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A book that examines the sign of the Cross made by Christians since the primitive church up until the 19th century. It looks at stories of miracles and the writings of the father to impress upon the reader the need to make the sign of the cross reverently and frequently. (Summary by dom. Noah Moerbeek CPMO)
The GAM Podcast
Podcast by GAM Podcast
Gayme Bar
Kick back and listen to the Scintillating Sassy Staccato of Jeremiah Bratton and Jason Toups as they fill your brain space with hours of gay video game commentary. The main show opens every Wednesday but the bar is always open on Facebook at
This collection of fantasy stories was originally serialized in regional newspapers, prior to being published as a complete volume. The stories, as critics have noted, lack the high-fantasy aspect of the best of Baum’s work, in Oz or out. With ironic or nonsensical morals attached to their ends, their tone is more satirical, glib, and tongue-in-cheek than is usual in children’s stories; the serialization in newspapers for adult readers was appropriate for the materials. (Introduction by Wiki ...
One of the greatest American novels and a popular culture sensation, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz depicts the adventures of the young Dorothy Gale, who is swept away from her colorless farm home in Kansas by a cyclone, and winds up in the magical Land of Oz. Trapped in an unknown land, Dorothy must find a way back home and subsequently embarks on an adventure and meets a group of colorful characters along the way. Serving as an inspiration throughout generations, the children’s novel has been ...
Sci-gasm Podcast
Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, and debunk some junk Science along the way. Enjoy your Sci-gasm!
Dual Gauge
Our mission is to encourage people to examine the deep and swift game space that surrounds the 18XX genre of games.
Before he wrote the Oz books, L. Frank Baum wrote this book which was the best selling book of 1897. Taking 22 beloved nursery rhymes, he explains their meaning and fascinating history. What is the true story of Little Boy Blue? Why was Mary contrary?As he says in the introduction, "Many of these nursery rhymes are complete tales in themselves, telling their story tersely but completely; there are others which are but bare suggestions, leaving the imagination to weave in the details of the s ...
Where Music, Tech and Retro meet
Gayme On Podcast
We're a podcast that discusses video games and other geek culture topics from a queer perspective.
Its publication soon after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake got readers instantly hooked on the story in which Dorothy and her friends sink into the bowels of the earth, following a devastating earthquake in California. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz is the fourth in the series of books written by American children's author L. Frank Baum. In this novel, Dorothy visits her Uncle Henry in his California ranch. She, her friends, her cousins and a few pets are traveling in a buggy when the earth ...
Chewed Gum
Chewed Gum is an entertainment critic podcast. Hosted by the Gruesome Twosome! We dissect new entertainment while trying to be informative, and humorous. Come listen to us chew up entertainment! #chewed
Interviews with leading executives who are driving Innovation, Corporate Venturing and Strategic Change by Andrew Gaule. For details of our support see
This is another "TWINKLE TALE" from Mr. Baum (written under the pen name Laura Bancroft) and celebrates the further adventures of Twinkle and Chubbins as they magically become child-larks and live the exciting, and often dangerous, life of birds in the forest. - Summary by Jude Somers
We believe the Bible is the word of God and we teach it verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book. Our name tells our purposes-- to please our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; to teach the Bible in a creative, practical way and to have loving fellowship within a church family of devoted Christians. We believe that to be a great church, we all must have a great commitment to "the great commission" and "the great commandment" of Christ.
The Run Gum Audio Experience is the audio channel for all things coming out of the Run Gum HQ. On this podcast you'll find a mix of our CEO Nick Symmonds' specials and inspiration content, unique shows on performance, segments from our Chief of Stuff anchor series, interviews we've given, as well as new and current thoughts we produce originally for this audio experience!
The “Little Wizard Stories of Oz” are six short stories written by L. Frank Baum in 1913. By all accounts, Baum intended to finish the Oz series with “The Emerald City of Oz,” published in 1910. Following that, he attempted to write non-Oz books, publishing “The Sea Fairies” in 1911 and “Sky Island” in 1912. But, (as Baum himself laments in the prefaces of many of his Oz books,) his “little tyrants” were only interested in hearing more Oz stories. So in 1913, he returned to writing about Oz, ...
