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Geneology's African Roots Podcast
Podcast by Angela Walton-Raji
Ancestral Findings (Genealogy Gold)
Genealogy is the most wonderful of pastimes. I love it, and you should, too. There are endless reasons why. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the western world, as more and more people discover the exhilarating and slightly addictive nature of ancestor hunting. It’s like an ongoing mystery with clues you have to discover and then put together to come to conclusions about your family’s past. The mystery never ends, because there is no end to the amount of time you can potenti ...
Family Tree Magazine Podcast
The Family Tree Magazine Podcast is your 30-minute dose of genealogy education and fun from the publishers of America's #1 genealogy magazine: Family Tree Magazine. Each month, you'll hear top genealogy tips from our editors and experts, news from the blogosphere from the Genealogy Insider, sneak peeks of upcoming genealogy articles, information on great genealogy websites. Get the tips you need to build your family tree, learn about your cultural heritage, and create a genealogical legacy. ...
Genies Down Under
Genealogy with an Australian twist. Presented by Maria Northcote, Genies Down Under is a monthly podcast bursting with lots of tips, tools and tricks for genealogists (genies), with some hints on the traps to avoid. There'll be lots of family history stories and ideas on how to get to know your own ancestors - beyond just their names and dates. So, if you're a genealogist interested in researching your family's connection to Australia, look for our free Podcast in the iTunes store.
Family Gathering
KSL NewsRadio's Family Gathering connects people and families across many generations. If you are new to family histories, let Family Gathering's host Grant Nielsen guide your search for the family you never knew you had. Family Gathering is sponsored by Family Search. Discover your family history. Explore the world's largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records, and resources at
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God doesn’t need you. God wants you. God comes into your mess…into your family…into your dysfunction. That’s the secret of Christmas. Merry Christmas! #Christmas #Bible #Sermon #Homily #thatwemightbetterloveHim #Matthew #Geneology #Jesus Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
Truth Chinese Alliance Church
A new MP3 sermon from Truth Chinese Alliance Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Genealogy of Jesus Subtitle: Christmas Prophecies Speaker: Jimmy Li Broadcaster: Truth Chinese Alliance Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 12/10/2017 Bible: Matthew 1:4-17 Length: 55 min. (64kbps) Overview: Purpose- To see ...…
Fakeologist Show –
I have a one-on-one with Misom, a new fakeologist from Switzerland. When? Nov 12, 2017 1500h EST misom–Today at 2:09 PM… YouTube 2011serendipitous Relax Chill Loop Guru 5 AM, Sunrise HD – YouTube Fakeologist–Today at 2:15 PM can you hear me @misom ? misom–Today at 2:15 PM nope napoleon wilson–Today at 2:22 PM… Fakeolo ...…
Who Invited THIS Guy?!
In this, the first of a two-parter, the guys actually put some time and effort into researching the single largest defining factor of the times we inhabit: Technology. From geneology and mind control to advanced weaponry and surveilance equipment, humans have certaintly invented some fuuuun shit to talk about.…
Male Call
Faith Free Presbyterian Church
A new MP3 sermon from Faith Free Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Gospel in the Geneology Subtitle: Exploring Ruth Speaker: Rev. Colin Mercer Broadcaster: Faith Free Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 7/30/2017 Bible: Ruth 4:18-22 Length: 51 min. (64kbps)…
Mat 1; The Geneology of Jesus and the message it conveys.
