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GDC FM Podcast
Gentleman's Dub Club showcase new music and set the world to right in this fortnightly podcast
GDC Tips for IB Math Studies Students
This podcast will help you use your graphing calculator to solve IB Math Studies problems.
Eyes on Nintendo - Podcast -
Eyes on Nintendo - Reviews, News, Community -
DevPact Podcast
In the DevPact Podcast, Sam and Chris will discuss video game and game development related issues while updating you all on the current progress of their Dev Pact
Angry man on the side podcast
A PS3 focused podcast bringing you weekly news from the perspectives of a laid back gamer(Icomeinpeace), his cousin(Allenshok) who has a lot on his mind and a close friend(Go4broke360) that can get a little rowdy. One thing I like to think sets us apart is the opportunity for you, the audience to choose who reviews what games. Our point of views will be pretty obvious in each episode so I feel it gives people a chance to hear a review more in line with the way they think about things.
Shamoozal Radio
Shamoozal Radio gives you an inside look at what is going on behind the scenes at, as well as offering a comedic look at Video Games, Movies, Comics, Technology and Nerd Culture in general
When the show ends on 106 KMEL in San Francisco, the real talk starts. Sana G, DC, and Lexx Jonez get in depth with the top stories of the day, and have in depth conversations with special guests . This isn't for kids, it's the Sanacast. New episodes Monday-Thursday.
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Input: A Video Games News Show
Jarrett is sadly out sick and thus misses his first ever Input. Yet, Jurge and Logan carry on in a one topic episode of the show. Discussion Topics: The GDC Rescinds Nolan Bushnell's Pioneer Award. Works Mentioned: GDC Pulls Award After Outcry Over Atari Co-founder Nolan Bushnell Tweet by Gillian Smith who called out the choice. GDC's Statement ...…
Anthem delayed, Dead Cells coming to consoles, and what did GDC find out from developers about the state of the industry
Google Cloud Platform Podcast
The delightful Sam Ramji joins Mark and Melanie this weekto talk about Google Cloud Platform, Open Source, Distributed Systems and Philosophy and how they are all interrelated. Sam Ramji A 20+ year veteran of the Silicon Valley and Seattle technology scenes, Sam Ramji isVP Product Management for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). He was the founding ...…
In our last episode of 2017, Nate, Sebastian, Ryan, and David all gather to discuss ANOTHER WORLD, or OUT OF THIS WORLD as it was titled in the American market. We talk about how games borrow the language of cinema, games made by a single creator, and failed science experiments from our youth (stay for the story about boiled hamster brains). SH ...…
GDC Talk on properly marketing your indie game project!
Jake DiGennaro - "Don't say you going to do something that you can't deliver on. If you can't do something, don't say that you can."Jake DiGennaro is the senior business development manager at Virtuos Games. The leading video game content production company specializing in game development and Triple A 3D art production. He is tasked with coord ...…
Get ready for a bit of audio candy, we've got audio from Mick Gordon's keynote speech at GDC anout his work on the soundtrack of Doom. Enjoy!
GeekDig Podcast
Clint & Steve catch up & talk about the week, can Mexi-Monday replace Taco Tuesday, playing Destiny 2, Cuphead is the Dark Souls of platforming games, game gifting on Xbox One, Skyrim adds a survival mode, Sony revamping PSVR, closings & plugs, and more.
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$20MM AUM | $85,000 GDC in Butte, MTView this Listing: Looking to sell within 1 year.The ideal candidate has more than two years experience with a series 6, series 7, and/or series 66 license with the ability to process REITs and 1031s and is willing to establish a full time ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$13MM AUM | $100,000 GDC in Erie, PAView this Listing: Advisor seeks to transition his business to a new owner. Advisor seeks this merger to occur in the next 1-3 years with the advisor staying on for one year to ensure a smooth transition before advisor completely sells busi ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$20MM AUM | $50,000 GDC in Nassau County, NYView this Listing: Advisor seeks to bring on a candidate and work with them for one year before Advisor completely sells book of business. Advisor would like this transition to take place in the next 1 - 5 years.The ideal candidate ...…
Hello! Welcome back to episode twelve of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. In this episode we talk industry news, middleware, and answer a few questions. Hosted by: Derek Brown - @subwoofersub Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1 Follow Soundbytes on Twitter: @soundbytes_p Links to things we mentioned: EuroGamer: 'The doors close on The Chi ...…
Sana G, DC & G Biz react to hearing the news that California lawmakers want to release more of the state's older prisoners and more of the inmates who were young when they committed their crimes.
