Best gentrification podcasts we could find (Updated August 2017)
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A podcast that explores change in the Bay Area. One intersection at a time.
There Goes the Neighborhood
An in-depth look at the gentrification of Brooklyn, from the developers to the mayor’s plan for affordable housing, to the integral role that race plays in the process.
There Goes the Neighborhood
An in-depth look at the gentrification of Brooklyn, from the developers to the mayor’s plan for affordable housing, to the integral role that race plays in the process.
Black Pill Radio
Delivering conscious commentary on issues affecting our community and businesses, as well as events happening on a social, political and global scale. Broadcasting live every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning of each month from 10am to 11am eastern standard time.
Lead by Listening
CiTR -- The City
Each week host and producer Andrew Longhurst provides listeners with an alternative look at our changing urban spaces in this weekly urban affairs show. The program includes news, interviews, discussions, documentaries, and music. You'll find critical discussions of the people, politics, policies, and processes shaping urban geographies on issues ranging from gentrification to food security to urban economic change.
DISRUPTING the Popular Narrative that Veganism is an Elitist White Person Diet. Learn How to FLOURISH Despite Food Deserts🐪 Gentrification 🏬& Stigma💭
CiTR -- CiTR Documentaries
Tune in for insightful work on niche topics. We cover everything from queer history to environmentalism, accesibility, the Grunge scene of the early '90s, and gentrification in Vancouver.
Two Guys Try To Be Clever
Welcome! In this podcast we will be erratically tackling all the problems of the day. From genocide to gentrification, from alcoholism to arcane mythology, and from religion to recreational drugs. We might also talk about Taylor Swift. We will be periodically funny, occasionally sinister, typically sarcastic, and we will always try to be clever.
East Van Calling
Radio that commits sociology by a poli-sci punk musician. Award-winning broadcaster Garth Mullins has stories on harm-reduction & the war on drugs; struggles to save neighbouhoods from gentrification; people with albinism; indigenous rights & the law; police violence; state surveillance and social movements. Garth Mullins is a broadcaster, musician, writer & activist in Vancouver, Canada on the Salish Sea. Garth hosts the East Van Calling podcast, is the singer / guitarist in Poli-Sci punk b ...
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Housing affordability is being termed a crisis in the Portland Metro area. Displacement, gentrification, houselessness; many people are suffering and there doesn’t seem to be relief in sight. There are, however, lots of loud voices and lots of strong opinions. I wanted to talk with Nolan Lienhart about these issues. He’s Director of Planning an ...…
In part two of her series on gentrification in Stoneybatter, Rhona Tarrant looks at the tensions which can arise as people strive to make a life in "Cow Town".
In part two of her series on gentrification in Stoneybatter, Rhona Tarrant looks at the tensions which can arise as people strive to make a life in "Cow Town".
The first "MINI" episode of Reasonable Risk. These MINI-episodes will fill in some of in-between weeks of Reasonable Risk's intended bi-weekly schedule. The style and subject matter of the mini-episodes could be...just about anything! In this MINI-episode, I rant and gripe about the hypocrisy of my neighbors on both the right and the left, who ...…
Check The Man Power
Check the Manpower hosted by Landough, Wesdog, and Fuego. Listen as the hosts talk about the LGBTQ community, selling dummies, gentrification, and more.
The Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast: Specialty Coffee | Roasting & Brewing | Espresso | Mike Kinkade & Jake Goble
Manny G joins us on the show again, and Mike takes us straight into dangerous territory by tackling the topic of “gentrification,” as reported by LA Weekly and the story about Weird Wave in Boyle Heights. Manny was previously on as a guest in episode 50. Manny tells us he’s roasting coffee and starting a […]…
Zone 126 is working to help young people in a part of Western Queens that is stratified between the city’s largest public housing development and rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. Its current executive director, Anthony Lopez started in August 2016 to lead the six-year-old organization. He’s worked to direct the New York chapter of the I Have ...…
Penrose Vs. Anybody
Today we discuss Originality in its Highest intent. Where does it come from, is anything ever original anymore, how do you use your originality. I choose and discuss with BJ my top points regarding originality. 1) Have a Foundation 2) Present yourself not just your art 3) Be able to take criticism 4) Build and Interact 5) Breathe. Originality i ...…
WNHH Community Radio
Babz Rawls-Ivy, Markeshia Ricks, Joe Ugly, and Harry Droz weigh the best penalties for sexual offenders, whether new housing development in town equals gentrification, and the community's response to a spate of violence in Newhallville.