Geneology's African Roots Podcast
June 30th by Angela Walton-Raji
Geneology's African Roots Podcast
June 16th by Angela Walton-Raji
Geneology's African Roots Podcast
June 2nd by Angela Walton-Raji
EPISODE 6 Our Earliest Television Memories Game: Geneological Grudge Interview: Napoleon Dynamite Farmer Nine weird things that flew on the space shuttle Snack Time: Donuts Right click here to download episode 6 Show length [29:13]…
Creative expression includes most things people think of when they think about art. We are going to start by reviewing some of the big picture ideas we got to in parts 1 and 2 of this discussion. First obvious signs of creative expression after the fall Jubal the first musician, Tubal-Cain working with metal. We see records of people desiring t ...…
ALL things Allergy – Clucks, King Richard III, the allergic salute, ENTS are NOT allergists, cockroaches and Father/Rabbi Matt and the Sound of Music. We go all in on Allergic Rhinitis ,from Ancient Egypt and Rome to the birth of modern immunology. We discuss common allergens and common physical findings in children. We debate the usefulness of ...…
Sermons - Church At The Square
Blank Sermon Guide
The Dork Forest
Geneology. Julie Dixon Jackson (@joolsjackson) is ON THIS NERD CRUISE We go down a rabbit hole of ancestry chromosomes and centimorgans and, while we don’t find any Midichlorians… progress is made. Fascinating and revealing… You will love. Enjoy. NOTE: We Are All Famous To A Few People= WE ...…
Grace Baptist Church (Tahlequah)
Southern Hills Baptist Church (OKC) Sermons
Every wonder if you're related to someone famous? The inclusion of the geneology of Jesus is just the beginning to establishing him as someone special.By (SHBC Media Ministries).
Grace Baptist Church (Tahlequah)
Alex Kirry and Ethan Millard hit the road to RootsTech 2017 to chat about geneology. J/K they do the show from the exhibition hall but instead end up talking about how discourteous of a driver Ethan is and how a 108 year old woman was able to live at her assisted care home another year because of awesome strangers.…
Hey, people! Let's just jump into the discourse! Don't forget to check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio'sMid Week in Review (MWIR) podcast airing every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST. Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they unravel the latest deluge of (mid) week topics: an overview of our annual Afronerd Radio Superbowl meetup and our impressions o ...…
This week, the GOOD FRIENDS discuss what's going on with our President (hint: she's having twins!) Also! Jack's family geneology! Tom Brady's Sunday reckoning! And Rod is sick! Cute!Like us on Facebook. Subscribe on iTunes. Love Yourselves.
Geneology's African Roots Podcast
Genealogy's African Roots Podcast Episode 401
Geneology's African Roots Podcast
Episode 400 of African roots Podcast
Native Americans in America are governed by each their own duly elected Tribal Council, whose job it is to look out for the best interests of their tribes membership. As all offical tribes are sovereign, they have final say over the basic requirements necessary to become an enrolled member. One of the key thresholds tribes impose, is that of a ...…
Brilliant Misfits with Aesha Kennedy
WEAVING LIFE’S THREADS with Colleen Hollett Colleen has been weaving life’s threads into a tapestry that is her life. It’s an unconventional life. “I honestly feel like I’ve been following bread crumbs along an unending path of opportunity” She’s not one to intellectually plan her future. She relies more on her internal compass. Colleen is a fa ...…
Dr. David B. McWilliams - December 18, 2016
Fairfield Christian Church
By Lynn Coleman.
New Life Church | Saugerties NY | 845.246.0700
By admin.
On this episode: Album for Your Head The Brain Theatre – “Private Mortgage Eyes (part 5)” Hot Topic – The First R-Rated Movies We Saw Dreamweaver The Lumber Yard Dinosaur Sightings Geneological Grudge A Friendly Reminder Hosts – Jay, Ken, Brad, and Jimmy ...…
Gene Shortz brings the gold to the treehouse this week, taking on tough topics like wet wipes, living with a corpse, and Flat Earth theories. Gene tells us about his early date life problems, best friend break ups, and Steve talks about eating bugs. We play the Dead Animals game in honor of Harambae, and Gene introduces us to the Dialogue game! ...…
Irish Radio Canada
Maurice GleesonBy (Austin Comerton).
Building on the work of Frances Yates, Sajed Chowdhury (National University of Ireland, Galway) proposes that hermetic writings (Hermes Trismegistus, in particular) were key influences on some renaissance women. He argues that hermetic writings, accessed via male contemporaries, informed the spiritual, medical and textual practices of women lik ...…
The Gospel originated in the Garden of Eden. The Geneology of Jesus.By (Lee Hall).
First Baptist Church, Key Largo, Florida
Rahab, a prostitute, is listed in both the geneology of Jesus and in Hebrews 11 because of her great faith.
Welcome back! This week we talk about our genealogies; what we hate about taxes (Chris is Angry); and what are things you thought would be cool as an adult, but really aren't. As always share with your friends and come join the Facebook group. You can reach us on Twitter @mythicgiraffe or @cltruitt22Thanks and take care friends!!!!…
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