Published in 1912, the fantasy novel focuses on the exciting adventures of Trot, Cap’n Bill and Button Bright, as they are accidentally transported to a mysterious island in the sky, where they encounter its eccentric residents, an unscrupulous ruler, and a strange set of laws. The story sets into motion when Trot, a little girl from the southern coast of California, and Cap’n Bill meet a peculiar young boy carrying a large umbrella. Introduced as Button Bright, the young boy reveals that th ...
Ozma of Oz: A Record of Her Adventures with Dorothy Gale of Kansas, the Yellow Hen, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, Tiktok, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger; Besides Other Good People too Numerous to Mention Faithfully Recorded Herein published on July 30, 1907, was the third book of L. Frank Baum's Oz series. It was the first in which Baum was clearly intending a series of Oz books.
Life in the Son is a ministry committed to accomplishing God's will in Micronesia. Our Sunday "celebration services" feature dynamic worship and inspired messages in a Christ-centered assembly. We are particulary devoted to continued church planting, campus ministry, and world missions.
everything having to do with anime ,video games and more!!!
Hosts Curtis Wagner and Carol Smyth are siblings who love anything 80s and 90s. Hear their anecdotes as they relive growing up with just enough dysfunction to be entertaining. Follow along episode by episode as they revisit their favourite decades year by year. Join in as they rewatch the iconic TV show, Fame, and enjoy Curtis's fabulous top 10 lists.
In this really exciting and well written story of Oz, the Shaggy Man is on a quest to find his long lost brother. But all does not go smoothly. Oh no. Because his brother is being held prisoner deep underground by the evil, grumpy and not very nice King of the Gnomes, Along the way to find him, he is joined by Polychrome, a Daughter of the Rainbow (a fairy), Betsy Bobbin (a human girl), Hank (a small mule and Betsy's faithful protector), Tik-Tok (the famous wind up mechanical man), the Rose ...
Dot and Tot of Merryland is a 1901 novel by L. Frank Baum. After Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, he wrote this story about the adventures of a little girl named Dot and a little boy named Tot in a land reached by floating on a river that flowed through a tunnel. The land was called Merryland and was split into seven valleys. (Summary by Wikipedia)
Gauging The Cage
Best buds George Service and Matthew Wright dive head first into the illustrious career of legendary actor Nicholas Cage. Each week for a whole year the boys will watch and review in chronological order the films of Nick Cage with the sole purpose of answering the question: 'Nicholas Cage, good or bad?' A film review and a life lesson at the same time. What more could you ask for?
Prince Inga of Pingaree and King Rinkitink and their companions have adventures that lead to the land of the Nomes and, eventually, Oz. In this story you meet the surly talking goat BilBil and some evil people who conquer the peaceful island of Pingaree. Since his parents, the king and queen of Pingaree are taken away as slaves along with every other citizen of the kingdom, Prince Inga must somehow find them, defeat the enemy and bring them home. King Rinkitink, a roly-poly and jolly monarch ...
The Marvelous Land of Oz: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman is the second of L. Frank Baum's books set in the Land of Oz, and the sequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Tons of exciting things happen in this book, including the story of the little boy Tip who makes a magic sawhorse and then a Pumpkin headed man come to life, runs away from the witch Old Mombi and seeks to find the Emerald City where the Scarecrow rules in all of his maginficience. ...
The timeless story of the Wizard Of Oz. Follow Dorothy as she leaves Kansas for Oz on a cyclone. She meets many strange, and wonderful people and creatures along the way. Enjoy it again with your children and family. (Summary by J. Hall) Characters: Aunt Em: jenny Dorothy: Sibella The Scarecrow: Kaffen The Tin Woodman: DSayers The Cowardly Lion: padraigo The Witch of the North: jenny Munchkin 1: Annoying Twit Munchkin 2: aradlaw Munchkin 3: Iowajones The Wizard of Oz: earthcalling Guardian o ...