Diablo Valley Facebook supporter Josh Hoobler visits the studio to discuss economic disparities including gentrification, homelessness, vacancy rates, vacancy taxes, rent control, tenant rights, and local solutions.
Diablo Valley Facebook supporter Josh Hoobler visits the studio to discuss economic disparities including gentrification, homelessness, vacancy rates, vacancy taxes, rent control, tenant rights, and local solutions. n, housing, vacancy rates, vacancy tax, development, rent control
Trigger Warnings: Obamacare repeal, time travel, sunburns, espresso drinks, being the only brown person in the room, bachelorette hometowns, gentrification, DNA testing, Britney Spears
In this episode Arin sits with the bassist and band leader of Los Retro 45. They talk about the D.I.Y mentality in music, standing up to gentrification and the purpose of existence on this planet. LOS RETRO 45, Ire //ANDERSON PAAK, Come Down //LOS MOCOCHETES, What you Love //GORILLAZ, The Apprentice //NEIL YOUNG, Hitchhiker //RODRIGO Y GABRIELA ...…
Soberman Podcast | A Comedic Slice of Urban Life
Al talks about the weather, war over water, being an expert in gaining weight, being shamed for a lack of Facebook likes, the positives and negatives of gentrification, smelling weed in his apartment and calling a woman baby.
Gentrification is the appropriation of an area defined by marginalized people (especially working-class people and/or people of color) by people with higher privilege (especially upper-middle-class-to-rich people and/or white people).
In this installment of This Must Be the Place Elizabeth and David give a post-film review, along with Rebecca Clements (and also a bit of help from Trent and Casper), of the Jane Jacobs documentary “Citizen Jane: Battle for the City”. As is discussed, the film features a fantastic variety of archival footage and also has very high production va ...…
On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" host Eugene Puryear is joined by Jasmine Jefferson, Legislative Director for Social Security Works, to talk about the recent study showing the efficacy and the solvency of Social Security, the myriad ways in which the Trump administration is working to cut safety net programs, the fallacy of wide-spre ...…
Good morning, RVA! It's 78 °F, and it's another smoking-hot day with temperatures near triple digits. Expect things to cool down marginally over the weekend. Water cooler Remember: The Maggie Walker statue unveiling is tomorrow at 10:00 AM in the new pedestrian plaza at the intersection of Adams and Broad. I walked through the plaza yesterday, ...…
Soooo we decided to have our guest and all time friend of the show Cherie @luxcheriecuisine bka Miggie come through to talk to us about being a "foodie" in a whole town of fake ass "foodies" and bring us some of her own culinary creations as well as a special cocktail featuring gin.....thats when things took a sharp left!!! Tune in and Turn Up ...…
The Future Is A Mixtape
Gentrification. Housing Bubbles. Developers & Their “Pay 2 Play” Campaign Donations (Bribes) to City Council Members. And then there’s the needless cruelty of permanent homelessness. On this episode, Jesse & Matt ratchet-up their manifesto on their Mixtape for the Future by talking about the second-most important cornerstone of The Golden Squar ...…
In this episode of #MindOverMatterPod, we have the owner and founder of Ivy's Tea Shanae Jones. Ivy’s Tea Co. is different from other tea shops in two ways because it is owned and operated by an herbalist and every tea has been handcrafted by Shanae. We sat and talked about how Ivy Tea's began, gentrification in DC, how hip hop has been instrum ...…
The Roleplaying Exchange
The sleepy little town of Innsmouth is under attack by a dark force, something that has plagued humanity for years, targeting the hungry and poor: gentrification. Artists, socialites, and tastemakers are flocking to the seaside village, flooding the street with fixie bicycles and artisan coffee shops. But little do these hipsters know, somethin ...…
We Don't Know Podcast
This week we discuss: Dead Magicians, Penis Art, Chicano Culture, Gentrification, Rick's Weekly Anguish, Parents, The Danny's in our lives, Movies we love, and our newest blog!
