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College student, Conservative Political Writer, Worked on Capitol Hill. I am 21 years old from St. Louis, Missouri and I am conservative. I am, what I like to call, fair and biased. Everything I say will be through my youthful, conservative perspective.I encourage comments and debate among readers and listeners with me.
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Legends of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Marvel Comic Universe Podcast
The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Stargate Pioneer, Agent Haley and Agent Lauren discuss the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5 finale episode “World’s End.” The trio then finish up the show by running down the weekly Marvel news and responding to listener feedback. THIS TIME ON LEGENDS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. “World’s End” Laur ...…
Deep State - Spy State - Silent Coup Washington Post first month of Trump Coverage 88% hostileTrump Tweet - Thank you for the great rallies all across the country. Tremendous support. Make America Great Again!Marine Le Pen - “The divid is no longer between the right and the left, but between the patriots and the globalists.”ObamaGate - Spying o ...…
Crude Sports Talk - The Uncensored Sports Podcast for the Oil and Gas Industry
CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW! In This Episode: Milestone 40th episode. A go-fundme for a local high school football player, thank you OPEC, ordering a drink at Starbucks, home field advantage, Doc Rivers goes crazy, fighters union, McGregor as a boxer, Michigan HC gets fined, Gronk and the curse, still class in the NFL and a bunch more football in ...…
Acquired - Tech Acquisitions & IPOs
Ben and David deviate entirely from the stated purpose of the show, tackling this non-technology acquisition that is so recent, we have no idea if it went well yet. But, the April 2016 acquisition of Virgin America by Alaska Airlines was so fascinating, we had to do it! Items mentioned in the show: Louis C.K. - Everything is Amazing and Nobody ...…
Tonight, on a new Illuminati-sponsored episode of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we take a look at internet dating where it's always tinfoil for two...the "Dating Freedom Lovers" service provided by our friend Alex Jones through his Infowars site. Here, fellow paranoid patriots can share their fear of government with their love for candlelit ...…
Summary of today’s show: Our usual Thursday panel of Scot Landry, Susan Abbott, Fr. Roger Landry, and Gregory Tracy looked at the news headlines of the week, including confirmation that assisted suicide will be on the ballot in Massachusetts in November; the excommunication of an illicitly ordained Chinese bishop; Cardinal Raymond Burke’s publi ...…
Conservative Columnist Curtis Kalin (@GatewayPatriot) and Rebublican Rambler Writer Stephen Ground (@StephenGround) discuss the 2012 GOP primaries in the run up to the Iowa Caucus.
The Republican Rambler (@StephenGround) and I discuss the year 2010. We compile the top 10 events, people, and morons or the year... Plus a special guest: Conservative media star Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) calls in to give her year in review as well!!!
My 50th show w/ a few special guests!!!
8-10-09--- ACORN and SEIU attack St. Louisan, Townhall madness and protests, Astroturf, Obama vs. the American People...
8-3-09---Cash, clunkers, healthcare, other political and current events discussed...
7-27-09--- We talk the politics of the Henry Gates Arrest and President Obama's wading into the issue. Also, continued healthcare reform media blitz-I break it down... other news.
7-20-09---President Obama goes into hyperdrive on Healthcare. Plus other news--- Card Check dead, War in Afghanistan, etc. -Plus the 40 year anniversary of the Moon landing...
7-13-09---Live from Busch Stadium in St. Louis, MO... site of the MLB Home Run Derby and All Star Game
7-6-09--- Post-St. Louis Tea Party coverage and sound bites, Sarah Palin's resignation and the 2012 landscape, next week's show location.
7-3-09--- July 4th Special
6-29-09--- Tons of topics!!!- Michael Jackson's death, Cap-Trade Tax, Healthcare, Sanford Scandal, more Iran, AND the July 4th Tea Party!!!
6-22-09---Iran on the brink... Pres. Obama's response... Plus, the healthcare debate heats up... Upcoming GP events...
6-17-09---Radio host on Los Angeles news/talk radio station KGIL 1260 AM, and the maker of the hit documentary "Media Malpractice", joins me for a discussion of Sarah Palin, radio, MSNBC, and getting arrested...should be fun...
6-15-09---Talking current events and politics of the day... -Iran
6-8-09--- Talking the politics of the day and current events.
6-1-09---Gateway Patriot talks current events and the politics of the day.
A representative from Code Pink will join me for the inaugural Gateway Patriot Podcast!!!
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