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The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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- Revisiting Columbine: the Sue Klebold book review- Stranger Things 2 Review- Jamie Lee Curtis returns for new Halloween Sequel- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Recap of the Live Ghosthunt Orbfest 2017- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- How to do a trance and see the devil- Scary Sleep Over Games- Pennywise played by a woman?- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Best scares we ever gave someone- Hunt a Killer box 2: the mystery continues- Ghost of Cedar Point- Answering Emails about Orbfest 2017- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- We use the Ouija Board with interesting results- Stephen King's IT gets a trailer drop- Ghost Gossip- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- The Hunt for a murderer begins- Ghost Gossip returns- Ghost story of Michigan- Animated Godzilla movie plot synopsis- @ghostinthecast, ghostinthepodcast@gmail.comBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Severed feet found on the beach- Scene at credit's end of Kong: Skull Island- Ghostly photo bombs- Irish story of curses- Haunted ebay returns[YouTube video]By (Baron von Gosu).
- Paranormal Hoaxer attempting to fool investigators- A Cure for Wellness- Attempting to solve the Mysterious Package- Real Life Horror StoryBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Mic issue in first 5 minutes- Last of Us 2 Announced- Rampage: The Movie- HG Wells Ghost story- And more!By (Baron von Gosu).
- Halloween and the ghost hunting special recap- Some ghost hunting evidence/using the ovilus on the show- A lochness monster type creature possibly discovered in Alaska?- Creepy Clowns getting outlawed- And more!- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Tales of our ghost hunting adventures- Special announcement for Halloween- Ghost Ship appears on Lake Superior- Outbreak of the Clowns- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Resident Evil 7 spoilers????- The history of haunted hospitals- Friday the 13th game and movie news- Haunted Ebay Items for Sale- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Stranger Things Review- Dead By Daylight DLC (the nurse) Review- Haunted back to school stories- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Scary clown stalking Green Bay, WI- Breeding 2 foot tall Godzilla's for Youtube- Dead by Daylight patch notes/new killer suggestions- The Enfield Horror- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- The Blair Witch Sequel- Problem with Found Footage Films- Dead by Daylight's Staying Power- Godzilla: Resurgence coming state side- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Indiana Jones and The Call of Cthulhu- Ghostly image captured on film at the scene of a car crash- The Dark Tower film news- Ghostbusters reboot banned in China?- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Orbfest 2016 update- Resident Evil 7 teaser review- Dead by Daylight review- Left for Dead 3 leak- Wolfie Disco/Rap- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Ghosthunters coming to an end on Syfy- We cast a hex provided to us by a real witch- The Conjuring 2 Review- The Amityville Story- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Ovilus and other ghost hunting tools go off during show- Friday the 13th film to be a new origin story- Capcom comments on Resident Evil 2 Remake- Real Life Ghost stories- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Urban Legends returns- The love and curse of nostalgia- Google and IMAX team up for VR movies- Stephen King comments on 'The Dark Tower' movie- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Super Masochist Brothers: the true story of Mario- Game reviews for Left Alone and Stairs- Ben Crapleck "humiliated" by Batman vs. Superman reviews- A 'true' story of family possession- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Ghosts on a plane- Odd noises gamers hear after playing games- Fox pulls out of Comic Con- IT gets a release date- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Death Simulator opens in Shanghai- Ghost caught on film at the Shining Hotel- Horror games that are backwards compatible for the XB1- Tales from the Crypt reboot news- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