Jovan catches up about what he thinks gentrification starts with in a neighborhood, it's been hot as hell in Tacoma/Seattle, Weight Loss Train, he wants to be able to choke suckas out by their North Face Vests since he signed up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. ENJOY IG: ArcheeBlanco E-MAil:…
We back at it again! We appreciated if you could leave a 5-star rating and review on iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode, Niram and Niambi talk about the Popsugar and the gentrification of the natural hair movement, Tupac breaking up with Madonna, and self-care for black men... Nothing but laughs and real talk! Submit your Black Love Story -- G ...…
WE DO NOT OWN ANY AUDIO!Popped our podcast cherry! Welcome to the first installment of SPIT TALK! We're talkin' Spider-Man Homecoming, Gentrification, and other topics alongside up and coming rapper URBN GNZ!
Hey guys on this episode we do a deep dive into Jay Z's 13th studio album 4:44! We discuss colorism, gentrification, owning vs renting property, Jay Z's apology and much more!
Who Got the Juice? Podcast
Who Got the Juice? A monthly PODCAST airing exclusively on Newstyle Radio focused on creating change for PEOPLE OF COLOUR with hosts Rakeem Omar, Sara Abbott & Aliyah Hasinah.--Episode 6!This month round we discuss gentrification & the awful, devastating tragedy of Grenfell Tower. Most importantly, we want answers & how government failed the in ...…
Onur Tukel is the writer/director of ten feature films, including Richard’s Wedding, Summer of Blood, Applesauce, Abby Singer/Songwriter and Catfight. His films have played film festivals all over the world and his latest, Catfight, premiered at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. He has also published two children's books, Little Friends and Rains ...…
Better Pastors Podcast
Matt and Zac interview Eric Hoke. They talk about church planting, gentrification, forming community in the city, and the craziest thing Eric’s ever seen on a train. Connect With Eric – Stuff Eric Mentioned South Bronx NAMB UIP Redeemer City to City Ce ...…
This week, the aunties politic about gentrification (again), whether men and women, or same sex homies can actually be friends after a sexual attraction—is there a real platonic friendship between folks who have an attraction to each other? We chuckle at Joe Budden’s curmudgeonly intense hate for millennials and mumble rappers—even though he ma ...…
Verbal Violence Podcast
Jesus Trejo is a Comedy Store original who is rapidly gaining notoriety after being named as a New Face at Just For Laughs in 2016 and being picked as one of Variety's 10 Comics To Watch this year. He is also the first holder of the Roast Battle championship belt. On this week's episode, he sits down with Moses, Coach, and Frank to discuss grow ...…
Colfax Avenue has been known as the Gateway to the Rockies, the longest, wickedest street in America, and as an ethnic melting pot. Now, it's all about gentrification. We look at what's happening today, as well as its storied history. Then, beginning July 1, companies that don't collect sales tax from consumers who buy online are required to se ...…
On This Episode We Speak On This Weeks Hot Topics (Jay-Z, Migos vs Everyday Struggle, & Ageism In Hiphop). Pzzy & Just Touch Base On The Both Sides Of Gentrification. Just Speaks On His CardioMyopathy , Starting JustAVibe and The Young Creatives In DC area.@JustAVibe202
In this episode I sat down with Roger Alvarado, native San Franciscan and veteran of the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF). Roger tells us about his politicization and involvement as a community organizer during the 1960's. He highlights his work with SF's College Tutorial Program, SF State's Work Study Program and the Educational Opportunity ...…
REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast
Aaron & Dan Discuss: How to Create a “Multiple Offer Situation” on EVERY DEAL Psychological “Mental Shortcuts” that stand in the way of the deal One “Must Have” Piece of Info to Include in EVERY LISTING to Make YOUR HOUSE Look like a Real Bargain How to Get a Copy of Aaron’s new Book “Real Estate Blind Spots” FREE Mentioned Episodes: (There are ...…
This week on the Heartland Labor Forum: How can we grow and improve our cities without the threat of gentrification? This week, we talk to Peter Moskowitz about his book How to Kill a City. Peter will tell us what … The post Peter Moscowitz, How to Kill a City and Jonathan Rosenblum, Beyond $15 appeared first on .…
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