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Costco v Johnson & Johnson and its implication to the manufacturer, retailer, and MAP policy relationship. Will this case effect MAP policies as we know them? Gene Zelek, a partner at Freeborn and Peters, LLP in Chicago shares his insight and experience on the case and how to prepare for what may come as a result. Gene Zelek may be reached at e ...…
In our final segment in resale policy development, we take an expert level look at expanding and refining your price policy. In our previous MAP segments, MAP 101 and MAP 201 your host Anthony has been joined by Freeborn & Peters, LLC attorney Gene Zelek, expert in the field of pricing policy. You’ve learned how to get started, and even take a ...…
If your organization has ever considered expanding or refining your existing price policy you may be wondering what’s next. In our previous MAP segment, MAP 101 your Channel IQ host Anthony was joined by Freeborn Peters, LLC attorney Gene Zelek, an expert in the field of pricing policy and told you how to get started. Now it’s time for a deeper ...…
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a MAP Policy but Were Afraid to Ask... Whether your organization is currently managing a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy, UPP (Universal Price Policy), or any other pricing policy; or is exploring the possibility of creating a pricing policy, this invaluable segment offers legal insight into how to ...…
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