-A creepy pasta murder story (in real life)- Evil squirrel terrorizes a town (seriously. This isn't us trying to be funny)- The Ghost of Winston Churchhill haunting a train station?- God of War 4 news- Captain America: Civil War early reviews- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- HP Lovecraft videogame review- Real Life Horror Stories about Space- The Haunted Zip Lock bag of Restoration tries to fix an early access video game- Realtors share their experiences selling haunted houses- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Ghostbusters 2016 trailer review and analysis- Haunted ebay items spawn 'Ghost-e-mon'- Sony announces VR set cost and release for 2016- ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Doggy Suicide Bridge- Hillary Clinton to release UFO documents?- The Tension Experience- The Church in the Darknessghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Haunted Zip Lock Baggy of Restoration (ebay haunted item)- Kojima comments on Silent Hills- Halloween: The Series?- Stephen King's 'The Mist": The Seriesghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Todd McFarlane planning a new Spawn movie- Walking Dead Comic vs. TV Show- Stephen King's 'It' a 2 part rated R movie- Kickstart the horror-ghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Shannon Gilbert/Morgan Harrington Missing Persons Update- The Long Island Serial Killer- Haunted Ebay Items up for bids. Baron debates on buying one- Visage kickstarter reviewghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Super Mario serial killer- Baron's pitch to Nintendo- X-Files reboot reviews- The ghosts of Japan's 2011 Tsunamighostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Latest in horror news-Attempting to communicate with a haunted ring-Baron experiences the trials of being a hot @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Real life horror story: Femme Fatales-A Nightmare on Remake Street-Haunted Travel Log: 6 Flags-American Horror Story meets Elise @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
5 Nights at Freddy's....THE MOVIE!/ Rocky Horror Picture Show getting remade?/ Baron models a new shirt while Baroness models a sack/ Head transplants become a thing of the present/ Stephen King's The Dark Tower series news/ Killing Floor 2 Beta News/ Twin Peaks vs. David Lynch/ @ghostinthecast…
Baron is joined by Edge and Killer for a special Friday the 13th edition of GIP Riff Trax! This time we're watching Friday the 13th part 7: The New Blood, or what Baron refers to as 'Jason vs. Carrie.' Once again this comes complete with a drinking game so make sure you sync the movie up right to enjoy the fun. Remember- drink responsibly! (esp ...…
- The X-Files returns!- Scary Stories to tell in the Dark....the movie!- 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer- Haunted Travel Logghostinthepodcast@rivalcastmedia, @ghostinthecastBy (Baron von Gosu).
- Emily Wants to Play Review- 72 Hour Paranormal Lockdown- ghost gossip!- The Walking Dead- Rob Zombie's '31' @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Real life horror stories: a cursed movie-Merry Christmas! @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Coffin births, postmortem photography, and the other creepiest wikipedia pages-The haunted Gosu house is acting up-Frictional Games bringing Amnesia to PS4? @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Konami gets booed at the VGA-Real Life Horror Story-Conjuring 2 and Strangers 2 @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Real Life Horror Story: Charles E. Peck-Early access with Killing Floor 2 sparks outrage-New Alien/Prometheus movies become a trilogy-Haunted Travel @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-All Hail The Turkey God!-Thanksgiving ghost stories-George Lucas comments on Star Wars VII-PS2 Emulation for @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Critters vs. Smurfs and other horror movie/kid movie cross overs-Crimson Peak Review-Why are horror games the most popular for Let's Plays? @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-My Buddy wants your soul and sets off the ghost hunting gear-Haunted Travel Log: The City of Blizzcon-Real Life Horror Story: A Nightmare on Elm @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-The Haunted Item Experiment continues with 'my buddy'-New haunted travel log-Friday the 13th the game kickstarter update-Latest in horror @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-The Poltergeist Curse-More haunted ebay items-Evil Dead 4??? @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Baroness adventures in Sasquatch country-The X-Files debuts a trailer-Sleepy Hollow Season 3 premiere-Haunted Travel Log: Green Bay, @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Ohio Grassman-Does Wyoming exist? (conspiracy theories/government experimentation)-Robert Englund comments on the new Nightmare-Prometheus no longer- enter Alien: Paradise @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Haunted Travel Log: Argentina-Konami ends it's triple A titles for good-Bigfoot hunting @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
-Baron attempts to buy haunted items on ebay-Baroness gets upset over the 'djinn harpy' Baron wants to buy-A tribute to Wes Craven-A 'Sasquatch' hunt and investigation for GIP?? @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosuBy (Baron von Gosu).
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