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Through 2018, Mike will be posting a monthly podcast. This show will feature songs from his forthcoming EP projects and stories of his transition from a music producer to a law student.
L'estiu 2014 el programa respon, amb rigor, a un comproms de servei, informaci i entreteniment. La primera part est centrada en temes d'actualitat amb la presncia dels seus protagonistes i en l'anlisi i la reflexi dels tertulians. Tamb ens fixem en tot all que es cou a les xarxes socials i repassem la premsa del dia.Diriament viatjarem per la Microcatalunya, aquells municipis de menys de 500 habitants, i tamb farem ruta per aquells indrets que van ser protagonistes ara fa 300 anys, el 1714, ...
Ace Braxton
Father Ace Braxton has returned to his childhood village of Kibworth, and what he finds there stinks like a bad pond. Which, coincidentally, the village also has.
An eternal series of podcasts done as they should be: two people, two microphones and nothing to say...
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Executive Director of a Non-Profit Sara Garrigan has been the Executive Director of the non-profit Watermelon Mountain Ranch Animal Center for more than 5 years. She did not even know this was a possible career growing up but truly appreciates being in the position now. Sara loves being able to work with animals each day and talk with people. S ...…
Rebecca Farinas of the Texas State Philosophy department and Other Side Drive Executive Producer, Kimberly Clay, invite you to a new podcast series: Philosophy Mixed, a study of the nature of things. With guest Tafari Robertson, founder of the Pan African Action Committee at Texas State, we dive into the topic of black identity and the role med ...…
In the second installment of Philosophy Mixed, Kimberly Clay and Dr. Craig Hanks talk with Caroline Gnagy, author of Texas Jailhouse Music: A Prion Band History, and Dr. Flore Chevaillier, professor in the Texas State English department and author of The Body of Writing: an Erotics of Contemporary American Fiction (The Ohio State University Pre ...… - Mike Garrigan and Rachel Hirsh discuss gender disparity in the music industry. "Boys Will Be Boys" from Rachel's band Bruxes is shared. - Mike Garrigan and Ashley DiMuzio discuss vampires, including favorite vampire fiction, improving the vampire, and practical considerations for contemporary vamps. "Dark Room" from Scenes, Vol. 2 is featured. Mike reads an essay, "On Salem's Lot."
Professor Walton discusses the challenges of interfaith worship, feminist theology's long journey and hierarchies in religious institutions. Professor Janet Walton graduated from Catholic University with the B.M. in 1967, received the M.M. from Indiana University in 1971 and the Ed.D. from Columbia University in 1979. She is a Past President of ...… - Mike Garrigan reflects on Chris Cornell's passing. - Mike Garrigan reflects on his second semester of law school.
Kodaline frontman Steve Garrigan joins me for a discussion about music, their upcoming third album and Christmas...for some reason.…our/ ...… - Singer/songwriter and law student Mike Garrigan debuts two new recordings ("Mulligan White" and (hanging orc)) & discusses media highlights from his daily commute. Hear commentary on Frank Ocean's Blonde, James Salter's Light Years, Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party, and David Mitchell's The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.… - Mike Garrigan and Niti Parthasarathy discuss The Purge: Anarchy and dystopian fiction. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan recounts his first semester of law school.
A city with a strong daily newspaper that doesn’t always prioritize local news; a journalism school full of students living in a thriving city telling stories that might not be read outside their professor’s office. Problem? Meet solution. Brooke Van Dam, an associate professor and faculty director of the Masters in Professional Studies in Jour ...…
On this week's It's All Journalism podcast, host Michael O'Connell talks to Brook Van Dam, an associate professor and faculty director of the Masters in Professional Studies in Journalism program at Georgetown University, and Liz Garrigan, news editor at the Washington City Paper, about a new partnership that will be kicking off in January in w ...…
Psycho Corey and Matt are fortunate enough to be joined by two very talented ladies and producers of Karate Tortoise, The post Psycho – PoT #66 (W/ Annie Chang and Kristina Mueller) appeared first on Galactic Network Podcasts.By Matt Stein. - Singer/songwriter shares his singing philosophy and processes for long-term vocal maintenance. "Oceans" from the Lessons of Autumn 20th Anniversary Show is shared. - Singer/songwriter discusses two promotional strategies. "November" from the Lessons of Autumn 20th Anniversary Show is shared.