Betsy Bobbin encounters many strange and exciting adventures and people in the land of Oz; a side-plot is Queen Ann of Oogaboo’s mission to take over Oz.
Published in 1904, The Marvelous Land of Oz is the second book in Baum’s Oz series and follows the adventures of Tip, a young boy who travels the mystical Oz after running away from the terrifying witch Mombi. Furthermore, the novel reunites readers with familiar characters including the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Glinda the Good Witch, while also introducing bright new characters who deem to be just as memorable. Unlimited action, intense magic, captivating characters, and an unexpected twist, ...
Mixes and exclusive music by the Haus & Baum artists.
Oh My Goodness !!! Princess Ozma is missing and no one can find her. The whole kingdom of OZ is upset and our heroes must set out to brave many dangers and adventures to search for their beloved girl ruler. When Princess Ozma mysteriously disappears, four search parties are sent out, one for each of Oz's four countries. Most of this delightful book covers Dorothy and the Wizard's efforts to find her. Meanwhile, Cayke the Cookie Chef discovers that her magic dishpan (on which she bakes her fa ...
Amadis of Gaul (Amadís de Gaula, in Spanish) was not the first, but certainly one of the best known knight-errantry tales of the 16th century. Not only is its authorship doubtful, but even the language in which it was first written - Portuguese or Spanish. It is imagined to have been composed in the 14th century, but the known first printed edition came to light in Zaragoza in 1508, and the oldest extant version is in Spanish.The plot is the story of the brave knight Amadis, and starts with ...
Risalah Untuk Kaum Muslimin ini adalah catatan kata lisan Profesor Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas pada tahun 1973, ketika beliau bertugas di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia sebagai Mahaguru Penyandang Kerusi Bahasa dan Kesusasteraan Melayu dan juga sebagai Pengasas serta Pengarah Institut Bahasa, Kesusasteraan dan Kebudayaan Melayu di Universiti itu. Sedang Kaum Muslimin di merata dunia menderitai masalah kekeliruan mengenai Islam yang semakin meruncing, Risalah ini mengemukakan pandangan-pand ...
The Scarecrow of Oz is the ninth book set in the Land of Oz written by L. Frank Baum. Published on July 16, 1915, it was Baum's personal favorite of the Oz books and tells of Cap'n Bill and Trot journeying to Oz and, with the help of the Scarecrow, overthrowing the cruel King Krewl of Jinxland. - Summary by wikipedia
A little girl (Trot) and her friend (Cap'n Bill) team up with a young boy named Button-Bright. Button-Bright had found a magical umbrella in his attic. He meets the kind girl and sailor and they are transported to a different world in the sky where he and his friends face many dangers. (Summary by francesb)
This wonderful children’s short story tells all about the youth, manhood and old age of Santa Claus and how he became immortal. (Introduction by jedopi)
When Dorothy is swept away from her home in Kansas by a cyclone, she finds herself in a mysterious land inhabited by equally mysterious people. She is told that only Oz, the great Wizard, can help her get back home, so Dorothy sets off along the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. Along the way she meets characters such as the brainless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. (Summary by Rachel)
A Faithful Story of the Astonishing Adventure Undertaken by the Tin Woodman, assisted by Woot the Wanderer, the Scarecrow of Oz, and Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter. The Tin Woodman, whose real name is Nick Chopper, seeks to find the Munchkin Girl he had courted before he became a tin man. Sadly, she has a new love and no longer cares for him. As he attempts to regain her affection, Nick discovers a fellow tin man, Captain Fyter, as well as a Frankenstein monster-like creature, Chopfyt, m ...
Sports Gauds
The Sports Gauds bring you the biggest news of the week in entertaining banter and hard hitting interviews. Listen live every Sunday night at 7 pm Pacific.
