ulaya kwa taifa la Burundi. Vikwazo hivi vina madhara gani kwa taifa na wananchi wa Burundi? Ungana na mtangazaji wa makala haya na uwasikie wataalamu wa masuala ya uchumi wakichambua.
Episode 28 - Nationally known sports and stadium consultant Marc Ganis joins 2 Sport Town as JT and guest host Bob Wallace discuss NFL relocation, Tony Romo, and more.
Melissa Gan is a prodigiously talented violinist who performs under the moniker respectfulchild. They have also collaborated or played with a who's who of other musicians, including Adolyne, Paper Beat Scissors, Murray Lightburn (The Dears), The Faps, and others. We chat about their particular adventures with gear, early music lessons, the Roya ...…
This week's episode features Utak West, founder of Higher Self Life and Higher Self Business. Listen as he explains pursuing his dreams and starting ab business to serve his community! Utak is helping create spaces for creativity and culture throughout the northeast!
Playlist: Mop Mop- The Golden Bamboo - Isle Of Magic Ibibio Sound Machine- Prodigal Son - Ibibio Sound Machine Luka Productions- Dambfoli - Fasokan Mala- Inga Gani - Mirrors - voicebreak - Mariem Hassan- Magat Milkitna Dulaa - Arabesque Arbaa 4 Ifa- Na Fe - Ijexa Funk Afrobeat Coulibaly Tidiane Dafra Star- Si Tu Maime - Bobo Yy Belle poque In U ...…
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