Black Hills Race Talk Episode 80 Sponsored by Tyrrell Tires Wissota Shootout Weekend Wissota National Points Battle Black Hills Speedway Fun Day Sat Oct 22 10:00am Interviews with: Dean Larson (Mod4) John Garrigan (Hobby) Jordan Tollakson (Street) Cole Searing (Super) Scott Splittstoesser (Midwest Mod) Scott Ward (Late) Rob Odegard (Late) Music ...… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan discusses and ranks 10 Miles Davis studio albums. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan recounts life on the road. "Seems" from the May 2016 Collapsis reunion is shared.
Black Hills Race Talk Episode 78 With Doug Napier, Mike Pennel, and Lynn Amick Black Hills Speedway Non-Winged Nationals Wissota 100 Butch Knouse Report Interviews: Alex Schriever x2 Scott Anderson x2 Mike Anderson John Garrigan Eddie Kirchoff Ned Powers Shad Peterson Music: Police Dog Blues (Hugh Laurie) Sweet Ride (Courtney Jaye)… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan shares his insights into producing music. “Superhero” from the May 2016 Collapsis reunion is shared.
Pat and Brian take a look at some Transformrs: The Last Knight rumors, but that quickly segue's into a discussion of EXTREME 90s cartoons they almost forgot about. Also, there're some weird on-the-job stories in there somewhere. Show Links RUMOR - Liam Garrigan In Talks To Play King Arthur In Transformers: The Last Knight - Transformer World 20 ...… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan offers a tell-all about his songwriting experiences. “October” from the May 2016 Collapsis reunion is shared.
This week on Radio Free Cybertron: The Walgreens exclusive Brainstorm finally shows up in a store! But that store was Wal-Mart! We also talk about the Voyager Broadside image which showed up earlier this week, plus additional upcoming Titans Returns figures including Seaspray and (another!?) Cosmos! All that plus Brian gushes about Transformers ...…
Black Hills Race Talk Episode 75 With Doug Napier, Mike Pennel, and Lynn Amick Black Hills Speedway Championship Gillette Thunder Speedway...... East West Clash Billings Motorsports Park BH Mini Sprint Tour Butch Knouse News Dirty Question of the Week Black Hills Speedway Class Champions: HOBBY STOCKS JOHN GARRIGAN WISSOTA STREET STOCKS TROY MU ...… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan counts down his favorite live albums. A live version of “Stumble” from the May 2016 Collapsis reunion is shared. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan reflects all-things-guitar. He considers acoustic tastes, electric preferences, and how to get good. "See You Tonight" from The Promise of Summer is shared. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan reflects on his time as an audio engineer. Hear recording tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets. "She Alone" from the summer StageIt show is shared. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan continues his analysis of Star Wars, Star Wars fandom, and the impact of technology on intellectual property. "Sour Milk" from the Summer StageIt show is shared. Contains spoilers.
Black Hills Race Talk Episode 67 With Doug Napier, Mike Pennel, and Lynn Amick Black Hills Speedway Gillette Thunder Speedway Casper Speedway Billings Motorsports Park Hailey Rae Randall Wins Nascar Design Contest Randall Motorsports on FaceBook Black Hills Speedway Wine by Firehouse Wine Cellar in Rapid City Butch Knouse News Rico Abreu Update ...… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan considers the origins of divisions within the Star Wars fan community. Evolving technology, and its impact upon intellectual property, is also discussed. “Sigourney Weaver” from the Summer StageIt show is also shared. Contains spoilers.
Black Hills Race Talk Episode 64 with Doug, Mike, and Lynn Results: BH Speedway, Butch Knouse Mad Statter Report Dirty Question of the Week Interviews: John Garrigan Troy Murner Kolten Young Lynn Amick Music: Tedashii "Dum Dum featuring Lecrae" Tony Lucca “Fight Song”By (Doug Napier). - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan attempts to save an azalea bush and finds inner peace. "Sundrop" from the June 11, 2016 StageIt show is shared. - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan describes a recent breakfast disaster. He also discusses what happens during an x-ray. Fly-on-the-wall recordings of "What You Will" and "Rusted Radio" from a recent house concert are shared. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" may or may not have been played.… - Singer/songwriter Mike Garrigan considers dog heaven. He also reviews the recent Def Leppard concert in Greensboro, NC.
In this week’s edition, Senior Director Larry Witte provides some highlights on our recent default and transitions report, and Director Scott Garrigan discusses our recent rating action on Chicago Water.
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