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$33MM AUM | $378,000MM GDC in Olympia, WAView this Listing: Practice is 90% Fee based RIA and 10% brokerage based. RIA side, financial planning and investment modeling. Algorithms to run the growth models and build income models separately. On the brokerage side variable annu ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$33MM AUM | $378,000MM GDC in Westlake Village, CAView this Listing: Advisor is a solo financial planning practice, but would like to be part of an ensemble practice with others, where the clients are the clients of the firm. It would also serve as a succession plan in case o ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$21MM AUM | $350,000MM GDC in Richmond, CAView this Listing: Advisor seeks to retire completely and sell book of business. Advisor seeks to work with buyer for 4-5 months to ensure a smooth transaction. Advisor seeks to succeed as soon as possible.The ideal candidate is an en ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$7MM AUM | $70,000 GDC in Greensboro, NCView this Listing: Advisor seeks to completely sell book of business and retire. Advisor seeks to complete transaction in the next two years.The ideal candidate has between 5 and 10 years of experience and is familiar with mutual funds, ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$8MM AUM | $300,000 GDC In Grapevine, TXView this Listing: Two partners started and run a hedge fund since 2010 that is an equity options based strategy with cumulative returns over 600% for 8 years. A different RIA is now launching a fund with our strategy.…
Is he trying to seduce Bobby Valentino? Is Yung Joc trying to seduce Bobby Valentino with his latest outfit? Listen as rappers, comedians and even Sana G, DC, & G Biz roast the ATL rapper during "Clown of the Day"
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$8.5MM AUM | $115,000 GDC In Pasadena, CAView this Listing: I am seeking to retire and completely sell book of business. While I seek to retire in three years, I will also entertain immediate offers.My ideal candidate is about 55 years old and is interested in working another ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$40MM AUM | $200,000 GDC in Albany, NYView this Listing: 70% managed money 30% insurance products which includes annuities & life insurance. Looking to sell and accepting offers immediately.CFP or CHFC preferred. 20% downpayment with the remainder to be paid in no more than 3 ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$73MM AUM | $615,000 GDC in Portland, ORView this Listing: practice is for sale. I'm looking to sell by the end of the year. I am willing to stay on, under a consulting agreement, to help transition the clients over to the the new owner for a period of time in 2018. I have ...…
Kim K is the #clownoftheday 🤡 for this awkward and desperate photoshoot in a tree! Listen as Sana G, DC & G Biz roast her! FOLLOW this podcast on iHeartRadio and SUBSCRIBE on the Podcast App!
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$62MM AUM | $800,000 GDC in Asheville, NCView this Listing: Advisor seeks to merge with an ideal candidate for a few years to transition clients before completely selling book of business. Advisor seeks to merge with a candidate in the next 5 years.Ideal candidate must have 1 ...…
The Life & Times of Video Games
In the early days of the iPhone App Store, game developers found themselves locked in a race to a $0.99 price point that none of them wanted to become standard. This is the story of how that happened, and how it affected mobile games going forward. Featuring interviews with Pocket Gamer and Pocket co-founder Jon Jordan and Brian Green ...…
Hello! Welcome back to episode eleven of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. This month we talk Gamescom, Madden 18, crunch, interviews... and Scooby Doo? Hosted by: Derek Brown - @subwoofersub Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1 Follow Soundbytes on Twitter: @soundbytes_p Links to things we mentioned: Gamescom Battlefront 2 Footage Madden N ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$26MM AUM | $287,000 GDC In Dallas, TXView this Listing: We have been registered, either with the SEC or the Texas State Securities Board, since January, 1984. We have always been fee-only. Most of our current Clients are Individuals and Families, although we also manage Qual ...…
PRACTICE FOR SALE:$192MM AUM | $1.5MM GDC In Falmouth, MAView this Listing: Examining continuity and succession options. Full service financial planning and investment management.