After visiting Louise, Arthur and Toodlums at their ranch in Southern California, Beth and Patsy, together with Uncle John, decide to spend the winter at an hotel in the little village of Hollywood, where they get drawn into the new motion picture industry. New friends, adventures and mysteries await. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
A podcast featuring conversations with creative people about their work and mental health. Features stories and advice from people deeply connected to the inner works of their brain. Remember, everyone struggles. It's not just you.
Aunt Jane's Nieces On The Ranch sees the reappearance of Louise and Arthur Weldon after the birth of their first child, Jane. The family lives in California and hire a nurse, a local Mexican woman, much to Uncle John's disapproval. Racial tension is explored as a New York woman is brought in to care for the child. Meanwhile, the Mexican nurse, Inez, is certain the ranch is haunted. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Baum Voyage
See the world through my eyes
Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation is a juvenile novel for girls, written by L. Frank Baum. It is the seventh in the ten volumes in the Aunt Jane's Nieces series, and carries forward the continuing story of the three cousins Lousie Merrick Weldon, Patsy Doyle, and Elizabeth De Graf. Like all the books in the series, it was issued under Baum's "Edith Van Dyne" pseudonym. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia)
This collection of fantasy stories was originally serialized in regional newspapers, prior to being published as a complete volume. The stories, as critics have noted, lack the high-fantasy aspect of the best of Baum's work, in Oz or out. With ironic or nonsensical morals attached to their ends, their tone is more satirical, glib, and tongue-in-cheek than is usual in children's stories; the serialization in newspapers for adult readers was appropriate for the materials. (Introduction by Wiki ...
The 10th and final book in the series for adolescent girls sees two of the three cousins react to atrocities in World War I by volunteering in the Red Cross. Written under the pseudonym of Edith Van Dyne, this is the 1915 version, which reflects United States' neutrality. A later version, published in 1918, differed significantly to reflect changes in the position of the United States. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
This story of Santa Claus veers away slightly from the traditional stories of his beginnings. L. Frank Baum creates a world of fantasy that surrounds Santa Claus's life. Orphaned at an infant he is found by the nymph Necile, who convinces the great Ak to allow her to raise Claus for her own. As he grows older he meets his fellow humans, and sees the neglect of children. This sets him on the path to making toys and becoming the beloved Saint Nicholas we are familiar with today. (summary by Kri)
Welcome to the Quentin Gause podcast, where amazing things happen.
Baum on Books
Joan Baum is a recovering academic from the City University of New York, who spent 25 years teaching literature and writing. She has a long career as a critic and reviewer, covering all areas of cultural history but particularly enjoys books at the nexus of the humanities and the sciences. With an eye on reviewing fiction and nonfiction that has regional resonance for Connecticut or Long Island, Joan considers the timeliness and significance of recently published work: what these books have ...
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In a dark cave dimly lit by a fire flickering ominous shadows on the wall. You look at the wall with its rough surface covered with outlines of animals that the group has hunted successfully. They are like visual trophies and celebrations of working together to bring food. Today it was just berries and some nuts which you and your friend snack ...…
RESOURCES Books: “The Sign of the Cross: The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language” by St. Francis de Sales; Sophia Institute Press. “The Sign of the Cross in the Nineteenth Century” by Mgr. Jean-Joseph Gaume; Loreto Publications. “Fire from Above: Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom” by Dr. Anthony L. Lilles; Sophia Insti ...…
01. Elderbrook - How Many Times (andhim Remix) [BLACK BUTTER] 02. Yotto feat. CAPS - Wondering (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]03. Lane 8 - Every Night (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]04. Solomon Grey - Twilight (John Monkman Remix) [ANJUNADEEP]05. The Black Atlantic - Walked On Wood (Re:deep Club Mix) [ Vordergrundmusik]06. Jonas Saalbach - Charon (Orig ...…
Hinn Hugljúfi og Sá Ævislegi setjast niður í alrýmið og gubba úr sér vangaveltum um ofhlæði legósins, fráfall drumbkvendisins og fræðinga markaðsins. En setja svo á sig gáfuhjálminn er þeir gefa forsjárhyggjufasistum og anarkískum terroristum í Latabæ góðan gaum.