Revolutionary Left Radio
This is our first ever debate on the show: Egoism vs. Marxism featuring Comrade Dr. Bones on the Egoist side, and Comrade Phil on the Marxist side, with Comrade Brendan playing the role of fact-checker and neutral observer/questioner. This is an experiment; we have never done a debate show before, so we did our best. PLEASE let us know if this ...…
Are people being too sensitive, or do they need to show more condoms? Sana G, DC, G Biz & Lexx Jonez discuss the latest controversy behind Issa Rae's hit HBO show "Insecure."
Nice to see Lebron supporting his wife, but what's up with that struggle plate?? 🍏🍗She sure ain't no Ayesha Curry!! Here's a link to the photo that Sana G, DC, G Biz & Lexx Jonez are discussing in this clip
Recap of the Sana G Morning Show from Thursday, July 21st. Sana G, DC, G Biz & Lexx Jonez talk about OJ Simpson being granted parole, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington's suicide, and have an in depth discussion about MANNERS! Make sure to FOLLOW on iHeartRadio and SUBSCRIBE on iTunes and go to for more details on anything you hear ...…
Recap of the Sana G Morning Show from Thursday, July 20th. Sana G, DC, & G Biz discuss Usher allegedly paying a woman $1.1 million in a lawsuit after giving her HERPES; A video allegedly showing Kevin Hart cheating on his pregnant fiance; A Clown of the Day who tattooed "DEVEST8" on his face, and more!…
GeekDig Podcast
Clint & Ian catch up and talk about the week, weight loss updates, 40th birthdays, Far Cry Primal, Netflix's Castlevania, Stranger Things Season 2 launch date, Xbox game gifting, pruning the Achievement tree, Dion DiMucci sues Zenimax over music in "violent" ads, craven violence, look before you leap, know what you're getting yourself into, clo ...…
GeekDig Podcast
Clint, Ian & Steve (no Skip this week) discuss the past week, work evaluations, Get Out, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, 7 Days To Die, say goodbye to the Pick Of The Week, R2-D2 auctions for $2.75M, who the hell has that kind of money, Funko Pops tease Westworld Season 2, Resident Evil, Demi Moore, some random ramblings, closings and plugs.…
Revolutionary Left Radio
Kristy is a revolutionary organizer and co-founder of the leftist organization The Nebraska Left Coalition. Jeff is revolutionary union member and one of the admins of Anarchist Memes. Brett, Kristy, and Jeff come together (and overcome a slew of technical difficulties during the recording of this episode) to collectively address and refute com ...…
Revolutionary Left Radio
Brett sits down with revolutionary organizer and Appalachian local Nic Smith to talk about the Appalachian working class and its history of class struggle. Topics include: Radical unionism, the history of the region, Trump, liberalism's failures and socialism's hopes, stereotypes about Appalachians, the need for a true working class party, and ...…
GeekDig Podcast
No Skip, no Steve... so it's Clint & Ian. We talk congrats to ADO Radio on 300 episodes, shout out to Bold & Belligerent, catching up on our weeks, Medieval Times, playing Friday the 13th, Gun Media gives free DLC, Ron Howard directing Han Solo, a SNES Classic is coming, random ramblings, f-bombs, closings & plugs, and more!…
Spawn On Me
We finally get to share the awesome fireside chat audio from GDC 2017! Tanya Depass, Gordon Bellamy, Tramell Ray Isaac & Craig Campbell sit down with Kahlief to talk about how they are all making our gaming spaces better. Knowledge, laughs and fun get passed around during this stellar compliation of major players in the gaming industry. Support ...…
Spawn On Me
We finally get to share the awesome fireside chat audio from GDC 2017! Tanya Depass, Gordon Bellamy, Tramell Ray Isaac & Craig Campbell sit down with Kahlief to talk about how they are all making our gaming spaces better. Knowledge, laughs and fun get passed around during this stellar compliation of major players in the gaming industry. Support ...…
GeekDig Podcast
This time around, it’s just Clint & Skip. They chat about their weeks (which include job searches, dead bunnies and American Gods), biosensing tattoos, Sony gives lame-ass excuses, Destiny 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Duck Tales Reboot, closings & plugs, and more.
Dr. James Rocha is a professor of philosophy at Fresno State University. He wrote a paper entitled "The Black Reaching Out: An Anarchist Analysis of Firefly" in which he argues for an anarchist interpretation of the show over the more prevalent libertarian interpretation on the show. Him and Brett discuss the paper and the arguments therein. To ...…
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