bhajan: govind meri yeh prarthana hai in voice of Shri Atul Shrivastava श्री राम जय राम जय जय दयालु श्री राम जय राम जय जय कृपालु गोविन्द मेरी यह प्रार्थना है कि भूलूँ कभी न मैं नाम तेरा निश दिन मैं तो तेरे गीत गाऊं श्री राम जय राम जय जय दयालु श्री राम जय राम जय जय दयालु श्री राम जय राम जय जय कृपालु देहान्तकाले तुम सामने हो मुरली बजाते मन को लुभ ...…
Matt Darey - Nocturnal 52101. Alex Aark - Get Away From You (Original Mix) [SPRS]02. Giorgia Angiuli - Free (Original Mix) [Einmusika]03. Peet feat. Millie Gaum - The Blame (Pole Folder & CP Reworck) [Reworck]04. Jason Burns, Sarah Winters - Lightweight (Sandy Rivera Remix) [Love & Other]05. Joris Voorn feat. Kid A - A House (Burglar Remix) [Gr ...…
Matt Darey - Nocturnal 51301. Elderbrook - How Many Times (Andhim Remix) [Black Butter Records]02. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Heimat (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]03. Peet feat. Millie Gaum - The Blame (Original Mix) [Reworck]04. Escape - Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix) [Toolroom Longplayer]05. WhoMadeWho - Heads Above (Robag Wruhme Remix) [Sh ...…
01) Larse - The More I Want (Original Mix) 02) Manhattan vs Inxs - Need You Tonight (Manhattans Deep Dub) 03) Silkast - Feelin Deeper (Moe Turk Remix) 04) Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) 05) Nils Hoffmann - Balloons (Martin Roth Remix) 06) Placebo - Running Up That Hill (Dibby Dougherty & David Youngs Dh ...…
rin fr 1966 til 1969 hafa oft veri kllu hippar tnlistinni, tlndum var mskin kllu Psychedelic Music ea Flower Power. essi r einkenndust af miklum tilraunum tnlist. Menn leituu hrifa fjarrnni tnlist aallega indverskri.Menn prfuu n ea framandi hljfri bor vi melltrn, flautur, sitar, allskyns trumbur og indversk strengjahljfri. Menn voru hrddir vi s ...…
Matt Darey - Nocturnal 38101. Holmes Ives & Dominique - Stop Turn Breathe (original mix) [Midi Life Records]02. DJ Pamen & Xiary Quey - Go On Life Freely (original Mix) [Impressed Music]03. Ephedra ft. Haqsi - Lonely Night (G 'N' P Tauro remix) [Majestic Family]04. Peet & Millie Gaum - The Blame (original mix) [REWORCK]05. Ozgur Ozkan - Beautif ...…
July podcast 1. Kackvogel (Original Mix) – Solomun 2. Sex (Bubba Adults Only Remix) – Nathan Barato 3. You Bring Me Down (Original Mix) – Digitaria, Funky Fat 3. The Light Goes On (Kastis Torrau, Arnas D Remix) – Mehmet Akar 4. Betoko – Before I Lose Control (Original Mix) 5. Donatello & Kastis Torrau – Amber (Original Mix) 6. Francys – Lonely ...…
Matt Darey - Nocturnal 360 - hour 1 - Matt Darey01. Sebo & Madmotormiquel - Boys Boys (original mix) [Katermukke]02. Millok & Zigelli - Feel Me (original mix) [Noir Music]03. Noir & Richard Davis - Found Out (original mix) [Noir Music]04. Sasha & James Teej - As You Fall (original mix) [Last Night On Earth]05. Rony Seikaly - Mood That I Love (R ...…
The Spirit of the Horse: The New Myths of Equus. Cynastry will be discussing the book Spirit of the Horse with author Carole Devereux. She is a leading Animal Communication Consultant with a fifteen-year private practice. She has consulted with thousands of pet owners, breeders and trainers in the United States, Europe, and Canada since 1995. C ...…
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